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130 replies on “GOOD FRIDAY SHARING”

It was unnecessary for Jesus to be crucified. It was an obstacle. But God’s Will always finds a way and turned Jesus’ crucifixion into our salvation.

I am reminded that God’s Love and Mercy is greater than any sin I have committed and is stronger than any obstacle placed by my enemies. The enemy will try to taint your present and hinder my healing by bringing up past faults and failures but God’s Will will prevail and bring me to where He meant me to be, doing what He meant for me to do.

This Good Friday reflection is something I could go back to everytime I doubt or go against God’s will. I should not take his mercy for granted. It should be me suffering and not Jesus, because I am the offender, but will my suffering be meritorious?

I continue to be grateful that despite my unworthiness, God has given me hope always. Thank you for this retreat.

I had my darkest period a few years ago. It felt as if the world around me collapsed. Instinctively, I needed to blame someone other than myself — so I blamed God. I openly admitted to friends I was angry at him for allowing the worst to happen to me.

When my situation took a turn and my fortunes changed, my anger lessened and eventually faded.

In this retreat, I am reminded that when everything is smooth sailing, it is so easy to have faith. But when we go through the worse, keeping that faith is hard.

I lost my faith because of what I went through. But you know who still pulled me back up? God.

In my darkest days, there were glimpses of goodness and blessings showed my way. It was as if God was reminding me He was –is — there for me and never left me even if I turned my back on Him.

They say we are given the challenges we are able to surmount, although it may seem difficult or even impossible at first.

Those bad days were my challenges. It was given to me because God knew I could overcome it. Indeed, I was able to.

My way back to the Lord has been slow and steady. Through the many blessings I failed to see then, God constantly reminded me to keep the faith.

After having gone through hell and back, I am in awe of God’s mercy and forgiveness. He has blessed me beyond my imagination and continues to remind me to have faith.

For sure more challenges will come my way as I continue to live. However, I have already learned my lessons. I will keep the faith through it all.

Sometimes when I look at Jesus on the cross at church I wonder why our religion chooses to highlight such pain and sorrow. Then I remember that He died for our salvation, and that we should never forget. Just like we can’t mask the ugly parts of ourselves, we too need to face it and try to become better, through the grace of God.

I felt conflicted while reading through the notes for the Good Friday retreat. On one hand, Jesus sacrifice of pouring his heart to us is something that I take for granted but on the other hand, I have a hard time reconciling God’s tender mercy in today’s world when so many people are being killed by our government’s war on drugs. The blood of 7,000 people poured on the streets not including the wars happening in Syria and elsewhere.

Gazing the crucified Christ on the cross really gives me mixed emotions. What I thought about gazing someone in a “lovingly” manner is looking at the beautiful eyes and face of a person. But when you look at that bloody and bruised face of Jesus, you will fall in love with him spiritually.

There was a time when my family underwent a trial for several years and I thought it’s beyond my strength, our strenght. The whole family suffered. I questioned His absence and hiddenness from us. For approx 8 years we live in fear and mental and psychological turmoil. Never did I thought we will eventually find the light. But in 2017 God orchestrated everything. We just went with the flow. And there was light. Finally God revealed Himself to the whole family. That long journey brought us so close to Him. Praise and thank be to God.

I realize now that I need to be more grateful of what the Lord has given me.
I realize too, that my feeling of being “stuck”, as what I said in my square one last Maundy Thursday, stems from a lack of gratitude of all the graces and blessings that I have. And that this lack of gratitude is a result of my cluttered heart. My heart is cluttered with pain from past experiences, daily concerns, anxiety of the future and a certain longing of something that I have not fully identified yet…
I pray that I be able to step out of my square one.
May God help me.

I live in the Middle East where the observance of the Holy Week is not as robust as in the Philippines. The on-line retreat has brought me closer to Jesus and our Catholic faith on a more personal level. Thank you for this opportunity to reflect and de-clutter our life, to reflect on the passion and death of Jesus. It is always a refreshing experience.
Reflecting on Good Friday, we are indeed “chosen” to give our lives a meaningful existence by being Christ-like in all our thoughts, actions, and operations. We owe it to Jesus who died for us on the cross. God bless us all.

Sometimes I do feel like I am really undeserving of God’s love and mercy. I am not worth anything He gives me. But even if I may feel that way, I still continue to be grateful for the countless blessings. That is why I continue to pray to our Lord that He will give me wisdom so that I may be able to repay Him by being His servant.

Hinahayaan ng Diyos na mangyari ang isang bagay at sitwasyon sa aking buhay…. experiences that are painful and scary…

May Jesus be my role model in keeping the faith. To help me remember the love, the love that will keep me holding on…

Whenever I look at the cross, I will be reminded, more than ever, of God’s love and mercy for me. Jesus, my Savior, gave His all so that I may see how great the Father’s love is for me. God went and goes through great lengths to reach out to me so that I may always feel and never leave His loving, everlasting arms.


I do not deserve You yet you call be by my name and call me as Your child. At times when I look away or tread the wrong path, remind me of how you went through such great lengths to reach me, to save me, to love me. I ask for your grace, dear God, so that I may remain in You forever.

The Paschal Mystery would not be complete without the Resurrection.

In the Preparation of the Gifts during Mass, the priest says this prayer silently … “By the mystery of this water and wine, may we
come to share in the divinity of CHRIST WHO humbled HIMSELF to share in our humanity….” “This is the synthesis of the whole Mass, of the whole Catholic faith, and of the salvation history. ”

In a more practical approach, Mother Angelica would advise us:
“In an act of overcoming oneself, we are called to prayer; without it, we cannot overcome ourselves. We can’t live on our feelings because our feelings don’t matter. We do something to please GOD, to practice virtue, but we don’t practice virtue to get rid of feelings. That’s selfishness. We practice virtue to be like JESUS and then we gain merit.” A true cross bears fruit.

