Question #1

Jesus’ first question in Gethsemane is directed to His three closest disciples, Peter, John, and James. In Matthew’s account, Jesus asks them the question not once, but twice.

When He found the three sleeping instead of praying with Him, the Lord asked: “Could you not stay with me one hour?”

And the second time, right before His arrest, when he found them sleeping again: “Are you still sleeping and taking your rest?”

How do you think our Lord felt when He learned that while he was making the most agonizing decision of His life, His closest disciples were fast asleep.

Sure, Jesus must have felt let down by his friends; He surely could have used some company this night of all nights! Yet there was no hint of blame or judgment in His voice. In fact, He even tried to justify His disciples’ behavior by saying that “the spirit is indeed willing, but the flesh is weak!”

Actually, aside from keeping Him company, our Lord had asked the disciples to “pray and watch with Him” so that they might “not enter into temptation.” It was something Jesus was quite concerned about that first Holy Thursday night.

Earlier, during the Last Supper, Jesus had warned Peter about the looming temptations and about how he would need to be strong for the sake of the group.

Note that Peter, who had announced that he was ready to join the Lord in prison and death, could not even stay awake!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been there before. I’ve made many promises to the Lord that I’ve subsequently broken. The Lord knows our our weaknesses and shortcomings more than Peter did–and more than we ourselves do. And He accepts them. For as long as we do not acknowledge our weaknesses and shortcomings, we are only deluding ourselves about following Jesus.

Think about it: Is there one particular weakness or shortcoming that you have that might be getting in the way of your relationship with the Lord? Is there something that you’re a little “in denial” about, a little hesitant to admit, but it’s impeding your spiritual growth?

It may be helpful to admit it and actually express it. Can you bring yourself to name it and share it below? (Remember, the postings are anonymous and optional). Consider sharing it below before moving to the next portion.


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i need to have an intimate relationship towards God. sometimes i take God for granted. i need to have a fix time to honor and give thanks to jesus. i need to serve the lord while am still here on earth. lord make me a better person.?

I am not obedient. I still have the same shortcoming – an untidy house. I do not stick to a routine preferring to do other things.
I do not try new things. I do not step out of my comfort zone.

some bad thoughts can cross my mind, thoughts that I am sure do not delight the Lord. These are things that stay as thoughts, never blurted out. But then again, my thoughts are not pure no matter my intention. Other than that, at times I find myself not in focus in prayer. I suppose these are hindering my spiritual relationship with the Lord. So please help me God.

My little faith and toxic thoughts-doubts, negativity and regreting this decision to take on a new job. I prayed for this job and it was granted but now that “not so good things” are unfolding, I am having doubts whether this is really benefiting my family as it is destabilising our finances and my spouse’s feelings about this.

“the spirit is indeed willing, but the flesh is weak!”

I neglect listening to His words. To His voice. I am His daughter and will always be His. But I’m too stubborn. I keep on failing Him. I’m seeking for others’ validation and attention and not His.

I’m a slave to temptations and worldly pleasures. My mind says NO, but my body says YES.

The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. I oftentimes want to serve the Lord, but my attachment to my own worldly desires prevents me from totally committing to Him.
I am selfish, to the point that I neglect even my loved ones.

Being lazy, being complacent, being slow to change. Having the “pwede na” mentality when it comes to faith and prayer, and not allowing God’s truth to really affect my life. There is also the need for recognition. The desire to be significant.

Being a hypocrite – Going to Church, Listening and understanding the Word of God, genuinely desiring to follow His words yet repeatedly falls into temptation and doing wrong.

Dishonesty. Pretending to be who I am not.
Judgemental. Very quick to figure out what is wrong with the situation and fixing the blame before seeking to understand first. Undisciplined. Slow to do that which is necessary; almost always talking about the ‘should ‘ without making a genuine effort to start actually doing.

Holding on to past grudges that sometimes lead to revenge.

Shutting down everyone when things dont come the way I want.

Half heartedness, as a consecreted religious I tend to settle on ‘ok nman ako’ I only have little transgressions; who’s perfect anyway?

Laziness and having too little faith in God . Being angry and resentful. Holding on to grudges for far too long. Not practicing my faith , being confused, indecisive about what to believe and commit to . Not taking care of the gifts that God gave me , having no appreciation for the good that he put in my life. Not having self control or indulging too much in what I want with little thought of the consequences. Not practicing my faith in day to day living . Being unkind and hurtful to others.

