There must be a reason why you ended up here in this online retreat with us today.

A friend may have shared the link with you. Or you may have found this site while surfing the Net. Or perhaps you’re one of our regulars, a Sunday Pins of Light reader or an online retreatant who has done one or more of our Holy Week retreats the past twelve years.

Whatever has led you here, what’s important is that you’re here! Take a breath, and make the decision to allow yourself to be led through this online experience of prayer and reflection, estimated for about an hour.

This year’s retreat is called “THREE QUESTIONS FOR JESUS.”

We’ve heard this story so many times before; we’ve been through a lot of Lents. But we come still bearing questions.

Do you have a question for Jesus?

Don’t rush to answer. Just sit there and listen to your heart.

Is there something you want to ask the Lord as you begin this retreat? It may be a question about His life and His story. Or you may have something to ask about your own life and your own story.

Full disclosure: Be careful about the questions you ask the Lord. Questions are risky: They can be unpredictable; they may take us somewhere else.

Do you recall the very first question the First Disciples asked Jesus? Two of them followed Jesus and asked, “Master, where are You staying?” (John 1:38). A simple and innocent question! But look where it led them.

Brenner, Adam; Christ Calling His First Disciples; Leicester Arts and Museums Service; http://www.artuk.org/artworks/christ-calling-his-first-disciples-80973

And you–given all the things that are going on in your life, what is your question for the Lord this Holy Week?

Quiet your mind and your soul as you begin this recollection. Just remain where you are, with your eyes closed if you wish, and go rummaging through your heart: What’s going on in there? What are your hopes and aspirations? What are your fears and concerns?

Who knows, you may find that one question that you desire to ask Jesus this Holy Week.

Here’s a CHALLENGE for you: Think and pray about this in silence for the duration of this instrumental piece. Do not click NEXT until the music ends.

If you wish, post your QUESTION in the LEAVE A REPLY section below. Note that this is completely confidential. There is no need to leave your name or email.

Julian Lloyd Webber (“Music When Soft Voices Die”)



When Will my suffering end? When Will the pain stop?

How to Start from here? How can I Start?

What now, Lord?

We will always experience a lot of sufferings while we are still alive. I asked myself those questions years ago. I discovered that our sufferings do end for a while. God gives us some space and time to rest. And, then, He allows another cycle to start again. My sufferings taught me to cling to Him fully, to surrender everything to Him and to ask for His grace to help me through. God’s help arrived always on time and, often, in ways that I didn’t expect. He hears every cry sent out from our hearts and answers every prayer. Having been brought up in a semi-pagan way, I have learned to read the bible everyday, to go to mass everyday, to pray the rosary everyday, to visit the Bl. Sacrament everyday and to receive confession weekly. I have seen the help offered by Our Lady. I have experienced God in a personal way many times. Sufferings bring us closer to Him. The closer we get to Him, the more we experience joy, the more we experience peace, the more we experience LOVE. Spend some time before the Bl. Sacrament everyday. You will feel Him taking away your burdens and replacing them with comfort, love, hope, peace, faith and guidance. He will direct you and show you the way. He will guide your decisions and lead you to the right people who could help you. Sufferings are Jesus’ invitations to grow closer to Him. Cling to Him as you have never done before and you will find the joy of His love and comfort!

Lord, i so long to serve you. I never heard this call in my 57 years of existence but i have been so disturbed since late last year. I don’t know where to start and how. How do i discern the dreams you have placed in my heart? How do i know my real mission and purpose?

Help me Lord as i feel so empty in my heart. I know you are the only one who can fill this void in my heart but i can’t seem to find you.

Try to spend more time in silence before the Bl. Sacrament. Go to confession to remove the blocks. Intensify your prayer life and try to receive Holy Communion everyday. Listen, listen, listen.In due time, He will make it clear. He will open the doors and arrange the people and circumstances. While waiting, fix whatever needs to be fixed in your prayer life so that it will be easier to hear His message.

Try to talk to your parish priest about this matter. You might want to join the CLC prayer meetings, the Auxiliary groups, the Alay sa Diyos or any other church group. As you journey with others, your calling might become clearer.

Why am I so weak Lord? Why can’t I detach from my pride and my addictions? Why is it so hard to love like you love me? ?

