Theologians tell us that one reason our Lord’s Gethsemane prayer was so tough and so full of struggle is that he was again being subjected to temptation.

But… can our Lord be tempted?

Of course He can! Didn’t He experience what we refer to today as “The Temptation in the Desert,” when the Devil tempted Him three times, all of which He was able to resist?

But let’s think about it for a while so we can better appreciate what Jesus may have experienced in Gethsemane.

If He is the Son of God–and we believe, God Himself–we know that it is totally against His Divine Nature to sin. The Letter to the Hebrews makes it very clear to us: “He is like us in all things–except sin” (Hebrews 4:15).

So in principle, it is impossible for Jesus to sin. But if that were the case–if it was, in fact, completely impossible for Jesus to fall into sin, what do we mean when we say that He experienced temptation?

As it turns out, when the Devil tempts us, his aim isn’t simply for us to commit a sin. When that’s not achievable, he will resort to enticing us to choose what may not be sinful but still less than what God may want us to do.

In the case of our Lord in Gethsemane, the Devil knows better than to tempt Him to attack and destroy His enemies (which would obviously be sinful), but can he succeed in tempting the Lord to take flight and evade His much-dreaded arrest and death? After all, as long as Jesus chooses to live a good (and long) life–a life, in fact, dedicated to the service of God and other–that cannot be considered a sinful decision, can it?

It may also be the more logical choice when you think about it: Can He not do more–perform more miracles and heal and preach to more people–if He chose this path?

The fact remains, however, it would still be less than what God is asking of Him. And the Devil would do anything to prevent us from doing God’s will.

We can learn two lessons here about temptations:

The first lesson is that: It’s not just about sinning. It’s also about getting us to do something less than what God is asking from us. So we should resist these temptations even if the other options are moral or perfectly logical.

That’s what our Lord managed to do in Gethsemane. It’s a tougher temptation to fight because compared to temptations to sin, these temptations to choose the lesser good are not as obvious.

The second lesson we can learn here is that the Devil uses different levels of temptation depending on who we are.

For beginners like the disciples, it is enough to use PLEASURE to tempt the disciples. Nothing was probably more appealing to Peter, James, and John that night than the thought of a short respite from what has been an exhausting evening and what still promises to be a stressful night. This is Level One Temptation: Temptation by Pleasure.

For those more advanced in spirituality, as in the case of our Lord, the more effective temptation is PAIN. The prospect of suffering–not just physically and emotionally, but also spiritually–may discourage someone like our Lord from pursuing in doing the right thing. This is Level Two Temptation: Temptation by Pain.

Take a moment to reflect on how you deal with the temptations that have been especially customized for you. It would be helpful to ask:

In which areas of your life are you vulnerable to Temptation by PLEASURE? In what way and why?

In which areas are you vulnerable to Temptation by PAIN? In what way and why?

Spend some time studying the icons below, going through the different areas of your life. As usual, use the music provided below to pace your prayer and reflection.

Julian Lloyd Webber (“L’ Heure Exquise”)

Feel free to share below what you may have learned from this reflection on your temptations. Since the sharing is anonymous, the more honest your sharing is, the more helpful it might be for you and your fellow retreatants.



Salamat AMA.

I know You’re always there for me. I know You hear me. I know You can see me. I know You’re directing me to the right path, to abundance. Don’t give up on me, Lord. I need You.

I am vulnerable to temptations and pain. I almost ruined the life You gave me, for doing my own will. And yet? You’re still there. Teaching me a lesson. Listening. Spoiling me.

Lord, I wanna get up from this mess. Help me to fix myself. To be someone whose worthy of your love, and your pain. I can’t do this alone. But with You, I know I will be safe.

I was struck by the sin of choosing the lesser evil. I have done it countless times, yet I felt good about it. Looking back now, I realise that I’m not such a good person after all. I am vulnerable to physical, sexual pleasure, and to the pain of financial instability. These 2 weaknesses allow me to be tempted by the devil to commit sin, and most especially, to choose the lesser evil. Lord, help me overcome these weaknesses and to trust completely in Your will, despite the “consequences” it may have on my worldly life.

I am afraid of pain. Any type of pain so that I always take the easy way out to avoid it. Problems equals to pain no matter how small so I tried running from them. I buried my head in the ground. Ignored it and set it aside hoping it will eventually disappee. But sadly, they do catch up and I experienced more pain. Then, I keep running again so things spiral out of control. By then, I would ask God why is He doing this to me. I even forgot praying and ignoring His presence.

I am afraid to go to Him. Who am I to him? How deep is my problems compared to those who suffers from fatal diseases or abuse. Who am I that He should answer my prayers when there are people who needed Him more but with prayers that still remains unanswered?

