‘WHERE DO I FIND THE WORDS?’ (Lk 4:14-22): 10 January 2008 (Thursday)

‘WHERE DO I FIND THE WORDS?’ (Lk 4:14-22):  10 January 2008 (Thursday)


In the comic book, Preacher, Jesse Custer is a down-and-out alcoholic minister in the small town of Annville, Texas.  Traumatized by his religious fanatic mother, Jesse goes through a crisis in faith as he struggles with his own demons.

In one of his services, his sermon is interrupted by a being called Genesis, an angel/demon that has escaped from its prison and that decides to merge with him, causing a big fire that destroys his church and kills all his parishioners.  Jesse is the sole survivor, and he emerges from the ruins as some kind of superhero, Preacher, with a voice that has the power to command the obedience of anyone who hears him.