How Did That Feel?

Some of you may NOT have enjoyed planning your going-away party. That’s quite understandable. But there is something “soul-stretching” about venturing out of our comfort zones to consider things that we’d rather not think about.

Here’s the time to break the ice and share how your experience went.

Was it pleasant or unpleasant? Any part of the exercise that you found particularly difficult?

Most importantly, what did the exercise mean to you? What could the Lord be trying to tell you through this unusual exerciese?

Remember, what you post here will help not only your fellow online retreatants, but yourself as well.


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That first question: Who would you invite as your guest? Was easy to answer at first. Of course, the people I love and care for the most. As I imagine sitting at the table and looking at each person I invited, I noticed there is one person I didn’t invite. That I didn’t want to invite. This person is actually someone I see everyday and have struggled to live with all these years. It was always a tolerate, hate relationship. As I sit and imagine my last supper. I opened myself to the possibility of inviting this person, what it would be like?

At this moment, if my departure happens next week, I only would like to be in the presence of my mother. I do not want to burden anyone with the thought of my early goodbye.

But, I will be sending letters to people to wish them well in their journey that I will no longer be part of and will no longer become aware of. I will remind them of how they have blessed me with their presence in my life. And I will inform them that I will continue to pray for them.

I felt numb. It’s hard to say whether it was pleasant or not. But I realized that I am not living my life to the fullest.

I fail when it comes to relationships. I failed to keep my closest friends.
I push people away. I make them leave or I just cut ties.

Nakakatakot pala kapag huling pagkakataon na lang ang mayroon ka. Ang tanong, sasayangin mo pa rin ba?

The experience of thinking about how i would plan my last meal was a pleasant one, that im actually thinking is a pretty good idea to do: to gather all family and closest friends in one ample and quaint space that’s comfy; and just celebrate with them, sans the worries of life.

And to add, to what this means to me or what I think the Lord is trying to say to me here is that how simple things, such as celebrating with family & friends can make me happy and contented already. There’s maybe no need to try too hard or reach a goal too high to feel content and happy. This concept is easier said than done, when relating to (actual) life, but I do hope I find to apply this in one way or another.

It was pleasant. I didn’t find any part particularly difficult. I guess I feel this way because I was thinking that if that did happen I believe I have lived my life to the fullest. And to be able to gather all the important people in my life, my parents, hopefully, my future family, my closest friends, the people I consider my mentors, and have one last meal with them. To thank them, tell them the impact they had on my life. To express my love for them by laughing with them and hugging them.

I believe what the Lord is telling me is to not take advantage of all that he has given me. Especially the people He has blessed me with. To always seek God through them. To be with them in the fasting and feasting of life. And most importantly to always celebrate God in our lives.

The line that stood out to me the most was, “Do this in remembrance of me.”. I imagined the apostles would have panicked upon hearing that.

I felt calm while doing this exercise, and I also felt grateful I had an opportunity to plan my last meal with my loved ones. I thought, not everyone is lucky to have that opportunity. It’s more likely that we’d die and surprise everyone around us.

I thought about the last few days of my mom’s life. She asked me for all sorts of food: the food of her childhood, a no-bake refrigerator cake ( I never got the chance to make this for her), Raisin bread… in retrospect, I should’ve seen this as a sign that she was going to die soon. Even my auntie asked for all types of food before she died. But I just thought it was my mom being matakaw.

I wasn’t prepared at all when she died. I actually had just ordered some groceries prior to her passing because she wanted some softdrinks. In fact, her yaya said one of the last things she said was, “Pengeng Coke.”. And the yaya said, I just ordered some and parating na. Then according to her yaya, my mom said, “Uuwi na ako sa bahay ko”. Vomited water, and that was it.

I rarely was away from her side, and she chose that moment to due while I was upstairs, napping, getting ready for another long night of taking care of her. Prior to this, she wouldn’t even let me sleep anymore. Zero sleep, to the point where I hated her for it. It’s only now that I realize, maybe she already had a sense she was going to die, and she didn’t want to die alone, or she didn’t want me to be surprised… I’ll never know.

I don’t know which is the greater torture, being by her side as she died or being away.

Before the yayas I had hired for a week came, she was very combative and didn’t give me any time to rest. When they came, she seemed to just calm down. She even had a teleconsult with one of her doctors the night before she passed. There was a look in her face that was just different… in my heart, I felt, it could happen soon. It was as if she was looking at something in space, such a serene look in her face. But I still wasn’t prepared. How can anyone who asked for all sorts of food and had the energy to yell at me a few days ago die just like that?

I guess the signs were really there, I was just in denial.

I’d have invited the more important people in my life – family, no relatives haha business family, closest friends, children I volunteer for. Buffet w lots of alcohol as it is a joyous occasion. Playing worship songs as God is the #1 theme of my life. I’d tell people that I was excited to meet and be w God, I’d tell them to love more worry less, to just be plain happy. I’d tell them that while money is important, it is a means, not to forget to prioritize God/fam/values. Then I realized these are things I hold most dear, these are things I need to hear the most in order to live a life w/o regrets. And now, whether I have a last supper that’s truly filled w joy or regret, will depend on how well I imbibe and embody these sentiments from this exercise.

I just felt a sense of relief answering the questions. I’ve been thinking of suicidal thoughts and this questions reminded me to be grateful and thankful for the said privilege that I am still alive.

I still feel and think that life is unfair and the pain and suffering that I’ve been keeping to myself has grown so much over the last decade of my life. These questions reminded me again how much God has loved me despite of all these Earthly things and pain that I am continuously experiencing. Jesus has sacrificed a lot for me in a way that feels really relatable in my insignificant meaningless life compared to his.

I felt like why was I need to be born and had to feel all these pain and suffering and live a meaningless life. I don’t know why do I need to have a purpose. There’s no clear direction of my life.

No matter how much I struggle it will always still be meaningless.
That’s why I find it more easier to plan my last meal. Planning my last meal is a joyous occasion. Finally, the end has come.

I will keep all the things I’ve written and shared with you all in my heart. Life goes on no matter what happens. These questions are worth pondering. I wish people are given the ability to know when is their last day here on Earth but all is just a wishful thinking. The uncertainties of life is a never ending cycle.

Ang aking tugon sa unang katanungan ay ito:

Kung hindi pinili ng diablo si Hudas Escariote upang ipagkanulo si Hesus, maaaring ibang pamamaraan ang naging sanhi ng paghihirap ni Hesus upang tayo’y tubusin sa ating mga kasalanan.

Subalit dahil hindi ito ang unang pagkakataon na nakatunggali ni Hesus ang diablo, kung kaya’t maaaring ginamit si Hudas upang subukin ang wagas na pagmamahal ni Hesus sa sangkatauhan upang sundin ang Diyos Ama sa langit.

Planning my party made me realize that I want to include those who are most important in my life. I guess it revealed to me the people who are really significant to me and the people who have made an impact in my life. I also thought about the people who I want to carry on and learn something from my life.

After choosing the people, I thought it would be nice to hold in someone’s house, preferably with enough space
I then thought about what kind of menu I should have and initially I chose my favorite foods… and then I remembered the food some of these people have cooked for me or a past occasion. I want them to be served too and experience the joy I felt when shared with their food.

For the music, I wanted to have a playlist of my own chosen songs played..and then I thought that it would be better if the songs played were those that my guests also liked. So it is better they play some of the songs they like too. I want then to have fun 🙂

As I try to play the scenario in my mind, I find it sad knowing that this will be the last meal I share before my passing yet I also feel a sense of warmth because I chose to share these last moments with people dear to me and people who I want to carry my memory on. I hope that they can live their lives and share what they experience through being with me, so I want to give a loving memory behind.

I think the Lord is trying to tell me what’s important in my life. I tend to focus a lot on things like goals, objectives, mission and purpose in the things I do — doing all these as part of discerning His will, and while this is important too, I should also value more the time and people who are in my life. Perhaps this reminder from Him is a huge part of the doing His will.

For the first time, I really tried to put myself in the shoes of the people at the last supper… listening to the music and just slowly reading it made me cry. I felt a deep sense of sadness, and I couldn’t help but think of my uncle who passed away. And I feared losing a loved one, and the thought of sharing a final meal with a loved one, knowing ot would be the last time… really brought me to tears. It was the first time a had a glimpse of what the disciples musr have felt or what Jesus must have felt.

As for planning my last meal, I found it funny thinking about these details but it also brought me to tears. It also made me realize that I really just wanted to be with family. And I didn’t want to have to say much to them, I just wanted to be with them. And I thought, how painful and difficult it would be to part with any of them… and to imagine any of them suffering… saying goodbye… and just not being around to have a meal with.

Hello, Everyone !

I want to set everything in order before I go, and prepare my loved ones left behind for a pain that is unbearable.

Hence, the phrase “do this in memory of me “ is Something that I believe that Will bring GRACE into the hearts of those left behind.

“do this in memory of me “

The pain Will never go away but in REMEMBERING our Love lives and hopefully Will bring Light in our darkest days.

I’ve pondered this question in the past, and actually find it comforting in some ways. I see it as a final celebration of life, where I can bring together people I love to celebrate it with me, with instrumental music from all over the world playing in the background, with spoken word exercises to express love and affection for everyone, and “to do” challenges / exercises to pass on blessings to other people or communities in each of our societies where we live.

I have learned to appreciate more what (and who) I have in my life now. Know what and who matters most.

I have gravely taken for granted the love that I have been given. And yet God has forgiven me. I have to likewise do the same with my outlaws and stepmother of my children. This will be a work in progress ….but at least I am open to it now.

Thanks to you, Fr. Johnny…..hope all is well with you.

I’ve been reflecting on death ever since my mom passed away last year. You see, I find myself to be an upright, active Catholic. I find Jesus’ life and message profoundly moving, but, like Emilio Sandoz (from the book “The Sparrow”), I find that contemplating the “supernatural” aspects of our faith rather challenging (e.g., did Jesus really feed five thousand people with only a handful of bread and fish or did he inspire the crowd to share what they had, how could Jesus raise Lazarus from the dead, etc.).

On death, though our faith urges us to believe that when we die, we go in communion with God, I find it hard to believe precisely because it is unfathomable – I cannot comprehend it at all. I know this is why it’s called “faith” – because it is beyond our understanding, but somehow, I find no consolation in this. I simply cannot wrap my head around a “heaven” and a “hell” or find comfort in any idea of a consciousness existing beyond our physical bodies.

I have been surprised by how I contemplated my “last meal” – I’ve imagined it to be a joyful affair rather than the painful last few days I spent with my mom. Perhaps I’ve surprised myself in that my relationship with, and perspective on, death has shifted – maybe I’ve finally come to believe that “death is not the end,” that there truly is “something” after this, that maybe someday I will be in communion with my mom again, and with God.

This was an extremely difficult exercise for me, because the more I gave thought to the specifics the more I examined myself why I was making certain choices and what that said about me and if that is how I want to leave this earth. For example, it is easy to at first decide I want family there, even those not close to me, so I could see them one last time. But then I started thinking about everyone else I excluded that I wasn’t particularly close to, and thinking maybe it would be a good chance to finally try to know them. I thought about all my favorite foods, and then I reconsidered what are the foods my guests would like more because in the end I want them to enjoy themselves. I keep thinking is this party for me to remember them/it all, or is it for them to remember me and what memory am I leaving behind? And then I think that people’s memories are deep and long and cannot be swayed by one meal, hence Judas. They will come to this last meal with their own agendas and you can’t control it. You can only show love and generosity and pray it would be enough. Will the cake or steak or lobster be memorable enough that throughout their lifetimes my guests would remember me? Maybe good bread and wine, simple things, would allow my words and looks to linger longer in the hearts of my guests? I’m suddenly thinking of the music in Jesus Christ Superstar and thinking I would love some Broadway singing in my last supper. But would my guests be comfortable? Would they leave if I start playing show tunes, this specific show tune? I’m still asking at the end of this entry – is this last supper for me or them? Why can’t it be both?

I love my children and they mean the world to me. I want them to share everything with them including my last meal.

I found the exercise a bit of easy for me, maybe because it was easy for me to think of the people to invite (those who are dear to me), the menu ( my favorite food), the venue (at home), soundtrack (happy songs). I would like my last dinner be something that will make everyone happy and remember good times, even as I’m starting to feel afraid since that would be my last.

The exercise wasn’t that difficult for me, maybe because I’m ok with leaving this world. The only difficult part was excluding someone very dear and important to me from the guest list because it would be inappropriate and selfish.

I was overjoyed. It’s two things I’ve wanted for such a long long time (One just much longer than the other).

First, forgive my morbidity, because knowing a meal would be my last just made me think how much relief I’d feel, allowing God to take care of everything else (bahala na Lord), that after that meal, within a sort span, I would be dead and that has been what I’ve longed for with nothing really to live for at 26 and having been raised in a sheltered Catholic background, I can well say that I’ve never had what I’ve wanted in life (in terms of life goals) or that I have lost meanings of all joy in life, and at least dying on my own terms is something I have been looking forward to.

Second, the meal itself. Getting to hopefully (invite and actually see ) so many people I care about and give them some honest-unrestricted-unhinged words without need of caution or “what comes next” behind any of it, really makes me happy. I’d all wish them happiness and do my best to make everyone happy in this last memory for me to take to my grave.

*honest-unrestricted-unhinting words that this would be the last time I’d ever see them… really makes me happy.

The exercise made me cry as I really am afraid of death, so I consciously avoid talking or thinking about that. But it made me realize that I shouldn’t wait for my last supper to happen before expressing my utmost gratitude and love to the people dearest to me. Life is short so it shouldn’t be taken for granted, and we should maximize our time accepting and giving love to others.

I realized that in imagining my last meal I got to identify the most important people in my life. For the last part of what I would do or say – I found myself planning to say what I considered as most important learnings in life, like: It is useless to be overtly anxious or afraid of anything. In the end, all things shall go well because we and all reality are in the womb of God. Then I had to face myself and ask – do I really believe this? Does my life show this? Jesus’ last message was the washing of the feet – humble love and service; and his entire life showed the same message.

it was quite pleasant planning it,,,my family and closest circles would be there, in this beautiful place i like that’s full of old trees,,a breathtaking garden actually,,there will surely be bread and salad because i love these…i saw myself smiling and happy, i just really wanted to say thank you to all of my guests and let each one know how important they’ve been in my journey

Made me excited and sentimental at the same time. Excited at what I would prepare, how I would prepare it and the people I would invite. However, sad knowing this was the last meal with them.

I immediately thought about my parents, and how they would probably be the ones leaving me instead of the other way around. I thought about how afraid I am of separation from my loved ones.

It was not a difficult exercise per se, but it made me look back at how life can be short, taken away from you suddenly, or be changed in a huge way such that your quality of life can be affected. Looking back at how I went through something incredibly difficult in early 2020 (health-wise), faced some losses, and having to live with the pandemic and its isolation for the longest time (only until late 2021 did I actually see people in-person except my immediate family), this activity gave me time to think and reflect deeply. That life is never to be taken for granted, and that we should always live our life to its fullest no matter what happens.

