All the events on that first Holy Thursday following Jesus’ arrest in Gethsemane makes one thing very clear: Jesus suffers rejection at all fronts. He is abandoned by his disciples, but the very leaders of His own people reject Him completely–not only His message, but even more painfully, His very person.

Each of the four Gospels has its own version of the trial of our Lord. Here we will pray over the account from Luke (22:66-71). The account is brief, but the way our Lord responds to his accusers gives us a clue of what might be going on in His mind and heart.

Read this short passage slowly and prayerfully, allowing the music and your imagination to take you to the scene: Our Lord standing before the Jewish leaders, with his hands bound like a dangerous criminal.

As always, our focus is Jesus:

What could He have been thinking during this interrogation?

How might He be feeling as He heard the accusations hurled against Him?

Take your time. Read between the lines, and remember that when it comes to the Sacred Scripture, what is unsaid is just as important as what is said.

Julian Lloyd Webber (“Marble Halls”)

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