Heavenly FATHER,

Help us to put on CHRIST, to conform to HIS image and likeness for that is YOUR will for us. May we give glory to YOU as JESUS did when HE became the Incarnate Word out of pure obedience, love and reverent submission to YOUR holy will. In JESUS’ mighty name WHO lives and reigns with YOU and the HOLY SPIRIT, ONE GOD, now and forever. Amen. Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, pray for us. All holy angels and saints, pray for us and protect us always. Amen.

Thank you dearest Lord for your mercy despite my repeated failures. Lord please grant me the grace to be forgiving and humble like you. I truly want to be like you Lord, although I am scared to face trials like you have. Please strengthen my faith,

I am nothing without You, Lord. No matter how great I think I am doing, or people around me think I am doing… I am NOTHING without You, Lord. Thank you for reminding me, your MERCY and GRACE, and yes, your LOVE is what sustains me. I am humbled. Thank you Lord.

The mercy of God is ever-abounding! In this retreat, I have realized that I need to see with the eyes of Faith that loves me and cares for me in spite of my misgivings and sins. That same Love too compels me to be more compassionate with a self-emptying heart. This retreat has taught me that I must take time to de-clutter my heart in order to feel God’s love. Lord Jesus, thank you for your love and mercy! Amen.

I just shared this 3-day retreat with a friend. She said, ” Thanks, but how did you all know I was looking for this? ”

“I didn’t, it’s God’s mercy,” I replied

God’s mercy never fails to pull us out of the dung heap. His faithfulness is awesome; and we can only be constantly thankful for it.

I feel ashamed and embarrassed that Good Friday is about God’s “mercy” for me – na”awa” lang Siya sa akin kaya ginawa Niya ang lahat ng ito … I used to think it was because of God’s immense love for me… so it made me feel entitled to be “saved”. But when you say it all happened because of one word -mercy… shet…. ang lupet…. thank you for the wake up call…

I often forget just how deep and wide God’s mercy is. I feel like a tiny being swimming in His pool of mercy. I do not know how I can forget about His mercy when it is all around me and I am basically drowned in it already. I guess that is just the effects of the downfall of humanity manifesting in my limitations, finiteness, weaknesses, shortcomings, blindedness, forgetfulness, hard-heartedness. Oh how I yearn and long to be with Him without all these unnecessary separation from Him, the only true source of pure, goodness, and love. Then I can truly enjoy His presence for eternity.

The cross that we carry as we choose to journey with the Lord Jesus Christ is not only a sacrifice but at the same time a blessing that keeps all things in our life stable. He at the center of it all, He is our lifeline, the source of our life, energy, and love. We must remain in His love and not attach ourselves to worldly things as this could cause the fall and wither of the other aspects of our life as they are cut off from God’s love.

Thank you God for even as I undergo so many trials and challenges and lost my way and felt so far from you, in Your tender Mercy you have never left my side. I feel you now calling me back and offering me unconditional love and forgiveness. Thank you so much and please embrace me in your Light that I may bear the pain and suffering and emerge as a better me, as you have hoped I would be.

Thank you God for even as I undergo so many trials and challenges and lost my way and felt so far from you, in Your tender Mercy you have never left my side. I feel you now calling me back and offering me unconditional love and forgiveness. Thank you so much and please embrace me in your Light that I may bear the pain and suffering and emerge as a better me, as you have hoped I would be.

Father God, thank You for Your unconditional and infinite love and tender mercy. You have been so gracious and faithful to Your promises in my life.

Help me that I may be generous in my loving and giving all for Your greater glory. Amen.

Choosing to hold on to one’s faith is very difficult when the world around you is falling apart. I am grateful to be reminded that He is never silent. That He will always choose to suffer and feel the pain beside us.

Every time I feel so alone because of the responsibilities that I am facing right now and ever time I feel so down I sing this song and it makes me continue and carry on.
Mighty one I thank you for your goodness
Undying love that saved me from the darkness
You have chosen me, You have chosen me
With your spirit I will carry on
To spread your love to each and everyone
You have chosen me,You have chosen me
Heighten my hearts desire
To serve You Lord
To use me as a vessel of your selfless love
Awaken your spirit in me
Fill me with your grace
To bear a love like yours
To bring people back to your embrace
The lyrics of this song gives me strength to carry on and serve the Lord with all my heart,mind,soul and strength.
To God be the glory for His Love and Mercy.
Thank you so much for this wonderful retreat I will always treasure this in my heart.

Lord, thank you for constantly showing mercy to us, sinners. Even if we commit sin every single day. Even if we continue pursuing what’s only best for us and not the things that You want us to be.

My only prayer, O Lord, is to allow me to show mercy to myself. To forgive myself for whatever sin I have made, and to forgive others who have also wronged me in turn. Allow me to open my heart to feel Your love – as manifested through other people’s love and affection for me, as well as through inculcating self-love by guarding my physical and emotional health to give and receive love.

I resonated with the song No More Music and I am able to enter in Christ’s experience of the hidden Father. I am struggling to embrace it as Christ did. I still fall into my desperate questions — why did God not intervene.. that He allowed such suffering because of mercy for me is something I cannot fully grasp. But God meets me where I am and I trust that these questions will lead me to a deeper faith in Him. For now, I walk with Jesus, the suffering servant who was obedient to death, even death on the cross. Thank you Jesus for showing us the way. You have walked this path before us and we look to you for comfort and strength.

