Jesus going out the city gate bearing his cross–how completely different that is compared to him entering the same gate riding a donkey and, as it turns out, but a crest of a wave.

Whereas he was welcomed into the city of Jerusalem with cheers and palm leaves, this time he is virtually pushed out of the city by a bloodthirsty mob eager to see him executed.


There is something significant, even poignant, about Jesus’ crucifixion beyond the city gate.

Of course that is the customary place where the Romans crucified their condemned criminals. Crucifixions were part execution, part propaganda. The Romans made sure the crucifixions were as brutal as possible–and as public as possible–to discourage potential enemies of the state. The hill outside the city–Golgotha–was the ideal place because all those traveling to and from Jerusalem, whether local or visitor, passed it. This is why the sign that Pilate insisted on hanging on Jesus’ cross, “Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews,” was, we are told, written in Hebrew, Latin, and Greek.

But there remains something symbolic about the Lord’s crucifixion outside Jerusalem.


It captures what Jesus has allowed himself to become at the end of his life: Crucified between two criminals, our Lord has been rejected by his people, abandoned by his disciples, and betrayed by his friends.

Only one word comes to mind: Outcast.

To make matters worse, Jesus as the Son of God had always enjoyed a privileged sense of his Father’s presence. But even that he gave up. During the darkest moments of his life, even if the Father was very much with him, our Lord felt only the frightening absence of God.

He did this because this is the very core of our wretchedness: separation from God because of our sins. And in order to open his heart to our misery and embrace our wretchedness, our Lord Jesus willingly agreed to experience the sinner’s separation from God.

Biblical scholars and theologians say that this “spiritual suffering” was probably the most terrifying and excruciating for our Lord–more than all the physical and psychological pain that he also experienced.

All that he did–in our place and for our sake.

Maybe now we understand a little better what made Jesus cry out on the cross: “My God, my God, why have you abandoned me?”


Have you ever felt abandoned and rejected? Do you remember what that was like?

You were not alone. Jesus was once an outcast too.

Have you ever, for whatever reason, felt separated from God? No matter how hard you prayed, you only felt God’s absence.

Jesus knows what that’s like. He went through that too.

What do you think of that?

What would you like to tell our Lord?

If you feel moved, share an anonymous prayer below.

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Image source: From “The Passion of the Christ” (2004), “King of Kings” (1961), and “Jesus of Nazareth (1977).

81 replies on “OF ENTRIES AND EXITS”

Dear Lord,

Knowing that You truly understand my suffering is enough to bring me peace. Having the knowledge You are familiar with the pain I am going through pacifies my restless heart and mind. Acknowledging the fact You completely grasp everything about me – my strengths and weaknesses, my comforts and pains, my successes and failures – leads me to a place of solace.

I am overflowing with gratitude to you, my Lord.

Thank you.


Lord, these past few weeks have been the most empty I have felt. It feels painful because the dejection comes from those I love. I know it will be better, Lord, because you are with me in my suffering—you were there first, I thank you for this opportunity to share in your suffering. May I see the light and come to a deeper understanding of your will. But I pray for those I love. Help them, Lord, as well.

Alam na alam kong naiintindihan mo ako. Dahil sinamahan mo na ako sa mga pinakamadilim na gabi ng buhay ko. Salamat.

“Father God, I know that the only way to come near to you is to be on my knees.. help me to understand your ways.. You have given so much.. too much. I am alone because of my sinfulness and you did not abandon me, instead you shared with wretchedness. My Lord, my God.. make me whole again, AMEN.”

“Father God, I know that the only way to come near to you is to be on my knees.. help me to understand your ways.. You have given so much.. too much. I am alone because of my sinfulness and you did not abandon me, instead you shared with wretchedness. My Lord, my God.. make me whole again, AMEN.”

O Lord Jesus, Thank you for dying on the cross for our sins. Many times I’ve wondered if I would have been one of the crowd who cried “Crucify him!” Please forgive us of everything that we do to hurt you; for all the times when we let ourselves be tempted with the material world, with gossip, with laziness. Please help us, strengthen us and guide us to lead a life worthy to be called your friend.

Dearest Lord Jesus,
Thank you. Thank you for always picking up my cross. Thank you for being with me whenever I feel down and suffering. Whenever I cry out to You, you never fail to share my grief and sadness, that is why I don’t feel as much pain as I should. Thank you for never abandoning me. Sorry for those times that I seem to lose faith in You. It’s actually losing faith in myself. And I’ve come to realize that losing faith in myself is like not accepting the goodness of Your love and mercy. Stay with me Lord forever and ever.