It pains me sometimes to here their wonderful experience with God. Their miracles/success stories/answered prayers do bring comfort to the heart but there is also envy. Why not me? When will you hear me Lord? I need you. I am losing hope. This world makes it so easy to forget. To indulge, to let go. I need You. Please extend Your hands to me. I cannot do it alone. I am so afraid. I feel so much pain that I am starting to get numb. How long do I have to wait? Can I take it? Some will say to bear it with and pray. But how long will it be? How much can I bear until I break. I am close to breaking. I pray and pray but the pain doesn’t go away. Please guide me. Send me hope. Please just a shred of light. I love You. I love You. You are my God. Will always be. And I am Yours. Forgive me.

Ive always called on you Papa Jesus, I just want the pain to stop… I want other people to feel the pain that Im feeling. I want them to understand me. I want them to hurt too. I want him to feel the pain he gave me and make it feel better. I want to feel better. I dont want to be angry anymore. I am tired.

Ive never felt so alone, like everybody is ganging up on me. Alone, Im not afraid to be alone but they dont have to leave me.

Looking at the image of Jesus’ being alone in Gethsemané, I was ashamed that the reason why I dont seek Him most of the time is beacause I’m afraid to be alone, without anybody at my side while I experience the UNPLEASURABLE and PAINFUL situations in life.

Temptations by pleasure and pain, both. Wihout prayer, I easily give in to these temptations. I always try to do what is right, what I think is right. In my relationships, in my decision-making, I try to be right. Being roght is sometimes a source of plwasure or an avoidance of pain or both. But I have prayed less and less before choosing what is ‘right’. So I have made.not so right decisions. And yet, I persist in this way. I leave prayer time for later…

Who would not want pleasure?
Who would not shun pain?
I suffer most when my family barely enjoys the pleasures of life ang lacks even the necessities of it. Much more when you can’t shield them from pain, necessary or otherwise. This is my greatest temptation at the moment, I have been consecrated to God for 23 years now, I have claimed that i have given my all to Him, why would He let my loved ones suffer? Forgive me, Jesus!

Did you really have to undergo all these for me, Lord?

And yet I always forget, when I give in to depression, allowing myself to be paralyzed by pain;

I give in to the pleasure of procrastination, when I put off my duties for the unproductive things I want to do, justifying that I deserve this for working so hard.

The temptation of Pain, i’m Really struggling for it, always justifying morally and logically the things what happening in my spirituality, just to make easy for me. Not listening to His will.

My temptations that come with the fear of not having enough money for some future event and the constant desire to save, save, save which causes me to lack charity and generosity and causes me to desire excessive comforts. My temptations of pleasure in eating even when I’m not hungry and taking pleasure in doing nothing if it means getting to mindlessly scroll through my phone or watch tv.

My family, especially my mother. Her negative attitude corrupts me for many years. I did not learn how to cope with it until after 18 years leaving with me. Many times I am angry and so disappointed as I also continue to support my family financially for so many many years until now. Our relationship with her is not what children should have to their mother but it is what it is with her. I do know now how to refrain myself from being upset and to be more understanding and forgiving. I know I offended God and I so ask for forgiveness.

i gave everything for that person…
i i told myself its ok to give and give and givr…. becausee i thought he won’t leave… but yet he did…

it is easy to be tempted to do nothing. As if it’s the easiest thing to do. My weekdays are full, I am up early for work and I go home late. There are moments that doing things (other than what I’m supposed to do) or doing nothings, are satisfying. But I know it’s doing something less than what God wants me to do. It’s also easy to think bad about other people, to conjure stories that will make me hate other people.

I am often tempted especially when it comes to my family and finances. I feel that when its concerning money i often make decisions that are irrational and is not guided by the Lord. This goes the same with my family. I often think of escaping the situation i am in with my family for the sake of my convenience and not having to struggle anymore. I also have temptations with my spirituality and doubting myseld if i am even worthy of being a servant of God.

The pain I have now and every month is a temptation for me to excuse myself from the world in all aspects of my life. I retreat and use my pain to stay away from family, refuse intimacy with my spouse because of the pain and frustration. I use my pain at work to excuse myself from responsibilities or being given chances to shine, because of fear of failing the team due to this pain. My personal and prayer life has also been about this pain, and how I can overcome or heal myself from it.

I’m so vurnerable in all areas of my life.
Always seeking for the approval of others, ginagawa ko lahat para maplease ko sila pero ubos na ubos na ko inside.

Sa family, nagtatanong ako bakit ganun ang member ng family ko? bakit hindi sila katulad ng ibang pamilya na pwede ko makasama sa pagsimba. I’m so lost, kapag nalulugmok ako sa kasalanan, hindi ko mapigilan ang sarili ko na ibalik sa kanila ang sisi na at some point in my life, naging bahagi sila bakit ako ganito ngayon.

Napupuno ako ng inggit, ng galit, ng sama ng loob at ng longing na mahalin ako at tanggapin ng kung sino ako.

Minsan po napapa isip kapag nasa opisina po ako. Bakit po ako na iingit sa iba? Yung mga na aachieved nila. Kung anung meron sila at wala ako. Ang ginagawa ko nalang is tumahimik nalang po.