I learn that indeed no matter the cost of burden, when I love, let me just love. Love regardless.

Jesus has shown the way of true love. To love even until the heart is emptied.

I long for in exchange of my sufferings that my children and family would love me in ways I can see, hear and feel it. But like Jesus…I hear the empty sounds. And so I give up or I lose hope or I become sad. And so I love less and love painfully.

I’m wrong. This is not true love. True love is to love like Jesus until the heart is empty deland despite the empty sound.

Yes…keep the faith, keep loving…keep walking.

Lord, give me Your constant light so that I may glow constantly as well, like You as Your will.

I seek this strength from others, my family. I am wrong. Because then I love conditionally. No. I know I want to love them regardless. And so the source of light must be with and from God and not from my own expectations.

You Lord.

Help me.

On behalf of all my relatives and 4D brothers:

Jezu ufam Tobie!

O my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell, and lead all souls to heaven, especially those who are in most need of Thy Mercy!

We adore You O Christ, and we bless You! Because by Your Holy Cross, You have redeemed the world!

I am unworthy. Still you LOVE me.

My life will never be enough payment for the sufferings You have endured to save me, dear Jesus.

Please give me the grace to turn away from the things that hinders me from loving you.

Please give me the grace to be the person You intended me to be.

Give me the grace to CHOOSE YOU over anything.

Thank you for the Cross.

We sang this during the Celebration of the Lord’s Passion. Sharing here some lines that is also my prayer for today.

“Lord, what You will let it be so
where You will, there we will go
what is Your will, help us to know…
…To ease Your burden brings no pain
to forego all for You is gain
as long as I in You remain.”

– Prayer of Rupert Mayer

Lord I give you my cluttered heart… help me de-clutter. Thank you for your emptied heart. I am privileged to experience that love. May I be able to show mercy to others as you have given me your tender mercy. Help me Lord and stay with me all the days of my life.

Keep your faith and give Him endless thanks amidst uncertainties and tribulations in your life. He loves us so deeply. Bask in His silence…feel His steadfast love.

Unending thankful gratitude to our God for catching me when i fall and when i feel anxiously unaware of where God is in all of these.

Before, i need the signs and the emotions to feel God’s Love.

Now, a calm trusting faith pervades that He is with me and leading me to something good. <3

Two years ago, and I experienced a series of illness, but I was also into the brink of being a hypochondriac. I was experiencing panic and anxiety attacks, and coupled with a deep sense of nothingness and hopelessness. I was in the dark pit of desolation.
I experienced God’s silence that time. No matter how I prayed, cried almost every day, begged for healing, begged for some space to be well, nothing. But I clung and clung, and got any morsel that God would send my way. I experienced the evil spirit banging over my mind, body and emotion every single day. I remembered walking and sitting by a tree, lost. I remembered reciting Ps 23 several times. I remembered listening to Holy Darkness, and in some crazy moment, that song represented to me who I was, and God even in His silence giving me a drop of comfort.

I could not even wholly explain those times in my life, and sometimes it does haunt me and I still ask God “why?”.

Faith is really about 100% commitment even there seems to be nothing that is happening. That was what I did, I prayed, prayed, and prayed even when I do not feel anything at all. That is what saved me, I know. I could not fully express the value of prayer in my life; enough that I create the space for it everyday.

One of my favorite prayers is the Hour of Mercy prayer by Saint Faustina, recognizing that our life really is about God’s love and mercy.

I started this retreat asking myself about where I am and I times of need I thought I am alone in where I am, I thought God was hiding from all of my problems, worries and present situation. Yet, I believe that God allowed this things to happen because He has chosen me and because He loves me. Thank you Jesus for your mercy. That today I am constantly reminded that I am not alone, that Jesus is in my side ready to rescue and give his mercy.

Before I started the retreat yesterday, I felt anxious, confused and embattled. However, today I am faced by the realisation that I am not alone. God is with me, in me, within me. He will be there for me, no matter what the circumstances are. Thank you, Lord for Fr Johnny Go. This online retreat is very nourishing for my soul.

Thank you Jesus for your mercy. I am all yours. Make me and re-create me as your own that I too will be merciful to my enemies. Amen.

I’ve been longing to go on retreat; thank you pinsoflight! Awesome prayer guide and community!

Thank you, God!

Thank you thank you thank you God for sending Fr Johnny Go to give us our Lenten retreat. We are so blessed with Your great love for us. May You continue to bless the pinsoflight team in their mission. Thank you much again God.

Lord, let your love sink into my bones,
Let me breathe you in and out each day.
Remind why I must be humble,
Teach me what I am to say.
Love you though I do- for always!
There is far too much of me in me,
But not enough of You.
And my witnessing is empty,
Till your presence makes it true.

Help me Jesus to fix my eyes on you,
In the midst of this cruel world, purify my heart that I may be able to forgive myself and those who have hurt me. Remind me always of your cross so that I may be able also to carry my cross.

In the beginning, I said I felt alone. Taken for granted. Unappreciated.

Today, I feel the Lord is with me, in me. I’m not alone.

I feel God’s love especially by recalling how He emptied Himself for us. He gave up everything because He loves us so so much…May we always remember this and be a Jesus too to others.

Dear God,
You have clothed me and comforted me in many ways. My heart is filled with joy upon realizing that you have chosen me as one of your beloved children… I pray that I could be more like your son Jesus… Thank you for your everlasting love and mercy. AMEN!