Exactly this. Over and over again this. I am angry because this is abandonment is what I have felt for years. No matter how I try I am not good enough in God’s favor and it is a terrible dark night of the soul for so long. And Church run by Man does nothing but be sanctimonious and righteous. Man does not forgive because the repentance accepted by The Lord is not good enough for Man.

It doesn’t matter how you feel, He is right there and He loves you so very much! Let your hope be His promises for you. Nothing can separate you from the love of God, take sometime today and read the Word of God and let Him breathe into your life! Love you and God bless you! I pray you find a church where you feel at home and in God’s presence!

Jesus, surely, you have not lost sight of the “larger picture.” I too could tell myself in difficult moments: “this too will pass” and “the whole is in the hands of a wise, loving, and merciful Father.” I could tell myself: “looking at the patterns of my life, the endings were also beginnings; suffering always had its own special gifts.” But does this take away the pain and weight and darkness we find ourselves nailed to and the sometimes seemingly endless waiting for light yet unseen? Jesus, you bore, no less, in those moments (despite your faith) the silence of the Father, rejection by your people, betrayal by your friends, loneliness, and abandonment.
Thank you, Lord, for helping me remember that while you do not take away the weight of the present, you share it, and fill it with your presence. May the weight never keep me from knowing how to be fully present to those entrusted to me.

Dear Lord,
I just realized that it is me who always abandons you — especially in times of abundance! When life is good and times are great, I’ll slacken and weaken the urge to be with you. My prayer time is lessened. Forgive me for abandoning you….and when times are hard, crises abound I dare ask “why have you forsaken me?”…
I am so ashamed and embarassed, reading what I wrote above and thinking how ungrateful, hypocrite and selfish I am. Rekindle in me Lord the passion and the consistency to stay with you, in good times and in bad. Guide me with the help of Mama Mary to follow you at all times.
Thank you for the sacrament of penance, thank you for your countless forgiveness.

Jesus, my God, I praise and thank You for The Cross, while I feel sorry for causing You to suffer and die for me. Now, Ive realized how sinful I am, and how great is Your Love for me. Thank You for reminding me that you feel what I am going through right now. Thank You for reminding me this, “Take heart. I have conquered the world!” Jesus, Your are wonderful! You simply are. Thank You!

Now I understand why You felt forsaken, my Lord..love was, is, & will always be Your reason..thaaank Yous will not be enough to express my gratitude encompassing not only Your death on the cross but Your reasons for doing everything You did for us. Thank You, thank You, thank You my Lord. How great & vast & deep is Your love!

It is with deepest gratitude that I pray to you now, as I am holding my 21 month old daughter whom we have Prayed for and received 10 yrs after we lost our first born. That time, losing our daughter, was when I experienced an indescribable kind of pain. Yet it was also the time I felt so close to you… I was never the easy kind of daughter to have – even to you Father God. But you have always been there for me especially during my lowest moments in life. You have always shared my pains. Thank you!

Dear Lord,
At any time, You could have stopped all your pains, suffering and humiliations that you needed to undergo for our sake, but you did not. You chose to embrace our wretchedness because of your great love. Thank you Lord for your redeeming love. Thank you for not giving up on me… For your abiding presence in my life. Grant me the grace to extend the same love and mercy to others most especially to those who have hurt me the most.

Dear Lord,
How I find it ironic that after worshipping you at the city gates and crowing you king should your own people condemn you and drive you out of their gates. How I caught only a glimpse of such experience when I felt the mockery of strangers and the betrayal of my friends!
When you asked the Father why He has forsaken you in the dire hour of need, I echoed the same pain. When hope seems lost and I find myself alone yet again, console me and be with me. Remind me that I am with you already in paradise, as your presence through all walks of my life is a gift in which I draw my strength. With your everlasting love for us, even for sinners like me, keep me safe from all evil and guide me always to follow your Will for always. Amen.

Lord Jesus, as I go on in this spiritual activity, I slowly realized that whatever I am feeling or whatever I am and will be going through, I should always remember that You have felt them even before it happens or happened to me. With that I came to realize that i should not be afraid or weakened by the unfateful events in my life because You Yourself succumb to those as well. And I trusted all the more what they say that the Lord wouldn’t put you in a situation that you cannot surpass.