I am sooo busy. I do not prioritize my relationship with Him. I come to Him only when everything is wrong and when things are right again, I am quick to ignore Him again. When I do find time to pray, I pray for a lot of things — focusing on the gifts but not on the giver.

I am easily angered. Spending too much time with kids and not taking care of myself has made me an irritable mom.

Laziness. Giving up easily. Emotionally driven. Self-destructive. Weak against pressure and problem. Unable to connect.

My pride, beginning to consumed my whole being. Hardly to accept that He is the one doing it all the missions. God allowed me to share in His Redeeming work, but i’m claiming the things I didn’t deserved. i’m Sorry Lord, i’m Sorry.

My struggle with the constant draw of the desire to always be doing something on my phone or to watch something on tv instead of embracing the peace of silence and coming to my Lord in prayer. When I do come to prayer, the feeling of my prayer life sometimes being mechanical and not filled with the love and joy I should feel speaking with the One who loves me more than I can possibly comprehend and desires a deep relationship with me. Come Holy Spirit and ignite the passion in my heart to love You as You love me.

I lack focus. Even when I pray, I think about other things. I am bothered that I feel I have not accomplished enough.

I have a strong desire to be always needed. I struggle with self-righteousness and arrogance. I get affected when I’m not the one being consulted or praised. I always want to be noticed and seen.

A very worrying mind, not enough self appreciation and love, not trusting God enough, not being patient enough, lustful thoughts and behavior, harming myself, guilt, disgust, and feeling of unworthiness.

My impatience, quickness to anger, and being controlling prevent me from being more Christ-like.
I have almost given up on my husband. I am convinced he is either cheating on me or has cheated on me in the recent past. He mocks me. He is uncommunicative. He hides things from me. He does not appreciate me. He probably even despises me.

Hello Lord Jesus.My prayer is mechanical. Lacks the intimate relationship..Though i am willing to admit and seek mybown weaknessess. One cgallenges is sharing the gospel.

My sinfulness, pride, anger and envy gets in the way of my relationship with the Lord. I am also guilty of not loving myself and always looking to others for approval…

My weakness is the flesh. I realized i am no good at saying NO to temptation. I pray for the grace of perseverance for the Lord to strengthen me and make my faith stronger than my fears.

Even at my age, I still blame my parents for the hurts they caused me. My father looked down on religion as something only simple-minded people would do.

I seek others’ affirmation.

I place too much importance on my abilities that I fail to be grateful for the things that I have been given.

My pride and judgment towards other people.
My worrying about the future, not trusting that God will always take care of me.
Keeping my hurts, holding on to my resentment towards those who have caused these hurts, and not totally forgiving them.

Impatience (especially toward my husband); self-centered fear (afraid of losing what I have; afraid of not getting what I think I should have); not trusting the Lord with all my heart.

My lack of patience with my children. I lost control when I feel being disrespected or disobeyed.

My being ungrateful to God’s blessings. Not able to express my gratitude in depth. Not having a regular prayer time.

Being selfish. Being too self-centered, holding much with what I have and not being able to share with those who need the most.

My lack of patience with my children. I lost control when I feel being disrespected or disobeyed.

My being ungrateful to God’s blessings. Not able to express my gratitude in depth. Not having a regular prayer time.

Being selfish. Being too self-centered, holding much with what I have and not being able to share with those who need the most.

my resentment towards my husband for: not providing for us well, not being able to lead the family, make a stronger stand in our lives, for being so silent and prioritizing more the social media than us, for allowing us to be dependent on other people rather than putting more extra effort for the family

My penchance for being attached to people and trusting them too much too soon. This not only pushes them away, but also takes away my focus from the Only One whom I can fully trust without being judged.

I was a religious catholic but now no longer go to mass. It started when i found my sexuality, i was gay so had all the pleasures of men, it made me guilty so no longer go to mass or confession. I adopted this lifestyle with no one to share this love. so obviously been hooking up to look for one. I am happy with my work but so many shaming as to my work, so hav been totally a loner just doing my job- im getting old and want to have a meaning in my life as a gay guy because obviously i cannot be straight anymore, so maybe this retreat can answer my whys of being gay and not being liked at work..,,,and still be accepted by God as to who i am, or why im gay!!!

