We now come to the end
of our Good Friday retreat.

Thank you for joining our online faith community
in prayer.

As always, we invite you to share
your blessings before you go.


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Thank you for joining us today!
Please pray for your fellow online retreatants.

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130 replies on “GOOD FRIDAY SHARING”

It was unnecessary for Jesus to be crucified. It was an obstacle. But God’s Will always finds a way and turned Jesus’ crucifixion into our salvation.

I am reminded that God’s Love and Mercy is greater than any sin I have committed and is stronger than any obstacle placed by my enemies. The enemy will try to taint your present and hinder my healing by bringing up past faults and failures but God’s Will will prevail and bring me to where He meant me to be, doing what He meant for me to do.

This Good Friday reflection is something I could go back to everytime I doubt or go against God’s will. I should not take his mercy for granted. It should be me suffering and not Jesus, because I am the offender, but will my suffering be meritorious?

I continue to be grateful that despite my unworthiness, God has given me hope always. Thank you for this retreat.

I had my darkest period a few years ago. It felt as if the world around me collapsed. Instinctively, I needed to blame someone other than myself — so I blamed God. I openly admitted to friends I was angry at him for allowing the worst to happen to me.

When my situation took a turn and my fortunes changed, my anger lessened and eventually faded.

In this retreat, I am reminded that when everything is smooth sailing, it is so easy to have faith. But when we go through the worse, keeping that faith is hard.

I lost my faith because of what I went through. But you know who still pulled me back up? God.

In my darkest days, there were glimpses of goodness and blessings showed my way. It was as if God was reminding me He was –is — there for me and never left me even if I turned my back on Him.

They say we are given the challenges we are able to surmount, although it may seem difficult or even impossible at first.

Those bad days were my challenges. It was given to me because God knew I could overcome it. Indeed, I was able to.

My way back to the Lord has been slow and steady. Through the many blessings I failed to