For as long as I could remember we have always had this on-off relationship. I mean, I talk to You and all, I pray for guidance and strength. I also pray for Your protection not only for me but for my loved ones, as well. But it has been difficult. Many times I have felt far from You. I have felt abandoned because of the trials I’ve been through. I know they are not the most difficult seeing how many others suffer day by day. But I still felt neglected, abandoned and fearful due to the many times I have been hurt, heartbroken, deceived and all the many negative things. You have put me through so much and I feel like this has hardened my heart. But You never abandoned me despite all my hesitations and uncertainty. You have been watching out for me somehow and I am thankful. Thank You, Lord. Thank You very much.


For as long as I could remember we have always had this on-off relationship. I mean, I talk to You and all, I pray for guidance and strength. I also pray for Your protection not only for me but for my loved ones, as well. But it has been difficult. Many times I have felt far from You. I have felt abandoned because of the trials I’ve been through. I know they are not the most difficult seeing how many others suffer day by day. But I still felt neglected, abandoned and fearful due to the many times I have been hurt, heartbroken, deceived and all the many negative things. You have put me through so much and I feel like this has hardened my heart. But You never abandoned me despite all my hesitations and uncertainty. You have been watching out for me somehow and I am thankful. Thank You, Lord. Thank You very much.

Papa Dios, I feel abandoned right now, feel like an outcast because injust feel that everything is on my shoulders. I feel that my husband and one of my sons simply do not care about the rest is of us working day in, day out. They are wallowing in npbed the whole day, watching Tv, playing online games, reading emails, Facebook….really having an easy time at home while I am out there working so hard just to provide for the needs of my family. lord, I offer everything up to you as my living sacrifice. I offer up the special intention that my husband and my son will have their own passion, death and resurrection and that they will soon wake us not face their responsibilities! You are more powerful than their laziness, their lack of motivation, their lack of drive to achieve things for themselves and the family. You are a Lord of order and I stand on your
Word that You will take over our entire family and bring us closer to each other and to

My prayers are with you and your family ????. Our God is bigger than our problems and He is always with us in our life’s journey. Keep on praying for His guidance and don’t lose hope. God bless.

Lord, thank you for taking me back into your arms, for embracing me with your love again. Please hold my hands, and be with me in my spiritual renewal…..in my spiritual journey amidst confusions and worldly concerns.

dear God,
how many times in the past did i feel exactly this: abandoned, downtrodden, jeered and mocked at, a poor outcast. how many times did i hurt, how deep an ocean my tears?
but slowly, day by slow day, until the days melded into weeks and months and years, every day you patiently whispered to me – “you are so loved, my child… you are so loved. I love you, and I will never abandon you.”
it did not come easy, my realization. but You kept at me, You did not lose patience with me, You talked to me even through all the times i refused to listen. still You were there, never once letting go of me… inspite of my wretchedness, the spoiled brattiness of me.
You showed me so many times how much You loved me. it took me many years to understand exactly how much, so much that i could not even begin to understand and grasp the magnificence of your love. i could not understand, but i began to feel your Love, day by slow day. I began to feel, more than actually see, or more than actually know in my mind, that You were there.
that You are here – always here.
in the middle of my despair, You held me. in the middle of my pain, You soothed me. in the middle of carrying the heaviest burdens, i felt You carrying me.
so many times, people have left me; so many times, people have cast me away… and every single time, you were there
to pick me up. and every time You picked me up, You made me strong, and stronger.

slowly i understood that I will never be alone, never again.
slowly i understood that even if no one else loved me, You love me with a love greater than any one else’s – and
Your Love is more than enough, it is all that I will ever
need or want.

today i try my best to live courageously amidst all of life’s uncertainties (and there are so many, still. I think You are not yet done making me brave, God.)
but hope is a page i turn in my book of everyday – i refuse to give in to despair. i am brave because i know You are with me, i am not alone. i pray everyday that i will never lose the faith
that is your most magnificent gift to me – i cherish this gift so much, God. thank you for my hope, and my faith, and most of all, God, thank you for Your Love that lives and burns bright
in me.