Thank you dearest Lord for your many blessings. Thank you for taking care of us.

I find myself taking care of everyone in my family, but no one seems to take care of me. My relationships at home are strained, I feel so abandoned, so unappreciated. Help me to feel loved, needed, appreciated.

What is my life’s cross for and what is its purpose? why do I have to endure this pain every month…

Lord, Thank you for your blessing. But why I still feel empty? I work so hard for my family. But why i feel so alone? No one see’s I’m tired and can share my burden. Who can help me Lord?

I feel your pain and loneliness. I feel the same way too. I hope we together find peace, validation, and joy. God bless you!

Why am I scared (of anything, everything)?
I have been working hard for my family, why are we still in poverty?
Why have you given me the non-ideal man? I have prayed that you free me from him, but instead he stayed.

Lord, bakit po ganito ang buhay ko lagi po hindi nag iimproved parang me limit lang sya.Masipag naman po ako Lord bakit Parang sakto lang po lagi ang mga blessings na rerecieved ko po. Yung mga kasama ko sa office maayos po lagi ang benta nila and financially good sila every month.Parang sobra sobra po lagi yung mga biyaya na rerecieved nila po. Maayos naman ako sa mga tao ko pati sa kapwa, natuturuan ko naman mga tao ko kung anu ang mga dapat gawin and guidance nagbibigay ko naman po. Sumusunod po ako lagi sa policy ng opisina at kung anu po ang mga utos ng mga Boss ko po sumusunod po ako. Nag tataka lang po ako.Ano po kaya ang kulang ko.

Sana wag kang mag-give up. Stay the course. I pray for your contentment, fulfillment and financial success. God bless!

Why is it so easy to forget that you are there? Why do I need to work at it? Its tiring, most of the time. All too easy to ignore and doubt. Does it have to be so hard?

Lord, will you heal my son? will you bring his heart back to you? when, O Lord, when? Why does he go through this depression and anxiety now, please heal his mental health. please heal his soul. please protect him. I cry out to you, o Lord, as I pray for his spiritual and mental healing. I cry out to you to heal my children, O God. We had dedicated them to you when they were babies. what is happening, O God, why is this happening? let your light and peace shine on them. I beg of you

Why was I left behind?

We were only five in my family: daddy, mommy, myself, my brother, and my sister. My brother died as a baby. My dad and mom have passed on. My sister recently died after a lingering illness. Now I am feeling so alone. Have been keeping myself busy so I do not have to think about this. I miss my family and the idea that I am the only one left in my nuclear family.

A country of ‘faithfuls’. And yet why are we so fragmented? Why is it that our hearts are so stirred in opposing directions? Do you whisper different things in our ears? Do you whisper at all?

Lord thank you very much for all the things you brought into our lives. Thank you very much for allowing me the be part of this online retreat. The only question is “what is my purpose why you brought me where Am I right now?”

Lord, who am I in your eyes at the moment? How do I know who you want me to be? How do I become who you want me to be>

What would you have me do? I am seeking for direction. And while I think I know what I want, I want to make sure that this is also what You will for me.

How should I handle my “crosses” in life when I feel discouraged or when I think that I am losing hope?

When will my sufferings end? I know that you are always by my side. Though there are times that my burdens are too heavy.

Lord, thank you for all the blessings you have given me, for being there during my lowest moments, for protecting me from dangers…Thank you for having given me such a wonderful husband and such a gifted child. You have showered me with so much blessings. I am more than grateful for all these.
But my heart still bleeds my Lord. The lost of a loved one is very hard. Each day is a challenge and I don’t know what lies ahead of me. What are your plans for me, my Lord? I am lost; I am afraid. Please guide and help me to see with your eyes, listen with your ears, speak with your words, feel with your heart and embrace with your arms.

Yes, Lord thank you so much for all the blessings we received from you. Thank you for a very loving and understanding husband, a very independent and ambitious daughter and a successful career and business endeavor. Thank you also for taking back our beloved son. I know he will be in heaven with you where there is no more pains, tears and sacrifices.
I also pray for my 2 sisters and their children. Bless them Lord and please grant their hearts’ desires. I also pray for my in laws and their families. Bless them also.

I just feel tired. I don’t know what to do with my life. Lord, what is it that you want me to do? I am directionless. Help me, Lord!