What came to mind were the moments where I was weakest and gave in to temptation. Or when I went through personal ordeals. These left me tired and desperate and yet I survived somehow. Was I aware God was with me during these times? In what ways was He merciful to me then? The next time I go through trials, I need to take time to be more conscious and aware of how exactly God is still merciful to me.

It is only in giving that we experience the gift of our ourselves. Oh how hard it is for me as a human to freely give myself to others when the Lord has given himself unconditionally.
So why am I rushing most of the time and forget my Beloved? Always, may I have the time to pray in this ever busy life.
May I choose not to be selfish and think of others. When tempted to look away from bad, give me the strength to say a prayer for that person.
Thank you for this opportunity for me to look inward through this online retreat. You have helped me search for “me” and redirect me to He who truly loves unconditionally.

Indeed God “clothed” us a new, every time we commit sin and return to Him. He is a God not only of second chances but of many chances. We simply need to accept His love even if we don’t deserve it.
Thanks for this online retreat!

Recently, I longed to just relax and rest from all the “busyness” of serving the Lord. I wanted to read, I wanted to watch movies and keep more to myself without having to worry about not being able to plan for the group I was serving. I am always tired, just thinking of the things that I needed to do for them; financially worried that I might not be able to make ends meet because serving could be costly too. But this retreat reminded and inspired me to empty myself for the Lord through the ministry I am serving and thought that perhaps my emptying would allow the Lord to fill me more with His love and mercy that I may share more and serve Him more. Thank you Pins of Light Team! More power and may blessings be upon all of you always!

Our Lord God’s great mercy is evident from the start of time with clothing Adam and Eve, through His son’s undeserved crucifixion and up to now, letting His Holy Spirit be with us despite all our sinful actions. We are truly blessed to have a God with such unconditional love and mercy. Praise be to God

I used to shy away from looking at the cross – because to me it would mean that to follow Jesus, we need to undergo the cross he bore. Now I realise the cross is not about what it demands of me, but an image of Jesus’ FAITHFULNESS to the FATHER, and GOD’s TENDER MERCY and great love for His people. Now I realise that the cross is not an image of suffering that threatens, but an image of hope and strength to face this life despite all its suffering.

I feel blessed and renewed. Thank you for the reaffirmation of God’s tender mercy. I love the reminder of emptying our hearts to the Lord especially in this digital age. I am guilty of fidgeting with our gadgets every now and then. With all the distractions around, the struggle is really real to fix our eyes on Jesus. Thank you Lord for Your mercy and compassion. Thank you for not giving up on us. May I learn to trust and love like Jesus everyday.

Thank you Lord for emptying your heart for me. Let me be like YOU.. let me declutter my heart… and let my heart always have space for YOU. Thank you for your unending mercy. You are the one true God.

Dearest Lord,

I know now that it is not that you have choosen to abandon me during times of difficulties and uncertainties. I know now that that it is the sinful and selfish choices I have made that creates this feeling of abandonment.

I also realise now that You, who are closest to the heart of the Father, did not deserve the same feeling of abandonment from Him and could have like us chosen to be unfaithful to the call of the mission. Afterall, you have come to be human like us and have also been given by the Father the gift of free will.

Still you chose to be faithful to His call to show us that our way to salvation can only happen if like You, we also remain faithful to Him and not to a human world that has become and continues to be selfish, unfair, unjust and sinful. It is this fidelity that reminds us that we too have to be examples for each other so that together if we are to continue your unfinished work of salvation.

Thank you Lord for your undying mercy and love for us. Thank you for never giving up on us. It is this same love and mercy that we must not abuse but instead use so that together we can all become ever closer and faithful to will and to the Heart of the Father.

Lord, I once again experienced your loving mercy just very recently. In fact just yesterday, Maundy Thursday, when you sent a walking buddy, an angel to accompany me in my solitary journey at the time and place that I needed it most. You wanted me to complete my “Panaad 2018–a journey through Lent” continuously without a hitch. I could have not done so without this young man who I met and became my guide and companion. You knew I would have stopped because pitch darkness on that unfamiliar part of the island (Camiguin) will keep me from going. Please continue to have mercy on me, on us especually that poor young man by granting his prayers and aspirations in life…

Lord, thank You for your mercy. Thank You for Your great love to us. Thank You for giving us the gift of salvation through Jesus.

My humble attempt at poetry. Fruits of my reflection May the joy of Easter bring you light and a renewed spirit.


I, the tree
Have found God dwelling within me
So Similar am I to He
Spreading my arms and opening myself to thee

Grand and majestic, reaching for the sky
Sometimes withered and hollow, perhaps waiting to die
Oh water of life, to you I root
Nourished by you that I bear fruit

To whom I give, I inquire not
Or to probe one’s worthiness, for I simply cannot
This fruit of mine I give to all
That it not be wasted lest it fall

To contain this overflowing gift, I cannot
Thus I pour myself fully, for how can I not?
This fruit I give, I give from myself
From my own flesh, and from the source of life itself

The fruit I bear, in it a seed
For whomever might be in need
This precious seed I willingfully give
To be broken and shared that I may live

If questions lead you to probe the reason I give
And compel you to ask the reason I live
With silence I reply
In silence you will ponder why

That He clothed Adam and Eve before sending them out of paradise never occurred to me before. It speaks to my core. . .of how God loves me without measure, of how much mercy He has for me even if it doesn’t always feel like it, even if it sometimes feels like He has abandoned me. Somehow, I feel invited to learn this kind of loving especially for people whom I find challenging to love.