Dear Lord,
I felt I am alone when problems come into my life. When no one seems to care. Fear, worries is in my system. My last recourse is to pray asking Your help, Your guidance. I know You will surely have solutions on my sufferings. Thank you Lord for keeping my faith so strong for giving Yourself to us. Lord, please heal my body and soul. Touch me Lord to regain my good health. Bless my family, friends, relatives and our country. Amen

Dear God,

In the pitch darkness of the cell where they have imprisoned you bound in chains, you suffered silently. The excruciating pain pierced through every flesh and bone of your body; but the most painful of all is the pain of isolation, abandonment and betrayal. The walk to Golgotha with the cross on your back and the lashes on your body were nothing compared to the loneliness of that painful journey. yet, you have persisted; you carried the pain and the sorrow. “What made you carry on?” I wondered. And in your pained voice you answered, “you.” Lord, my heart is filled with sorrow that in those moments of loneliness and isolation, I wasn’t there for you. The fear of being persecuted made me hide and turn my back on you. I pray , dear Lord, for your forgiveness. And with your grace, hold me by the hand as I journey with you all the way to Mount Calvary.

Dear Lord,

I am one of your servants for almost 8 years, and I once in my life I felt tired but I am wrong, I was never tired serving you but I was tired of the people that makes me feel that I am useless after I served you all my life. I felt outcast because they made me feel that way, because they dont want me to get involved with them anymore… honestly Lord I cried because I felt that all my hardships was not enough it is never enough for them… But these things made me stronger and let me crave to serve you Lord.

Lord, I prayed that all of us will be enlightened that all things that happened to us in your will and just let us go with your plan with us… I felt separated from you but I know it is your plan for me, for me to become stronger and more motivated servant.

I also pray for our leaders to be enlightened that it is not them why we want to serve it is all because of you Lord…


Lord, I remember the time when I was driven out of our conjugal abode not by my husbamd, but by my inlaws. I was all alone, with no one to turn to. My fatehr was also brainwashed against me and my inlaws kept my children away from me. I had nowhere to go, with hardly any money, no relatives to turn to…. I sought solace in the church, praying, weeping, not understanding and feeling so alone. But in my weakness and lowest point, i remembered the story of footprints in the sand. I got strength from that, knowing that in the midst of the turmoil and downness, you were there to lift me up. I knew that there was no other way to go but up. I prayed and you answered. I found a place to stay. I was able to have a job…. I got to spend time with my children, and i was spending more time with you. I prayed, you answered i asked you gave me more than i asked for. You lifted me and i am forever gratefull.

My Lord Jesus,

I once read a man who, in writing, was asking you: why do you remain silent amidst the persecution of your faithful, those who have chosen to dispense their fate upon you?

Perhaps you would know how this felt best, especially since you yourself have asked this question of the Father. Perhaps you would know how to empathize with our solitary miseries, because this fear of abandonment creeped over you in the cross. Perhaps in your suffering and cry to the Father, you have chosen to speak with us in the hope of being heard.

We are surrounded by miseries and noise, and we fear our singular cry for help and salvation may not be heard even by the people we love. We are afraid, we are in pain, we are seeking proof that this world may yet be kinder to us and our children–even as it never gives us any hope.

Perhaps this is where we should realize it: the world does not listen to the language of love, not unless we love and sacrifice first. May your example and persistence, even under pain of rejection and death, show us the way and give us courage to love even without reward.

Dear God,
For how many times in my life have I questioned your presence, for how many times did I asked You “Why have you abandoned me”, but the truth is You never left me. I was the one going away from You, distancing myself from Your power, doing things on my own. For all those times I became a lost sheep, I knew You were a good sheperd, always finding the astray. Thabk you for sending Your only son, Jesus. May like Him, we become obedient to Your will, and grant good Jesus the blessing to carry our day to day cross.
May the Holy Spirit guide us all.
Virgin Mary, and all the angels and saints, please pray for us.

Dearest Abba,
Your Son Jesus went about doing good and all Hw got was so much rejection, hatred, malice, desertion,betrayal, scourging, vilification, all evil lies and he took it on out of Your love for us.We offer all the pains and hurts we have gone through in our lives and thank you for Jesus for modeling us the way to handle all these.
Thank you for your great love for us. Give us the grace to love you more deeply, to follow you more nearly, to see you more clearly in each moment of our life. Amen

Lord, remember the time I was crossing the foot bridge, tears just fell, I had to deal with my father’s death, away from my family, I was also broken hearted, everything was just happening all at the same time. I had no one to turn to, You were silent. A year after, I went home, Good Friday of 2008 You spoke to me through the words of Fr. J, “Don’t let love be defeated by pain”. What I went through is nothing as compared to Your death on the cross. Thank You for the greatest gift of Good Friday.