I have jyst realized i have idols disguised as love. Also, somehow, pride and arrogance keep rearing its head. I have not titally conquered it. I try my best to be kind, merciful and just -loving- but when i think that i am the victim of unkindness and injustice and when i think others have not been merciful or loving to me, i sizzle with resentment. I don’t easily let the harm go. But God is faithful, he comes to the rescue with abundant grace and the hurt is gone

Lord if my impatience and temper will impending my spiritual growth let me lift it up this to you and may your will be done.

Lord I have been impatient and hot tempered taking care of my sick aging mother last 11 years. I would do take care of her but would always feel that my life took a stop just because of her. Please forgive me, please help me to love her more and be patient with her everyday for she is getting old and weak.

I cant get over my hatred for DU30 and all his allies. I know I am supposed to hate the sin and not the sinner, but I think he is like Satan personified na you cant separate the sins anymore from the sinner! Sometimes i question why God allows such evil men to stay alive and keep doing evil like insulting His Name and destroying the reputation of His Church. I question why God allows the good people to suffer and the evil people to get away with injustices. Parang He is deaf to our prayers for help. I am trying to be very patient but am feeling more and more hopeless about the situation of our forsaken country na parang people are no longer God-fearing

Lord forgive me for the many times I abandoned you. Most especially during good times. I am sorry for being sloth, vain, self righteous, unwilling to visit you when you are sick and imprisoned. For the times I cannot control my temper for desiring worldy things. Please be patient with me Lord when I cannot wait for your answers….

Craving for approval, validation, attention, admiration, applause, acceptance from other people esp. those whom I admire and look up to.

I am in this complicated relationship with a married man. (We’ve started it long before he was married.) I have let go of him so many times before. I want to let go of him entirely.

I’m awake with the Lord in Gethsemane when I’m in pain or in trouble, but I’m sleeping like Simon, John and James when things are ok.

I think I can control things if I act a certain way. And when things go wrong, I am devastated and hard on myself. I fail to trust Jesus fully in hard times. Lord, teach me to put all my faith in you.

Lord I always make a bad confession as I cannot bring myself to tell the priest one big sin that could merit excommunication.. What should I do

I cannot express what I truly feel so I become very angry. And truly the soul is willing to follow Jesus but the body is weak because what other people expect of me is more important than myself.

Lord, I had always been too scared, and too proud to show any weakness, even to You, who knows my heart the most. I also have that attitude that when I am too high with your love that I make grandiose promises that break in times of my weaknesses and failings. I am too comfortable in my shell, that when I become exposed and vulnerable, I hide away from You, when I should cling to you more. I detested my very weaknesses that make me closer to You, because I do not understand why You also love me at my most despicable. Let me open myself more to You, as I cannot hide away, as I will always seek Your face.

Lord give me your grace that I may able to overcome all my weaknesses and shortcomings: pride, fear; insecurities; love for world pleasures; fame; wealth, etc.

Frustration, disappointment, at others shortcomings leads me to silently be angry and leads to in action and to just let go and compromise…to those closest to me especially family members is an outburst of anger, loud voice and expressions of disgust and stonewalling…praying I could just love unconditionally…accept the people around me for who they are, appreciate them for the gift of their companies if they don’t meet my expectations…that my actions will not waiver because I have not received the expectations I thought goes with the situation at hand…May I love like Jesus loved and forgive like Jesus forgave.

I’m sorry Lord that for the trials you have given us, i’m anxious, afraid and fear is in my heart, why do i have to feel this…i know you are always there and not leaving us…

Stuck in a limbo, not able to move forward… Anger & hatred are consuming me like fire. Like a bomb waiting to explode anytime. I’m just tired of being me.

Thanks be to God for this on line retreat so many realization of my self in many ways. Pain makes me much stronger and brings me much closer to God. God bless us all as we wait for the resurrection and have new life with God’s Love and Compassion.

Been too busy, running after numerous things that need to be done. Lost my balance, my quiet tine w the Lord, lost my God connection, thinking I can do good without Him.

I cannot give Him a hundred percent of me … I guess it’s because I am afraid and concerned that He might fail me … as in the past … I have yet to resolve all these knotted things inside of me …
I want to know Him more … trust Him more …
Lord, could you for once be a loving Father to me?
Could you be Messiah to me?
Could you be a true and faithful friend to me?

Pride, lust, ego and laziness. Being all knowing is my sin that I seem to fail to see the good opinion of others.
On the otherhand, am always the Gofer. Mixed situations maybe. God help me cleanse me of my sins, my fears and anxieties

Can you say you have forgiven a sister who hurt you if you let her to get away with her wrongdoings and decide never to see her again?

