“HAVE YOU EVER RUN AWAY FROM GOD?” (Lk 11:29-32): 13 February 2008 (Wednesday)

“HAVE YOU EVER RUN AWAY FROM GOD?” (Lk 11:29-32):  13 February 2008 (Wednesday)

Today’s Readings

The TV series “Joan of Arcadia” is about some kind of modern-day Joan of Arc, Joan Girardi, a high school girl who, like the first Joan, can hear God speak, but more than that, actually bumps into him once in a while and gets to speak with him!  Of course It takes her a while before she actually gets used to the idea, especially because God looks different each time.  Part of the fun in watching “Joan of Arcadia,” in fact, is that you never know when and what form God will choose the next time he appears to Joan and what seemingly trivial task he will ask Joan to do (He calls them “errands.”). The task, of course, always turns out to be an important mission.