My dearest Lord,

You know what I have been going through these days. That word – OUTCAST – I feel it so much now. The pain of being rejected, left hanging in the air is quite unbearable but at the same time I also feel some guilt within. Am I just really being selfish by wallowing in this self-pity? Forgive me, Lord. Forgive my repugnant attitude towards sharing in your suffering. Forgive me for failing to see these experiences as opportune moment to be one with you today. Forgive me for being slow to respond to your invitation to love unconditionally and to be merciful like you.

Lord, I thank you for your presence. I thank you for showing yourself, Lord, through other people and your creations. There were times in my life when no matter how hard I prayed, I didn’t feel your presence. But now, I felt it. Thank you, Lord. In times when I feel separated from you, Lord, please bring me back. I need you, Lord, in my life. Thank you.

In my lifetime,though it isn’t that long, I have come to a time of asking and begging for Your answers. I battled with You to let me understand Your ways. I even came to a point where I put all the blame on You and not talk to You. All the while I did that, You were there with me hearing all the mockery, blame and hurtful words I could say about You. But didn’t leave. You were patient. You waited until I was done and You came near and gave me a hug. For a time I never really understood why, but realizing what You went through I began to understand. You understood. You know exactly how I felt, you know exactly my pains and struggles. You knew all along. And I thank you, Lord! For never leaving me. Despite my weakness and sinfulness You never lost hope in me.

Lord I told you the same line as what Jesus said on the cross. Why have you abandoned me when I really prayed the hardest in my lifetime. I kept asking for a reason but no answers came to me in my heart . I was lost. I did not know how to feel anymore. You must have carried me for sure in all those days when my tears never stopped flowing.

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for sharing in our suffering.

I can still remember when I felt most rejected. Betrayed. Abandoned. It took me by surprise! The one thing I valued turned against me. I was judged to be wrong, evil, unworthy.

And I felt so much pain. Nothing could relieve my sadness. Surrounded by people, I was alone. Even in sleep, I was awake and suffering.

I masked it all. Put one foot in front of the other. To survive.

And I did. And more, so much more!

But I remember the pain so vividly like it was yesterday.

To know you felt that too and more, by your own choice, is humbling.

Remind me of my pain, oh Lord, that I may be grateful for healing. And mindful of others who suffer around me.

Your suffering unites us all. And by your suffering, you bless our suffering too.

Indeed there is no love greater than your own.

Stay with us Lord. Stay with us.


Lord, thank you for accepting me as I am. I know i have my shortcomings, but you still rescue me from darkness. i am at awe of how much love You have for us, that You willingly sacrificed Your life. I ask for your guiding love to soften my heart in my journey towards Your kingdom. Amen

Lately I felt betrayed by the very people Ive served. Been constantly hearing bad things/perceptions about me outside of home but it’s quite different when people around your home is indifferent to your situation. Pero Salamat Lord because You never abandoned me in time of my deepest pit. Salamat sa blessings. Maraming salamat

Dear Lord,

So many times I have felt Your absence, this separation from You. I have been given hope far too many times, only to have these hopes dashed to the ground, my dreams up in smoke. I have questioned You, “Why? Why me? What have I done to deserve this?” All I had ever wanted, ever prayed for, was to be loved, but every time I am not the one chosen, and I am always abandoned.

But I know, Lord, that You are not truly absent; that You are watching over me, and leading me to the path that You deem is best for me. I forget this, when I am blinded by my own grief, and please, forgive me for my weakness. I know that You know this pain, having so willingly undergone it for our sins. I love You, my Lord, and in these times of despair I cling to You. Pray that my heart be guided, and Your will be done, always.

Rejection is constant in my life – at work, in relationships. In rejection, more of me is taken away until I feel there is nothing to offer anymore. I feel like I am fading away and that whatever I was proud of is constantly being tested. Rejection doesn’t make me stronger. It just hardens my heart, makes me more afraid and causes me to be angry and deeply sad.

Dear Jesus, In moments when i feel i am abandoned by those i trusted and loved ,i would never have to feel alone…sad nor miserable for now i believe you are always there to embrace me with your unconditional love… A love
That will sustain me and keep me strong
Even against all odds

Camillo, yours looks like a lonely post to which I wish I had a ready answer. I wonder if your question is prompted by suffering or if it is philosophical.

I believe though that while suffering exists, the Lord loves us, not the suffering.

Faith tells me to not question my Creator. It is not easy. I pray that God’s grace overcomes my doubts. And yours.

Dear Jesus,

I too felt rejected for doing what I am suppose to do. I felt alone and even to the point of giving up the work in community. You were rejected, abandoned, mentally & physically abused all because of us. Your strength comes from God alone. When trials and tribulation comes, I will seek guidance and strength from You with the Father and the Holy Spirit.