Dear God,
Today Good Friday, is the greatest love story ever told. You allowed Jesus to die for the forgivess of our sins. I feel your love and the obedience of Jesus to Your Most Holy Will, is your greatest mercy for all of us.
I praise and thank You for your presence in my life. I love you, and may the Holy Spirit live in my heart for always, as I heed for Your purpose and will in my life.

Salamat, salamat O Panginoon
Ika’y bukas palad sa habang panahon
Bukal na biyaya walang sawang pagpapala
Salamat, salamy O Panginoon

Salamat Lord for never giving up on me! Salamat sa walang humpay na pagmamahal! Your steadfast love is everlasting! May forever ka! And Yes, Lord, mahal na mahal din kita kahit Kung minsan nakakalumutan ko. Mahal Kita! Promise!

On Good Friday, the readings remind us that there is nothing in the total spectrum of human experience – including feelings of abandonment, of grief, of suffering, of dying – that Jesus did not embrace and grace with his presence. We are assured, therefore, that we are not alone in our darkest moments. It is Good News.

Father God, thank you for your love n mercy that you gave your only beloved son, Jesus Christ, to save mankind from sin. We always reflect on the sufferings of Jesus to remind us that He is also God and to glorify Him always in our daily lives. Have mercy O Lord, have mercy.

Jesus emptied His Heart so that we can fill up the empty space. If we do not enter His Heart, it will remain empty. Christ’s suffering, pain, death– all for nought. We can’t let this happen. Let’s all march into His Heart!

Dear Lord, You know I easily get distracted. But your merciful Heart waits. Help me keep my resolve to fill up the empty spaces in your Heart.

“despite our weaknesses and sins,
He sees the good in us, even if only a flicker,
and continues to believe in us.” Among the many, these words struck me most. I pray to the Lord to help me be a good person but I am, as a matter of factly, a sinner. And this had led me to see whatever not-very-good things that happen to me as some sort of punishment from God that I have had, at one point, thought that I deserved all these punishments and that in order to stop displeasing God with all my wrongdoings, that it would be better for me to just run away. To just run away from the Lord. But then I learned this was not the proper thing to do and my trying to act righteously was not the kind of behavior God expects of me. As I look deeper, I found myself upset and disappointed with things that I overlooked at how God had blessed me with so much. I guess what I am trying to say is I am reminded of God’s love and mercy. I learned that I may not be perfect, I sin, but God sees in perhaps even a bit of goodness and that is why despite the downs, he had given my life a lot of ups, a lot to be thankful for. How I wish I can see this in others. And I pray now for God to soften up my heart, that He would let me see the flicker of goodness in others. He saw it in me. I pray to be able to do that too.

Since yesterday, I’ve been troubled since Judas being “chosen” to betray Jesus seemed “pre-destined” (for Jesus used to say something to the effect of “Let it happen according to what the Scriptures say”) but when Psalm 53 was shown, it alluded to what Jesus had to undergo without letting us know the details! No wonder Jesus requested that the cup of suffering be taken aqat from Him…He has no idea what He will be subjected to!(fear of the unknown). But He trudged on. Let His Will be done. ‘God “allowed” the crucifixion of Jesus Christ!’… man exercised his free will and subjected Jesus to so much torture! Now His suffering and death has reached a deeper and more horrific level…He didn’t have to die… but He did… to save us from our sinfulness.

Lord, i am definitely not worthy of your love but you still love me in whatever state i am. Thank you! I pray for the grace that i can live my life dedicated to following Your Will… trusting Your Hand in everything that i go through both good and bad. Thabk you Lord.

These lines truly struck me today:

“It was absolutely unnecessary for Jesus to die on the cross. But our Lord embraced the cross freely for one and only one reason: Mercy.”

“On the cross, the Lord left nothing for Himself. Out of love and mercy for us, His heart emptied itself completely.”

Every Good Friday, we are reminded of the crucifixion of Jesus, but this year, my mind was opened with the concept of God’s tender mercy as the prefix of the Jesus’ crucifixion. That God is willing to go the distance to show His mercy. Yes, it was unnecessary for Jesus to be crucified, but He did it out of His love and commitment to us. He accepted the rescue mission, without conditions and despite the consequences. It is only fitting to be forever grateful to the Lord for His tender and infinite mercy and to allow God to have a sacred space in my heart, to be more committed to Him through a consistent daily prayer time and scriptural reading, to do more service to others and to discard unnecessary actions and habits and that does not glorify God. I think by these, I can bring back to God His tender, immense, unfailing and unconditional love for me.

Praise Him! Amen!

I was reminded of the darkest moment of my life, and today, I realized that Jesus also endured that silence from God when He endured His passion on the cross. Lord, through Your passion, you have redeemed me and have given me another chance. Thank you Lord.

First of all, I would like to thank the module maker of today’s Good Friday recollection. It’s a feeling of having great CONFIDENCE and of being BLESSED for having a God whom I believe and who LOVES me so much that He emptied Himself for me. What I can respond in return to His Love is my simple acceptance that I am nothing without Him, so I will turn to Him always, depend on Him, trust in Him and try my best daily to CHANGE with His help.

God’s love for us boundless, unlimited. There times in my life when I wondered if there was a God. When my parents died from prolonged illness, I began to question why they had to suffer so. Why God let this happen.
It was easy to abandon God. But, He didn’t abandon me. In His own way (not always direct), He made me realize that death is a phase in life. That it is an entrance to the better after life promised us.
That is the true measure of God’s love for us. From the beginning of our earthly life to our eternal life, He is always there with His love.
And, while in this earthly life, we need to show our love for Him thru love for our fellow man. Not the easiest thing to do but one needs to keep trying.
God please give me the strength & grace to be faithful to You & meet the challenges that come my way.

