Thank you for joining us today.
Tomorrow’s retreat will be available
starting 8 am.
Just come back to Pins of Light
for details.

Please consider sharing your thoughts, questions,
and prayers below.
When we share our graces,
we multiply them
because others benefit from them as well.


Here are three online activities
that you might consider doing:

We have designed an online interactive experience
of a global Visita Iglesia
that will enable you to visit–and pray in–
churches located in cities worst hit
by the coronovirus disease.
You can do this anytime.
Just click HERE.

We have a team of Jesuits
offering services for those
who wish to avail of spiritual direction.
We will try to have someone available
as much as possible.
Just click HERE
and then click on the tab that says
“Online Spiritual Directors.”

(from 7 pm to 8 pm, Holy Thursday)
In case you want to spend some time with the Lord
before the Blessed Sacrament tonight,
you can join the online community
via Facebook Live
at Sta. Maria Catholic Church in Iloilo,
courtesy of its pastor, Fr. Neo Saicon SJ.
Just click HERE.

Thank you and blessings to us all!
See you tomorrow!


98 replies on “SHARE YOUR GRACE”

Thank you, Fr. Johnny and to your Team, for another meaningful recollection! I hope this can be live next year. God Bless!

I pray for all those who patiently create and set up this online retreat each year. May God continue to bless you and your loved ones, and prosper the works of your hands. I pray for all those taking this retreat this year, for our families and loved ones. May we all feel renewed, loved, and accepted as God’s children. May all our needs and prayers be heard and fulfilled. Lastly, I pray for my country. May it elect leaders who follow God’s teachings and who genuinely care for this nation and its citizens. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Thank you for all the efforts to keep the breathren nourished spiritually. May God continue blessing us all.

Lord thank you for the opportunity to be closer to you with this retreat. Thank you for dying on the cross for our sins. Please protect my loved ones from sickness and any evil spirits. Please give me the faith and grace to do Your Will.

I ask You to strengthen my FAITH, to help me continue in believing that You will never forsake us and that You are here helping us and guiding us all throughout this difficult time.

Dear God,

I may find it difficult how things are going on right now, but thru your mercy and forgiveness, all of these will come to pass. Father God, I ask for the grace of serenity to help me accept the things I cannot change and grant me a courageous heart to face my fears and these uncertainties, so I may be able to extend myself to close the distances and spaces of my personal and social relationships.


Dear Lord,
Life is so fragile. Even the best thought-of plans are no match to sudden developments like these. I long for a better tomorrow, but I can’t imagine what tomorrow will bring. Please give me patience and clarity to understand you, and the grace of obedience to set aside my plans, and believe nothing happens without your permission.

Thank you sooo much for this online retreat! may you be blessed for all that you do!
I truly ‘thirst’ for God’s love right now…

Thank you so much for this online retreat. I have never felt so close to God than now. Before the quarantine, I have been lost and distracted. I have forgotten to give time to our Lord even in my rest days. On my work days, I have been too busy to pause and reflect on my life and purpose. Thank you because this helped me get back on track and to realize what matters the most. This quarantine has helped me seek what will fill my heart which have been empty for so long even if I have so much material things.

During the times that I would feel alone, I pray that my faith remain strong and that I continue to hold on to Your words that You are still there even when I do not feel Your presence.

Thank you for this very inspiring on-line retreat…very much aligned with out present circumstance of social distancing. I have never reflected/meditated about Maundy Thursday just like this before. I always knew about Jesus dying on the cross but more than that, now I have learned that God the Father allowed the distance between Him and Jesus to close the gap between Jesus and us.

Thank you for the blessings that this online retreat offers for those who desire to connect with the Lord especially during this graced time of the Paschal Triduum. May your work continue to flourish and help more people in their journey of faith. Thank you and God bless you for the great service you do!

I have never realized this deep on what, not only Jesus, but His Father in heaven, went through just to bring us back home. Their purest of love, allowed them to sacrifice themselves for our sake.

a huge thank for fr. Johnny and the rest of the team. I have never missed their online retreat since the beginning. AMDG!

Thank you for this opportunity to close the distance of faith in spite of the distance of space. I am grateful that God has made this a channel for renewed faith esp in this difficult time.

This has been my third year doing this online retreat. I must say that this platform has just become extremely relevant these days, and I guess the Jesuits are always ten steps ahead when it comes to exploring ways to deepen our faith HAHAHAHA 🙂

Joking aside, I have always been grateful for this opportunity to reflect. Just like most people in the world today, I too have been undergoing unexpected changes in my lifestyle due to the pandemic. I had my first half of 2020 planned and envisioned. With the disruptions due to the coronavirus, it feels convenient to feel angry at the universe on how and why such global tragedy occurred. It could also nudge us to be mad with the Lord for not allowing us to push through with our plans.

