‘WHAT’S YOUR DEMON’S NAME?’ (Mt 4:1-11): 10 February 2008 (First Sunday of Lent)

‘WHAT’S YOUR DEMON’S NAME?’ (Mt 4:1-11):  10 February 2008 (First Sunday of Lent)

Today’s Readings

My most vivid images of the devil understandably come from the movies, and it’s amazing how the shape of the devil has evolved in the imagination of filmmakers through the years.   He has come a long way from the conventional red tights, horns, and tail.

The most recent significant appearance of the devil on film is found in Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ.”  Satan appears early on in the film as our Lord is shown going through his agony in the garden.  It is a most unconventional appearance:  You can’t tell if the devil is male or female.  Eyebrows shaved, he has a feminine face and a voice that is neither masculine nor feminine.  The best way I can think of describing this version of the devil is by comparing it to the lead vocalist of the 80’s band, Culture Club, Boy George–but without the make-up.