I would invite my family and my closest relatives and friends with me. For the place, I would have it in my favorite destinations abroad or even a nice beach here (particularly Coron). All my favorite foods that they would surely enjoy would be the menu for that day. I will use the time to thank them, show much how I appreciate them and that they meant will mean so much to me. We can share, hug, cry, clap, and celebrate together with a band playing wonderful songs.

I am apart from my family so on my last meal, I would like all my family members to be with me, including my in laws and my own family, and we will have a meal by the beach, eating crabs and oysters and Manila mangoes.

It was a pleasant exercise. I listed close guests–my and my husband’s immediate family and our close friends and aunts who have been so supportive of me. I had some other friends in the list but later removed as it felt more comforting to have those closest and dearest. The only thing that came to mind to tell them was thank you. To tell them how much I loved them and make sure they know how wonderful they are since I wouldn’t be able to tell them in the future

The imagining how it will go with the special people in your life was a pleasant experience. The unpleasant feeling was realizing that one just really wants to love and be loved. The daily trappings of existing, succumbing to having to make a living distracts or hinders one from giving and receiving as much. And i willingly allow this.

It was a pleasant exercise for me.

The last meal place would be somewhere I am surrounded by the magnificence of nature – Maldives, Tibet or Switzerland.

Guests would be family, close friends and good life companions.

Food would definitely include chocolate, seafood, mango shake! 🤗

Playlist would be Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major (Bach).

My last message would be – Thank you for enriching my life ♥️😊🌸

It was a pleasant experience for me, almost like planning/reenacting my intimate wedding where only my closest friends and family are invited. But this time, I was even able to invite people who have gone ahead of us or who we are no longer in touch with but have made a significant impact in my life.

This exercise is reminding me to forgive and let go, and to just focus on the good and positive.

I am not sure why I “enjoyed” answering this segment, knowing well (didn’t struggle answering) what I wanted. Maybe because in some moments of silence and reflection (while walking or driving), I always think about the day when I leave this gift of life.

My guest list would be my whole family, my closest friends (there is a specific list – less than 20). I would like my last meal to be atop a mountain or by the beach or peaceful and beautiful lake. Menu would be everything my guests like in common: fruits, vegetables, seafood, meat, grains, wine. Most likely I would spend a day in advance cooking because people who truly know me know how much cooking is a therapy to me and that I enjoy cooking for others. Song list would be what’s in my playlist: my favorites from the 70’s to the present. Of course, the song “Leave Out all the Rest” by Linking park.

I will tell them:
I may not be a perfect wife, mother, daughter, sibling, friend, co-worker, citizen. But know that I did everything with the best and sincerest of intentions. My decisions may have been poor at times, but I tried to be a good follower of Christ and child of God. Forgive me for the times I have hurt you along the way. But like what the song said, I hope that there were a few moments and reasons for me to be missed. I hope at one point I helped make you to be better versions of yourself. And if not, I am truly sorry. I will tell them to continue living and teaching their children, family, and friends to follow Christ’s teachings, to be men for others, to be generous, to be grateful.

I will eat, drink, dance, sing, be merry with all of them. Remembering our journeys together in life. I want it to be a celebration of life: love, laughter, ups and downs, triumphs and struggles, trying to be men for others. A celebration of thanksgiving. Thanking God for this gift of life. Gratitude will be the theme of my last supper.

I will be inviting me and my husband’s close family members and friends. No WIFI, no cell signal but cellphones are allowed for taking photos and videos. It will be held in the mountains where early risers could view the sunrise and others could view the sunset. Each person will be served a different meal (this will depend on our unique food experience together). There will be a band, jukebox, spotify. People could freely choose their music one at a time. There will also be a dance floor. There will be a lot of reminiscing and laughter. Sharing of our good memories. Main programme will be me and my family sharing our life’s testimony and our home church. Our Pastor will have a short sharing of the Gospel. I want all my family and friends to leave the place and know about the gospel of Jesus.

It is a most pleasant experience to plan this. I will invite all my family and friends. It will be a celebration of life – ups and downs, joys and pains, good and the bad. But most importantly it will be a celebration of God’s goodness and love for me.

This was a great reflection. I have the closes family and friends. There are potential venues but most of them are beach related because I have been to so many and they bring back wonderful memories. I will cook some food and order others and maybe ask the visitors for a potluck so I could taste their cooking for one last time. The playlist is bringing lots of memories too. There will be community singing, thanksgiving and hopes of seeing each other again. Then I can go in my sleep and wake up, hopefully, with Jesus and with him my dad with a nice welcome hug… and all those who preceded me in heaven… those we lost to Covid, to the crazy wars, to the environmental and human made disasters…

I will invite my siblings and their families and will talk each of my siblings and loving nieces Bea and Aiko and Bea’s children my beloved Adriana and Ragnar and their cousin Amelia.

I want to be with my closest friends singing and dancing and laugh to our hearts’ content.

I will prepare simple food that they like most with much love joy and care.

I will play the The Pilgrim Song and I Will be here.

I feel inner peace and joy at the same time deep pain of leaving them….

My guests would be my immediate family—in their prime of life. And we would eat the food we ate when we were kids: a bucket of chicken, sweet spaghetti, soda and for dessert, Rocky Road ice cream. I long for those days when we were complete and the only thing I worried about was the homework I still had to do after dinner.

One of the questions asked what we wanted to say or do with the guests. In answering this, I said that I would want to relive good and bad memories while also thanking them for the impacts they had on my life. I would like to acknowledge the intangible gifts they’ve given and how they were key in making me who I am today.

However, what I realized is that this is not something I should plan on doing during my last days. I should ALREADY make the time to spend with loved ones, sharing memories and thanking them.

One big thing this pandemic has showed us is that life is short and our end is uncertain. My sister-in-law had passed away due to covid and it brought feelings of regret in not being kinder, not spending more time, in not forgiving, and in taking people for granted.

I hope that after today, I keep remembering this. I really want to make more effort in caring for my loved ones and letting them know how much they mean to me. Why wait to do it during the final meal when I can already start now?

Every stage of life is a coming of age movie. As one never stops learning, one never stops growing, particularly in wisdom.
You collect all that life has thrown at you – the joys, the sadness, the desolations, the redemptions, the successes, the failures, the fullfillments and regrets – you find wholeness coming into being, integrating.
In my going away party, I would have it in a house overlooking a valley covered by a sea of clouds. My meal would fing Tita Lucia’s fried chicken and Mom’s spaghetti with meat sauce and her ceasars salad. We’ll have Coke of course, Dad’s cheesecake and coffee from Benguet. Food of my younger years.
My playlist:

I would get Viva la Vida, Demons, Someone You Loved, Don’t Give Up on Me, Rainbow, Man in the Mirror and talk about how these songs were essential to five Holy Weeks worth of Metanoia.

Planning this going-away party did not feel unpleasant at all. In fact, it made me not afraid as Jesus’s passion, death, and resurrection story inspires. What felt unpleasant was the pain he went through from the scourging to the crucifixion. His powerlessness is humbling.

It was sad to realize that a lot of people I want to be invited are gone. I felt lost in my own party. But for those who are still around, I started thinking if they would even accept my invitation.

This is a simple exercise that distills what matters. Made me tear up unexpectedly not in fear but in simple acceptance that it’s even a privilege if it gets to this. If we can get to a point where we can plan ahead as clearly.

My list was very simple, my immediate family – closest to my heart, a few friends (which also signalled to me I’ve been disconnected lately when I cannot really articulate who among my friends I want to invite), parts of my extended family to represent their broader family who has mean so much to me. Meal is what everyone likes… not necessarily what I like… I figure it’s about making everyone feel how much they mean to me. Playlist is soft music because knowing how loud we talk, we’ll just drown out a lot of things.

I’d say only what I feel is necessary at this time; “I love you, I’m sorry for my shortcomings, I’m extremely grateful you are in my life and because of that it has been very meaningful. I assure you I will be fine and I will hug Tatay and Lola when I get there to tell them we’re all doing ok. I’ll watch over you all and pray for you constantly” And it will be filled with laughter and funny stories (about growing up and spending time together) and also melancholy (spontaneous hugs to relish while there is still time)… random games…non-stop eating.

In the end it’s a celebration of a borrowed life and a return to my true home.

I love this phrase, “it’s a celebration of a borrowed life.” It puts a lot into perspective that our life is a gift and that we need to care and nourish it until the end of our days.

I was both sad and happy in planning my Final meal.. Sad because it would be my last time to be physically with my loved ones. Happy because I was given this opportunity and last chance to enjoy and feel the Love among us.

This exercise just confirms to me who really are the most important people in my Life. It reminds me that I have a choice whether to be happy or sad in the way I live my Life. It also reminds me to be prepared always and to live everyday as if it were my last. And lastly, to be grateful at all times.

I’m still grieving my father’s passing which happened July of last year. It’s been the most difficult loss I have ever had to face. Months after I still find myself asking the question why I’m still here.

I’ve never planned a going away party for myself but have written a few letters when somehow I felt my life ending (I have anxiety and some depressive thoughts).

It would’ve been a bittersweet moment. Poignant for sure because one thing I know is that goodbyes always make the heart ache.

The reflection showed me who are dearest to me now—my mother, nephew, niece, three friends. I wanted each of us to have our favorite meals, even if we had different meals, which shows me how I aspire to love: I want to make my loved ones happy by giving them what makes them happy. This would also require accepting them as they are, which is something I am struggling with right now, in particular with my mom.

As a mother, the most gratifying thing of my legacy is my children’s love for one another.. so in my last meal playing “Inay” by bukas palad ministry- eating seafood.. and saying to them “ Love one another… do this in memory of me!”

I laughed out loud after reading your post. Thank you so much for sharing, Nina! As a middle-aged mother of two teenagers, I did not even think about leaving any last words with them on my last meal. I’ve been nagging them to be be good people and to clean up their own mess ever since I can remember that I’ve had enough. I’m sure they feel the same way!

It was with a small group of family and friends. Simple dinner with close people around me. I want them to feel comfortable. It was done in my place and sees my late husband being with us. I prayed that he will be accompanying me to my next life in heaven.

It was not easy reaching this reflection as I was scared to face the reality that one day I will have my last meal here on earth.

It is clear to me who is important in my life. I should let them know often how much they mean to me. Every moment with them is important. I must not waste any time with those who do not matter and just focus on what’s truly important

I realized that I am not totally convinced that there is life after death. I know in my head that Christ resurrected from the dead, and that this is the foundation upon which my Catholic faith is based on. However, I have some doubts; I am trying to imagine the day when Christ resurrected, but at times, I couldn’t believe it happened; this is a very big miracle after all. So I suddenly thought that I want to have a Jesuit priest during my last meal. I want to have a conversation regarding my faith. And during this last meal, I would probably be thinking about what will happen after death (unless of course I receive the grace to believe in the resurrection). This Holy Week gave me an opportunity to reflect on my faith and articulate what I think I may have been thinking for some time. This is something I want to dwell on for the rest of the year. I would try to spend more time in prayer to reflect on these feelings.

I realized that in the second half of my life, having family and just 2 best friends with good food and laughter was more than enough to make a “last supper” send-off rich and meaningful.

I realized who are the people who matter to me and also the people whom I’m still holding grudge to. The exercise made me reflect that I have yet to learn to truly love and forgive.

“And when the hour came…” were the words that struck me most. Mixed feelings of dread, anxiety,& loneliness but strangely, looking forward with some relief at what will be, as well.

What came to me as I reflect on how my last supper would be is – a feeling of peace. I am currently struggling with bouts of insecurity, loneliness and anxiety; of guilt, of just not being enough. Reflecting on what it will be like at the end of my life, I hope for forgiveness and acceptance of my faults. I hope there will be love. And laughter! Lots of laughter! and let there be ice cream – the best kind.

I only want people I truly care about and who truly care for me to be there. We will talk about the times when we were young, the challenges and the achievements, the places we saw, the food we shared, movies, concerts and games we watched.

People and memories flashed through my mind as I reflect on this and I feel joy, I feel peace.

Thanks for helping me realise that I missed the opportunity, because when I was getting ready to move in April and May 2019 I tried to bring the numberous groups of people I loved all together into what has since become my last big meal in Manila, and I failed miserably. I was hoping to get lechon and spaghetti, but it ended up split between different groups across different days because nobody could make it all at the same time.

I wonder if Jesus felt that way too — wanting to share all the love with all the people He loved in the world (His world), but not being able to do so just because there wasn’t enough time and there was never enough time for that. I am still hoping to make peace with it (I still miss everyone in Manila terribly, and the pandemic hurt my chances of building many new relationships in the city I moved to) with His help, in the hopes that He did find peace in that, too.

I am struck by the parallelism of your one last big meal in Manila and Jesus wanting to be with all the people He loved in the world on His last meal. Why wasn’t Mary invited to the last supper? Why did Jesus invite only his disciples?

Maybe He didn’t have time, you said. And then you wished He found peace.

Your musings are so mundane yet so powerful in understanding Jesus at the Last Supper.

I find preparing my “last meal” scared and fearful. Thinking that it is near the end of something. I am also sad for those who I will left behind.

“…the hand who will betray me is with me at this table.”
I felt that. It struck me hard and deep that the one most closest to you will betray you. Not just once, but repeatedly and willingly by choice.
It made me feel uncomfortable and sorrowful once more.
I used to enjoy planning for parties and events but I do not feel enthusiastic about planning my own going away party.
I feel I am not ready to go away. I feel I have wasted my time loving someone who didn’t deserve me. Who did not deserve my love.
I feel I am not ready to go away knowing I could be happier somehow.

I relished the verse that says “The Son of Man goes as it is determined.” It makes me think that God really has a plan for all of us. Sometimes, it’s painful to be unsure of your life direction— how come your “full of dreams” self suddenly started to feel like you’re not up for something suddenly. Life doesn’t feel as exciting anymore. I’m mulling over the question of why people know what they really really want, and I don’t. Meanwhile, the passage that we had to read a while ago reminded me that God has our lives determined— He indeed knows what we are going through right now.

And then, I had to think of my plan for my last meal. I want to be somewhere that’s “near to nature” (just imagine Mirador Jesuit Villa), eat something simple but fulfilling like some egg sandwich, and play my playlist for passing (I made some before). I had a hard time thinking who I will invite as my guests because it could really be painful; I would cry seeing their faces. But then, I decided I want to spend it with my family and friends. We’ll just grab some mentioned snacks, take a lot of happy pictures (so they can look back at this moment whenever they miss me), and I will hug each one of them with the best hug I can give. I will let them hug me too. As a SGBV survivor, getting physically close might be challenging to me, but I’ll try my best to give and receive those hugs one last time. 🙂

The LORD is telling me how I missed my family.
I missed them and I am longing na makasama ko ang buong family ko.