However, during this reflection, I had a chance to process some of the thoughts that I needed to set aside for weeks. In this brief time, I was able to process the distancing I needed to do in the past weeks. I was able to keep in touch with my emotions, which would help me adjust daily with my new setting. While I don’t fully understand yet why things have to happen, I know that the Lord always has His ways to make sense of this uncanny journey. And I am willing to understand and follow His will. Salamat pa rin, Panginoon.

Since 2012, I have following your online retreat Fr.J. In this difficult times, being alone and confined in this foreign country, fill of uncertainties and anxieties, I thanked the Lord for always sharing himself to me in the face of my family, friends, Catholic Chaplaincy community and my teachers. Thank you Lord for keeping in touch with me. Amen

Aww it’s indeed challenging to be alone in a foreign country these times. Hopefully you constantly feel the love of the Lord through the people you interact with and the blessings you receive daily, no matter how small they seem. I’m praying for you, brother, wherever you are in the world now!

Thank you for this opportunity to join the on- line retreat. It gave me a deeper perspective of our faith as we commemorate the passion and death of our Lord Jesus
Christ. I will share this beautiful experience with my family and friends. Thank you again for making this possible. God bless you all.

I am back with the Lord thru this online retreat. I cant express my feeling of joy and bliss. Thank you Lord for bringing me back home.

Thank you so much for this avenue to pray, reflect and give thanks to Him! Grateful that we have this every year most especially now! Very timely for Lent and our situation. Will keep on sharing these opportunities for His Greater Glory!

In the busy days of the quarantine, minding my health and other peoples health it is so easy to give Him only a moment or two. This retreat has reminded me to slow down, savour the words the music and the feeling of closeness and unity with people, our Spiritual Facilitator, participants, artists, and with Our God. I am refreshed in my faith. Thank You.

Thank you Lord for this faith-filled and spiritually enriching retreat. This is my first time to join an on-line retreat and I’d like to thank you Fr. Johnny and your team for a wonderful job! God bless you more and I hug you all in my prayers.

It is my first time to participate in an online retreat. Thank you very much for this, Father! May everyone stay safe and may God bless us all!

Thank you Father for making this available at this most holy time! Being in quarantine or lockdown this retreat made me more closer to my faith in God and our Lord Jesus Christ something that I have taken for granted even before the pandemic! God bless you and everyone as we all journey through Easter!

Thank you for the grace of having been able to still do a retreat at a time like this, may the blessings of the Lord spread. I have felt weak in my connection with Him and was reminded so great His pain due to His love for us❤️❤️❤️

Thank you for this online retreat. It is a wonderful and enriching experience to be closer to God. God bless us all!

Tonight is an amazing experience; an experience in the presence of the Lord. I cried in great joy as He touched me when He instituted the Holy Eucharist. God through His Son Jesus Christ truly loves me and I felt His loving embrace. He left me with that everlasting assurance that He is with me until the end of time – His Body and Blood the source of everlasting life! The HOLY EUCHARIST! Yes, I did not receive Him sacramentally, but feeling His embrace made me closest to Him having His Spirit in me. Lord, I pray for your grace that nothing could ever separate me from You.
“YAHWEH, I KNOW YOU ARE NEAR”. Thank You, dear
Thank You for this retreat that will allow me to move on to a deeper relationship with my God.

Thank you for making me experience this silent yet most solemn reflections during Holy Week. I have always wanted to do this but never got to try till now. The messages and stories are truly insightful. Thank you Lord for Fr Johnny Go and all others behind this.

Thank you for making me realize that I have been spiritually distant from Jesus these recent years. I am grateful for giving me an opportunity to be closer to Him again.

Thank you, Jesus for the greatest and most precious gift of your lasting presence and proximity. We thank you always for your continuous provision and guidance. May you continue to be with us in these trying times.

Dear Jesus, thank you for the opportunity to reflect and pray this Maundy Thursday. May everyone who participated today may be able to complete this activity for the entire Holy week and also carry over even past that. I pray that the distance serve as wake up call to everyone to pray, be reminded and believe in You completely even more than they already do. Yahweh, we know You are near, standing always at my side. Amen.

Thank you for the opportunity to have an amazing experience with the Lord tonight. God bless those who prepare this online retreat

Thank you Lord for this opportunity to be with you and feel your presence in these days of distancing.