Lord Jesus, may You continue to enlighten me not only this Holy week but through the rest of my life.

Who am I that you should suffer in my stead? What did I do to deserve your great love? I am but a speck, an irrelevant grain of sand, yet you love me and care for for me like I am so precious and rare.

Thank you my Lord, my Jesus, for bearing that cross for me, for enduring the pain and humiliation of the crucifixion that I may be saved. Thank you for never giving up on me, for loving me despite my weaknesses, my sinfulness, my unworthiness. Never let me be parted from you. I love you, my God.

Jesus, at this moment I too feel I have been rejected, kept out. The outcast. Separated from those that I am supposed to be one with. Thank you Lord Jesus for allowing me to experience this pain at this time, during the Holy Week, so that I may know, if even just a little of how You felt on that cross. Thank you, Jesus. You are God and You needn’t have experienced this yet, You willingly allowed Yourself to undergo this pain, this humiliation, for our sake. What better way for God to say He loves me than by going through my pains when He need not? To love then, is to suffer things you don’t need to for the ones you love. Thank you Lord. Help me to be more loving, like You.

Jesus, Your pain and suffering
on the way to the cross is
indescribable, incomparable
to any of our sufferings.

Lahat po ng dinanas ko sa buhay na ito ay hindi
Maihahambing sa sakit, pait at paghihirap Nyo.
Ni wala sa kalingkingan ng dinanas Nyo ang
mga pinagdaanan ko.

Pero bakit ganito?
Pag may pinagdadaanan,
Pag may problema,
Ang pakiramdam ko ay daig ko pa
Ang nagdala, napako at namatay sa Krus?

Salamat po Panginoon,
Dahil kay Hesus.
Sa kanyang pag mamahal at sakripisyo.
Dahil sa kabila ng lahat na dinanas Nya,
Kahit nasa Krus,
Ipinakita Nya ang pagmamahal Nya sa Iyo.
Hindi Siya bumitaw sa Iyo hanggang huli.

Nawa matularan ko si Hesus sa kanyang


Dearest Lord i recall the moments when I was rejected moments when I thought that there was nothing in life worth living anymore. I remember those times when I felt all alone with you and since your presence was not physical then, it was difficult. But your rejection and humiliation was much more because you’re King….Now I know that suffering becomes bearable because of what you have gone through. I know that amidst all the pains you keep me company. Make me always aware of your presence in my life. Amen


You didn’t have to. We should have but Your great love and mercy made You do it. Your loving heart opened to all of us. Your humility crushed my pride. I should have been there on the cross but You took our place, because of Your compassion. You accepted our pain, our sins and our shame in order for us to know we are not alone. You are there with us, in our sorrow, in our anger in our suffering and loneliness. Thank You, Kuya. Thank You for Your great love and mercy.

Dear Jesus,
There are times when I seem so far away and that is because I have not prayed enough.
But I know You continue to reach out to me because I am Your beloved!
“Tumalikod man sa ‘yo
Dakilang pag-ibig mo
Sa aki’y tatawag at magpapaalalang
Ako’y iyong iniibig
At siyang itatapat sa puso.”

Dear Lord Jesus ~ “no Greater Love A Man Can Give than Lay His Life on the Cross” For ____? People he did not even know, for people who would eventually TURN AWAY FROM HIM & HURT HIM EVEN MORE!” Thank You dear Lord for always being there FOR ALL OF US !

Lord, As I go through this stage of my life with so much pessimism, doubtfulness and fear, I pray that my trust in You will become stronger, my resolve to do what is right becomes firmer and the zeal to do Your will becomes more deeper. Through Your passion You have redeemed me. I know that my sinfulness added to the burden of Your cross and I am thankful for Your sacrifice to save me and all of mankind. May I be merciful to others as You have been merciful to me. Please always be by my side in this journey called life. Amen.

You had a choice. You could have let this cup pass and spare you. But you took it all in. Please remind me, even when I think that my pain is unbearable, that you have done so much more for me. Greater love has no man. And you did it for me. Let me always find comfort in that realization.

Dear Lord,

Though I try to keep you at the center of my heart, there are times when I lash out in anger and frustration. The times when I need you the most often feel like the times when you are furthest away from me. I pray, Lord, that in your infinite mercy and wisdom you grant me the grace to listen for you, to be aware of your presence at all times, especially when it is difficult. I don’t usually understand your plans, but yours are always the best. I surrender to your will, Lord. Amen.