I wanted to prepare their favorite food. It is my joy to watch them enjoying the meal na gusto nila. Not what I wanted for them to eat, but what they wanted to eat and prepare it individually for them.
My joy is to watch them enjoying the meal I prepared for them.

Thank you because you put into words the meaning to my answer for this exercise — I missed my family so much.
I imagined having a meal with my dad, mom and 2 brothers at our old place where we grew up. Enjoying the food mom prepares like sinigang. We will have hearty conversations ( which didn’t really have much then) and we’ll be hugging each other and telling each one how we love and care for each other — an opportunity to just be able to show and share our love.
Only me and my other brother are left and we live apart.
I miss the old days.

I found myself inviting people that hurt me to my very own last super. Of course my immediate Family and my True friends. This excersise felt comfortable for me. Eversince I became a Mother, for some reason my view on death or leaving this World physically has become uncomfortably comfortable. To the extent I would tell my Husband or blurt out how and what I’d like my wave to be like.

I feel like the Lord is asking me to make peace. IM at peace on my own but to truly make peace with those that “betrayed” me like Judas. Its a tall task.

In this exercise, I know that it is time for me to really show my love to those most important to me and even ask forgiveness for every little thing I did or omitted to do that may have hurt or affected them. This way, I can go and feel the peace in my own heart and they in their own.

It was a pleasant exercise. The only challenging thing was the guest list. I enjoyed planning the menu , the playlist and the party segments . I wanted my guests to feel loved.I wanted them to know that Im grateful for their presence in my so called life and for making me feel that “ masarap mabuhay” .

I actually had fun planning! Then i wondered what God was trying to tell me with this exercise. Why was planning my imaginary going away – goodbye earth party giving me a more vibrant energy than planning my life. It struck me that i have lost my drive , my grit , that sense of hope to whats ahead. Planning a goodbye party is so much easier and liberating than navigating and coping with daily living.

Recently, my parents have been complaining about health issues. There was even a time when mom was rushed to the ER and I recall praying to God not to take her yet. During this pandemic, I could count with my hands how many times I’ve seen my parents face to face. I try to rationalize by saying that, during the height of the pandemic, it was because of their lax covid protocols in their place and I couldn’t risk exposing myself or my spouse to the virus. Truth be told, it’s because we don’t have an HMO and any form of hospitalization will be against our personal account. We have heard how much hospital bills could get when it’s covid related. Anyway, that’s how I justified it. Part of me of course wants to be with them. They may not be perfect but they have always been there for me and my siblings.

What saddens me is part of me would like to spend time with them before they or I leave but part would rather hang out with friends whom I can relate well to. For me, the meal or music would not be that important, it’s being with each other that’s more important.

To my parents, I would like to tell them “Thank you mom and dad for everything that you have given me, all the love and support and understanding. KNOW that I love both of you very, very much. I may not be able to show it all the time and, although we sign off messages or calls with “Love you,” you may assume that I just say it for the sake of saying it. No. I love you both. Very much.

To my spouse, I hope and pray that you know that I love you very much. We may argue from time to time, we may have different take on things at times but know that I will always stand and be with you. Wag na mag nag at magsungit.

22 months ago, I lost my son. This exercise made me feel like God must have asked him how he wanted his last moments to be… because his last moments were exactly how I would have wanted mine to be. Everything leading up to his passing seemed perfectly and thoughtfully planned. It had God’s hands written all over it.

(1) To be honest, I wasn’t comfortable with planning my last day on Earth. But that’s not because I dread that idea of leaving this world (although it’s definitely scary). For me, I was just anxious about what I need to tell to the most special people in my life. I felt as if the gathering wouldn’t be enough to express how important these people and I might just not find ample time and the proper words to tell them so.

At the same time, I’m the type of person who doesn’t plan out parties (especially my own party) because I tend to appreciate more intimate celebrations with the people who matter. As such, there were no programs, no special segments. It was just me and these people eating together. talking about different things.

What I kinda liked though was planning the playlist! I love compiling different sorts of music and would definitely appreciate sharing it to them during the course of the celebration.

(2) Perhaps the exercise has been telling me to become more appreciative of the people who have been showing their care and affection to me. Sometimes, it’s easy to cling on trivial mistakes that people do to us, especially our loved ones. That at the end of the day, it should not take til my last day to show people how they mean to me. And that also means trying to make them a bit more involved with my life.

“Planning” who to have my last meal was easy (generally, family and a few colleagues I became friends). It is the other questions which are quite difficult (specifics like playlist, what activities to include, what food, etc).

But perhaps it need not be very complicated. It could just involve our favorite everyday food/meals. It could involve everyday songs that we listen to as colleagues or as a family. This exercise reminded me to treat each day and each opportunity to spend time with friends and family as if they were the last. Although perhaps in some cases easier said than done, but it’s always good to maximize opportunities. Carpe diem / magis. More importantly, always try to maximize how we can express love and appreciation for family, friends, and other people around us.

Have I not thought about considering how I will plan my last day here on earth? It’s “scary” but the truth is, I can only experience death once in my lifetime.. so, why not celebrate it!!

I will invite those people who made me happy and made my life meaningful. We will play again the songs we shared, eat our favorite foods and dance away all night.

I felt that the Lord reminding us of His greatest commandments….To Love God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength. To love our Neighbors as ourselves. For we cannot fully love God if we don’t love our neighbors. And loving our neighbors includes forgiveness to those who’ve hurt us. Loving and forgiving the neighbors who are difficult to love. In the end we ask ourselves, have we been a neighbor to our brethren, just like Jesus has been? To love everyone without exceptions.

A few years ago was when my faith and connection with God was at its strongest, and that was also the same time that I truly felt like there was no fear in death.

While I don’t think that I am scared of death now either, I am worried about leaving loved ones behind, especially because now I have young kids. I feel that this is also because my connection with the Lord isn’t as strong as before.

This exercise made me realize the deep desire that I have to re-connect more strongly with the Lord because I would want to go in peace, even if I know that I’ll leave my loved ones behind. I want to have the feeling of fully trusting that my children will be okay because it’s all in the Lord’s plan.

For that last meal, I want to be able to prepare my family’s favorite meals so we can enjoy them together. I want to see them laugh and share the memories that have enriched our relationships. I want to sing with them. I want to take pictures so they have images of all of us together to remember me by. And I want us to express gratitude for the time that we’ve been given to be a family. I pray that they won’t cry because of sorrow, and instead be able to remember all the good times that we’ve had when I’m gone. And as for myself, I want to be able to face God and to know that I’ve done well as His faithful child.

I was watching a series lately where a character knew she was dying. She was preparing for everything and gave her friend a list of people to invite to her funeral. She did not plan for her last supper but what her friend did was to invite the people in the list for a gathering to surprise her friend. It made me cry because I felt that it was a good way to prepare to leave the earth. This exercise made me realize that I really want to have a good impact on others lives – I want to be the person that God wants me to be. Things have been tough lately and I tend to be impatient with negative people or people who are too difficult to deal with including family. I am justifying that because life is short I would rather avoid negative things including people. I realize that it is not a good way to deal with them especially if I feel that I have a responsibility to help the person. I don’t want to regret that.

I was not completely uncomfortable once I started writing but I was fearful at first. And it’s most likely because I know I have not been doing a good job lately of practicing God’s love.

this exercise was heavy at first but i got to unload its heaviness when i followed the questions,in the end i felt calmness and i smiled🥰

I was struck by how Jesus prepared a meal but didn’t eat any of it. I felt I could relate to that – my love language is to feed people and so when I was thinking of what to do for my last meal, I wanted all the people whom I love the most to be there and I would really feed them the food that I enjoy eating. More than celebrating the life I led, I just feel extremely thankful to have them in my life, that I have been loved as much as I loved. These people took care of me when I could barely get through the day.

My life has been a constant search for God. I kept asking that he appears as this massive burning bush in front of me, speaking to me and telling me what I need to hear, how I need to lead my life, why things had to hurt. I needed Him to appear for me to feel how much He cared.

But I was wrong because He was always there, in my everyday. He was the food I ate, the air I breathe, the Coke Light I chug all the time. He is the laughter I share with my friends. The tears that I shed when I feel sad. He is in the people I meet and so I will make sure that this meal, this very last one will be with everyone who showed me the love I have always looked for but did not fully realize was with me my entire life.

I celebrate God in my life.

That’s it, He prepared the meal but didn’t eat any of it! I’ve been wondering what the scripture meant when Jesus said he will not eat of the bread and drink from the fruit of the vine until the kingdom of God comes.

Service comes in many forms. I admire you that, on your last meal, you will feed all your loved ones.

I will spend my last meal with my loved ones, family,close relatives anf friends. I will thank them for the love and everything that they have shared with me. I will also ask for forgiveness for all the wrong that I had committed against each one of them. But most of all I will let them know and feel how much I love them and tell them that I will always cherish the wonderful times and memories that we have shared. They will all be in my heart and prayers for always. And we will all thank God for all His blessings and love.

This left me feeling at peace and deeply excited for the day when He finally calls me Home. My “washing of the feet” might be honoring those who taught me throughout my life, brought me closer to Him.

I realize Jesus heard no “eulogies” or stories of honor for Him during His final hours. During his final meal, He washed the disciples’ feet – He instead served and honored others by doing so.

To continue to live everyday doing the mundane and sacred things “in remembrance of Him.” That is my prayer for now, especially in my interactions with others.

I prefer to have a small group of people to invite and share my last meal with.

I do not know how I feel about this part of the exercise…

It made me pray for a prepared peaceful death when my time comes. And to be put everything in order so that my family will be well sorted & taken care off. The world & work has been so busy but it just reminded that after all of this, we return to God 🙏🏻

The exercise made me pause, reflect, and cry out many tears. It’s been a while since I’ve found my words and heard God’s voice but I think I did. He somehow managed to find me despite the overwhelming distraction and anxiety that I currently find myself in. When I cried out all my tears, when I emptied myself out to God, He, in return, filled me with His Spirit.

Surprisingly, planning my final meal was pleasant. But, if this was asked of me three years ago, I would have refused to do it. Death is an absolute no-no topic for me. But after my mother’s and husband’s passing which happened in a span of five moths and after the imposition of total lockdowns seven months after being struck by two tragedies, the possibility of death became terrifyingly real. For more than a year, I had palpitations and my body became weak. My mind was constantly bombarded with thoughts about being powerless, unworthy, and unprepared to leave this world. I had an uncontrollably wild mind that took a lot of prayers, Holy Masses, Scriptural readings, breathing exercises, tapping techniques, and K-dramas for me to tame it. Ha-ha. Yup, watching those Korean series was like going on a recollection because each one illuminated my conscience. This spiritual benefit was totally unexpected.

Today, three years into the pandemic, I have finally faced my fears and discovered what life and death are and what is really in my heart. I want to live a happy and holy life on earth and have a happy and holy death. My deepest longing is for my children and I to go straight to heaven when we die.

Being able to do this exercise means I am no longer fearful of death. I’m free! Thus, I am ready to live more fully and embark on more adventures. It also means that it’s time to achieve one of my impossible dreams – to prepare life-giving meals. Since I don’t cook, it will be a real challenge to prepare for my family nutrient-dense meals that are whole foods and plant-based.

What is the Lord trying to tell me? Eat to live. Live to love. Treat the dining table like an altar…a sacred space. Make each meal life-giving just like the bread and wine Christ offered at the Last Supper. Who knows, because of this, my children might consider continuing this practice in remembrance of me. More importantly, they might receive the Holy Eucharist more reverently in remembrance of Christ because of the life-giving meals I lovingly prepared and we happily shared.

What a blessing to plan my last supper. Others go and die so suddenly. And here I am, blessed to know that I have time to plan my going away party. I am grateful.

Knowing our destination after death sets the tone for the party. I imagined myself saying thank you and asking forgiveness from guests (mostly family members). In my reflection, I remembered my sister who passed on last year and once again, I felt the grief. I think God is trying to console me, to help hold on to my faith and believe that what awaits us after death is incomparable to the peace and joy that this world can only give in limited amounts. That our true destination is God.

My husband has passed six years ago. To date I feel that I need to ask forgiveness from him for taking him away from most of the people he loved. To date this still haunts me. I did not receive any acknowledgment that he has forgiven, at least not verbally.

Weird feeling when I started, but it was easier than I expected. I was actually teary-eyed when I started thinking.
I want to celebrate my last party with my young “apos” from my sisters. I guess because I won’t be able to see them grow up. Young kids — because they are carefree and have simple lives without “adult” worries. I want my last party to be a celebration for them and not for me. I just want to spend my last party listening to their conversations, laughing with them, and playing with them.

I already bought a memorial plan and have started to write down some instructions — foremost of which is, no tarpaulin please!) I like the idea of a memorable meal with family and friends dearest to me. Perhaps a nice brunch. I would like to take a moment to thank those present for walking the road of life with me. I would like to prepare a message for each one, share a favorite memory, and a special prayer.

Years back, I already “assignments” to my best friend and other close friends what to do when I go. I have a memorial plan and lot. Given the chance, I would love to share my last meal with family and those deareat and closest to my heart to thank them for being part of my life journey and hopefully my existence brought light, love, laughter, joy and peace in their lives. I hope that in my onw little way, they were able to see and experience Christ through me.

The first thing that came to my mind was “The Last Meal” prepared and shared with friends for a close friend who would soon go on a Days with the Lord retreat. This meal is usually planned by the sponsors who will spend precious time with the friend going to Daze. For me, it was always special because everyone was genuinely happy and excited to spend 3 days with this special friend knowing what he can get from this retreat. Such wonderful memories spending time together in a special way with friends and with Kuya Jess. But the last meal I truly remember was the last meal I had with my dad not knowing that my dad would die a week after that special meal. It was special because I saw my dad eat all his favorite food enjoying every bite. To this day, I see his face so happy. A few days after that meal, my dad and I had the chance to spend time together before going to bed. He expressed how much he enjoyed the meal and was so grateful for this time with special people. He also got to give me instructions for the road ahead and important wisdom which I apply to this day. As we said our goodbyes in his bed as he was ready to sleep, I stayed a bit and waited for him to sleep before leaving. When I heard him snoring, I kissed him, said I love you and turned away to get out of bed. It was at this time that I feel a hand on my back, patting me. I did not look back because I had tears and I did not want to show it. At that moment, I thought it was my dad patting me saying with no words that he loves me so much and that he was so proud of me assuring me that everything will be ok. In that pat, I heard those words in my mind. But as I look back at him in what was just a second after the patting, I was surprised that my dad was fast asleep. It wasn’t him who patted me. at that moment, I praised the Lord for I knew it was Jesus who put His hand on me and assured me everything will be ok. A few days after that night, my dad passed in front of me and I saw him so peaceful so I thank the Lord for my dad’s peaceful and painless death but for giving my dad a wonderful last meal that I know he enjoyed so much.