Lord please touch the heart of our daughter that she will also value family bonding. We missed her and so please touch her that she will spend some time with us during our vacation.
Lord please protect and guide my husband in his work. Please keep him away from danger.

You have blessed me abundantly, much more than I ever expected. Why me, Lord? What is it that I should be doing with all these blessings? Is there a way for me to do Your will, while keeping my family happy?

Lord thank you for blessing us abundantly. I know that you wanted me to be a good steward of your resources. Thank you for giving me this purpose and meaning of my life. Please continue to guide and protect me to where you want me to be.

Lord, why my youngest son born with congenital heart disease? Please heal him, I am always praying that You will heal him naturally with the healing hand of Jesus, our Great healer.

Lord, I am sick and not feeling good. I know that you are telling me something. I know that you wanted to have time with me. Please heal me Lord physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I pray in Jesus Name. Amen.

How do I best use the gifts you’ve blessed me with to glorify you O’ Lord and bear witness to those I encounter day to day?

Lord, perhaps it’s to stop asking WHYs. If I can just listen I might know YOUR answers to all my WHYS (and they are plenty, mind you}

Jesus, what does the future hold for me? What do You want to teach me? Lead me, Lord, to do my mission and fulfill my purpose.

Lord, what is happening to me?
Will you be there for me and my family till after life? Im very tired oftentimes, but I wont give up. Why is there a me? There is so much damage in this world. How am I doing? Im not good enough right? Help me not lose sight and not to worry. We love you Lord

Thank you Lord, worship you, love you. Please forgive me for having offended you and sinned against my brothers and sisters. With the help of your grace I will try not to sin again. My soul proclaims the greatness of Your Name Lord. Thank you Lord for dying on the cross and saving our life. Amen.

What are your plans for me, Tatay? You’d given me the answer to my prayer, but it turned out, it wasn’t meant for me at all. So what is it, then? When will it all fall into place?

Where am I heading Lord? For the past two years I’ve been changing my plans and I am always praying that whenever you want me to be, Your will be done, but why I keep on asking?

Why do you gave me a person who is not like me, but still I am willing to do everything for him…

Why is my longing for someone so great right now? And why am I so anxious and afraid when I think that there’s no one to pursue me for who I am?

Father in heaven, why is my life this way? I always try my best to do what you want me to do. But why does life give me these really hard challenges? Why do we have super hard challenges that I can’t seem to overcome. So why Lord? Why is life this way? All these trials and hardships. Why can’t you just save me from them?

Why do you make good people (people like my father) suffer, while evil people are nothing but happy?
And why am I still alone and lonely, when I’m trying my best to do everything you ask of me?

what is my unrepented sin that holds me to love you 100 percent….i am not aware of my sin so i cannot repent or i am not sure it is a sin…please enlighten me…i want to love you trully but something is not right i can feel it but i cannot pinpoint it

Why does oppression of evil happen? I know that all things bad come from him. I laso know that you are all powerful. But why are there moments that it seems that evil wins battles? The answer to this is irrelevant to my faith. As My faith never falters. But it is hard to answer other people when asked this question.

And maybe, just maybe, He says, “When will you let yourself LIVE this life. I want you here. You are one of my precious creations. I know it’s sometimes hard to believe. But I’m still here you know, I love you.”

Hugs Ben.

From someone who’s about to give up as well.

Dear Ben, I love you very much and you are my most precious child. It is not yet time for you to join me here in your heavenly home, so pls be patient. I have a special plan for you in this world, I have sent you on a Mission. You just have to trust Me and my Love for you—be strong, hold on to me, just keep going, find and do my Will, and you will see. I will reward you with much peace, grace, blessings and joy— but all in His good time. With all my love, GOD

I am in pain, I am bitter and becoming selfish for I am tired. I am suffocating and drowning with my condition esp my dissociation. I’m quite messed up inside. Me who are always expected to be okay. Me who is always have to give. I am lost Lord. Will you find me? Will you still love me even if I’m turning to be unlovable.

What do you want me to do, Lord? I have always been faithful to You. Why did you allow us to meet? I was comfortable and happy with my life, and meeting him made things complicated. Are you challenging my loyalty to you? What do you want me to do, Lord?

