“WILL I GO TO HELL JUST BECAUSE?” (Lk 16:19-31): 21 February 2008 (Thursday)

“WILL I GO TO HELL JUST BECAUSE?” (Lk 16:19-31):  21 February 2008 (Thursday)

Today’s Readings

The recently reunited three-piece rock band, The Police, had an unforgettably haunting song called “Wrapped Around Your Finger” with an even more haunting music video .  The painstakingly shot video featured its lead vocalist Sting performing the song amidst a thousand lighted candles.

The song tells the story of a sorcerer’s apprentice, and it uses the ring as a metaphor to express how the apprentice is initially “wrapped around [the sorcerer’s] finger.”  In the end, however, he ends up controlling his master, so that it is now his master who is wrapped around his finger.