I was reminded that when I am not doing my best, am satisfied with being mediocre, or am taking the safe and easy path, I am giving in to temptation of Satan.

I chose to give up my values for the wrong person. For justifying my wrongdoings so I would feel good. By not following my conscience, I led a miserable life away from God and prayer.

I always think that I am useless as an employee because I am not being acknowledge in the first place. I just pray that as long as I have work I should be grateful.

Knowing simply that temptation does not necessarily lead me to sin but acting in ways that brings me away from God no matter how good and moral that action is…when affirmation and acceptance by others brings check pain and pleasure…something else goes wrong.

the temptation of pleasure – always seeking the easier option , avoidance, denial; the temptation of pain – choosing what is just good enough, lesser than what God wants from me.
Dear Lord, may you teach and guide me to be more purposeful in my relationships, to be kinder when the easier option is to be angry and impatient. Amen.

I’ve pined for affections of certain people – friends or colleagues – and their rejection has been very painful. I’ve feared public shaming from bosses, specially in meetings. The loss of face is too great. I agonize over these enough to give me ulcers.

I’ve disguised my willingness to work long long hours as “service” to others, when in fact, it is simply a cry for affirmation…

I’m lonely and afraid, so I go to the wrong ways to cure those: porn sites, movie binging, yet I find no time to pray.

What is wrong with me??

Temptations -whether that of pleasure or pain — will be a challenge when it comes to my family and my relationship with the Lord. I give these two utmost importance they are the power that make me strong to live.

I am venerable to temptation of pleasure and pain with my family, at work, intimacy and friends. May the Lord help me To fight this temptation and give me strength to overcome this temptation. May the lord send his Holy Spirit to always guide me to fight all the temptation.

I am in the state of anxiety all the time. I worry so much, I overthink. As a result, I don’t finish anything in my work or study. I easily get distracted by the pleasure I get from my daydreams. I fail to become productive and fruitful. In my family relationship, I experience the temptation of pain (fear, doubt, anger, judgment, hatred, and grudge for how they live). Personally, I feel ashamed of myself for believing and thinking that I am a better person than other people. This makes it extremely difficult for me to follow Jesus’ commandment to love others as He has loved me, to clearly see, receive, and accept other people and love them as they are without judgment. I realize now that with these temptations and sins of mine, I fail to give my complete trust to God, to surrender all of me to Him, and follow His will in my life.

I am vulnerable to pleasure. How many times I’ve say to myself I’m not going to casino anymore but I always failed to keep that promise. I keep on sinning and hurting my love ones especially my daugher. Lord please hail me spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. I’m tired and weak that sometimes I want to give up.

The temptation of going the easy way out: taking my life.

I have been feeling so down lately. I no longer have a place I can call my home. I am too dependent and expect so much from my other half. I am experiencing an illness and I am too afraid and unable to see a doctor. That’s why I resort to thinking about taking my life cause I think it’s easier than experience the pain of being alone.

When in fact, I am not. I have people who care about me. I am loved. And I have a God who has given so much, even His only son just to save me. That’s what I always tend to forget. That’s what I must always remind myself.

My insecurities make me live in a fantasy world in my mind. How do I muster the will and the faith to embrace my reality at every moment like Jesus embraced His fate?

I am vulnerable to pleasure and pain by putting off what needs to be done.

Even if many people are relying on me, I choose to postpone doing what is difficult and painful — working and risking rejection from prospective clients. I justify this with feeling alone at work, why am I the only one working on this? Am I the only one worried?

When I put things off, I am vulnerable to pleasure. I’ll sleep in, rest more. Until things get worse and fear becomes greater. And I blame others and question God for the lack of financial prosperity.

Constant need to be successful in my career.. Temptation to wish others ill will simply because they are doing better. Selfishness.. Difficulty to share

Naunawaan ko now that OBEDIENCE TO GOD’S WILL IS FIRST LAGI. Even Jesus followed the Father and subjected himself to His Will.

Am seriously tempted by the devil via pain in relationships in family, husband, personal health. Fear and doubts set in.

Teach me to KNOW YOUR WILL AND FOLLOW YOU always, Amen!

Teach me Lord to KNOW YOUR WILL AND FOLLOW YOU always, Amen!

Lord, you know how insecure I am. Help me be free from these temptations of seeking for security, affirmation, constant reassurance, jealousy, envy. Help me have a strong heart for you alone.

Pleasure is when i prefer to be with my friends, spending more time with them than with my family..
Pain is when i lost my trust to people especially when it comes to relationships

Sexual immorality in my relationship with my girlfriend – I’ve committed premarital sex before marriage, which I vowed never to do until I get married. Just shows how my flesh is weak apart from Christ.

Lord God, I bring these hurtful acts to you and ask for your forgiveness. Continue to strengthen me with your grace and mold my heart and my girlfriend’s heart, to always seek you first above all else, even above ourselves. Amen.