Thank you for this opportunity to reflect and pray with you this Holy week. Such a good start for me. It’s so good that it hurts.

Salamat asin Dios Mabalos sa oras na ini para makapaghorop horop manongod sa mga pangyayari sa sakuyang buhay asin sa comunidad, lalo na crisis na inaagihan kan sarong banwaan. Bendisyonan man logod kita kan sating Kagurangnan sa paagi ni INA, Virgen De Penafrancia.

Thanks to the team who made this online retreat possible, especially to Fr. Johnny Go, SJ. It has been a very moving experience to hear myself in prayer and feel God’s presence during the entire period of prayerful silence. Words and tears kept pouring while I write in my journal. Deo gratias!

Thank you , this Retreat is especially uplifting in this time of fear , uncertainty, & sadness. Looking forward to tomorrow.
God Bless your team!

Thank you for this online Holy Week retreat which is especially helpful during this time of distancing and isolation. The reflections and prayers for this Holy Thursday about the distances – created and closed – have been comforting and inspiring.

Thank you for the reminder of the enormity of God’s love and sacrifice. This helped renew and strengthen my resolve to close the distance which I created between God and me.

It’s only Day 1 of the online retreat it is already a grace-filled one. That discussion about distancing was really an eye-opener.

Thank you Lord Jesus for closing the gap between us and our Father by allowing Yourself to be distanced from Him during that lonely night at Gethsemane all the way to Calvary. Now the spiritual eyes of my heart have been more opened to the immense love You have for all us. May we never lose sight of Your love and may we always remember that the Lord is always with us, most especially during the driest and loneliest days. Grant us the grace to constantly seek You in prayer, in Scripture reading, in our daily toil and by constantly receiving the sacraments, most especially the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist. Amen.

Thank you for this online retreat. It’s breathtaking how the form is utilized through simple means (e.g., the rhythm throughout the ‘pages’, music selection, Padlets and Mentimeters, transposing the gospel to Keynote slides). It inspires me to do better in ministering to others. Thanks, Father.

I am thankful for having participated in this online retreat. It was truly a blessing, being able to do this at home. I will share this with my family and friends, for I have truly been blessed by this experience. Thank you and may God bless all the people who have made this possible.

I always look forward to this every year and I am forever grateful for this opportunity to spend time with the Lord through this online retreat. THANK YOU SO MUCH of this community!

Thank you so much Fr for this timely on-line retreat. I feel light-hearted and blessed. I am really so grateful on this retreat especially when you feel “spiritual dryness” and I was able to talk to the Lord.
God bless you!

So touching everything in its content. Simple but profound. Cannot help but feel the love of God.
Thank you for preparing the retreat for us. God bless

Thank you very much , this has been very very helpful. The content, the music, the images so powerful. Thank you for taking time to prepare this for us. And the language is so simple so easy to understand for young and old.

I prefer to remain anonymous. Thank you

Jesus, thank you for making me feel so much loved, important, forgiven and for not giving up on me. Thank you for the gift of my life, faith, family, friends, church and community. All that I have is yours. I return all that I am and all that I have to you. Renew and bring me to greater conversion every day. Apart from you I am nothing. Thank you. Thank you for all your love and mercy. Thank you for the accompaniment of Mary and for all the prayers of all the saints in heaven. Amen.

Thank you, Lord for nudging me to attend this online retreat. Thank you also to the Jesuit priests who prepared this. Special thanks to all those who attended this retreat. Let us all continue to pray for one another

I realized that a lot of people are not aware of the Spiritual Communion even if they are regular Mass goers. The ECQ was an opportunity for them to learn new things about the Catholic faith.

I have previously posted as anonymous.But now, I want to shout out that I have opened my heart to our Lord, and to you my brothers and sisters.

Father, I wish I could share this with our kasambahays who are missing the sacraments too. Would this be available in Pilipino ?

Thank you, Lord Jesus Christ for meeting me where I am again. This retreat took me more than an hour but I am more than grateful that I did not rush and took the time to dwell. Thank you, Father Johnny for the initiative to make this possible for all of us. Praying for you that God blesses you continually.

Thank you for doing this! It re-energized my soul and faith. Thank you also for my retreat co-participants. Praying for your intentions, too.

It really hit me when you said that Jesus endured distancing himself from the Father so he could be as near to us, humans, as possible; to be able to identify with us; and to know the feeling of being distant from the Father. I just now realized how much sacrificed Jesus had to go through to do the will of his Father. This gave to me a renewed meaning of John 3:16.