Being impatient to my kids when I am tired and exhausted. In these moments, sometimes I do the opposite of what a loving mother will do and say to her kids. And I always feel guilty whenever I cannot control my temper.

Ego, pride.
.when somebody hurt me ” i always say : Lord i will not revenge because you said “vengeance is yours” but when opportunity come, i did!
LORD help me..

Lord, I am afraid. i have past mid life and going to my sunset years. I am still uncertain of my future… i have dried up most of my life’s juices. The future frightens me. i am not secure on anything. Help me Lord.

Same. My favorite sin. I tried to draw myself away from it so many times but I just keep coming back to committing it. It just goes to show that the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.

I fear that I am not listening enough to the Lord, that while I pray for him to guide me in my decisions I actually do not listen intently, that I only hear myself and I am missing the signs He is sending me. I

I want to go into the Spiritual Excercises and I’ve been looking for a spiritual director.
However, the thought of spilling your beans, so to speak, to somebody you don’t even know, scares me. Vulnerability frightens me. Looking at yourself in the mirror horrifies me.
Help me!

I find myself challenged with worldly distractions and procrastination. I think I wasted so much time. Yet, I also find myself tired after a hard day’s work and need some time to rest. Jesus, lead me to focus on you more and it is my heart’s desire to develop a lifestyle of prayer. Lord, please have Your way in me.

Finding it hard to forgive and forget those who wronged me and have forgotten all that I’ve done for them. I forget I did them out of love in the first place. Maybe I’m not loving enough then.

I tend to choose the option which benefits me. After a long time of self-sacrifice, I grew tired and numb with all that was burdened on me so now I’d rather not move a finger and just choose for myself. I’m afraid I’m a little over in conflict as to loving others and loving myself

My pride and self-righteousness hinder me from growing spiritually with the Lord. I thought that I am too good to make mistakes and I not humble enough to admit any shortcomings.

I tend to shy away from responsibilities so I could leave a peaceful life, to avoid ‘mistakes’ and problems

A lack of trust in the Lord, even though I constantly pray to Him. I wish to devote my life serving Him, yet I rely on my own efforts and feel proud and self-sufficient.

I have difficulty changing my habit of speaking ill of others. I want to serve, but my heart feels little compassion.

I always go for an easy life or an easy way out on tough situations. I am lazy and not really motivated to do an extra work. I am also not disciplined with my time.

I always go for an easy life or an easy way out on tough situations. I am lazy and not really motivated to do an extra work. I am also not disciplined with my time.

Thought really hard if I should publish my answer or just skip this part… but after reading everyone’s confessions… knowing how brave you people are… I’ve decided to share mine as well.

I am ashamed of watching porn and masturbating. I am ashamed of holding grudges. I am ashamed of this building anger in my heart because I am not getting what I want. I am ashamed of being entitled, of always assuming that I am right. I am ashamed of being envious and jealous of other people’s (most especially the closest people to me, their) successes.

I am ashamed that instead of running to Him, I am running away from Him… all because of pride.

Glutony – not able to control myself
Lust – making excuses for all the wrong deeds i made
Self denial – that I am always following God’s will more than my own will
Selfishness – always thinking of myself before others

For the past years I’ve been doubted myself on serving the Lord, because of the people in our congregation that judged me and not been able to listen to my thoughts. They judged me so I judged them and hold grudges because I am angry. I excluded myself in Serving the Lord because of them.

I need to listen more to myself, to be quiet and listen to me. But can’t or don’t want to? What am I afraid of?

My sin is that of wanting to escape from the life given me… always yearning for what isn’t mine…. of dreaming of a better life… when I actually have a good (better than most) one

Procastination. I always think I can still do the tasks assigned to me later, not now. I am rather lazy even if I know for a fact that I should do things excellently.

My weakness with my spiritual growth would have to be having too many things that I prioritize and idolize over God. It hinders me from making him my only focus in life to the point where my mind and my heart is rooted and grounded to it. I wish that God would help me reconnect my roots back to him and that he may help shine his wonder and his glory on me so that I may see him as my one priority in my life once again

I am unhappy leading me to anger with too much work…having a hard time leaving work til late at night exhausted. But instead of closing the day with longer time in prayer, i ended up spending more time to have a look at social media. I easily give in to the temptation of being sleepy while in prayer. But was able to endure when in IG and FB scrolling.