Vulnerable to the pleasure of flesh to the extent of thinking of other girls everytime i make love with my wife.
Also vulnerable to pain that i am always reactive when there are problems which i can hardly solve.
Lord i need your grace of strength, courage and perseverance to follow you more closely.

I’m afraid for my husbands health (had undergone explore lap and 3x craniotomy last 2017, dec 2018 2x bleeding because of esophageal varices, jan 2019 ischemia then bleeding again last march) and this why my temtation sets in, why do i have to fear, if my Lord will be with us every minute, every second. Im so sorry my Lord God?

I am in constant pain. I don’t want my children to go through the same kind of pain. I’m also suffering from financial paralysis. I pray that in the near future I am able to free myself from this agony.

I always wanted self-affirmation of my achievements from my family and I get hurt and envious if my siblings and other family members are praised . But I have been trying to learn ” not to count the cost” and just keep on doing good.

Temptation to pleasure and fear of pain are the one that keeps us away from God. So much worries about siblings leading to compromising my own family. So much resentment for my mom who worries more about other people rather than her own family. Discouraging my wife and children to go and serve the Lord. Giving more attention to my work rather than God and family. Indulging in lustful pleasure as an escape, all these are the temptation haunting and I truly repent and ask God for forgiveness.

Temptation of pleasure in my personal life: choosing to masturbate and read porn whenever I am left alone

Temptation of pain:
-isolating persons who hurt me just because I cannot forgive them
-not telling to the person I love that I do love him for fear of losing the affection we share as of now
-doubting if God actually has a plan for me to have a family of my own, a dream I’d like to fulfill, if only I meet that man He wants for me

Temptation is having doubts about someone, being afraid of getting hurt again, wanting to be with our faithful departed, and distrusting people who have duped us.

Temptation of pleasure – impure thoughts, sometimes sexual, became part of my routine before i sleep. Probably it became a sort of escape from the reality of loneliness than I am experiencing. Sometimes I give in to these temptations to feel loved and needed.

Tempation of PAIN – i will always chose what is less inconvenient for me. My priority is my comfort.

But Lord, you chose the more difficult path of suffering pain and torture… all for me. Help me to be like You. Teach me to be humble like You. Your greatness transcends all the sufferings in the world but despite this, tou chose the road less paved. Is this what You want me to do?

My temptation is work, it gives both pleasure and pain. It also makes me feel alive. I set aside family & friends at times because of work. Lord, help me to be mindful of all these things. Give me clarity at points that I need the decision to serve.

I am bound by a constant fear of pain, suffering and disappointment. My decisions center around avoiding these as much as possible.

Pleasure – to easily gratify myself.
Pain – to do the right thing that requires hardships and sacrifice.

Pleasure – the prospect of acquiring things (materialism), of making myself appear better than I really am especially when faced with criticism; when tired or stressed, it’s easier for me to succumb to temptations to pleasure for personal relief… sometimes those temptations are packaged in a “I deserve it” wrapping.

Pain – the prospect of rendering greater & more meaningful/quality service

Pleasure – the prospect of acquiring things (materialism), of making myself appear better than I really am especially when faced with criticism; when tired or stressed, it’s easier for me to succumb to temptations to pleasure for personal relief… sometimes those temptations are packaged in a “I deserve it” wrapping.

Pain – the prospect of rendering greater & more meaningful/quality service

Temptation of envy, pride and love lost.
Why is it so difficult to let of go of all those things? I am so attached to them.

I learned a lot from the sharing of fellow retreatants. I can relate to temptation by pleasure in ways that I choose convenience and comfort. I often justify myself that I deserve them.

Temptation by pain through trust issues and fear of loving again though I am willing to trust and love again this time by God’s grace. This was due to my experience of loss and brokeness recently. So, help me, God.

I dont ever want the pain of relationships again, that much is true. Help me overcome this fear that is pretty much unavoidable in this pursuit of making our lives more meaningful and alive.

The temptation of feeling trapped and bitter because I am the lone caregiver for my parent
The temptation of financial security – staying in a job I don’t like because I’m too worried about my finances if I go after my dreams
The temptation of hurting others through my words so that I can express my dissatisfaction with them

i believe that i can do more compared on what i am been doing right now to deepen my relationship to Him, and putting it into practice.. however, I have been preferring, -and enjoying the comfort zone that i put: practicing my faith depending on convenience: i skip confessions and let pass those opportunities to do it because i enjoy the pleasures of satisfying my lust: reading and watching porns, masturbating, and enjoying impure thoughts on women.. pleasure to satisfy my laziness that it affected my relationship with my family and my team in my work.. compromising values in exchange of being “in” with the group.. “why bother to receive the sacrament of confession, and receiving the Holy Communion, when you are enjoying such pleasures?” the flesh is indeed weak..

I am vulnerable to pleasure in the aspects of family and work. How many times did I find myself making excuses not to do the things expected of me. I result to taking some rest at the expense of delaying my tasks, which greatly affects the people around me.