More pleasant than not. Some sad moments because of the reality of it. Someday I will need to go, maybe soon?
It felt so nice because of the chance to PLAN for it, while still alive, and not an event at my death.
I am so happy with myself planning how it will go… our close family, close friends and relatives, bosses, close neighbours.
Maybe the Lord is asking me to focus on the last years of my life and accept this reality which can be pretty scary, unsettling at best. But it will take courage and lots of loving as a challenge. For that final meal, party to happen as I planned it, I need to start now.

It felt ok, every time I’m asked what I would do on my last day on earth, I would say try to live my life like I normally would.
But for my last supper, I’d have a korean food feast with family and friends. I’d be playing Christian songs, thanking each one personally on how they impacted my life, apologizing to those whom I haven’t apologized to. But I’d also like to take that opportunity to make it a celebration to tell them how great God is. I’m never a good speaker when it comes to sharing my faith. It’s not that I’m embarrassed, but because I’m afraid I’m no able to defend God enough to those who would challenge my faith. Since it’s my last supper, I’d assume my friends who are non-believers would take time to really listen to my last words. I’d like to have one last shot on bringing more souls closer to God just by pouring out how I was able to live my best life by surrendering my life to God; and by inviting them to make that same decision as they are still given more time on earth.

I welcomed the idea. In fact, I felt excited answering the questions. I’m really love hosting parties and preparing food for my guests. Knowing that it was my last did not scare me. Being with people who significantly played an important role in my journey as a person and who I hopefully effect the same experience is the best way to spend my last hours. Maybe, I’ll also include in my guest list the people who I need to have closure with.

Through this exercise, I realised I have invited close friends from every season of my life to my final meal. It was a reminder to be fruitful wherever I am planted and not be too attached. A lesson I thought I have learnt but I realised that I am still learning it.

I found the exercise very enlightening, I just recently watched a series wherein the leas inly had a couple of months left to live and she went through this thing of trying her best to tie the loose ends in her life and the lives closest to her. How much we try to tie all the loose ends in our life before we go we can never truly do it.

In this exercise, I’ve felt the feeling of acceptance. That if it is really my last meal, I would want to spend it with the people closest to me sharing the things that we’ve loved doing together, and remembering happy memories. It’s funny when I was thinking about what I would like to tell them the only word that came to my mind was “Thank You”.. I guess in the end, I am really thankful, for every opportunity given to me..

It was fun. I could eat anything without worries. I could invite everyone. I can do it anywhere. It was a free for all party.

This reflection comes at the perfect time because my dad has been fighting for his life the past few weeks. Our family’s experience at this challenging time has built our faith and gratitude in the Lord and His mercy, and I would like my last meal to also be a time to thank my family and closest friends for making my life meaningful, and to lift up our praises to Him in prayer.

Thank you for sharing this. Praying for your dad. My family went through a similar experience, my dad was hospitalized last month where we spent weeks in uncertainty as doctors try to diagnose and find out what is wrong with him. The anxiety and fear was unimaginable. I planned my last meal as a simple celebration at home with family and friends because going through these challenging times really make one realize what’s truly important. I still pray for God to help me/us strenthen our faith and thank him for the blessing of life even if we’re not worthy.

Eating inihaw na bangus, inihaw na baboy, sinuglaw, and lots of rice with my family and closest friends (who I haven’t seen in person since the pandemic started) in that nipa “cottage” by the beach while listening to my Replay 2022 playlist.

I’d want a peaceful “last supper”; whether we talk each other’s ears off or just chill – as long as it’s peaceful, then I’m okay.

I’ll probably say generic things like “life is tough, but you’re tougher”, “everything you go through will help the future you”, or “you’ll be okay” – but I’m pretty sure I’ll end it with the two phrases that got my family and I through our roughest season by far: “God will provide.” and “This too shall pass.”

Lately, I’ve been dealing with anger issues, anxiousness, financial problems, and the thought of not being able to fly back home this Christmas – I feel like God is telling me that He will provide and whatever it is that I’m going through, it shall pass.

At first I thought of inviting everyone but then I settled with inviting only 12 like Jesus’ 12 disciples. I will also include one who has betrayed me to represent those who betrayed or rejected me. It will be a night of thanksgiving forgiveness and each of the 12 will be encouraged to echo to others the love I would like to leave everyone. And to send to me their requests and intentions I can bring to God for them.

It felt weird. I imagine myself alone, eating my favorite meal. Maybe because I do not want to bother anybody. …….

The last meal would mean just spending time being with the ones you love, savoring the moment of just being together, in the quietness, in the tranquility of the environment. Time is not given to planning the menu or food. The difficult part would be starting the “last meal” because then the clock will start ticking and you know that you will soon have to part with your love ones. What is God’s invitation to me? I should treasure every encounter with whoever I meet or spend time with by giving my fullest attention to be truly present in the moment of that person by treating that encounter as the “last meal”.

I found the exercise a pleasant and exciting experience. My choices reflected the people, food, place, activity, and music that reminded me of God’s personal love for me. I enjoyed choosing the guests, in particular, because I felt loved (almost) unconditionally by these people (of course, only next to God). They accepted and loved me as I am, encouraged, supported, and built me up to be a loving person.

This exercise reminded me of God’s personal knowledge of and love for me. There are people who love me. This is the one truth that I need to remind myself always: I am loved. 🙂

My reflection began with The Sounds of Silence and ended with Fill the World with Love.

As I emerged from the darkness of my pending demise, i imagined my immediate family with me. We would be chatting and connecting, contemplating the highs and lows of our relationships, ending with expressions seeking forgiveness and manifesting love, while finding deeply felt ways to say goodbye.

If I had all the time in the world before the last meal, i would seek reconciliation and forgiveness, at least attitudinally, with all those who I could have helped with acts of service given more freely.

Initially I thought of inviting my immediate family, my best friend, plus friends who were instrumental in helping me in my work the past 4 years… as a gesture of gratitude for the help n camaraderie. Then I decided to spend it with my immediate family — my beloved husband n my children. It would be an evening of reminiscing great memories of times spent together. I would prepare a letter for each of them and hand them out, maybe read each one aloud…oh it would be such a long meal with singing together, even games. A time for tight hugs, thanks, affirmations n telling them how much I love them and what I wish for them.

I tend to ask myself if I am doing enough, if I have done enough good. But in my last meal, perhaps what will count is whether I loved them (my family) enough, did I make them happy, did I help them grow n support them…Will i be remembered with love?

Choosing the people i want to have around and the venue was not difficult because i knew exactly who to invite. It was a pleasant experience as it also helped me get ready for my “despedida” if and when my visa gets approved.

I guess the Lord is helping me get ready to say good bye to my family and friends before i embark on a new journey (hopefully). He is telling me that all will be well.

The reflection questions did not surprise me and I know exactly what my answers would be! I had a dress rehearsal of-sorts last year when I rushed myself to the ER because of REAL chest pains. First thing I blurted out was “Lord, tinatawag mo na ba ako?” I got my answer two hours later when I was discharged. He said, “Hindi pa, tapusin mo muna yung …” 😊
While I’m figuring out what my unfinished mission is, my health scare allowed me to be grateful for family and close friends, and that I should thank them while I’m around. And that’s what I did, I emailed them or thanked them for their love and friendship via Zoom or Messenger. Their common response was “Ikaw naman, of course you’re welcome” as if downplaying their kindness, generosity and constant presence in my life.

So for my despedida, I want my family and friends not to be sad, so I will tell them I’m leaving for another job so we will have one last dinner together. Yung mga polite will not ask where I’m going. Yung mga makulet, I will say, I will let them know when I get there.

Dinner will be outdoors/garden setting. We’ll have soup and appetizers, salad, steak (which my new cardiologist has prohibited), dessert and red wine (also prohibited) then coffee afterwards. In fact, I will also invite my cardiologist and other doctors! I will say the steak is plant-based. Playlist will include instrumental Broadway musical hits.

There will be loot bags for all my guests, and since the budget is unlimited, everyone will get an Instax camera. They can take pics all around and go home with the instant prints which they tentatively put on a counter or nightstand. The next day when they realize I’m gone, they look at the pics, smile and remember one of the happiest times we had together. 😊

It was a choice between inviting so many people who have been part of my life or just a few chosen ones. I decided to go for the latter. In my last moment on earth, I would want to be with the closest friends to whom I bared my soul during my happiest and loneliest moments.

The exercise was pleasant in the sense that I remembered those who have made the most impact on me in each stage of my life. I will choose to invite these people and thank them for guiding me in my earthly journey. I hope my last meal with them will be a celebration of the impact we’ve made on others.

I had fun planning especially because there was no budget! 😉😁 I would invite all those I pray for Daily. I didn’t want to limit the number but I also thought I would like to have time to talk to each one to say Thank you, relax How he or she made an impact on My life and to say good-bye. Hence there were tearful moments too.
Then I also realized How sad Jesus must have been that night… I’ve never really thought of it that way. Then I too became sad…

You asked, would the feeling be a pleasant or unpleasant one for me? It would be a sad moment. But i would want to be with my most beloved.

I found it difficult to plan the menu. I probably would force myself to eat knowing I would be leaving my loved ones very soon.

I would probably reminisce about the happy memories that I have shared with each one; at best choosing and recalling funny experiences.

After all, life is about learning how to love one another. You forget the hurts but remember only the moments when you loved and cared for them and how they loved you back.

And I guess this is the message that Jesus wants to share with us… that we try to avoid hurting one another no matter how difficult . That we always try to see the good in each one of us…

On the contrary, I feel like I found it to be a pleasant experience. Not because of the thought that this would be the final time I get to see everyone I love but because I have been given this one huge chance to have a moment with all of them and something as solemn and graceful as a final meal is something that, should it be the last time you get to be with your loved ones, should be treated with much care and meticulousness when deciding how you want your final celebration of you to go with them

I thought having that last party was a bittersweet affair. After all who gets a chance to say goodbye? I thought about my family and close friends I will invite and I ask myself if I have loved them in a way that they needed ? Have I been supportive or just too self centered in looking out for myself ? I am always afraid of loving too much and not being loved back.

In the end this song echoes in my mind …

Song : Fill the world with love

In the evening of my life I shall look to the sunset
At the moment of my life when the night is due
And the question I shall ask only God can answer
Was I brave and strong and true?
Did I fill the world with love my whole life through?

I sincerely hope that the answer to this will be yes…. I should stop making excuses and love bravely and fully

It was pleasant. I reflected on this right after dinner when the whole family was in the dining room; my daughter in law’s first Holy Week with the family so we were sharing past events: there was so much laughter. And this is how I want my last meal on earth would be.

The exercise made me smile and tear up. Tears of joy as I see my guests – immediate family and the closest of friends and relatives all happily chatting away. It will be in our home and everybody is just busy chatting, laughing and I soak them all up and smile in between tears because of overwhelming love and gratitude.

I’ve always told my kids that when I go, I want my wake to be a big party, with music and drinking and celebration. After all, I’m going home to Jesus, so that deserves a celebration 🙂

That’s always how I’ve thought about the Last Supper. What was new to me was the use of the word “earnest” when Christ was saying how much he wanted to do the Passover with the apostles. How said he must have been, knowing that this was the last time he would be with them on this greatest of Jewish holidays, this most communitarian affirmation of the faith and the collective. It would be like going to a family Christmas dinner knowing I would not be around for the next ones. Bittersweet and poignant.

Do you think Jesus misses us? Does he miss the joys of being human together: having a drink, playing sports, chatting over a meal, that kind of stuff? I’d like to think that he does, just a bit. I miss him being human enough to me to be that way with him.

My mom passed away June 30 2021. She liked a glass of wine now and again. In her memory, my brothers and I raise a glass to her whenever we have a drink. Not for her sake, but for ours. Maybe that’s part of what the Last Supper is about – not for his sake, but for ours.

Surprisingly, the activity was a welcome reminder of a somehow similar dinner that I’ve been conceptualizing in my mind with my closest friends. Depending on my age, I would want to gather that number of my closest and dearest friends who had been instrumental in bringing me to where I am now. A private fine dining dinner to serve as a thanksgiving for a life well lived (hopefully).

I would like to thank them for all the assistance they extended and ask for forgiveness for the things that I was not able to do for them. This exercise reminded me that I have people around me who are there both in my joyful and trying times. And it’s important for me not to forget about them.

It was a delightful activity. Other than struggling with the question of whether some people should be there or not, there’s not much difficulty. In the end, decided to keep the number of my guests to five people – the five I believe will be able to hold my hand as I transition to the next life, the ones I can be foolish and crazy with and pray with me – as we are.

I invited some folks who have recently extended their generosity to my son who had to undergo surgery a few days ago. These are acquaintances from years past who owe nothing to me, whom I haven’t really been in touch with for a long time and who were never really even that close to me. They are now my exemplars for what it means to be generous and compassionate. These are the kind of people I would like to emulate in the time I have left and whom I would like to be around my family when I’m gone.

I couldn’t help but think of the Kdrama, 39. What was supposed to be a list for a wake became a list for a surprise brunch party of someone who is about to leave the living. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever get to see and hear the people who would visit me when I die. But how more joyful it would be to be with loved ones for a going-away gathering. Not really a sad get together, but one that is filled with gratitude and thanksgiving.

I thought of the same scene in that show. I cried a lot watching that scene. The dying character wrote a list of people she enjoyed sharing meals with and that’s how I wrote my list too. The friendships that are worth keeping, the ones that allow you to be yourself.

Share a simple meal with family and friends. Nothing spectacular but just enjoying each other’s presence and stories. Taking the time to say thank you to each one of them. I felt at peace thinking about this but I also thought of including loved ones who passed on already in the gathering.

it felt bittersweet. i both felt happy and sad. happy because i get to be with my loved ones before i die. the dinner for me served as a thanksgiving party before i leave this world and unto a new journey after life. i felt sad because i’ll be leaving them and i wasn’t able to be with them as often as i wanted to.

My heart became heavy. I actually cried-just by thinking of leaving them forever made my heart ache– hindi ako prepared. On the other hand, I am still thankful to have a day to spend and spare with and for my love ones-not anyone can have it.

Also, I had a hard time choosing/ inviting people. I am imagining that my last supper with them is in the dining area in the castle of the Beast in the cartoon film Beauty and Beast — I love Disney so much and for the last time, I want to share it with them. I will serve their favorite food– I will ask them to share me their favorite stories.

The first question was pretty hard to answer. I have a handful of loved ones but if this is my last supper, I would love to spend it with my aunts, my brother, and my godson.

Reflecting on who matters most in my life is quite liberating.

Feeling urprisingly light knowing that we are all temporary in this fragile life fabric. And refreshingly honest to plan the inevitable – at least with the choice of knowing when and how (unlike an accident that can happen anytime). Reminding me to be humble and accepting of others “uniqueness” as they may also perceive me to be “unique”.