Thank you for the gift of the Eucharist. Thank you for your presence always. Help me not to forget your sacrifice out of love for me. Your love that brought me out of sin.

Thank you once again Pins of Light for another opportunity to get to know the Lord deeply. For years now, I’ve been joining your online retreats, and each time, I’m blessed in learning something new about my faith. I’m moved with how Jesus embraced his separation from the Father for our redemption. Of course I’ve known this since childhood, but today it brought a certain effect on me. Truly, there’s no greater love than this. I’m affirmed that God has a divine purpose for everything and I just have to trust His way.

Yahweh, I know you are near
Always standing at my side.
I love you, Lord. Thank you!
Make me an instrument of your love?

Thank you for the opportunity to close the distance between me and God during this time. May you be blessed more so that you can continue to be a blessing to others.

In this time of the pandemic, another distancing that may be overlooked is our own distancing to ourselves. We have let anxieties, worries, perhaps also work-from-home tasks and other responsibilities carry us away through the days. This retreat helped me understand what I desire the most (and have been desiring the past few weeks, but could not quite articulate it)–a deeper connection to myself and my God once again. Thank you for this chance to slow down and pray.

Thank you for this opportunity to reflect, to pray and to be with this community. It has already enriched me in so many ways. See you all tomorrow!

Thank you Father for giving us this most special opportunity to reflect and to pray this Holy Thursday.

I am very thankful that we have this online Holy Week retreat. It is very relaxing and inspiring and I feel God’s presence through you/ your ministry. This is God telling me even I am alone this ECQ…God is here and He gave me an oppurtunity to have this retreat to be with God always. MORE power to your team. GOD BLESS!

Thank you, Lord, for this very blessed and meaningful encounter that has left me with so much joy in my heart, that despite the social distancing required of us, this retreat experience has brought me great understanding of the whys we are here now, with family, with kasambahays, people in need, sick people needing prayers of healing, we pray for protection of everyone and not only me and my family, why we need you most of all, when everything else is distant. Yes, Lord, I know you are constantly watching over us!!!!

May the privilege of having this meaningful instrument of reflection lead me to be an instrument of faith, hope and love to others.

Thank you for this blessed opportunity to renew our hearts. To trust and love and have faith that all shall be well. In His perfect time. ??

Thank you for this. Appreciate all the effort to help people like me strengthen my faith and remain thankful despite the circumstances we are all in. ???

Thank you Fr J and team for this meaningful opportunity to encounter the Lord.

May we continue to have faith in our God who is with us even when at times we feel he is “distant”.

Thank you thank you Father J and all who prepared for this annual retreat presentation.
Am in Cebu City, & so glad able to participate in the annual spiritual activity.
Thanks again.
May God continue to bless us all ????.

Thank you for this reflection. A much needed time to think not about ourself but of what Jesus has laid down for us, His determination to pursue His mission despite knowing He would have to suffer immensely for it. Thank you for reminding us about this. God Bless you and everyone else. May the protection of God be upon us always.

Truly a very fine and blessed on-line retreat, I was touched very much and I feel very blessed. More power Fr. J and team, God be bless you always.

Thank you for this very fruitful encounter. My biggest take away is finding His Divine Presence in all the uncertainties. There’s one prayer of St. Pio of Pietrelcina after Holy Communion- Stay with me, Lord
“Stay with me, Lord, for as poor as my soul is,I want it to be a place of consolation for You, a nest of love.
Stay with me, Jesus, for it is getting late and the day is coming to a close, and life passes;
death, judgment, eternity approaches. It is necessary to renew my strength,
so that I will not stop along the way and for that, I need You.”

Comes at the right time when our faith is put to the test during this crisis and our inability to physically go to church. Tou habe taught us to open our hearts and minds to the Lord who is ever “watching”. Thank you for the inspiration.

Grateful for this moment to be in prayers with the community. Despite and inspite of the physical distancing required due to this pandemic, am grateful that our spiritual community is alive. May we all remember that our Lord Jesus Christ and His Father never leaves us. Let us continue to pray for each other in this time of pandemic and other spiritual challenges . God bless always , in all ways .

My heartfelt thanks for this opportunity to participate in this online retreat during this time of covid.

I so needed this space to be with Jesus…to be able to pour out my deepest fears and doubts and pains and my seeming hopelessness with everything that is happening around me.

But, more than that, I needed this space to say thank you to Him for each new day that He has given me. Since the lockdown, I am grateful to be able to wake up, deeply thankful for the gift of life, to be surrounded by family.

Stay with me, Jesus…have mercy on me.

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