I am vulnerable to pain in the aspects of friendships and love/intimacy. It hurt me greatly when I found out that the people I care for the most talked behind my back. It is as if I had to earn being their friend. It leaves me cautious in sharing how I exactly feel to avoid any gossip that will just destroy our relationships to one another. I am deeply challenged to keep on loving even those friends who are difficult to love. I honestly felt entitled, thinking that I should have been exempted from being hurt this way.

When it comes to love/intimacy, I find myself afraid to take the risk of loving again because of my past experience of a love that didn’t last long. I am afraid to be hurt again. I am afraid to take a chance with someone new. I am even doubting if there is really someone out there for me who will make me realize why my past love didn’t work out and how I truly deserve to be loved.

Family – taking less time to spend with them, no more time to help at home and limited financial help
Work – procastinating, not giving my 100% on my task and responsibility, doubting the honesty (in terms of relationship) of my co-workers.
Friendship – doubt and jelousy
Personal – losing focus, complacency, doubt, procastination, and selfishness
Love/Intimacy – trust issue, doubt, feeling vulnerable, hopeless and lost, fear of pain and hurt.
Prayer – procastinating, out of focus, disconnected and lost on my own excuses

Family: not taking more responsibility at home (uma asa sa iba)
Work/study: procrastinating (baka may kinakatakutan din…)
Love/intimacy: short to anger, not listening enough/more, taking for granted the love one
Friendship: getting hurt if not informed of important events – death of a friend –
Personal: procrastinating in taking more responsbility for myself, health
Prayer: not taking time to pray to give thanks (silent moments sometimes can be scary…)

Pleasure: procrastinating at work that often leads to mediocre results and still longing for better pay or promation despite the temptation.

Pain: knowing that your family and friends will always be there thus neglect and taking them for granted / on relationships;being selfish and self centered to issues and too keen on looking for your partners faults.

I learned that temptation doesn’t have to just be about sinning but also about doing less than what God wants us to do even if it’s not wrong in any manner. Therefore, in all situations, we have to be aware if we’re doing the more right thing for God.

In the temptation of pleasure, it’s about love/intimacy, especially when it’s driven sexually. It’s also on work/study as you’d rather do so many other things than that. Sometimes, it also applies to family and prayer as you’d be pushed to do the things you want than to spend quality time with family or to dedicate your time to praying.

In the temptation of pain, it applies in friendship as sometimes, I think that I’m a burden to them, I’m strange to them, or I’m not good enough for them and it tears me down. It also applies to personal because you can look at all the negative aspects of your life and you think that they define you and they pull you down when you should be looking more at the things God wants you to focus on and the good and positive traits that he wants you to remember and work on in your life

I’ve been fixated on escaping from what I feel is a difficult life, but maybe I am called to reexamine MY role in someone else’s life… just as Jesus resisted the temptation because He knew His mission… I, too, need to accept the cup given me in light of the mission given me

Pleasure – succumbing to sloth, exerting less effort at work and often being satisfied with mediocrity

Pain – disappointments with my relationships, self-centeredness that keeps me from fully listening to the Lord’s call

Temptation by pleasure: social media. Procastination. Living YOLO. Self-gratification. Choosing the easier ways.

Temptation by pain: wanting to give up since these past days I’ll always say, “I’m in pain. I had too much. I’m tired.” I am overwhelmed by my PTSD and dissociation, my responsibilities on my family, financial aspects, past heart breaks and betrayals, knowing my vocation, career growth, government systems, the mockery of the world to our Lord Jesus Christ and to our Church, our current world setting where God seems too hard to find.

I force myself to finish all my tasks til late at night instead of spending time with family.
I am easily tempted to stop praying and just sleep and do other
things for the day

Lord, I get it! I like my job as a teacher of young kids and as a mentor to young teachers. I love my husband and my two kids.
But it takes a lot of work to be ME in those relationsips. The PAIN of work and responsibilities is too much to bear. I would rather sail away to a deserted island and spend the rest of my life there.

I am vulnerable to the temptation of pain when I am in the company of people who stress me out, or bring out the impatient me. My mom and brother are examples of these so instead of spending time with them to love them, I minimize my time with them just so I won’t feel stressed and anxious. I also avoid friends who make me feel uncomfortable because of their loud personalities. I think this makes me miss out on being a good friend, and person.

I am vulnerable to the temptation of pleasure when it comes to work. I can do so much more if I limit my use of social media and technology, if I observe a regular sleeping habit (I sleep for 12 hours). I can do so much more if I’m not too afraid of burning out and over fatigue.

After suffering a great loss that consumed me, the devil has deceived me into thinking that im empty and have nothing left to give so i should focus on “me” first, for three years now.

I am vulnerable to the temptation by pleasure when it comes to my work, to choose the easier path that will make me more money, rather than the harder path that will make me less money, and by that I mean being a teacher. But this is still what I feel that I am called to do, despite the difficulties I face with it.
I am vulnerable to the temptation of pain when it comes to my personal life, because I am always plagued by the fear that I will be living my life lonely and alone, and I do not know if I can face the sufferings to come without anyone by my side.