Would love to consult with God how to make it more acceptable to those whom I hold closest to my heart, and leave them in His grace. 🙂

My discomfort came out when deciding who I would invite to my last supper. I only wanted people I liked there, and not at all those whom I’ve wronged or cut ties with or never apologized to. I immediately felt guilty—here was my last chance to make things right, to be the bigger person, but I refused to take it. I wanted my last supper to be happy, as much of a celebration—of me!—as possible. I suppose it is only natural, but I thought it was quite selfish.

A pleasant experience, but I cried a bit. Made me realize I am lucky since my hypothetical last meal isn’t very different from what I usually experience/share with my friends. I guess the only difference is my family (all in the US) would be present. I didn’t have much to tell them, because I think I always tell the people close to me how much I appreciate and love them. I just have a few bilins, like please take care of my husband and my dogs. We’d be by the beach, because my dogs love swimming, I love swimming and watching the sunset. BTS songs would be playing as I hug my husband and dogs and peacefully sleep as the day ends. 🙂

It was pleasant. Honestly I ask my students this question or of a similar vein, making them imagine their own funerals. It was nice to do it for myself for a change.

Nothing was too hard, maybe choosing the playlist was the hardest as I have a hard time imagining songs and well if my guests would enjoy the National alongside songs of Carly Rae Jepsen and Mitski on the side.

I guess… speaking from my feelings of comfort with the exercise and how essentially it would just be one long “inuman” over the stories of the past that I have had with each of guests I have invited, I think the Lord was reminding me that I have had many friends. And not just the sort of friends who were merely a result of forced circumstances, but rather people who do mean much to me and hopefully I mean much to them as well.

Especially in this time when I feel most alone with what had happened, He reminds me I am not alone (and if death is something that as an old thinker used to say: our own-most-possibility or something we alone can own up to), that I have my friends along the way. That I don’t have to be alone when I face the “deaths” of my life. That people do care and do listen, that at the end of the day there will be people who would want to share a bottle of beer or two or five by the campfire sharing the stories we’ve gone through.

I imagined it to be a feast, a gathering where I can be with the most important people in my life, it will be dinner time around sunset, in an open beach like Boracay…

Unlimited buffet course like those of Vikings

I would want those people who are special to my like my immediate family, some close relatives, close friends and community members, if I could wish more i would invite my all time favorite star! (of course! it’s my last meal!)

I want to leave happy, and fulfilled, saying goodbye, worshipping, singings songs of praise…

Planning my last meal, I want it to be during lunch, by the beach. Since I have bad eyesight at night, during the day I will be able to see clearly the laughter and smile of my family, the beauty of the shining sun, the peaceful blue of the sky. There will be music, wine, coffee, and even dog treats for my dogs.

My first thought was a prayer: that I would be so blessed to be able to celebrate a Last Meal with my family. I realize that very few people do.
Planning it was easy because I knew at once who I would invite – the people I love most : my immediate family. Menu would be simple : good wine and a variety of pica-pica. Venue would be a beach, preferably an island just by ourselves. Time would be sunset. Music – mellow but upbeat music that one can dance to if so desired. And we would be looking at pictures of our vacations together, reminiscing and exchanging stories of fun times. I would thank each one of them for how they had made me happy.

I would invite my children and grandchildren, I would like to bless them. Tell them the gift I see in them and to thank them for simply being a gift to me in my life. I would like to ask them to forgive me and to tell them I forgive them as well.

I actually enjoyed this exercise, and in the particular the question on who to invite, it made me think about who are the people in my life who are special to me, and it reminded me how many people do love me and care for me. There are times when I feel alone and unloved, but looking back, I realize that’s not true at all. These are people I’d want to spend my last day on earth with, and surprisingly there are quite a number of them, and I found that thought very comforting.

Also, planning the last meal was fun! I get to eat all the things I want haha, without thinking about other things.

Initially I didn’t know how to go about it, but came around. When it came to thinking of whom to invite, as I ‘chose’, I wondered whether the hodge-podge of personalities—family, dear friends/confidantes, those who’ve helped and served me along the way– would get along. Then I figured, it shouldn’t matter much, it should be a celebration of the gift of life and the gifts given and received during my life.

It was a pleasant exercise for me. I enjoyed planning the last meal. It was a celebration of love and a thanksgiving for those around me.

Immediate family and trusted friends and some people from my team.

Mediterranean Food – Kebabs, pita, hummus, tatziki, fries and moussaka

Wine, limoncello, lemonade, tea, yogurt, baklava

By the beach or a poolside with string lights

Mix of sitting on the ground and on tables. Blue and white and gold decor ornate and classy. Eucalyptus styling

Instrumental Disney songs

I found this exercise to be quite peaceful, as I was imagining that I had enough time and more than enough resources to plan my own going-away party. I imagined being able to bring to a quiet, beautiful beach all of my closest family and friends. We would enjoy a delicious buffet on the beach, with joyful music playing and the pleasant sea breeze in our hair. I would have prepared gifts in advance for each and every one of my guests. I would give each one a book that I think would bring them delight and/or wisdom. I would leave with each one a personal, handwritten note (with a favorite photo of ours, if I had one) that expressed my gratitude for their love and presence in my life. I would tell them to keep this happy event, this beautiful send-off as one of their best memories of me because I’d want them to feel love and gratitude when they think of me.

I remember the soulful supper I had with my Father when I was little. He died two years ago. For several years, I’ve alienated myself from him because I hated him. Now, I am taking the high road to rediscover or reinvent myself by reconnecting to who he really was as person by remembering the good qualities that he had.

It was a bit uncomfortable and unsettling at first. I guess partly because I don’t think I’m ready. There are things that I still want to do and to finish. Another part was the difficulty of whom to invite. I ended up with a long list and I’m not sure if this is good or bad. I guess I’ll stay with this feeling first and I plan to go reflect again on the questions and the exercise.

I will spend the last meal with family and loved ones. It will be a simple intimate celebration of thanksgiving, love and life. I will also invite the people who are dear to me that needs reconciliation among themselves to remind them to grow the love in their hearts when I’m gone.

I am grateful for the life I had and for those I have been blessed to encounter. This would be a thanksgiving celebration for each and every guest helped me in my life journey. There will be singing, dancing – lots of good food and drinks in a beautiful home/garden. I would take time to speak to each guest – thank them for having been part of my life; and apologise to them for the hurts I have caused. God has blessed me abundantly – He has been in each of my guest, in all my triumphs but most especially in all the trials through my guests. Look forward to what lies ahead!!

I will invite immediate members of my family and maybe few close friends. My signature dish will be there as well as my family’s comfort food and favorite dishes. And probably play the song – “love will keep us together”. After the meal, maybe play games, do dancing, karaoke. Before the party ends, I just hope I could find the heart and the strength to talk to each one and say “thank you… & sorry…” but not “goodbye”.

It felt like relief in a way, because I’ll be 1 step closer to God, even though I’ll be passing through purgatory first. I realized my most important request the loved ones I’ll be leaving behind is that they pray for my soul.

Thinking about who i wanted to have it showed me the ones who really mattered. I have so many friends but in the end, there was a handful of people that I knew i wanted to be with in the end. It was surprising but liberating as well. I go through each day, worried about pleasing people but this showed me who really mattered

Writing the details of my last meal made me ponder about how Much I have spent time with the people whom I treasure the most. It reminded me to be more present, to reach out more, to make time for the people who matter most to me.

Yes, a reminder to cultivate the relationships with people who matter the most to us, those same people who we want to be with us in that last meal ..

A meal can be the last meal. So take to heart every neal shared with family and friends, every meal that creates fellowship, thanksgiving, and friendship is an opportune time to experience Jesus’ love—till the end.

it was a difficult exercise for me..however I managed to think about it and plan for it using the guide questions. The guests list was very clear to me..I wanted all my loved ones to be there. I managed to imagine it as a happy occasion rather than a sad one. It was scary to think about perishing in this world but when you think about should be a happy occasion as you will be united with the Lord and your Creator

The message to me was, Be in the moment because it could be your last. Celebrate life everyday. Tell loved ones you love them regularly. Connect with people meaningfully. Hug your pets. All will be ok.

It was not a very pleasant idea at first as the thought of leaving my family and close friends made me sad. But my thank you speech made me realize how blessed I am to have these wonderful people with me. There were many thing to be grateful for. It reminded me again how life is too short and how we should seize each day as we don’t know when we would be called by the Almighty God.

I would choose to be with my family, friends, and relatives rspecially those who are abroad and far away. I would choose pizza, fried chicken, all the food that I know they would love.
Hug each one tight and tell them that I love them even when we are far away from each other and dont communicate.
Then pray for each other’s concerns – health, protection and blessing their work, businesses and means if livelihood.

As I had mentioned last night to very close friends, I am ready to go if the Lord wants to take me. 🙂 If I still have a way to go – then I continue with my final mission, and that is to spread God’s love. I will continue to “pay it forward”. Help those who I can help with the gifts and resources I have been blessed with. My last supper will be with my family, close friends and neighbors. We will have a picnic. We will have a boodle fight meal. Song playlist will include “What A Wonderful World” and “We Are Family”. I will share my life journey and my life lessons. I will encourage everyone to plan on leaving a good “legacy” before they go.

The menu will be simple and something I lovingly prepared; the venue will be my home, where I can comfortably serve. I lingered over the guest list… my immediate family, a few very close friends. Tears came when I thought of my siblings as I live overseas and would love to be able to have them around on this thanksgiving meal. The reflection brought to mind the reason I strive to return to the Philippines at least once a year. The pandemic put a pause to that but I’m back with them now as I’m having this retreat. From this year on, every mini reunion meal I will have with them will be a thanksgiving meal, for it truly is a time of gratefulness and grace. The songs, “Have I told you lately that I love you” and “What a wonderful world” will play in the background as we talk and laugh over the serious and mundane. I felt grateful, nostalgic and a bit sad about the idea of leaving loved ones behind. The exercise has also surfaced a desire to cultivate a closer relationship with my in-laws who have been such a generous and supportive extended family.

i think i got stuck at the first question – who to invite…so difficult to choose who to include or exclude. without a doubt, i want my immediate family – husband, children, their significant others and their children. i want to be embraced by the warmth of their presence and love. then, i thought maybe i want to invite my sisters, too, with whom i have been sharing much online during this lockdown period…also my best friends who have been so close to me during this pandemic, especially after one almost died from covid. that near death experience of one of us was a major wake up call…scared me as i reflected on how easily life can end and how little time there is to show love to people we care about. but then, thinking again of my guest list, i thought maybe i should not have too many people around during my last meal since it would be hard to give full attention to anybody when there are too many others around. (note to self: i am a people pleaser!) but perhaps, it is really the being there together that matters, even if the chitchat and the laughing might be focused on a single interaction partner at a time. the heart is all-embracing and love encompassing, even if the mind and body can only focus one at a time. so, it would be less important where it will be held or what will be served and what specific activities will be planned. i just want a final event to tell people i love them and how sorry i am to have thoughtlessly hurt them, in any way, in the past, if ever…and also to feel their love and forgiveness…maybe the venue can be by the sea at sunset…

Planning for my death was something I did back in 2020. I got COVID and I was not really sure if I will recover. So at the onset I already made plans for my family. I really made a list of what they will do in case it happens, what they will do with my stuff, my passwords for all my accounts, etc. Everyday I was preparing for the worst. When you think about the possibility of death you will realize the things that really matter… I cant have my last meal with them since I’m in isolation. So we had meals sometimes thru videocall.

If I will have my last meal, it would be at home, we will have the usual food that we have with some extra cheese and ice cream. It will be a meal of thanksgiving…

I am grateful and blessed, that’s what I realized from the exercise. I want to invite everyone I loge and dear to me and found out that it was a long list. I want overflowing food and drinks to make sure the guests will enjoy the food. There will be 80s music, dancing and lots of chatting! I want it very casual and free flowing.
Then it dawned on me that it would be my last and that made me feel a bit emotional. I thougt that the party will be bitter sweet. I realized then that I wanted my loved ones to be very, very happy that night too. So, instead of the focus being on me, I thought that it should shift to making sure my family would have a great time. Then that meant they should’ve also be able to invite whoever will make them happy and enjoy the party.
It would also be a time for me to personally say thank you, to ask family and friends to take care of my family when I’m gone. A time to forgive and time to be forgiven.
That last party should be the happiest one!

I am ready to leave this world. In fact, I think I welcome death but I want to be remembered fondly by my family and friends.

i would want to leave this world with people remembering me and the moments i shared with them with fondness. i would want to make other people happy – even up to my last breath! it was my “life goal”, after all. apart from good food, fun games and laughter, i would want intimate conversations with people to whom i would need to “endorse” tasks – so they’d know what to do with “what’s left of me”. realization: it is only when we think about death that we actually think about life.

I felt a deep sadness mainly because I will miss my family and friends. But I also felt grateful that I had a chance to say my proper goodbye to people I love.

I am a very private person and never one to call attention to myself. I always thought that given a choice, I wanted to go quietly into the sunset without any fanfare or going-away party. I may hold a small gathering for immediate family members, without them know it would be my last meal with them. Perhaps a separate gathering with close friends too. That would be a enough blessing if I could be with them one last time in a happy setting.

Same with me. Maybe this has something to do with my introversion. I wanted to go quietly, without much fanfare. If ever I would share a meal, it would be a small and intimate group with my significant relatives / friends.

My last meal would be like the family Christmas lunches we hold every year (except in 2020). This would be my wife & sons, my sister & her family & my brother & his family & apos. The meal would be as what my wife prepares every Christmas. There would be no music because we should be talking, laughing & enjoying each other’s company. My message to them is to continue loving each other as they are doing now & to encourage my sons to be good men & take care of their mother.

It was a very interesting exercise. I had a mixture of feelings – there was some disbelief, amusement, fun and then it turned to overwhelm, to sadness, then warmth and comfort and in the end, to gratefulness and love. Remembering all the people I love and who have given me support and comfort in their own ways moved me. It was very hard to choose people and I realized I had a long guest list which made me realize that I am very lucky to have multiple support groups and communities. But it always boiled down to my family, close friends and significant other. I felt very blessed, just thanking God for the people I have in my life – how the power of His love shines through despite misunderstandings and mistakes. Even though I felt sad and a bit restless imagining my last meal with them, there was a quiet peace and comfort imagining them around me and conversing with each other.

As I was planning the guest list, the menu, the program, I realized that it felt like I was planning a pretty normal get together with my closest friends and family — a dinner and movie night. The guest list got longer and longer as I went along, even as I’m writing this, I’m adding people to the list in my head. I do love all these people, and I would love to see them one last time before I go.

I’m not married, and I don’t have any children — which I sometimes bemoan. Maybe if I had my own family this dinner would be much smaller and more intimate, but since I don’t, I find myself just embracing the big party that seems to be coming together.

It was a pleasant experience to plan for my last meal. I realized that I will never be ready for that day just like how I planned it now. I also felt fear since you will never know when will this last party will be.

The first person i thought about was my crush, or the idea of him. But i realize we did not share a lot that much, so why would i bother to invite him, especially if he doesnt have any feelings for me. I’d rather spend my last hours with my family (not all
of them) and close friends, and maybe we’ll just play a drinking game.