Why didn’t you have a wife and kids? Then maybe it would be easier for me to find answers in your story.

Lord why is it that it’s difficult for me to change my odd ways? Sometimes i question about my faith?

Lord what do you want me to do? All are going downhill for several months now.
Where do you want a financially broke, aging unstable professional, downtrodden mother and taken-for-granted wife like me go?

Lord, you have freed me from my recent attachments to follow you better. Where do you want me to go? What do you want me to do? What is my next mission? What form will it take?

Lord why is life difficult? Why is my circle getting small as I receive things I prayed for? How can I draw closer to you Lord?

Oh Lord Jesus, thank you for journeying with me in carrying the cross of study-the mission in education. after that, What are my deepest pains and hurts that make me stagnant and not moving forward? Oh Jesus, heal me all my wounds. What do you want me to do-the mission in workplace? Let me know you Lord Jesus, deeply, clearly and intimately and my deepest heart desires. No longer I, but you Oh Christ in me, my heart desires for you Oh Majesty.

Lord, how can I get closer to you? Although I want to so desperately to hear your voice, I cannot sit still. Please talk to me. Please speak louder. I really want to be your friend.

Thank you Lord for the gift of salvation.yes at times i ask myself why i go through such pain,trials, and sorrow in my life.i start with my question of why did you give me a special child.i always ask and wonder.there are times i know that i have still not fully accepted after all these years. why i was left behind to be a single mother,why i was left behind to look after my own mother despite having siblings. thats why sometimes i have a hard time accepting my circumstances. ive been blessed with a great job that pays well.yet at the end of the day,i know something in my life is missing.

Pls help me o Lord in all my trials in life,that i may be able to understand your purpose. I want to be completely healed.

Lord Jesus, brother and friend,

Where do you lead my life?

How will I follow you if this is the life you are inviting me?

Will you remain with me, strengthen and sustain me to this road less travelled?

Jesus how do I choose to love You and live despite agonizing physical pain? I want to be with you, Mama Mary and St. Joseph when I leave this world. I am afraid pain will pull me away from you and Life Eternal.

Why is it so difficult for me to follow your teachings, Lord? What holds me back from being a better Catholic?

Lord, I am grateful for the many blessings you have given me. I realize I have been given more than many others around me. I am thankful to you.

I should also be grateful for the challenges in my life. But somehow Lord, I cannot see them as Blessings. They are difficult and many are painful. They do not only affect me but people in my life too.

My question for this retreat is “Why?”

Why do I need to go thru very challenging times? Those times often end up more challenging. Lord, if I cannot be told why, please help me see their goodness with both my mind and heart so that I may know what to do.


Who do You say I am, Lord? Who am I and what am I doing here? What has become of me? How does this all fit in the greater scheme of things? What do You want me to do, Lord? What path do You want me to take?

Lord, I struggle to follow You everyday. I need time to recover but how much time are You giving me? I am grateful for all the days you have given me and are continuing to give me.

Lord, why am I like this? Why do I make the choices I make when I know You as I do? Lord, why am I in this placeholder? What is Your will? I am listening, Lord. There is so much pain but I am listening and open to hear Your words.

Oh Lord I pray to bring my family close and be prayerful, help me in my struggle with health issues so I may be able to help others in need and bring happiness to those that are in despair, stabilize my finances so I can share and be able to uplift and empower the needy, the old and the sick and help the young and others to be self reliant and be prayerful and kind

My body is tired and my heart is weary. I am exhausted. When will there be solutions to all the problems?

My question for you? HOW DID YOU DO IT?

How do I curb my tongue like you did? I tend to protect myself, explain myself. I think highly of myself so I think I should always express my opinion/ judgments. I feel envious maybe and my words betray me, that I’m not as humble and kind as I think myself to be.

How did you do it? To love as you did even when you’re the greatest and yet people were not kind to you? How can I do it?

Amidst my difficulties, am i doing the right thing, Lord?
How long must I endure trouble?
Until when shall I see the promised land?

Lord In to your hands I entrust my son who is undergoing depression for more than a year now. How could I help him Lord?

