In this Jubilee Year of Mercy, our online Holy Week retreat this year is called “THE THREE DOORS TO MERCY: THE UPPER ROOM, THE CITY, AND HELL.”


This Holy Week, three special doors lead to God’s mercy. They are found in the Upper Room, the City of Jerusalem, and Hell.

Each of these doors will open on Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Black Saturday. Learn about these virtual doors of mercy. Find the key to each of them, and walk through them.

Begin with a short Pre-Retreat Exercise. This will take about five minutes. Click HERE.

If you have friends you’d like to invite to the retreat, send them here or ask them to register HERE.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Our online retreat will feature video clips and music, so it would be ideal if you can make sure you have your earphones/speakers.

Available by 08:00 am (UTC+8, PH Time)

on 24 March 2016
Click HERE

Available by 08:00 am (UTC+8, PH Time)

on 25 March 2016
Click HERE

Available by 08:00 am (UTC+8, PH Time)
on 26 March 2016
Click HERE

27 replies on “ONLINE HOLY WEEK RETREAT 2016”

This on-line retreat is SO GOOD! Thank you Fr. Johnny! You and your team did it so well! You are always the best!

Thank you for a meaningful and memorable walk with Jesus!

Thank you, Fr. J. Can this online retreat be accessed even if it is past Holy Week? I am sharing this with my friends!

Thank you so much Fr. J. It has been one of the most meaningful and fruitful Holy Week for me to be able to meditate onthe passion, death and resurrection of our Lord at my own pace without leaving the house. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR STAFF.

I am so blessed to come across this online retreat while browsing my social media account. I had a meaningful Holy week because of this. Thanks and kudos to the Jesuit community. May God bless all your endeavours!

Dear Father J,
Today I experienced God’s mercy thru your retreat. I am a lost sheep. I am His prodigal daughter. I am Peter. I am Judas. But He did not and will not give up on me. I am so blessed to have felt His overwhelming grace, mercy, forgiveness and love today.
Love, Udele

Thank you for this online retreat! Its my first time here but i can feel the presence of God.looking forward for tomorrow’s reflection. 🙂

By the way, I watched again the movie Les Misèrables and i think its a good story about the mercy of God, about how He has touched the life of a prisoner to transform himself from a person full of hatred and misery to become a man full of love and mercy.

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Dear Fr Johnny,
I was extremely grateful to have been pointed
out to your HW exercises.
I was so moved by yesterday’s reflections of Jesus’ mysterious love n
mercy for man’s wickedness!
The world, and oh yes our own Filipino society
have grown so corrupt n materialistic! Our values
so devalued, our politics debased beyond recognition.

My one problem w your Holy Thursday sharing was
that not once did you mention REPENTANCE nor
RESTiTUTION before we are expected to forgive!!

What of our shameless corrupt politicians who
have reduced our people to unimaginable poverty
and ignorance. So much so that we have been
wandering the desert for all these countless
years, our poor grown ignorant and robbed of
their most basic rights and needs.

What of them, Fr?!
In church homilies ( not Jesuit homilies )
I have grown callous n despairing as I hear over
n over that we should FORGIVE but NEVER
do I hear the that there too must be REMORSE!

I look forward to today’s , Good Friday’s reflections.

Thk you for all your generous time, fr Johnny and
ypur team.

Ps. I beg the Lord to see us through this very difficult
election season. Truly may Easter come upon our beloved country
and people!

Dear Asuncion, thank you for your sharing. You are so right! How can there be forgiveness and reconciliation without remorse and restitution–especially the blatant form that appalls–and angers–us in our political situation in the country! I cannot agree with you more. Except when we talk about GOD’s mercy, we unfortunately don’t find remorse and restitution in the equation. I’m not saying we should forgive in exactly the same way, but that’s the mystery of Holy Week: He died for us–even those without remorse.

Thank you Father. Even if i am home ( i had a minor accident last night during my visita iglesia thus have to stay home) i was able to do spiritual reflection today good friday.

THANK YOU Fr. Johnny for walking with us, for pointing to and easing our way towards the always open door

My own ‘stopping points’ were 1) the words “I have greatly desired…” 2) what Jesus must have been feeling, knowing that he was going to die (thoughts of death and dying) 3) the clip with the two priests (so powerful) and the words ‘Remember me” moved me so much 4) Pope Francis’ prayer on the power of mercy (Prayed for a piece of mercy and for individuals I have not fully forgiven yet but have long desired to forgive. I know I am getting better at receiving the grace to do so.)

Looking forward to tomorrow’s prayer hour/s! The music really helps! The pre-retreat clip on Harry Potter and the reflection on wars and the suffering in the world were truly wonderful.

(More retreats throughout the year PLEASE!)

Thank you Father J and to your team for giving us a wonderful option if for one reason or a another we cannot attend a “live” retreat. Also this is maximizing the power of technology
as this can reach out to the sphere of internet users

Thank you Fr. J for a most inspiring Maundy Thursday piece. This is my first time to undertake online retreat. The Upper Room encounter with Judas underscores God’s love and infinite mercy, including humility in the washing of Judas feet as well. I pray that I may never forget these no matter what trials I may meet in life. God bless you Fr. J and your staff.I look forward to your Good Friday and Holy Saturday reflections.

Hi, Father! Will all the retreats (and the spiritual directors) be online by 8:00 a.m. for the three days?

Thank you!

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