So far, when the evil one tempts me by injecting bad thoughts in my mind, I tell him “Go away, leave me alone, go back to hell where you belong.”And the thoughts dissipate immediately.

Family – I took care of my eldest granddaughter since infancy because her mom used to work. She was extremely close to me. Now that she is a teenager, she “hardly knows me”. She approaches me when she wants to order something online, by using my credit card.
I used to be offended by her “distance” but I have come to grips with that cold front.

Friends- I was stabbed in the back by unfaithful friends. I have forgiven, but sometimes I am tempted to ignore or snob them, after I have reached out many times in the past. I should continue to show Jesus’ way of loving those who offended Him.

Prayer: I am distracted while praying (whether at Mass, Adoration, praying my rosary, etc…), but I manage to re-focus again. By God’s grace.

Family – I always hurt them through my words, my pride, my insensitivity to their own issues or personal plights – there is always the temptation to engage them in fights that are unnecessary just so I could prove I am in the right
Romantic relationship – I would sometimes be tempted to entertain other girls in online chats despite having a girlfriend
Personal – I would be tempted to watch porn, masturbate

Lord, help me as I battle my way through these temptations and be more closer to you.

I have always thought that the devils tempts us to commit sin. It is the first time to hear about temptation to do less than what God wants you to do. Oftentimes, it is easier just to be complacent and just drift through the days. Lord, let me hear your voice, what you want me to do.

I feel the same way. I always thought that temptation meant doing wrong. Now I know it really can be doing what we want to do, take the easy way out which may not be what God wants to begin with which I think I am often guilty of.

I procrastinate a lot. I feel I’ve wasted so much time and opportunities — at finding out what career path to take, at doing well at work, at nurturing relationships, at loving myself, at desiring God more and more.

I learned that somehow pain and pleasure does not always mean something good or bad.
More often,my pleasures are disguised as something I truly deserve – may it be food, sleep, or as complicated as relationships that I deserved to be heard, to be considered or to be right. I should be forgiven.
In the same way, pain may not always be a (beautiful offering to the Lotd thing). Most of the time my pain are self inflicted (thinking less of others and more of what will I gain).this also reminds me that obedienve is better than sacrifice. I have been hearing/understanding/moved to where I shoukd go or what should be done (just like what would Jesus do WWJD) but I still deliberately choose selfish ambitions instead of the greater good.
Oh Lord,Teach me,gyide me,help me to have tge courage and confidence to love and honor you in everything i do.amen.

I need time to ponder this- the temptation to do the lesser good……because of pleasure or pain? I can more easily let go of the temptation to pleasure than remain non reactive to pain. Would that mean I would more likely not follow God’s Will and choose a lesser good, to avoid pain? Lord Jesus grant me the wisdom to know God’s Will and Your strength and courage to follow the highest good.

Temptation to pleasure all the time. I put off what I need to do (study, work) over nonsense. Sleep in over exercise and diet; netflix over study; games over writing a proposal.

It is very enlightening to learn that temptation is not just about luring us to sin, but also about luring us to take the path that is less that what God wants us to take. I realize that this kind of temptation is what is more prevalent in my life – I tend to stay in the “comfortable” and “safe” zones, not risking much and ensuring that even if something goes wrong, I can still salvage something for myself. I also choose to remain where I am, stubborn to take chances that will take more effort but will probably be more enriching for me. These perhaps hinder me from achieving my full potential – both personally and spiritually.

the pain of having loved ones not talk to each other tempts me to just be on my own.the pain of sisters not talking to esch other causes us to sin by not acknowledging your words to us to love one another.

Temptations of being stuck in my comfort zone. Not risking anything at all.
Temptations of being the internet for a long time, watching Netflix, playing video games instead of practicing my actual hobbies.
Temptations of settling for mediocrity and not doing magis.

The temptation to believe i am unworthy leads me to push people away or to protect myself. This avoidance causes me to act unlovingly towards others.

For work it’s always the pleasure of being validated and having the permission slip that you are good enough and doing things that compromise well-being through overwork. Staying in something you don’t like to do to please your parents, so that they can be proud that you’re doing something that is comfortable for them, same for other people you love. Sometimes also the pain of heartbreak or losing someone prevents me from being open, vulnerable and 100% present to those people who I would’ve had a meaningful relationship with, even if it it ended.

The pain of having to choose between two people or two groups that I love and cherish, but have opposing views and needs.
The pain of not being able to prioritise God in my life…

The temptation to avoid pain by living a “safe” life. Meaning closing off others.

For pleasures, it is pursuing things that further emphasizes onself or doing things that make onself the center of everything.

Both are egocentric.

Temptation of financial security- working long and hard to make money that I no longer need.
Temptation of good time experiences- traveling, eating out, shopping .
Temptation to not be alone, to not go with what others are saying or doing, when I know that what they’re doing is wrong- Because I don’t want to be alone.