How did your survived back in the days ? No reguler job , go where faith leads you ? I am having financial difficulties ,Lord

Jesus, please pull me back closer to you. I know you are everywhere and present at all times in my life. Yet, Im not so sure if my preoccupation at this time towards financial freedom + security + career is in line with your will for me. In my younger years, I felt drawn to a life of simplicity, service and prayer. And in fact lived that kind of life for few years. Those were good years! But the thought of financial insecurity and dependence on the charity of other people frighten me. And lead me now to a life of paying job + preoccupation to money matters (investment + savings etc).

I know Jesus, I am just passing in this world and that I am meant for eternal life with you. Please bring me closer to you, make me more like you, more loving and forgiving. I ask for the grace to choose and live for you. Bring me to deeper conversion. Help me not to cling to the pleasures and treasures of this passing world. Give me the grace to accept discomfort or inconvenience for the good of my family or of more people. Help me to overcome my selfishness and self righteouness. Please pull me back closer to you. I am yours. I am all yours. Amen.

Lord, am I living my life the way You planned me to? If not, am I on the right path? What do I do to find the way? Please forgive me for my sins and thank you for all the blessings despite my unworthiness. I praise You. I love You.

Lead me Lord. Make me the best version of myself in this life. Help me find my mission. Eternally grateful.

Lord, I’m tired. Why do I feel this way?
Why do I feel that I have given so much?
I surrender my life… What do you want of me?

When will come the time for me to truly surrender everything to you? Can I renew my relationship with you Lord?

(1) How can I fully and successfully accept the losses and failures in my life so I can move on?

(2) I am at a crossroads in my life. I am just beginning to know myself and hope and dream again. What should I do next in order to maximize the opportunities I have right now?

(3) How do I live in the now, when I keep looking back to my past and feel apprehensive about the future?

Pano mo nagawa ang pagpapakasakit at sakripisyo sa amin? Kakayanin ba namin eto kung hindi sa iyong pagsubaybay, pagmamahal at pag gabay sa amin? Damang dama ko ngayon ang paghihirap mo para sa amin.

Ano ang dapat kong gawin para mabawasan ang iyong paghihirap? Gabayan mo ako lagi Hesus para sa mabuting gawain o salita mo ay maipamahagi ko sa kapwa ko. Kahit sa simpleng pagsunod sa iyo.

Lord I salute and love you for all the sacrifice you’ve done to us? please guide me na magawa ko din eto sa lahat ng nakapaligid sa akin o sa kapwa ko.

Why am i so confused Lord? Of what happened in our life (financial, relational, negativities) i am fearful of my twilight years..let me accept and let me have peace in my heart.

Why have you been giving me these challenges, Lord? Have I become what I’m supposed to be after surpassing them? Am I becoming a person that You have planned to be?

Please lead me to the right and clear path Lord Jesus Christ…help to learn how to listen to your words…

I find myself burdened with a lot of responsibilities at work and at home but no one seems to be around, available, capable to share my burden. I foolishly think it is only I who can take them on. Who can I turn to Lord?

Why did you allow me to go through all the challenges this year? Did I misread your will for me – thus, these challenges or is this Your will for me?

Why do the Lord allow us to fall? Is it to make us go through the process that we may learn from our mistake and eventually enable us to help others? Or is it in a way to test us. Make us realize our strength or weaknesses?

What do you want to tell me, Lord, through my internet sex addiction? I am only discovering it now! It’s so hard to believe and accept this problem. But I know that without accepting it, I can’t move forward, I can’t be healed by Your saving grace and love. Love you so much, Jesus! Nothing, nothing ever will make me more happy that You Alone!

Can is still regain my usual strength to serve my loved ones and the least, the last, and the broken?

Dear Jesus, Thank you for saving me. How can I serve.? Please give me strength and show me the path to take.

The question that came to my mind was how come this was my only question? I answered myself by saying that God alone will suffice. I will not question.

What is God’s Divine Plan for my 22-year old out-of-school son who just plays online games all day (and night) long?

Where do you think our nation is going towards given the kind of leadership we have right now? How long is the wait till the Good will triumph over evil again?

Same burning questions here.
How long, Lord, till we see Goodness and Truth triumph over evil?
Our nation and its people are sinking, Lord, when will You rescue us?
What have we become, what will become of us, when will You save us from ourselves?
Will righteousness, justice, and truth EVER reign on our land again?
I am heartbroken and anxious and fearful for our country’s future, or lack of it.

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