Enjoying the last meal with the community of sisters is a great privilege and a grace from God. I wish that during the last meal, my love ones will also be together with us.

If it were to be a last meal for me, aside from my son and my family, I would invite the abandoned children. These little angels have a special place in my heart. Not so long ago when I was assigned to children with Leukemia and losing them from this deadly disease totally broke my heart.

Planning the place, venue, playlist and what to say to/things to do with guests was a pleasant exercise for me since I like doings tasks such as these with friends and family. It was difficult though to determine whom to invite if it were to be a last meal for me. Eventually, it simplifies to the people I love and hold dear in my heart.

The exercise for me meant valuing the people in my life, the ones who are very close to me and even ones who have in one way or another touched my life through simple words/acts. If I also leave this earth, I would want others to have happy and good memories with me instead of bitter/sad ones.

In this unusual exercise, the Lord tells me to be grateful for everything and continue to love others.

I will invite my family who taught me what unconditional love is.
I will also invite people who hurt me, betrayed me and caused me so much pain. Since this will be my last meal, I would like to free myself of the pain they caused me by unconditionally forgiving them. By just letting go and letting God fill my aching heart with His love.

I was very uncomfortable planning my last supper. I felt very sad but went theough the exercise anyway. I even thought of our conversation- Mostly my habilins to my children who are my only guests. So, so sad!

The lord was trying to tell me who are really important in my life! That the end would be with my children alone

At first, while thinking about the food I wanted to serve, it felt nice because I thought about all my favorite foods and would not be worried about the weight gain. But then I thought that if I were planning my last meal, I must be seriously I’ll and might not even be strong or lucid enough to be doing all the planning. I may not even have the appetite to eat all that food. That’s when thoughts turned to whom I wanted to be around me. I thought about my dearest friends, but if I were at death’s door, I wouldn’t want them to witness that. So while I wouldn’t prevent people from coming, I would insist my immediate family to be around. And I would want us to laugh and share funny, even embarrassing stories about one another. Good food and laughter – that would be a nice last meal.

Aside from those I love most, I would invite as well those who have hurt me the most. I don’t know yet what I would say to them aside from letting them know they are invited to join the feast, but I feel that I would want them to be there.

I am dreading an upcoming supper which I don’t want to call “last” but it will definitely be the last for a while. I will be leaving a very dear and elderly loved one who lives far away, and with times being as they are, I don’t know if or when I will be able to see her again — or if she will still know me by the time I get to visit her again. It’s heartbreaking and while I knew that supper would come (soon, now) — this exercise makes me want to prepare well for that evening. I wasn’t thinking much about it beyond the meal aspect, but now I’d like it to be an entirely memorable experience of love all around.

I was too eager to plan my “going-away” party with my family and closest friends. I looked for a nice garden reception. I imagined how the lights will be set-up, the tables and chairs, the comfy sofa where we will talk a little more after dinner…We will recall happy and sad memories as we flash photos on the huge screen. I will just thank them for being part of my life. I will ask forgiveness if I have caused them any pain. I will tell them not to be sad because I will be in the arms of Jesus soon. He is my Spouse and my Constant.

I would invite all my inaanaks whom I never saw after their baptism and I will listen to their stories.

During the pandemic, it was difficult to ask people over for dinner or even on special occasions. Sometimes, even family members who do not live in your same house are not allowed. The idea of putting up a special dinner with the people you love, family and friends, and reuniting with them and putting up something in the dinner that is very me and personal made me realize how I value togetherness. How I used to love hosting dinner at home and inviting people over. On the other hand, the reading made me reflect on my own struggle on finding my way back to the Lord. I’ve been wanting to have my confession to finally partake in the communion. And I hope I’ll do it soon.

The exercise was pleasant overall. I found it quite fun to choose the menu and the venue for the gathering. However, one thing that struck me was the process of choosing who to invite, what the menu had, what I planned to say or do, etc. These revealed what I really value and want in my life. Perhaps God wants me to see what I value and remember that or maybe even use that as I go on in life.

For someone so afraid of the uncertain, this was oddly a bit peaceful. Id have my family and friends – and people who’ve really made a difference to me – and I’d take the opportunity to say thank you for being there for me and inspiring me to be a better person. I’d take the opportunity to tell them how much i love them.

This is a good exercise to reflect on. I would want only my immediate family present, specially my children. They are all living away from us now, and so this last meal will give me an opportunity to tell them my advice, specially on their faith and and the purpose of life, which has been forgotten somehow. If my husband will still be present it will be sad, as I fear leaving him to spend the rest of his life alone.

If I am given the opportunity to plan my last meal I would like to invite those who I have an unfinished business with at this point- my siblings. It would be so awkward planning this considering the frictions that are occurring among us. In varying degrees we are at odds with each other. Like our Lord there are those who betrayed and continue to betray me but I choose to face them at this last meal and offer me hand in reconciliation. I could imagine the Lord’s heaviness of heart at this point and share in that feeling. I pray that like him I am able to let go of the hurt so I I may go in peace. I pray I will be able to forgive as He did. I pray for the humility to wash the feet even of those who hurt me. All these are not possible if it’s just me but I lift you my heart to the Lord to do the impossible . For with God all things are possible ! Lord Jesus have mercy on me 🙏🏼

No time for sadness. Not only family and friends, but complete strangers will be there. There will be dancing to the song Happy.

At first, it was unpleasant, brings me back again to the thought when my father died. But somehow it is practical to think about it,and to somehow accept the fate the everyone will lead there.

It was surprising to realize that it was Jesus who was looking forward to having the last meal with his disciples. He was inviting them to take part in His last meal. Just as today, He continually invites us to go to Him and take part in Mass and the sacraments. He wants to be with us and it us who make excuses not to be with Him.

I felt sad. Solemn thinking it would be my last meal. Anticipating what I’d tell my family and all my friends . I would love to invite everyone I know and have come into contact with. Its going to be my last day on earth. Everyone I have known and met in my life were for me sent to me at the particular time by God. God’s handiwork and it calls for a celebration in spite of the fact I will never see them again. Sad tho i’d like to make the most of my last meal by saying thank you and sorry. those are very important to me. And this pandemic has shown that those two words can be life changing,transforming hearts . My heart and those around me.
Would like to feel everyone’s love one last time- thats my wish for my last day/meal.

I was imagining the last birthday of my Dad last Jan 6, 2022. He went back to the arms of Our God, Our Loving Father last March 30, 2022. We had a thanksgiving birthday Mass for Dad on his birthday. so I was thinking, I would like to have a Thanksgiving Mass as well. I want to highlight the goodness of God in my life. I want it a day of gratitude and gratefulness. A time to thank God and thank everyone. . I will invite my families, intimate close friends, my religious friends and relatives and maybe, those whose lives I touched and those whose lives have touched me. I also want to invite those who have helped me in my life. i also want to hear from them. Food will be simple, few choices but delicious. I also want to have desserts.

This exercise is indeed a soul stretching one. unpleasant, morbid but I bravely faced and planned the final meal

I’d probably invite just my family because I have always been a very private person. Now that I have to terms that this last supper will come anytime, I’d start making amends with those I have hurt, be more conscious of how I’d live my life so that it will be worthy when I finally meet my Maker.

I wanted only my husband and kids present. Where tho they are aware of the circumstance will not take pity on me or cry and be sad. Instead, it will be a gathering filled with love and laughter. Truly enjoying each other’s company while enjoying good food.

My going away party will be just my family including my sisters and, if she is still around, my Nanay. Nothing more than our ordinary family birthday gatherings…cake, ice cream, crispy Pata, pansit…because we will be celebrating another birth to eternal life. No dirges. “Shout for Joy” would be nice! My grandchildren will jump and dance.

When I pictured my last meal, the only people I wanted to invite were my three children. I would just have our usual weekly bonding family meal where they choose what food they want. We are at home, and all I do is listen to them and enjoy that moment with them.

The first person I thought about was my ex-bestfriend whom I had a falling out some years ago. This was followed by loved ones and people who have served our household. I want tell them how thankful I am for the blessing that they are in my life; giving them details of how they have inspired and influenced me to be a better person.

This exercise made me realize that the time is now to tell them how much they mean to me— and not to wait for the last meal

I would celebrate with a Thanksgiving Mass for those who can attend, family and friends. It is a time of GRATITUDE to say thank you for being part of my life and if I could give them all a BIG Big BIG HUG ! If I have the time love letters will be given as well.A simple meal to celebrate Life and music will be Seasons of Love and Memories! All in His plan and in His time.

The Passover Meal is a usual Jewish feast. In the first Passover Meal in Egypt, their first born sons were spared. In this Last Supper with Jesus, the SON suffers and died for us, to free us and restore our place as children of the Father. And like the disciples, how clueless I am/ do not fully comprehend the truth of how great is GOD’s love for me/us.

The exercise made me more thankful for all my blessings. Planning the last meal was something different a bit scary but also a good exercise. For me it emphasized more of the “me” who wants to be surrounded by my family, wanting to share what I have and try to share the best experiences for them. And inviting a few friends who journeyed with me in my life. A meal to be shared with the ones I love and share with them how I am so much loved by God and the same love I want to share with them.

It was a bit unpleasant knowing you will leave the people you love. I just lost my mom a few months ago. It pains me so much to this day. That is how it will be when you leave someone you love so much in this life. I also feel grateful because there will be a lot of them and it speaks of how I lived my life. Time for me to thank each one of them while I still can. The Lord is telling me to treasure the ones that I still have right now. No time to waste but make each day a memorable and meaningful one.

i thought of this song while planning my guest list. – “Sometimes” by Karen Carpenter.

Sometimes not often enough
We reflect upon the good things
And those thoughts always center around those we love
And I think about those people who mean so much to me
And for so many years have made me so very happy
And I count the times I have forgotten to say “thank you”
And just how much I love them

Just my immediate family…gave me insight that I really think others in my life might even want to be with me anyway. It would also give me time to seriously share with them my last thoughts on how they should treat each other when I am gone. Menu would be what we normally enjoy when together for meals…more important what they want as their enjoyment brings me happiness since I’m not really picky about my food. Location would be home in an aircon place (don’t like the heat…better not get to that dreaded place then). Seems like I’m happy with what and where I am today…no special changes needed. Lord, I beg you to continue blessing us and allowing us to know your will for each one of us.

Before diving into the planning process of my “last meal” I had to read the exercise question several times. It was unusual but the moment I got into the “planning” part of it, words and ideas started flowing out of me. I enjoyed the exercise — is that weird? I no longer thought of it as a “last” and rather I tried to make the most out of it and enjoy whatever time I had left with the people at my “party” But now as I type this I feel sad again just thinking about who I would be saying my last goodbye to…

The food, the location, the music were easy. I realized who mattered most to me when I made the guest list, and the fact that I did not include ALL the friends in my life. I would not say anything special—just talk and laugh like nothing unusual was happening. It was a good experience, knowing that the thought did not make me anxious.

Pleasant but sad exercise knowing that you are leaving your loved ones & friends behind…BUT MY BIGGER QUESTION IS> What am I leaving them behind? What memory comes to them when all this is finished & my body in ashes?
Help me Lord to fulfill my mission before my Last Supper comes🙏

It was a pleasant exercise. I was thinking big and bongga but ended up with a small and simple gathering of my nearest and dearest – favorite people and foods. God is telling me how lucky I am already. I have everything that I need. There are also some unknowns as the plus ones of all my loved ones. I would like to meet them all someday. I would also like to start over in a new home- wherever that may be. It will be at my house where I chose to have my last meal.

It was both a pleasant and poignant experience. Planning the meal (in my mind a fun party!) to share with family, loved ones (even those who’ve passed), and inspirations, was fun. But thinking of what I would say to them was an emotional experience. I was overwhelmed with love and gratitude for their presence and support all thru my years, for bearing with me thru the difficult times and cheering me on thru the best ones.

This particular verse in the Last Supper narrative gave me new insight today.

“But behold the hand of him who betrays me is with me on this table.” For the Son of man goes as it has been determined, but woe to that man by whom he is betrayed!”

Imagining Jesus as he was saying this, I could feel a certain sadness and frustration in His heart. Knowing that the end is near, He could have been feeling disappointed that He has not fully fulfilled His mission to convert souls towards what is good which was the Father’s will. This feeling of mission failure even became more real when he realized that even among His closest friends and disciples, He is unable to convince everyone to follow His way despite all the teachings He has shared to them through words and deeds.

This is a familiar feeling to me these days, knowing that there may be very little time left for me in this life journey of mine. Questions like, have I done enough to change my ways and also help others find their way towards our Lord? Have I embraced my calling and my mission fully as Jesus did?

These questions are very timely and they come at a very critical point in our country’s future. Partisan politics aside, we are facing the very difficult battle of hearts and minds as we approach the May 9, 2022 elections that will elect our new president and other national and local leaders.

Modern day technology has been weaponized to spread lies at a scale that has brainwashed a vast number of our people into believing untruths as facts. Such a hi-tech weapon has been so powerful that it appears that it could actually bring back to power the people who have actually chosen to perpetuate such massive deception.

Amidst this dark and gloomy possibility, however, we are seeing that there are many hearts that are moved to courageously face this daunting challenge of pushing back against such dark intentions and motivations. Many are fighting this battle not in a confrontational and condescending way but in a very humble, open-minded and loving way of truth telling. They are engaging in face to face dialogues and are sincerely listening to each other to discover their respective realities first hand, away from the noise and blur of virtual realities that have been shaped by the social media weapons that have been used. Like Jesus, they have chosen to be physically present for each other.

As it was in the last supper, I am witnessing a lot of Filipinos from all walks of life breaking out of their comfort zones and generously sharing of themselves to each other with much respect, empathy and love despite their differences and shortcomings.

There is really no guarantee that hearts and minds can change in time for the very crucial and important choice that we as people will make in May. But maybe, like Christ, we must choose to just respond to our Father’s call to love regardless of the possible disappointments and betrayals that will come our way.

Definitely, Good Friday will be upon us not only tomorrow but in the coming days, weeks and months ahead. I am certain that it will even extend beyond the May elections. Please pray for me as I promise to pray for you so that we will all bravely choose to carry our respective crosses and together save our souls.

Wishing everyone a meaningful and peaceful Holy Week.

For me, it is pleasant to imagine things, if it is your last meal with your loved ones. It basically reminds me to treasure each moment and time. What is present. To stop thinking of the past and being anxious of the future. What matter most is your present.

Yes, it was a good exercise. Even if we say we plan for it, the whole thing prepared may not be realized. Come to think of it that such last meeting with those closed to us, we want it to happen such that they are all comfortable to be there and them feel recognized. At first it is prepared for everyone to remember it by; but on the last moment we just want it to really happen, just to feel a simple celebration of being together.

Nagulat ako at natuwa nang malaman ko kung sinu-sino ang dapat nandoon at kung ano ang paborito kong pagkain at musika. Naisip kong maghabilin pero salamat lang ang bulalas ng puso ko.

