For this retreat, let us consecrate all our efforts to God, asking Him to bless us as we try to make space and time for Him today. We also offer our efforts for this retreat for the intentions of those who need our prayers.

Whenever you are ready, say a prayer to the Lord, asking Him to bless the time that you will spend with Him this week.

Once again, make an effort to stay in prayer for as long as this music plays.

Julian Lloyd Webber (“Serenade”)

If you wish, you may want to close your prayer with the following words. Remember, say the words as slowly and meaningfully as you can, making each word your own and adding to it as much as you want.

As you go through this retreat, it is very important that you work hard at SLOWING DOWN. So here’s a CHALLENGE for you, whenever music is provided, make sure to finish the music before you go to the next section. Let the music pace your retreat experience.