‘WHY DON’T YOU BREAK YOUR RULES?’ (Mt 5:17-19): 27 February 2008 (Wednesday)

‘WHY DON’T YOU BREAK YOUR RULES?’ (Mt 5:17-19):  27 February 2008 (Wednesday)

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I still remember that afternoon in June 1991 when I stepped out of the library and was greeted by a darkened sky.  It was too early for sunset.  It turned out that the eruption of Mount Pinatubo had injected tons of volcanic ash into the sky, creating a thick haze over the city.

In the next few days we learned of the death and destruction caused not only by the eruption and the ash fall, but also by–of all things–the arrival of a typhoon.  As we know, those events of 1991 drastically changed the landscape of Pampanga and the lives of its people.