There are many things that have made me bitter and resentful. Amidst God’s tender mercy and Jesus’ overwhelming sacrifice, I feel shame and think how insignificant my concerns are. I continue to pray for His grace, mercy and wisdom. I am grateful for His love as I strive to do better.

Thank you God for not discarding us like a broken gadget when Adam and Eve sinned. Thank you for not replacing us with a shiny, new creature when we got broken, similar to the way we buy a shiny, new gadget when the one we have has broken. Instead, you chose to repair us through your Mercy even if it hurt you badly. Thank you.

“Yet he opened not his mouth.”

I am quick to complain when everything is not turning out as planned. I am quick to complain on simple discomforts. I am quick to complain on just about anything.

Thank you Lord for reminding me to bear and embrace my cross in silence. Just as you did.

Many years ago, I experienced a personal sorrow that made me angry at God. Why me? I asked. I was grieving and wanted to boycott going to mass because I was just mad at God. Fast forward to today, I realized that what I thought was a personal sorrow became one of my greatest joy. I realized I just needed to Trust Him.
I’ve experienced so much blessings I feel unworthy but I never said, “Why me?”
Jesus experienced the absence of God while he suffered, but he had so much trust in His Father that he willingly allowed the sufferings and death on the cross.
I realized when sufferings and sadness come your way, just learn to Trust Him. He has your back, lean on Him.

A blessed day for me. I am so full of joy knowing that God gives me His unconditional love. He always embraces me with a heart full of love for me, inspite of my weaknesses and shortcomings. I praise and thank God for loving me inspite of my sinfulness, and for forgiving my sins.
I love you, Lord. ❤️❤️❤️

Christ’s self-emptying on the cross is a love so genuine and true which we truly do not deserve…a love welling with mercy and compassion…a love that is pure and tender…a love freely given and shared…allow us to be fully present in your love. Thank you Lord for your tender mercy.

Ang awa at habag ng Panginoon ang siyang patuloy nagbibigay sa atin ng panibagong pagkakataon na itama ang mali, talikuran ito, at magsimula muli.

In our darkest moment, deepest pain, and total abandonment, God is most near and in reality truly “ONE” with us. We experience the “hiddenness” of God because we demand proof of His presence the way we want it. We wanted badly to “SEE”. An analogy came to mind as I was going through today’s reflection…print a word for example CROSS as big as a short bond paper. When it is placed away from us, we can fully see the word “CROSS”. Let someone put it nearer and nearer until the bond paper is on your face. Can you still see the word? Chances are you only see white or black depending on what falls in front of your eyes. This analogy points me to a deeper truth when undergoing trials and difficulties, when we feel abandoned by God: Take heart! Because when we cannot SEE Him, He is nearer to us than we think. HE IS IN US. Crying with us. Carrying the cross with us. Feeling abandoned with us. He is truly EMMANUEL! Amen.

It’s so unbelievable…the tender mercy of God. Looking back…I could have gone astray but he was there, making sure I was clothed even when I didn’t deserve it! Thank you Lord…thank you All who make this Online Retreat possible.

So many tears and emotions as I went through last year’s experiences – office politics, workplace bullying and mobbing, resigning from work in surrender to all of these and as a result, losing my income capacity, the reputation and good name I worked so hard to protect, the betrayal of people I trusted in the workplace, the bitterness of being powerless over my household falling apart, the mounting debt, the dwindling resources, losing my faith in myself, my future, people in general. Being reduced to nothing, I was already beginning to think that God was there for others, but not me.
I felt dead inside yet suffering tremendously from all these, until God showed me His hand and streamed His mercy through the people who acted on my appeal for help for my relative, who needed medical help. Now, I am participating in this online retreat at a hospital. Being here is a miracle, considering my life is not easy right now.

In a way, this is God breaking His silence and answering some of my questions: Does God want me to suffer forever, are people just out there to use you, then kick you? Now, I feel hope despite the state of my life. Despite the suffering and the uncertainty, the goodness and generosity extended towards me and my family shows me God is present.

Tomorrow, my relative will be undergoing a medical procedure to improve her nutrition. Please pray for my relative and please pray for God to give us the strength to overcome and see happier days in the future.

Seeing You Lord in the Cross makes me think, if You forgave others who caused You extreme pain, why should I not? Whom am I? If You’ve persisted why should I not make an effort? You showed the fundamental truth – You love us, be responsible and be happy. Your Journey was not easy yet I got a taste of the best. Thank You and I Love You Lord.

“Beyond our wildest notion, that’s God’s tender mercy. ”
There is no word can express my heart now… I totally lost in His endless and boundless love and mercy to me.


I pray that God will grant me the time and energy to keep my focus on him day-in day-out. In so doing, I pray for the grace to empty myself as He did so that He and others may fill the void within.

I didn’t realize it then that when I ran away from the dark that I fell into the grace of His mercy. It is only now going through this retreat that I realized this. He took me, forgave me, clothed me, blessed me and sent me to a place of grace. Indeed somewhere for the better.

Thank You Lord for your endless mercy. Even though we are not perfect and there are times when we displease you, you never give up on us and give us a chance to begin again.

Right now I feel that my mind and heart are indeed cluttered… but thank You for reminding me today that the silence and peace can only come from knowing You. Life is never without challenges and obstacles, but it is our faith and attitude throughout these difficult times that will bring us closer and strengthen our love for You, Lord.