Lord, for all those times i felt you rejected my plea and abandoned me, meeting my prayers with silence..i’m sorry.

Lord Jesus, I would like to thank you for going through all the pain for us. The pain, rejection and abandonment we experienced and are experiencing are nothing compared to yours yet we struggle really hard when we are in it. Thank you for coming down here in order to understand us and go through human life in order to set a model on how we should live our lives. Thank you for serving as a model for us to just endure the pain knowing that you will never abandon us; to just keep on holding on despite how hard life can get and always hope in the Lord that in the end, His glory will prevail. Sorry, Lord, for oftentimes choosing to sin, thus, be led away from you. It was never you who left us, never have you left us but it was us who did, thus the feeling of emptiness. Lord, may you continue to journey with us all the days of our lives. Please Lord, continue to hope in us and transform us, Dear Father, by Your grace, that we may only radiate Your unconditional love towards others. This I pray, in Your mighty name. Amen

Lord, I know that in every challenges that I’ve been through, you were with me all along despite my tendencies of sarcasm and doubts towards you because of the pain it caused. Forgive me Father God.

Thank you Jesus, for always being by my side despite of all my flaws, faults, and failures. It is comforting to know that You understand how rejection feels like. Teach me Jesus, to be more like You and to continue to seek You and Your word. Thank you for embracing my humanness and wretchedness. I love You Jesus.

Lord thank you for bearing the cross for all of us.For the pains,rejections and betrayal.For the suffering you have endured to free us from all our sins.Thank you Lord for being merciful. For your forgiveness. You still loves us and continue loving us inspite of our sins.

In my mind, I know you are with me. But in my heart, I feel abandoned, all by myself. Help me trust you more, Lord.

Dear Lord,

Forgive me for all my wretchedness. In those times that I felt abandoned and miserable, I often ask You to take them away. Lord, Your sufferings are a million times painful than mine. All these, You have done out of love for me. I do not deserve that love, but You still offer your entire being to me nonetheless. Thank You for saving me. I love You. Amen.

With all the trials I have gone through in my life, my mother’s paralysis when I was still a child, my father’s death during my early adulthood, and all the consequences of these two events, I have grown numb. I don’t feel much pain but neither do I get to enjoy fully the happy moments. I find it difficult to feel fully, to embrace the moment and to relish the experience. Lord, I pray that You enable me to feel fully and live fully. Take away the fear of loss, the fear of abandonment, the fear of disappointment. Make me overcome these fears so I may live fully again and open myself more widely to the joys and happiness this life may bring. Give me courage, Lord. May Jesus’ openness to suffering and death inspire me to open myself to life, embracing both the suffering and joy that it brings. Teach me that it is in feeling pain that I may experience real happiness.

Although there had been times when I felt rejected or alone, one big blessing I’ve received from God is that I have never for once felt separated from Him, not even when I was not in a state of grace. I believe it is a very rare gift to experience His love for me at all times. There has never been a time when I asked, “Where are you, Lord?” His presence has been very palpable in my life.

Oh Lord, there times I did not feel You were with me, especially during times of sorrow, trials & hardships. I felt left alone. Where was God when you needed Him most? Only now do I realize that You were always there. It was me who was too deep in my sorrow, pain & troubles, my heart closed to You. It is these times when I must look at these troubles as offerings to You, Lord. To learn from them so I am not so obsesses with possessions, honor & control. These troubles must lead me to be more giving, more humble & more open to Your will.

Forgive me, O Lord, for the times that I felt all alone and abandoned even by You. In those times that my life seems so hopeless and I feel so scared and weak, You were my only refuge.

Thank you, Dear Lord, for giving me the strength to carry on, despite all the pains and assuring me in my heart that everything will be much much better soon.

Thank you, Lord, that in my 7 years of being away to work as an overstaying alien in Sydney, you have taken very good care of my family back home.

Thank you, Lord, that for those times in Sydney, when my body and spirit were in great pain and so exhausted from work and loneliness that my only prayer is for You to still wake me up the next day, so that I could continue to work and provide well for my family and serve You, You did wake me up strong and able to cope.

You are, indeed, my only Lord — my hope, my Savior, my Redeemer, my ALL!!!

Thank you so much, Lord.