Lack of faith. I do not trust Him enough to accept and grow where I am right now such that I question my place in it.

I have been lazy about spending time praying and reflecting for the past few years. I have stopped going to Masses, thinking that it is better for me to “rest” and stay at home instead. I’ve thought about doing daily examen, or just regularly praying at night just for a few minutes. I even downloaded prayer apps, but instead, I stay up late, watching netflix, surfing the net and FB. I don’t get to pray because of those things.

I used to be a devout Catholic, and regular Mass goer. I served as a sacristan and sang with the Church choir in college. When I left the Church choir, and graduated from college, my mass attendance dwindled. I feel unsettled with this, wondering if my faith was just because of convenience. I was always in the company of friends from Ateneo who are very familiar with Ignatian Spirituality. Now, that I’m with more different people – from different religious backgrounds, some even non-believers, it’s different. I’m different.. and I’m not sure what to make of it.

There are many moments in my life that I doubt in His plan for me, and I doubt that things will ever get better, so much that I constantly wish for my life to end.

Jesus embraces you RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW. Believe and hold fast to Him and His love for you. He was thinking of YOU that night in Gethsemane. The task ahead was too painful to bear that He sweat blood. But ultimately He said Yes to the Father, to the Cross, to prove to you how much He loves YOU. Yes, you. He loves you.

Jesus embraces you RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW. Believe and hold fast to Him and His love for you. He was thinking of YOU that night in Gethsemane. The task ahead was too painful to bear that He sweat blood. But ultimately He said Yes to the Father, to the Cross, to prove to you how much He loves YOU. Yes, you. He loves you.

I pray that your relationship with your son in law will improve so that you may both be more comfortable, if not happy, about your “overstaying” with them. I pray that your financial situation will improve so that you can live your best life. Yes

The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Indeed, for most of the spiritual journey, I’ve been wanting to get to the phase where I could always be obedient to what God wants me to do, to follow him. But there are always stumbling blocks, my vulnerability that I easily succumb to temptations. On top of it are temptations to the flesh, na para pong di gumagana ang aking pagdarasal. Di ko po yata kaya na gawin ang mga pangako ko. Sana po di magsawa ang Diyos makinig sa akin, na sana one day buong buo na maibigay ang sarili sa kanya at laging tanggapin ang aking pagkukulang.

I tend to judge rashly the intentions and actions of someone (my son-in-law) in the family who I think or feel is annoyed with my overstaying in his house.

I am asking the Lord, the Good Shepherd, and St. Joseph naggingly to help me find a place of my own, affordable and where I can be safe living alone, and have my own vehicle to transport me to Mass everyday (I’ve been going to daily Mass for as long as I can remember). So I ask too to help me with finances.

I’m separated physically from my husband who has been depressed and simply exists and not living, over many years now. I want to move on and have a life.

The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak… indeed i want to grow more, my faith, my love to You my God and
my bretren… but i know, a little itch on the flesh a cant overcome.. help me o Lord

Once, broke a promise to myself that i will never be involved with a married man but I failed. I have since got out of the relationship but the feeling of failing myself and God has not left me. If only we could just delete some sections of our lives…the spirit was willing but the flesh was weak indeed.

Prejudging the intentions of my family members and being unable to show understanding, patience, and love particularly to my special child.

I feel God is unfair and has his favorites. I’m upset when the sinful ones seem happier and more fortunate in life.

I am too absorbed with my own desires, needs & wants, that I lacked kindness & gentleness toward others. My pride gets in the way of my spiritual growth that I often cannot accept my faults. I sometimes cannot control my emotions that leads me to being bossy & judgmental and I am lazy with my prayer life.

Sloth – using Marijuana occasionally
Gluttony – over indulging in too much sweets
Lust – watching porn, masturbation, and looking at other women with lust

Judging the intentions and actions of the closest person in my life. I lack gentleness in my dealings with people who loves me

Unable to concentrate in my prayers and my mind keeps wandering and not focused. I thank God for being with me all the time saving me and bring me back to life again. He make me live again many times. I pray that I may not lose my mind and remain in constant touch with him. I do not want to lose you my Lord. But it seems it is easily said yet how easily I abandon him when I get what I want. Stay with me coz I need you and I love you very much. For looking for me even when i have sinned against you. For leaving the flock of sheep and come looking for me. Thank you lord for giving me a chance to repent for my sins. And staying with me in this journey, for reuniting and make us your chosen family. Help us to persevere and remain with you always.

