Good Friday can best be summed up
by the phrase: “The tender mercy of God.”

God first showed this tenderness towards humanity
when He couldn’t bear but clothe them
before sending them out of Eden.

Again and again in history,
God has shown His mercy to humanity.

But it is really through Jesus
hanging on the cross
that God has revealed exactly
how far His mercy would go.

On the cross, we see that God’s mercy
is “beyond our wildest notion.”

We close our retreat today
by pondering on this most undeserved gift:
the tender mercy of God
as manifested in our Crucified Lord.

Have you ever experienced a time
in your life when through your own doing,
things got the better of you,
and everything seemed to be reeling?
Through it all,
there is always one constant thing:
God’s unconditionally tender mercy–
offered to us come what may.

From all eternity His eye remains fixed on us,
and despite our weaknesses and sins,
He sees the good in us, even if only a flicker,
and continues to believe in us.

Let us allow ourselves to be awed
by this undeserved, boundless mercy of God,
and on the day He poured out His mercy upon the world,
let our hearts give thanks to HIm.

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