I’ve been hurt and rejected so many times. And in those moments, all I felt was emptiness in my heart. These were the times when all the joy and hope were drained out of me. All i needed was You during those times. I wanted You to take all my sorrows away right at those moments when I was suffering from pain… but I didn’t feel You immediately. I felt so alone, i felt so lonely. After some hours of crying and looking and waiting for You, I have finally decided to calm down and let my emotions rest. It was then when I realized that You were there after all, watching me the moment I called for You. And I wish to thank You for letting me experience hurt and sorrow because it was in those moments when I have learned about my shortcomings and mistakes as a person. It was in those moments when I have learned what I needed to work on to become more deserving of Your love and of other people’s trust. The misery was a wake-up call. And if You were able to endure great sufferings out of love, then this is one thing that I want to be able to bear out of love, too. But Lord, don’t ever leave my side, please? Help me always remember that after every pain comes a lesson learned about love. Thank You for being an inspiration to me. And thank You for not giving up on me. Amen.

An innocent man suffers for the sins of the the world… No greater love than this that a man would give his life for a friend… You have paid a dear price to save me…I pray that I remember this in my darkest moments which look like nothing compared to all your suffering! Help me embrace my cross with strength and love as you have done yours… Make me love you more each day and I pray that all things I do may glorify You…

Jesus you have shown me the way of love. A hard act to follow indeed ! I hold on to faith and trust in the unfashionable and unfathomable kindness of your way of loving. I pray that you will be here so that I could keep my eye on the ball and believe that I can undertake a journey inspired by your word and promise that I am not alone.

Lord, thank you for your unfathomable love for us all sinners. Sorry for the times i ignored you, blame you & hurting you so much.have mercy on me O Lord.amen

Lord, thank you for allowing me to enter into the most hurting and difficult moments of your life today. I may have my own hurting moments but they are nothing compared to that of yours. I wanted so much to run away from my cross but you have shown me how you embraced yours with much love. I was scared to go near it since I felt I could not bear it weight. But then again you showed me that the only way to overcome the fear of the cross is to bear it lovingly. Grant me the grace to accept and bear my cross with much love the way you did. Amen.

Take away my pride and let me see me with all my weaknesses.

Allow a grateful sorrow to hold my heart for all the sins i have committed against you my God.

Let me feel YOUR LOVE for me, i need that badly.

I want to follow you – HOW?

Teach me Lord, i kneel before you…

Lord, grant me the grace to be willing to love as You did
Despite the fear of being hurt, rejected and betrayed.

Dear Lord, thank you for carrying the cross for me. I don’t deserve the love but still you continue loving me. Forgive me for all of my sins, for the many times i have rejected you and made my addiction my king. Today Lord I once again ckaim your kingship in my life. In your mercy sustain me so forever you will be my king and lord.

Dear God,

Thank you for letting me realize that it isn’t only me who was once an outcast but also YOU. Yes, Lord, painful as seemed to be but YOU never gave up, instead YOU embrace that PAIN, and follow God’s will for You. Lord, please help me to be like you – to hang on even in my most darkest moment, to continue searching for the truth even when others are trying to discourage me and pulling me in the pits of darkness, to never feel abandoned even if those whom I once trusted have turned their backs on me. Let me feel Your presence everyday of my life, Lord for without You I am absolutely nothing. Lord, let my loved ones, especially my son, never feel an outcast. Let them discover your presence in their walk towards life so they may never feel abandoned, betrayed and ALONE. Be with them, Lord, in moments when they couldn’t find hope, when they could not see the good beyond their misery, when LOVE is gone and lost. Thank you, God, thank you. AMEN.

Dear Jesus, who knew what it was like to be an outcast, completely abandoned and alone. For all those times we found ourselves in despair and in deep loneliness, help us to be one in our sorrows with you. Thank you, Lord, for going through all of this so that we never feel left out or frightened when we also have such trials to face in our lives. Let us continue to journey with you on this path to salvation even if it remains a very solitary road. Amen.

Lord we cannot thank You enough. Please continue to Guide me each day, allow me to hold your hand as I make this journey called life. Amen

Dearest Jesus, thank you for going through the pain, rejection and abandonment for my sake. You were with me in those trying times. I may feel alone at times but you always find a way to remind me that You are always with me. Thank you for Your unconditional love to a sinner like me. I beg for the grace to be joyful in my solitude. ????

Oh my Jesus, my savior. You accepted to be like man. You had full knowledge of what awaited you. Yet never did you put an end to it. You suffered for me, not only the physical pain but to be abandoned by God. I feel so small compared to the sacrifice you bore for me. So small that my prayer is to be like you, follow you in deep gratitude of your supreme sacrifice. I ask for your mercy your blessings in my journey.

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