Unforgiveness has been a struggle. My hope and prayer is that I may follow your example dear Jesus… to be able to forgive and rid my heart of hatred

The need to feel important to myself and others. This can lead me astray from what God wants me do and inordinately attached to those that give it to me.

What keeps me away from Jesus? from Love?
My lack of forgiveness, of compassion, for human frailties, especially when I see them in the people close to me, specially my children. It erodes my love.

Pride, self righteousness and selfishness are my weaknesses that keeps in the way of being a true christian follower.

I have so many weaknesses that made me commit a lot of sins. This made my heart callous and numb. I cannot seem to overcome these, even if I constantly pray to God. But even though i repeatedly sin, He still forgives me and love me just as I am.

My pride comes in the way of staying awake w Jesus, my faith in myself and the talents that I have – which came from Him too. I’m sorry Lord for this false sense of pride, competence and generosity. They are about me and not You. I am sorry.

Laziness, procrastination, wrong priorities. I allow myself to be distracted by people and circumstances, despite knowing how important nurturing my relationship with Jesus is. Going to mass, praying the rosary, spending time in the PEA, praying the 3 o’clock prayer, reading the bible daily … I know these will help calm my demons and provide me with direction but my moods get the better of me. My life is mostly about beginning something, quitting halfway, and then beginning all over again. Some things get finished, some don’t. In the end I just do the best I can and throw myself into God’s mercy and grace.

Laziness. Deliberately spending more time with technology than time with the Lord.
Idolatry, I guess. Obsessing over celebrities instead of the Lord.
Pride. Thinking that I am better than most people and judging these people for not thinking and feeling the way I do.

Loving myself enough that I fail to see and receive his blessings and presence. This also prevents me from expressing myself lovingly and openly to him and to others. I still have a lot of pent up contempt, judgment. I also need for forgiveness and compassion for my self and those around me

I am too busy dealing with life that I hardly have time to think of You or turn to You as I go about my day.

Why am I so hesitant to avail of the sacrament of confession? It’s been years since I’ve had confession. What holds me back? Is it the fear of being admonished by the priest? Is it fear to vocally express the wrongs I have done?

I am weak in showing deep kindness through being a poor listener and not giving attention when I need to.

I aspire for a comfortable life, not a luxurious life. And I tell myself that this shows that I am sacrificing and that I am humble.

My spirit and flesh are so weak, dearest Jesus. I think and speak of love and kindness and justice and mercy and sacrifice, but I forget so easily and cannot show these in actions.
Why am I so weak, Lord.
I cry , but cannot keep up with you especially in this journey to Calvary. ??

Laziness in prayer, spending too much time on social media, feeling overwhelmed by responsibility, hating this government and its leaders, fearing for our country’s future.

Fear of The unknown, the future as we start retirement. Less income, more time, no medical coverage, facing the reality of death, going through the pains of aging, sickness, isolation. As we slowly face life’s difficulties and trials that go along with aging, the loss of friends, loss of memory, fears of the unknown, we join you my Lord as you go through your agony, we too are now experiencing the agony of loss, lost years, lost health, but facing the future knowing that you are here beside us carrying us through all these.

We worry about staying relevant in this agile and fast changing tech driven social media whirlpool world. I’m one with you.

I know GOD is watching me all the time, HE saved me so many times .. with life struggles, sometimes you can’t make time for HIM, but now I will do the very best to make time and be grateful for all the things HE giveth and to make me a better person.. I long for GOD and hope to find him again

I know my faith in Him has always been strong. I know I will never waver. The thing is, there was a time when I thought the people sharing posts or texts or whatever about the Good News are doing so just to show off and let people know, “look at ME, I’m close to Him.” Some may be. But when such things come from people whom I know who do NOT walk their talk…. !
That’s why, for the longest time, I let people be and just have my relationship with Him. When an opportunity arises to share about Him, I do so in a personal manner.

However, now I feel it’s not enough. I feel we should all go out there and tell people about God! I say this because there are so many people out there who can’t seem to see that if they claim to be for God, for Jesus, then WHY are they still supporting Duterte or the dirty politicians? WHY are they still putting personal relationships with dirty politicians before the welfare of their country and countrymen? WHY can’t people be satisfied with what they have? WHAT can I/we do about it?