God never abandons us, we abandon Him. God never leaves us, we leave Him. God never stops loving us, we stop loving Him. And yet God is always there, always here.

I am glad I found this online self retreat on Facebook. Thank you Lord for allowing me to relive your passion and death on this Good Friday. May your mercy bring pardon to my sins, and when the time of death comes, make it peaceful and happy by being there at the end of the light, waiting to welcome me home.

No matter how much I try to understand, I will never comprehend how much God loves us, to the point that he would be willing to suffer and die for us on the cross. Who are we to deserve that kind of mercy?

But God’s love is a mystery, and all I am left to do is to thank Him and to be in awe of His great love for us. He didn’t have to die on the cross to save us, but He did, because He wanted to show us concretely how much He loves us. I don’t know any other God who would be so willing to do this, and for that I am thankful.

Since yesterday, I have made it a point to de-clutter and not use any Social Media sites (FB, Twitter, Instagram) until the end of the Easter Vigil mass. My mentality was: “If God was able to reflect for 40 days at the dessert and endure 12 hours of pain at Calvary with the devil lurking at him any chance he gets, anong mahirap sa pagsara ng mga sites na ito sa loob ng tatlong araw lamang?” It is through this sacrifice that I have been able to deepen my bond with our Lord as well as bring myself closer to him at the foot of Golgotha. It is through this isolation to the fast-paced online world that I am able to bring myself closer to my Best Friend who needs me, for his isolation from Gethsemane all the way to Calvary was more painful and less enduring compared to mine. It is in this emptiness of these earthly material “needs” that makes me full of God’s love for me and the rest of humanity. Just my few cents regarding today’s retreat. AMEN! 🙂

Thank you once again for the simple retreat that gives, peace, joy, and gratitude to those who are willing open themselves to God’s grace through you, the people that made this site possible.

If there is one insight that I gathered from today it would be the tender mercy of God that opens us up to see that God knows who we really are and the deepest part of ourselves. That beneath all the sin and the pain that seems to fill our hearts, we are so much more than them, we are capable of so much love beyond the pain the world gives us. If only we are willing to let God in, and show us the better part of us all.

My take home for this Good Friday retreat is an affirmation of God’s committed and faithful heart. He wills me to continue serving even when there seems to be a lot of obstacles and challlenges ahead of me, and constantly reminding me I’m not alone.

For someone who regularly goes to church, serves and attends every community prayer meetings and gatherings, I still experience “Deus absconditus” a lot of times. There were moments that I felt like giving up since God didn’t care to hear my prayer anyway. I even thought of doing silly things for Him to notice me, but at the end of the day I was there, hearing mass, attending to my commitment as a servant leader, and praying and thanking for God’s mercy and provision.

Today, I am reminded again that however painful and difficult my situations are every now and then, they are nothing compared to Jesus’ pain and suffering- physically, psychologically, and emotionally, on the cross. He tells me that that’s how far He could go because of His love for me.

I love you Jesus…

In yesterday’s retreat when asked where I am today, the first thing in my mind was the word CLUTTERED. Then today’s retreat talked about the clutter in our hearts. I pray to be guided on how to remove the clutter in my heart.

What especially struck me today was the emptied heart of Jesus. He emptied his heart and left us with a gift of everlasting and an all embracing and encompassing mercy. That God allowed this to happen to his only son just so he can give us a gift of mercy renews my faith and commitment to HIM. It is very humbling and mind blowing. My heart is full of gratitude and continues to praise and be in awe of the goodness and greatness of our Lord.

Thank you for your beautiful insights.

Lord Jesus, help and guide me to be worthy of the sacrifice of Your life and to be constantly grateful for Our Father’s tender mercy. Help me to declutter my heart and create a sacred, silent space just for You. Despite the incessant, cacophonous life noises I deal with daily, never let me lose my faith and gratitude for the gift of Your life and and Our Father’s abiding and generous love.

The message of Holy Week is plain and simple — GOD LOVES US. May we continue to love HIM without measure by caring for our fellow men ?
Thank you to all who made this online retreat possible. It is indeed a blessing?

Though I feel I do not deserve it, HE loves me unconditionally. I pray for the grace to do the same for others most especially to those who may have hurt me in one form or another. Thank you Lord for the grace of unconditional love ??

I am always praying to you Lord that in my life’s journey, please make me always brave, strong and true and to fill the world with love my whole life through.

How does the Crucifixion show God’s mercy?

If anything, the Crucifixion shows a sick God” “Hey look, I allowed my son to be killed for you! So, you better love and praise me!”

If God TRULY loves us, then God will exact NOTHING, not devotion, not prayer, not acknowledgement. He will just love us, period.

A God that asks something from humanity in exchange for its love is not a loving God but a transacting God.

Then again, God must be loving us, and it is only the Church that messes it all up with illogical ideas and stories that reek of “utang na loob,” a notion that does nothing bu enslave.

What is love? Is it to desire the good for the beloved? What is the good? Isn’t the good is our completeness? What is our completeness? We humans are humans and are different from animals, plants and stones due to the gift of God of being able to know the truth and love the good, correct? What is the highest truth and good? Isn’t that God? So, our completeness lies in knowing and loving God, isn’t it? Will God then be able to love us, if He will not ask us to love Him, and to teach us the greatest love : “No love is greater that this, than to lay one’s life for a friend”? Is indifference, love?

Lord no words can express how grateful I am to hear your words every time I needed it the most. Thank you for not giving up on me even when at times when I gave up on myself already. I will never forget how your Divine Mercy helped me and is continuously helping me to truly live. May you continue to bless the people behind this online retreat and all who have said yes to be an instrument that your message and your mercy may reach your people. Amen.