The fleeting high I get from reverence and praises for a job well done (even at times when I do not deserve it). The pain of belonging to a group that is continuously being ostracized and/or made fun of. The pain of having family members who do not understand. The pain of living a very conflicted life.

Pleasure of food and looking good. Even at Mass those thoughts take me away from the Lord. Pain of feeling alone.

Felt like a cast out of my fellow Catholic s I don’t know why, they treated
Me so badly especially the people around me, everybody is against me. It’s not on my mind only. I believe somebody is telling bad lies to the church about me. It’s been a long time? Sometimes I feel discouraged to believe anymore because priest don’t act as priest not all. I won’t judge them but I saw in my two eyes and he plays mahjong with me and then 15 minutes later he’s the one who held a mass. This happened last year here in the states and its a Filipino priest named Father Peter . I have a very high regards of priests before but now I don’t know. I know theirs a lot of good priests like theFranciscans and other congregations. Amen!

I have been so disappointed and hurt by so many things in the past year. I am so tempted to want OUT! Out of my predicament. Out of marriage. I just want to be whole again.

I’d like to believe our pain amounts to something, or means something to someone, so we don’t suffer in vain. We don’t suffer alone. God is always with us.

My love for my family and so many deaths caused me so much sadness, pain and anxiety, Lord please stop the cycle of death and help us heal… keep us well / heal us. I humbly ask to forgive me for all sins and help me to be strong person and sin no more .

Whenever we see the speck on our neighbors eye but forget to see the log in our eyes….tendency to feel or be self righteous.

We all sin whether because we want to seek pleasure or avoid pain… what’s important is that we stand up from where we have fallen and try again. It’s also important to ask God for the grace to avoid falling again…. because the spirit may be willing but flesh is indeed weak. We need God’s grace.

My temptations revolve around the resistance to live with the pain that goes with changes that I need to make in my relationships and in my inner life so that I may grow.

I am tempted by pleasure through lukewarmness and selfish desire and tempted by pain, I always pray for healing but I am not totally trust in God’s healing power.

social media and materialism
help me Lord to spend more time with you instead of all the social media.

– The allure of social media so that I wouldn’t miss out on updates about my friends and current trends because of the fear of missing out or the fear of social exclusion.

– I had a tendency to pass the burden to my close family members to extricate myself from the slow, painful death of my mother which I witnessed first-hand in 2002. By putting off matters which we should have done as a family after her demise, there’s no choice but to go to court only now (after 16 years) in order to sort out a messy transaction involving our former family home, which took place when my mom was gravely ill. I pray for a speedy resolution once and for all so my siblings and I can move forward with our individual lives.

Dear Lord could I burden you with my problems knowing that you are burdened enough for man’s inequities? Is my burden significant for you to take in? Let me join You so I can express my burden and some how my presence can help lighten your load. Amen

Temptation – “getting us to do something less than what God is asking from us”
Not even going to think about which – pleasure or pain – I am most vulnerable to. It is just good to be reminded of what temptation is and what it does.

Temptation by pleasure, with family, friends, wanted to be loved; with work, wanted to be valued, with study, wanted to be smart…

temptation by pain, my prayers… always want to feel the presence of the lord, but most of the time, i feel my prayer is very bland… no taste at all…

Social media use has intensified my bad habit of procrastination. It has lured me out from the things which are important to both my personal and working life. And cramming things at the final hour – and sacrificing quality in the process.

This was an “aha!” moment for me. I didn’t realize we could be tempted to do less than what the Lord wants.

I think I am being tempted on both levels in my life right now. I want pleasure, I do not want pain, especially after everything I’ve had to deal with. I just realized I still feel angry and resentful even though my family is at a better place now than a few months back. Back then, we already hit rock bottom financially, following the death of our family member.
I am still bitter with my relatives, who left me to deal with the responsibility of taking care of my sick relative, to the point where we had to sell our house and lose other possessions. I realized I am still bitter we suffered so much. They let me bear the financial burden and all the horrible, exhausting things that came with being a caregiver. I should be able to forgive them. I didn’t realize I’m still angry and hurt over their absence.

There is still so much to do now. This time, it is preparing to move to a new house. I should feel happy and excited, and I am, but a part of me wonders if I’m just trying to rationalize everything. Part of me wants to stay, to be honest. But we can’t. In any case, I am overwhelmed and just tired. I can’t even have a moment to be by myself, so I tune everything and everyone out by my ear buds and my cellphone, the internet, social media. If I can’t avoid the pain of moving and all my responsibilities, then I will shut everyone out because this is my way of dealing with everything.

I am always tempted by pleasure, I always feel lazy and sleepy to pray due to busy schedule, I feel lazy to serve my family at home since I’m tired from work, i feel lazy to do things for others:( I am so distant from the Lord and I cant help but give in in all of those temptations?