I realised I was very selective with who I picked to attend in my going away party. I expected my list to be endless, yet in my going away party I planned for a smaller yet, closer circle of family and friends. What it meant to me was that life is worthwhile when you spend it with those you care about the most.

The experience is pleasant and calming. I’m a bit emotional at first but find it amusing eventually. I’ll invite those people that I shared moments of laughter and tears with: family members, friends and some peeps I had misunderstanding with. It’ll be a campfire so I’ll hold it in a mountain resort with an open field where we can watch the stars when night time comes. For the food, nothing fancy. It’ll be B-B-Qs and snacks we love to eat. No playlists. Music will most likely move us to tears. I just want to have these amazing people that God surround me with in my last meal to tell them all my “sorry’s”, “thank you’s” and “I love you’s.”💖💖💖

I saw the korean drama “39” and i somehow thought that this will be a most fitting last meal for me…with my dear family and some dear friends that played a big part in my life. The music will be mellow and instrumental. The food that will be served are all the guests’ favorites. The venue would be somewhere that is nature-inspired and with a good view of the sunset…💓

This exercise reminds me that we must live life to the fullest everyday so that when we think of our last meal with our loved ones we will not be filled with regrets and what ifs but only with the the thought that i gave it my all, holding back nothing and i have given my best to each of them that even if this will be the last meal we share i can leave happy and at peace. And say to God, if this is my time to go, thy will be done.

For the first time, I put myself in Jesus’ place…. I felt a sense of fear of the suffering that was to come but also of excitement that I would be going home to my Father. My fear of death is now a bit better, more hopeful knowing I will finally see my God.

I thought about the last meals I shared with family and friends who have departed. Some we did not know that it was the last time na pala. I regret the missed meals and get togethers before that final meal.
I am probably in the last quarter of my life. A despedida for me right now is not unthinkable. But, really, I would like more time .
Todays reflection made me realise that I want to make more memories with the people I love. And I want to make amends to the people I hurt. I want to cook meals for so many people, not as a chore, but as a gift or a reward for so many blessings.
How wonderful it would be if I could give a real part of myself to everyone before I leave.
I especially miss my papa. Knowing that I really made him happy and feel loved while he was alive consoles me and gives me strength. I am reminded to be gracious in accepting and acknowledging the love I receive. There is no perfect love . I need to open my heart to the imperfect love of people even as I find comfort in the perfect love that is Our Lord and Savior.
And, in the same way, I need to offer my love to everyone even though I know that my love is and will always be imperfect.

I find the exercise pleasant and nostalgic. I began to think about all the people I want to be there-my family, close friends from previous and current work, my co-elders in the community, my spiritual directors and those who made great impact in my life. I’d like us to once again talk about the good old life and tell each one what I’m grateful for about them. I’d like to thank them for being there in my ups and downs. The pandemic brought us distance and kept us from being together physically, the thought of gathering everyone I love for my last supper with them would be a great blessing.

To the question–What are you tellong me Lord (through this exercise)?

This is His response–

My child, I am here with you. Your heart is my heart. You have a servant’s heart. Do not be afraid. I hear you, I see you and I will tale care of you. Do not think that by my silence I am far away. I am present in your heart. Continue to do what you are doing, you are where you are needed. STAY IN THE PRESENT MOMENT BECAUSE THAT IS WHERE I AM. I am in the here and now.

As I prepare for my retirement in 3 years’ time, the Lord is now speaking to me thru the song “secret of Life” and the Last Supper reading. The song and the exercise remind me “the secret of life is enjoying the passage of time … on our way down, we might as well enjoy the ride …try not to try too hard .. IT’S JUST A LOVELY RIDE” (Secret of Life). It is indeed comforting to be whispered that I just need to simply enjoy the passage of time. Indeed, God meets us where we are.

It was quite unpleasant and morbid at first when you think about it as it made you think of your mortality. Then again, when I did think about it I realized that I imagined all of it in a positive, celebratory light. I guess it made me think that oh, I do have these people in my life that I wanna be surrounded with and celebrate that meal with and that comforted me. I realize that I am not alone in this world and time is precious, especially the present moment.

I was thinking of how difficult it must have been for Jesus to celebrate his last supper with people who betrayed him. I’m not sure I will be strong enough to do that, but made me realize that in our lives there will always be people who will love us, but also those who will betray us. Are we then called to forgive and understand just like what Jesus seemed to do?

It was a humbling experience to realize that it would be such a blessing to be given the chance to have one’s “Last Supper”. It would be a great to have that occasion to express love and gratitude to everyone around, to exchange memories, to reminisce about the good and difficult times, to share hugs and kisses, and maybe to deliver a final valedictory 😂.

And, as I reflected that, our family was blessed with the good news of the successful surgery and procedure of my Dad’s. The feelings of gratitude has touched me deeply giving so much meaning to the blessings of this Holy Thursday. Thank you, Lord, for your sacrifice and for receiving our prayers.

The party I envisioned was just an ordinary meal with the family. The only exception was that everybody’s favorite dish will have to be on the table. I did not bother about music since I prefer people talking and sharing what’s going on their lives.

My answer to the last question came so naturally: Mauna na ako. Something that I usually say when leaving or saying my goodbyes.

Like it is something that I have accepted.
No death wish here, folks.
Just that it will happen eventually.
That’s all.

Intimate dinner for me and everyone is happy to be invited knowing my friends they will take charge of the all around or san mig lite..i have my grandkids with me…everyone in my ease and no awkwardness, i will relish the time spent with them as this is the last. I would say its a great reunion with splendid food. Indoors or outdoors doesn’t matter as long as i have all my loved ones and bestest friends under one roof

The exercise was a bitter sweet one. I made me realize that time in the world is short and we need to make the most of it. We need to cherish the time with our loved once more rather than focusing on the the material and worldly pursuits. In the end they will not mean much, but our loved once and our love will last.

I felt like I was planning a regular party. It felt festive. I thought about all the people I want to share that last meal with. It is a party I would like to attend 🙂

I really had a pleasure in planning a last meal. It was a surprising experience because I thought I would be planning a very fancy and sophisticated meal, knowing how I usually go all out whenever there are milestones to celebrate. However, when I went through the exercise, the immediate images that came to my mind where the images of my loved ones-family and friends, laughing, singing and simply sharing our stories and adventures in life. It was a spring like day, a good day to do a picnic and relax by the river where we spread the blanket on a green, green grass in the midst of the forest. The raging water and the chirping birds were the sound in the background. I realized that in the end, what really matters are the simplest of things, the people and events that give meaning to life. It was just like an ordinary day, actually.

Striking passage.. Very timely because I feel that I’m not always priority especially in my family. I always give what they need but they not consider what I need. I see myself in God when He said “I earnestly desired to eat this pass over with you before I suffer.” kasi kahit alam Nya na mag susuffer sya sa huli inuna Nya padin tayo hindi nya padin tayo pinabayaan. Parang ako.. Parati ko na lang iniisip yung ibang tao pero minsan nakakalimutan ko na yung sarili ko.. But I realize this is Love.. that you sacrifice yourself for the better and good of others.. A radical love..

This exercise made me think of people whom I love and matter most to me. The party was a way of showing my gratitude of their love to me . I ended inviting so many people — i had so
Much people to thank … at end it made me realize I was loved by many – a great blessing from the Lord

The whole exercise was bittersweet for me, happy in one sense yet definitely brought tears to my eyes. The thought that I can plan my own send-off meant that I would have knowledge of when I am to go and thus be able to spend time, pray the rosary together, cook for my loved ones, chat with them, say “thank you” and “I love you” for the last time.

It kinda hit close to home actually, that’s why I felt a little bittersweet. Instead of planning for my going away, I was thinking of doing it for my aunt who has cancer.

What I had in mind was just like the usual party that we do every time we come home to the province – lots of people (especially relatives/family), food, laughter, and music. But of course, deep inside, we know why we were gathered. It might be sad to see it this way, but it gives us the opportunity to tell the people close to us how they mean to us. It gives us the opportunity to celebrate life, and see the good things by seeing the people around you.

I’ve somehow answered this question already. How do I want to die? I never wanted a violent or tragic death. I also don’t want to be in and out of the hospital. I “plan” to live up to my 80s or 90s. I want to have a get together party with family and friends. Lots of talking, laughter, hugs, kisses. I don’t mind what kind of food or music. I imagine it to be in our house or one of my children’s house. Then after a day or two, they will find me in a rocking chair – gone but very peaceful. Since this is the script I want to play out. I try my best to live my life with no regrets.

I think the exercise reminded me to take stock always of where I am at present. I should be minded of the present moment. Live it the best as I can. Live it the way God had intended it to be. Live it the way that Jesus lived his life, follow his examples.
I should be connected with him in spirit.
We never know that our present moments may be our last. 🌿

I felt happy in the planning, then sad that I would leave my family but hope came with the thought of being all together with Jesus in heaven. I’ll make the most of my time here with gratitude and service and stop complaining

I have earnestly desired to eat this supper with you – Jesus said.
Thinking of my guest list for my last supper, I thought of my Mamang and Daddy. Why kaya? Maybe because I had not shown them enough real love when they were still alive …. And then why did i think of including my “first love” ? Perhaps because I idealized her as the best partner I never had … and I would like to show her that I did not do so badly after all, and that I have no regrets. I think that it is also because I really consider her to be a real friend. A significant friend .

Interestingly enough, the exercise was not as morbid or uncomfortable for me. What I was fumbling and ruminating about was the logistics and even the things I’d be doing there ahaha.

Somehow, the image that came to mind as I was doing the exercise was similar to the beginning of the movie LOTR, where Bilbo had a celebration outdoors.

When thinking of who to invite, there were so many people I would love to be there. People who have made an impact in my life and people I want to share my gratitude for. What I realized is that there are many people in my life who have done things for me and who I want to express much gratitude in return. I am not alone in this and it is a grace to be reminded of that. I only wish that the people I invite would also want to be there to share memories of joy, sadness, and triumph. A celebration of a life that was I suppose! And that is what I feel is coming from me. How to live a life that is meaningful to me and meaningful as well to others.

My first thought was what are the chances I would know I was planning my last meal? Every meal I prepare could be the last. So, I thought not too much about what I would cook but that I would prepare everything with great care and gratitude for the food and those who helped bring the food to our table, and overflowing love for those sharing the meal (whoever it is and wherever I am) with me, and lifting up in prayer those who have nothing to eat.

The most difficult part was choosing music, as I am not really a music person lol.

As always in the past, any gathering at home has always been marked with a balanced meal – salad, pasta, meat & fish, and dessert with drinks. It has been a good formula for family and friends and i would serve the same.

The guest list i trimmed down to the most special people in my life: my family, in laws and lifelong friends of 40+ years. I took into consideration that if i were to tell them it would be my last meal with them, they must also find comfort in each other’s presence and all of them already know each other.

Immediately I thought of the place I would have the meal, or sort of picnic.
Since I love nature, I thought of a nice garden on top of a mountain ao it would be cool, and overlooking a nice serene wide misty lake.

In attendance would be my close family and friends, my spiritual friends, my kindred spirits friends who would really understand everything. Also invited would be my photographer friend to capture everything with photos and videos, a memento to my children and next generations to come.

There would be contemplative music, spiritual, liturgical, a bit of 80s and 90s and 70s music with meaningful messages.

I thought of an afternoon tea, coffee, juices, with little snacks, assorted, because bite size pieces will make one focus on conversation rather than food.

I hope to be able to converse with each one of them, recall memories, ask forgiveness as needed, thank them, wish them a happy life, a fruitful life, ask them to help care for my family.

I will ask all of them to join me in marvelling at the beautiful surroundings and thank God that despite everything He has been there all along teaching, guiding, loving me, loving us. 🙏💕

I felt really fine with it. I love planning get-togethers. I would definitely plan this just with my immediate family ( husband and children and their children). Menu is all time favorites of the family. List is long. Music will be my son’s compositions. I would say to them to have fun and enjoy life. “ you know the routine and drills. Remember them all and tuck them on your belts”.

If I was given the grace to know when—- i would have all the people I love with me…. Simple food surrounded by music of the past. Laughter and reminiscing. Feeling of thanksgiving for having all of them, gifts from the Lord- His instruments of LOVE. Just want to thank each one of them…. And thank God too.

I found the experience rather pleasant. It gave me a good look at the people present in my life and put in to picture the abundance of the things we have shared. It was pretty difficult thinking of the guest list! I didn’t want to have just close friends around but everyone who I’ve encountered in life. The exercise lead me to think about how I want to be remembered. The hope is that by looking at the life we’ve shared in these last moments together, we see just how much grace and glory we have received and that we must continue to fight for the Kingdom of God especially for the sake of the generations to come that they too may experience the very same graces and glories of God.

It was a pleasant exercise for me. Though my mind went a bit haywire.

I would invite my immediate family, my significant person, and strangely the beggar i used to see in my daily walks. I’ll have my family because they were with me since day 1. Then my significant person because I want to spend that precious moment with him along with the people I love most. And lastly the beggar maybe because I felt I have never done anything for him each time I see him and so if he accepts my invite before I leave the world maybe somehow I have been a human enough in this lifetime.

Then the scene I imagined is similar to the last scene of the movie “Dont look up” (I wont spoil it here)

In others words, it would be a simple and heartfelt despida, filled with joy and gratitude. 💖

The exercise was calming and liberating and brought a sense of peace.
Who? My husband and two kids, my mom, my sisters and my brother. A few close friends. My kasambahays.

Where? Mirador Hill Jesuit Villa, dining room, sunset

What to eat: Bread baked in Mirador, dips, salad, wine

What to do with each of my guests: I had originally on impulse planned to have a long list of reminders, for my kids especially (even felt anxiety about not having enough time to do take up all in my list), but remembering it was my last, decided instead to use the time to say thank you and sorry; hug and be hugged – tight, long, heartfelt hugs; and just sit quietly and enjoy watching them all, and remembering all the love…

This was what made it a calming exercise and a source of peace – to realize that in the end, the things that truly matter to me are simple….

I was smiling while imaging how I would plan for my final going away party. It felt pleasant. I invited my siblings and their families. Of course, my children were to be present with our apos. I did not feel sad because I know that there’s no sadness in the next life. I just want to hug and kiss everyone because that’s what I want to leave them with, my love for them.

It was an interesting exercise and I don’t think I’ve ever really thought of that. It made me consider my biggest fears and what made me want to continue living in the first place. It was a nice reminder that, even in the smallest ways, maybe I know how to prepare myself for my own demise.

It wasn’t that unpleasant at all. It made me remember that at the end of the day, all I want is to make a difference in this world we live in, to leave a positive impact on the lives that we touch and the souls we encounter. And as I planned my last meal on Earth, it inspired me more to pursue my passion and purpose, to keep on going and make a difference each day in my own way.

The exercise felt pleasant at first because I like menu-planning and organizing get-togethers but at the same if felt sad because I’m not going to see any of them after that meal.