Back in college, someone posted a story about a person who, after seeing all the sad things happening around him (richer becoming richer at the expense of poor becoming poorer; homeless and hungry kids etc) asked God, “Why do you let these things happen? Why don’t you do something? ” I still remember the clincher as it has stuck to me even after more than 3 decades… God said, “I already did. I created you.”

Hesitating to admit my mistakes, pride. Not reflecting on what I may have done or not done that is wrong

I admit holding grudges because of pride. It takes a while for me to forgive because I had the experience before of giving a second chance but ended up getting disappointed and hurt again. I feel if I forgive, people will think it’s ok to hurt me again since I’ll forgive anyway.

I fear for the suffering of my children being thw children of an alcoholic father. I hope they do not suffer like how their father suffered. I do not want this ancestral curse in my family.

Pride, fear, selfishness, self-righteousness, insecurities, impatience, lack of genuine generosity still keep me from totally surrendering to your will, o Lord!

Fear into getting into romantic relationship – the vocation of marriage. Marriage is a domestic church. Fear of responsibilities and what my family would say?

Laziness and complacency, knowing that whatever I will do, God will love me and forgive me anyway. It’s like I have taken the Lord’s love for granted.

I have tried doing what I can to be as upright as I can be, but I still fail. That feeling of you think you’ve done the right thing, but still come up short and get scolded, to the point of asking, “What’s the use in trying?”

Being too absorbed in dealing with everyday trials and problems, I can’t go beyond myself, always feeling self-pity, impatient, frustrated, irritable, envious of others and angry. I forget about helping and serving others in need.

I stopped going to church and hearing masses. I used to talk to God often before but I have been ignoring Him for the past year or so. Primarily because a series of bad things happened to me these last two years. That whole “Why do bad things happen to good people?” that was what I felt. I feel that God left me to hang dry. And now I am mad at Him. I know it would pass. Me and God had been in this situation before, but never this long. Is it time to stop being mad?

Laziness and lack of discipline. I believe I can do the things that I need to do including prayer time if I have the discipline.

self righteousness. always think that i am always right. ? impatient, quick to anger especially to the one i am suppose to be caring.
Selfishness, feeling so self-entitled to what I have and what i am doing…

Worrying about what the future holds for me, my family, the country, the world with everything that goes on…

Wordly desires, impatience with my wife and lack of affirmation, pride. I worry too much about the future. Sometimes I feel like the elder son, having served the Lord through church and community for 28 years. I feel tired and lazineness has set in.

I used to hear mass daily, but that all stopped when I began taking care of someone who was sick in the family. That person is gone now, I have an opportunity to hear mass again. Yet I have not resumed daily mass and have just been accompanying my elderly mom to watching TV mass. I still don’t know why this is so. I think I’m just lazy and complacent. But I find myself cold and distracted during daily family prayer, too. All these concerns keep popping into my head. We have sold our house because we were financially depleted after my family member died, and now we are in the process of letting go and getting ready to move. All these things to do, all these temptations. Actually, this worries me and it scares me. My heart feels distant from the Lord, and I don’t know why. I wonder if I’m avoiding something, if it’s my fault. I wonder if I’m angry or disappointed with the Lord or myself or my life, maybe all? For now, I would say, my heart has grown cold and distant, I am still struggling with the daily concerns, I prefer not to take the extra step in being close, I find it hard to forgive, I let myself be overwhelmed and distracted as my obstacles.

May bigat o pain sa puso ko na pilit kinakaya until now pero dinadaan na lang sa iyak na hindi alam ng iba. Me oras na need na mag give-up o sumuko pero nariyan ka pa din Lord para paalalahanin ako sa lahat ng mga pagsubok na wag sumuko. Maging positibo sa lahat ng bagay. Patience, understanding, love, prayers yan mga mga mahalagang bagay na lagi mong iniiwan sa puso ko.

Hi. It sounds like you’re going through difficult times. Just like Jesus in being filled and feeling crushed with grief and anguish in His heart. I don’t know your exact circumstance, but I am sadly, all too familiar with wanting to give up on life and just wanting to end everything. Things got better for me. I hope and pray the same for you.

I worry too much about future.. tend to be judgmental at times instead of focusing to elevate myself by practcng humility more..
felt hard to accept the difficult situation i am being bedrest for 3months cant walk due to spinal problem..