At the sunset of my life, still dancing and singing “How do you make the Music last……”, my heart found the answers
as I recalled God’s Divine Providence and Mercy in all that was, is, and will be in my life. My daily prayer takes new meaning in little acts of love and kindness, “Father, thank
you for your goodness, I offer all to you. May your Will be
done. Jesus have mercy, I trust in you.”

N.B. This is the first time I have taken the recollection. So, there is no duplicate comment which has been posted.

At the sunset of my life, still dancing and singing “How do you make the Music last……”, my heart found the answers
as I recalled God’s Divine Providence and Mercy in all that was, is, and will be in my life. My daily prayer takes new meaning in little acts of love and kindness, “Father, thank
you for your goodness, I offer all to you. May your Will be
done. Jesus have mercy, I trust in you.”

In moments of feeling alone, I feel God’s presence, so comforting, assuring, consoling. Thank you, Lord for making me be aware of your presence despite my sinfulness. You clothe me with your mantle of protection and provision.

At the sunset of my life, still dancing and singing “How do you make the Music last……”, my heart found the answers
as I recalled God’s Divine Providence and Mercy in all that was, is, and will be in my life. My daily prayer takes new meaning in little acts of love and kindness, “Father, thank
you for your goodness, I offer all to you. May your Will be
done. Jesus have mercy, I trust in you.”

Let God’s tender mercy, which is beyond our wildest notion, be our companion every day of our life, especially during our darkest moments. Allow our Blessed Mother to journey with us in her silence.

This is my eight year of going through this online retreat. Every time I joined this retreat, I felt so close to God… I felt that I could easily imagine the chain of events on Good Friday and feel the pain and sacrifice, thus my very deep gratitude for everything He has done for me…

This year, I feel so distracted and even out of touch. I go through the wordings and cannot feel the depth during this time of reflection. I have been stuck at home for more than half a year and as much as I would want to go to church, I physically limited to do so.

On the other hand, I can relate to the topic of the Hidden God… I have attempted to go back to reading, listening to talks, praying…albeit still feeling empty and ”far away”.

I hope that regardless of what I am consiously feeling, God knows how much I want to be just as close to Him as I can. As this retreat reminds us that He never leaves our side, I hope I can be content even if I am not able to feel His presence.

I understand your position, as I too, was once constrained to be at home. I asked my sister to bring me to church because I couldn’t go physically. It was a struggle. But it helped, along with daily prayers and internet masses. One thing more that helped me was the sincere prayer of a priest. Sharing these to you…

I have neglected my daily meditations because they seemed to be going nowhere and God didn’t seem to be showing me any consolation. But even Jesus cried out “Abba Father why have you forsaken me.” And He was the Son of God.
Really, it is God’s tender mercy that has been constantly there for me, pulling me to Him and gently rescuing me from myself.

In times of loneliness, despair, betrayals,deception,difficulties and trials, often, we forget to trust the Lord.

Let us remember Jesus Christ on the cross…who have suffered much for our sake…enduring the physical pain and the feeling to have been despised, disowned, humiliated, and even abandoned by God.

Thank you God for your boundless mercy and enduring love.Thank for Your Son, Jesus.

I remember one good Friday many years ago, I experienced betrayal, humiliation and extreme pain because of my best friend. I remeber going to mass in tears and with so many questions. Why? Why me? I could not understand because I was filled with self-pity and anger. I did not let go of all those negative feelings for many years that every holy week, I remember vividly what happened. Although I prayed for healing, I was never really open to healing and reconciliation. Until this Lenten Season. The Lord has planted in me the great desire to make peace not only with the other person but most especially with myself. A few told me to not renew the friendship because I might get hurt again. I remember one saying, are you Jesus? I was hesistant after the first big step I made. I almost backed out again. But after praying about it over and over, I believe it is God’s leading. He will help me go through it. And He did. I have never felt so free and at peace with genuine joy. Thank You, Lord!

Sometimes we forget to trust God especially in times of loneliness, despair, betrayals,deception, and in moments of severe difficulties and trials.
With these, we always pray for God’s everlasting mercy and grace to carry on…to let us remember Christ on the cross who have suffered much for our sake having to endure the most difficult situation to have been despised, disowned, humiliated, pained, and even ‘forsaken’ by God.
Thank you God for your boundless mercy and enduring love. You never abandon us.

Jesus’ was fulfilled with an emptied heart. Our clutterred hearts lead to emptiness. But no matter how filled it is, maybe influenced by our thoughts and actions, there will always be a small space that we have to make sense of. Again, it is a matter of choice if we allow our heart’s space to initiate order/change or more chaos in our lives.

Indeed, faith is tested through life’s trials. Sometimes, when I feel like giving up, acknowledging God’s presence gives me a reason to hold on. I thank God for all the graces that allowed me to surpass obstacles. May our faith be also strengthened in times of answered prayers and life’s successes.

The most significant messages for me in this Good Friday retreat –

“Our consolation is that our Lord Himsel 
did experience such a moment.
So when we’re undergoing difficulty keeping the faith,
 we can pray to Him to help us.

But our Lord embraced the cross freely
 for one and only one reason:

Thank You Father for showing us the extent of Your Mercy and ever showering us with Your Love!

The Lord loves us tenderly. The gesture of God clothing Adam and Eve before they left the Garden of Eden is like a dad giving baon to a child who would rather eat out with his friends than stay at home. God’s tender love.

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