As you enter into this retreat, recall that you bring with you your own private prayer trolley–your hopes and dreams, your fears and anxieties–for yourself and for those you love.


But beyond your own personal concerns lie the concerns of the wider world. What you take with you into the retreat is not just your own private trolley, but also, if you wish, all the trolleys in the world, especially the trolleys of those who, for whatever reason, cannot or will not pray this Holy Week.

Are you willing to gather their concerns in your heart as well, whatever they are, and take them with you into the retreat?


Here’s a song that you may want to listen to as we pause and pray. It’s called “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door,” written by Bob Dylan in the 60’s. Avril Lavigne’s version reminds us of “all the other things” that are going on in the world today, each one a good reason to pray and knock on heaven’s door.

Let the song and the images be your opening prayer.

Spend some time in silence as you open your heart to embrace all the people in the world, who, whether they know it or not, are groaning in desire for God. Take them along in your trolley.

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