I lost very expensive pieces of real jewelry about 6 months ago and for the First time I nearly lost My faith in the Lord. I suspected the helpers in the House including the Caregiver and Service providers. I really could not pinpoint the culprit bcos I did not see them actually stealing these. I searched every nook n corner of My bedrooms and to no avail! Being a very religious person, I prayed very much and that included ST Anthony of Padua. I refused to wear now any jewelry of value and My heart was bitter everytime I saw My stolen jewelry in My old pictures. A CCTV was installed. However I kept ON reminding myself when I die I cannot bring anything with me. These consoled me and helped me cope. I started to be more vigilant with My other belongings. Being past 80 y/o, I knew I was forgetful too many Times. However, as time went ON, I accepted slowly and trusted the Will of God. But prayers continued. Last Monday, beginning of Hl Week I started Cleaning My Cabinet and there I saw a nice box which was quite heavy! Yes, you guessed it. The missing jewelry were there and many more valuables. I was speechless and breathless at the same time! Moral Lesson: Never lose hope and never stop TRUSTING IN THE LORD! God’s ways are strange ways and not our ways! Never never lose hope! Learn How to accept and be resigned. He Will do the rest!

My desire to be in a loving relatiinship to the point of being obsessive and jealous.
My constant want to be freed from anything that might boxed me to the point of being evasive and non committal.

Worrying about the future, financial concerns, mostly. Uncertainty of what is to come, saying that I only wish to do his will when it is what’s most convenient. Unresolved issues, feeling of knowing better than others, can be a little self-entitled at times.

I am easily distracted,which leads to procrastination and I always worry too much about the future, about health, financial, aging parents, among others.


Hindrance to my spiritual growth:
Lack of trust in God
Difficulty in surrendering problems to God
Anger and unforgiveness
Discontentment with marital and family relations

Despite best efforts, I still tend to seek validation from other people due to constant desire to be acknowledged, to be known. I tend to be prideful and engage in activities that satisfy me in the short term. And this tends to shoo me away from doing things that lead me closer to God.

I worry too much about the future, about financial security. I want so much to increase my faith and let go, let God

self righteousness. always think that i am always right. 🙁 impatient, quick to anger especially to the one i am suppose to be caring.

I worry too much about the future, about health, financial, aging parents, and retirement. In short, I tend to fall short of faith that the Lord is the great provider and healer.

Selfishness, feeling so self-entitled to what I have and am, a lot of pretense, and at times to hard on one’s self, lukewarm in faith (only when convenient and rewarding), pakitang-tao, body issues

Selfishness, feeling so self-entitled to what I have and am, a lot of pretense, and at times to hard on one’s self, lukewarm in faith (only when convenient and rewarding), pakitang-tao, body issues

I guess my biggest weakness is my fixation on justice. I often feel self-righteous. Despite trying my best to be a good Christian, I can be judgmental and unforgiving. I want to get even.

One of my shortcomings to the Lord is my disappointment of not being promoted at work. I felt that I was not appreciated and achieved nothing. But I know that the Lord has always been providing for me like good relationships and financially. I lack trust in the Lord to sufficiently provide for me on my retirement.

At times, I look at others’ weaknesses instead of focusing on my own and compare myself to them. I guess that I should instead compare myself to Jesus and realise how weak I am.

Lord, forgive me for the many times I have been selfish, selfrighteous, judgmental, vain, conceited, unforgiving. You know I try my best to correct these and do better but I need You to guide me. I thank You for your understanding and patience as always as I get UP after each fall. Amen.

I have been stymied by putting matters off. I am a serious procrastinator that has stymied my very participation in life. I wait until the last minute where I am forced to make a lot of compromises. This has been with me since my childhood onto adolescence, adulthood — in all aspects beginning with my studies, work, relationships. I managed to meet all the importants aspects of commitment. But with compromise on the participation, the out put. Sayang. I never seemed to learn my lesson until these past decade.

My prayer is that I am not too late in making amends. I simply wish to go where the Lord is leading me. The changes that need to happen are rather clear. I only desire that what I will do with my life is what our Lord asks of me…”save that of knowing that I am doing your holy will…”

That I am in deception… Pretending to have a strong faith and relationship with the Lord…and that I feel a bit helpless even in leading my family to a greater and stronger faith… I need help

I need to learn more and appreciate the importance of the sacrament of Reconciliation, so that I am not doing it only once or twice a year in order to fulfill my obligation.

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