I am tempted by pleasure, running away from everything and do whatever pleases my selfish desires.
Fear of the pains of getting old, weak and being dependent on others.

Spending too much time on social media and/or korean dramas, considering it as my me-time as a stay at home mom but not making time for prayer and reflection. I feel dry in my prayer at times, questioning if God really is listening.
Avoiding going out or seeing people who give negative comments about my child/ren. I get hurt thinking I fail as a parent.

Temptation by pleasure that makes my family, relatives & friends happy that sometimes I, myself sacrificed.

Pain experienced w/ my personal, family, work, friends, prayer. I have it all but I thank you Lord for always there guiding me of what is the best I can do and how to handle it. Oftenly, dinadaan na lang sa iyak alone at hindi nila alam eto. Faith makes me stronger and prayers.

The temptation of emotional and mental pain that I have no control…I know that it is only by the grace of God that I’m still trying to fight and keeping myself physically alive.

Temptations of pleasure on material things that this world can offer but is IMMATERIAL in actuality.
Now I am in PAIN physically emotionally and spiritually because of my condition but I still try to keep that faith that GOD will do the impossible in His perfect time??

I pray to constantly realize that I am called to advance in spirituality – not just in humanity. I pray too to remember that in avoiding the lesser evil, I end up doing the lesser good. Deliver me from the temptations not to see my spiritual nature and advance in it and not to do Your greater good, Lord.

Upon reading this, I realized how my temptation of pleasure and pain sometimes coincide. Not doing something I think I am capable to do- I think is one temptation that I always give in to. Only today did I realize how this is temptation. I do not do it because I feel like I don’t have to, since doing it or not will not cause any harm. So instead of sweating and working for it, for an opportunity, I choose not to do it, since it’s okay. But then, now, I’m realizing, what if that is God’s will? Yet I don’t do it because I don’t want to work extra, for something that I can choose not to do. 🙁

I don’t usually take effort in bonding with my family. I’d rather stay at home and work. My prayer time is shortened too and there is always the feeling that I have done enough by going to mass every day.

These days, I have usually fallen into the temptation of not working hard. I tend to slack off because I feel too confident about my abilities. And while I can clutch these things, I believe that I could have done more to enrich my knowledge and skills to become a better instrument of God to improve society.

Even so, I feel distracted by being alone, so I tend to seek temporary people and the pleasures they give me, instead of spending time doing meaningful work and hearing God’s will for me.

I tend to put off studying for a bit so that I can scroll through social media, watch some videos on YouTube, or play some games. Aside from this, I also realize that the thought of confession sometimes scares me because I am ashamed of my sins. Usually what happens is that I start thinking to myself that maybe I can just not confess and try to live a better life, but I know that this just isn’t the same as confessing and then trying to live better.

I used to spend at least an hour for my prayer time, but now I rarely pray and rather check my gadget upon waking up. It all started when I felt like God wasn’t answering my prayer for nothing good was happening in my life. In my heart, I know all these were lies. I may have struggled a lot in some areas of my life, but God was and will always be there for me. He never stops sending me angels to save me and make me feel loved.

It has really been tough choosing between two options that I discern could bring me closer to God. The temptation to choose the less demanding option is strong. I continue to struggle with this.

In the past (I lost count) months, I am consumed by thoughts of separation from my husband. I did not wish to be in pain anymore… pain of his betrayal… pain of his infidelity… pain of suffering from its consequences… pain of realizing he is not the man I thought he was… the pain of having everything I believed in fall apart. I wanted a sign… a blessing… that this is the right path. I see myself happier, having more freedom, living my life to the fullest. But now I realize, I just do not wish to be hurt. I do not want the pain anymore. And this is a temptation presented by the devil. It is not about being a good Christian. I need to fight. I need to fight for my family. I need to fight for my husband. Because… I love. And “my love is my weight.”

In my personal life, I commonly fall to temptations of pleasure (what would instantly cause gratification and comfort even when these are but fleeting). Temptations of pain happen when crucial life decisions (crossroads) have to be made especially when so much is at stake.

Just realized how vulnerable I am in most areas of my life. The temptation to be lazy at work, and even at prayer can be so difficult to resist. In my relationships with family and friends, it is easier to be proud and stubborn, how often do I choose to be resentful and unforgiving especially to those I love the most. Yes, the Devil has succeeded in tempting me time and time again, not to directly commit sin but to choose the what is ‘less’ in the eyes of God.

Sometimes, I complain when I get hurt thinking that I should not experience pain since I pray a lot. Indeed, I am mistaken. Pain makes me much stronger and brings me much closer to Him.

My recent ordeal ( physical and emotional PAINs) have not deterred me to continue to love you, Lord. I may have lots of questions but the PAINs just continue to give me courage strenghten my faith.

What is considered temptation too is doing lesser than what God expects is something new to me. I guess knowing truly what the Lord wants will help us from not doing less than what he expects.

The pleasure of reading content on my iPhone instead of spending that time and presence with my family, talking to them, and interacting with them.

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