I felt very sad thinking about how my last meal would be. The menu and the playlist were not important. I focused on who I would invite and what we would be doing. To my surprise, I realized I only wanted a few people there – the ones who touched my life in the most meaningful way. I wanted to enjoy their company one last time and tell each of them I love them.

A very strange thing to have a party on my last day on earth. Chances are, I will be in no mood to do that much less have an appetite. However, I went ahead with it and to my surprise, I enjoyed it! As I observed my guests who were composed of loved ones, I was able to appreciate them fully and let go of the hurts caused by some of them. Then I gave each of them a single important question to answer and I made each of them promise that they would answer the question honestly. I admonished them that they should really be honest because it’s not good to lie to a dying person.These questions were things I’ve always wanted to ask them but did not dare to. I also promised that I’d keep their answers secret. They agreed and I had the most fun during my last day on earth party.

I’ve decided to migrate this year, leaving all the “convenience and comfort” the Philippines have been offering me in the past years and start a new life, alone.

Lowering the “last meal” scenario to my present life… Imagining myself doing my despedida dinner with close friends and family made me feel anxious but at the same time reassured that I have people and a God that will always be beside me in my journey where ever it may be.

It was speaking to me of the courage detachment that promises interior freedom and purification. Jesus gives the example by always beginning His acts with giving THANKS. I was asked to take what I have to BREAK, of what I have to SHED…in the end the invitation of Jesus to DO THIS IN REMEMBRANCE OF ME was strong. I pray for the willingness of my will to go through what He asks.

I hate parties and large groups of people, so I thought of having “mini-meals” / get-togethers with small groups of friends, does that count? Haha! I don’t want to stress myself out with party preps and socializing. But I realized I would not be telling them I’m going away and it would be the last time they would see me. I wouldn’t want to change peoples’ mood. I will just love them as they are, appreciating them as they are, enjoying my time with them as per usual. No drama. No tears.

I felt the TENDERNESS and YEARNING of Jesus in His last supper. Did the disciples truly KNOW the significance of that last meal with Him? Jesus had more awareness than they did, and even if He did tell them it would be His last, how much of that really sunk in with them? I imagine Jesus had to hold in His immense love for them, silently pained that He could not make them grasp that it would be the last time they’d be together like this and that they should CHERISH it.

But no doubt Jesus was holding all these in His heart and cherishing the ones He loved, gathered around Him. Silently loving them all and hoping– yearning– that someday, later on, they would come to grasp the significance of that meal and what He was doing for them. But by then it would be too late, He would be gone. But He hoped they would remember Him and His love, anyway.

Reminds me as well to cherish my loved ones. My parents are elderly and I don’t know how much time I have with them. I have to cherish their presence while they’re still here with me. Thank You, Lord <3

I have been busy with myself in the past months but I don’t think I’ve fulfilled anything 🙁

Reading the scripture about the Last Supper and reflecting on it, I regret not talking to the people that matters most to me. I have elderly parents. I should call them and visit them more often.

Thank you for this.

I was only able to answer the first question with confidence and dwelt on it for quite sometime. The first answer that came to my mind was I would invite the people close to me – my husband and immediate family. It made me realise how important to me feeling connected was especially during this pandemic when we all had to be separated even if we don’t want to. Realising my desire to be connected to others meant a lot since it is something I have been wanting to do more but sadly I could not for many reasons.

After the deaths of close friends this year, sharing the last meal with family and loved ones is endearing. Came to a realization as well that my view on my own death is is what it is. When it’s my time, then it is my time so might as well always be ready. It’s really coming home to the Lord so it is welcomed. Whether the circumstance of it is pleasant, or not, has been predetermined.

I am not much of a party planner – what food to prepare, where and other details. BUT, I was reflecting more on the people I will invite. Of course my family will be there – brothers and in-laws, nephews and nieces, very few close friends who I am able to openly speak to, few sisters in Christ who I am close to, yes few relaties I am close to. I thought it was going to be a small dinner; it is turning out that there will be quite a number of people I would like to join me in my last meal.
I will speak to them one by one and tell them how I truly feel. I will forgive those who hurt me and I will ask forgiveness to those I hurt too.
WoW I hope there will be not much tears.
I will thank them for being a close part of my life.

What struck me about the Story of the Last Supper is how Jesus chose to pause and take a meal with his disciples on the eve of his impending death and the violent fate he would soon face. How could he have sat so calmly despite the fear, the dread, the anxiety? I realize that when i too face an even mildly unpleasant task or situation, i either freeze, avoid, or simply jump headlong into the situation. I would not think to sit, pause, and pray, the way He did. It is a reminder for me to pause and pray, and bring God into my life in the middle of turbulence, in the important events of my life.

If i knew i was down to my last meal on earth, i would first find a quiet place to sit by myself, find stillness and peace in my heart in prayer. It would not matter where or what we would eat, for as long as i am with my loved ones – my family – and we are able to sit in gratitude for all that we have been blessed with and the love we share.

If it were my last meal, I would invite and thank all who have loved me, or hurt me, as all experiences with them have molded me to be a better person.

Suddenly, it occurred to me, why have I not put first in my list, our Lord Jesus?

For me it was fun planning for my going away party. It was a time to say sorry for those I have hurt and to say thank you for always loving and caring for me thru hard times and good times. I wanted my party to be happy and a celebration of life. I remembered my father when he was in the hospital and he was asking for some food he wanted to eat but I was not able to buy that food. I had to call him for an alternative and while I was reflecting the food that I was preparing was the food that I gave my father in his last supper. He enjoyed eating not knowing that it was his last.
It reminded me to always be prepared anytime God can take us away from where we are. To always go back to Him whenever I fall. To always trust him because he will always be there to fulfill our needs.

It was pleasant for me, anticipating the day I will go back to the Lord. But also did not want to be presumptuous that I am worthy of heaven, but yet hopeful that the Lord will take me in.
What was challenging is how to ensure the people I wanted to come will really come without breaking the news just yet on the purpose of the meal. I do not know if the mood will be festive if the reason for the meal is pre-announced as we usually do not have positive feelings about death as it is a permanent goodbye, until we all see each other again in heaven.
It also helped me identify the people who are dear to me, and to whom I would want to entrust my children. It in a way reminds me of what is truly important. But again, I still cannot reconcile it with how I am right now since I am still at a loss with regards to what I am doing now.

Planning for your last meal, made me think of the persons who would I like to thank and talk to rather than thinking of the meal/food to serve.

I felt happy doing this exercise. I’d be with my family and closest friends and relatives. It would be a night of fun and celebration, with all my favorite food and favorite happy songs playing. I imagined that I led a life well-lived and there’d be many words of thanks to each other. I wanted to hear how I touched my loved ones lives and how they touched mine.

My challenge and reflection: if I die today, can I say I lived a good life glorifying Him? Did my love ones see God through me?

I’m still a work in progress till that day.

Thinking about my “last supper” gave me a feeling of gratitude and liberation. Gratitude because I will be able to express my love and gratitude to the loved ones and significant people in my life whom I had invited. Gratitude because I will be able to ask my invited guests to look after one another in love, to cherish relationships and keep them harmonious. Liberation because then there is the feeling of being free from the worries of this world, from the pressures that the world brings upon people, and in anticipation of returning to our home and to our Father in heaven.

The exercise was pleasantly sad, I guess 😅 At first, I was smiling while answering the questions but halfway through, I realized that it would be really THE last meal ever in my life and that was kind of a downer lol. For my last meal, I’ll have my family and my few real close friends come over. I’ll have it at our childhood home or on the plaza of the Church where I grew up. Menu will be at random, whatever the guests I think will like, but chicken is non-negotiable — it’s my favorite. More desserts too because I like sweets. It’s basically a feast for me leaving the earth omg 😂 My personal mixed playlist will be played — kpop, altrock bands, indie songs, and the Beatles are non-negos too. I’ll invite everyone to pray with me intimately for the last time. I’ll tell each person in attendance what I’d like to tell them, and it would be nice to hear them say their parting words for me too.

It’s a simple activity but the striking point is that this meal is a despedida meal, with me not ever coming back. I imagine that if it happens, it would be an extra-emotional day for everyone and acceptance would be hard. I think the Lord simply tells me to live life at its full and enjoy being His instrument while I’m still here. The activity also helped in keeping me grounded as I often get distracted by the world too.

“I have earnestly desired to have this ‘meal’ (passover) with you.” Meals are not special moments until I consider them to be special. Ordinary moments in my life are as important as I make them to be. People I meet everyday are special when I take time to spend some time to actually be with them. These are all ordinary until they are gone. Then my failing memories of them fade, until just my regret of not making each moment special lingers. I should have made my life special, not because of me, but because I was graced with friends, families, oppurtunities and experiences that I should have treasured.

Of the remnants of my memories, I am truly thankful. I am blessed by my life and all that I have encountered, and all who travelled with me.

Of all my memories, I am most thankful whenever my God encounters me, inviting me always to an ordinary meal. This tme, I hope I can make it special – my God and me.

I was surprised at how quickly the thoughts came into my head- how it seemed like this plan was just there, at the back of my mind, waiting for me to call on it.
I think through this exercise Jesus is showing me how I already know the things I need to do before I go, but I have been putting them off, thinking that I have all the time in the world to do them.
Forgiving some, asking for forgiveness from others, having difficult talks about the future with my children, preparing for the inevitability of my Mother’s passing.
This exercise has forced me to take a good hard look at all these things, and maybe I can try to face some of them before it’s too late to do it.

Through the pandemic, I had moments I thought would be my last and gave me the chance to think about the afterlife. I would lean more with pleasant because then I’m able to say good bye and thank you.

In praying over my life—I was surprised that the going-away party was for me—and the story of the Last Supper, for someone like me who’s going through life without any thrill or joy for what’s happening, for a moment I felt that I was special, and that many people love me, and that I too love many. Gives me some meaning and purpose in going through what I am going through and wanting to be hopeful again.

The past months have been very noisy and busy for me, that oftentimes I forget to stop, be still, and talk to the Lord. This exercise was refreshing to me. I do feel a lit of guilt takin advantage knowing that He is just there no matter how busy I am. This retreat I promise to focus on prayer and y quiet time with the Lord.

For me it was fun planning for my going away party. It was a time to say sorry for those I have hurt and to say thank you for always loving and caring for me thru hard times and good times. I wanted my party to be happy and a celebration of life. I remembered my father when he was in the hospital and he was asking for some food he wanted to eat but I was not able to buy that food. I had to call him for an alternative and while I was reflecting the food that I was preparing was the food that I gave my father in his last supper. He enjoyed eating not knowing that it was his last.

This experience was generally pleasant as I imagined sharing an important meal with family and close friends, while I am showing the real me without any fear of being judged.

Difficult thing is being truly open and pouring my heart out especially to my husband who had said that he could see right through me. He said I am selfish and jealous of people, which made me think. Maybe I have not been truly focused on his needs. Maybe I don’t love him enough to prioritize his needs over the things I want to do. Maybe I have been taking him for granted, knowing that he is just there. Why has it come to this? Maybe I am truly the selfish person he says I am.

God, heal my broken heart that I may look beyond the hurt I feel right now. Grant me the courage to be able to approach him and really talk to him so that we may be at peace with each other and eventually be at peace with myself. Maybe from there, we may start a friendship which we never had all these years.

Thinking of how and when my life on earth has crossed my mind a couple of times and gladly, I am at peace facing it.
It will be an occasion to say “Thank You” to each and everyone who has touched my life, one way or the other.
It will be an occasion to say “ I Am Sorry” to those I have offended.
A serious present struggle of mine is the inability to give total forgiveness to those who have hurt me and continue to do so.

Felt quite refreshing… being still after all these years of being “busy” is not easy … and reflecting on one’s mortality and one’s last meal is not something one does often …

Who would you invite as you guests? – Definitely my family and closest friends. Acquaintances and associates are welcome. Sure, even those who have done me ill are welcome.

Where would you hold it? – On impulse, at Home, where we have comfortably lived most of our years. But for more space, perhaps in my favorite club veranda?

What would the menu look like? – Pot-Luck, BBQ and Pizza from the neighborhood restos, stir fry whatevers in the fridge or pantry (and if in my favorite club veranda, order everyones favorite dish.) Food is less important than the company of family and friends.

What playlist would you use for the meal, if any? – Violin and Piano Classical Music. 70’s and 80’s dance music mixed in. No Rap and Hard Rock please.

What would you say and to your guests–or do with them? – I are grateful for all the blessings and challenges (ups & downs) of my Life. These made me what I am now.

Apologies to those I have adversely affected, neglected, or hurt. Thank You to those who have selflessly cared for me, and to those I have shared many wonderful moments, friendships, laughter and hugs with. I Love You!

Live a full and happy life, think of me fondly once in a while, and please keep me in your prayers. I will watch over you in Heaven (the Lord’s Will be done.) Not to worry, I won’t touch your feet while you sleep. 😉

For my last meal, I want my family to be with me. When we’re together, it’s usually a happy time, lots of laughter, talking and eating. We don’t have our parents anymore so it’s just my siblings and our families. Sad to think we will no longer be together but the love we have for each other will always be with us. There will be crying for sure but we will have one last hug and the promise that we will always look after each other and love one another.

Surprisingly, it felt like a pleasant exercise. At first I thought it would be difficult to plan the details but they just came naturally to me. This exercise is an eye-opener on who are the important people in my life and what are the things that I truly value. For example, I chose my hometown as the venue. For food I wanted all my favorite Filipino dishes like sisig and sinigang. I plan to make my guests comfortable, even those who are introverts like me. I wanted it to be a meal that we can all enjoy together. It was a very simple party, just like how I want my life to be.

The Lord might be trying to show me the kind of life that I want – something simple and peaceful. Right now there are so many noises in my head. A lot of things are making me anxious such as things that I feel like I have to accomplish. But looking at my going-away party helps me filter out the noises in my life and to focus on the kind of life that I want to live, while I am still here on earth. It also shows me how blessed I am to be sharing this life with amazing friends and family who accept me and are with me during the ups and downs of my journey.

I found it a fun moment 😄invited are those I’ve journeyed with in faith (they may be a lot), and we’ll begin with the most meaningful meal I enjoyed all my life: the Eucharist 😊After that, we’ll all enjoy a meal featuring my favorites: sisig and cakes 😂The song which I plan to play says, “ Where’s the party, I want to free my soul; Where’s the party, I want to lose control…”. It’s a very secular song, but it’s really about looking up to the happiest party in heaven, freeing my soul, giving it all up for the Lord. By the end of the meal, hoping not everyone is sleepy 🥱, we will all together say another prayer which has been my source of strength and consolation: the Holy Rosary, Consecration to the Holy Spirit, and a prayer to our dearest St.Joseph.

People always prepare meals. It is very seldom that I would do it. I would like that at the end of my life I can prepare it for them. I also love music. I’d want them to listen to my favorite ones carefully planned at particular moments in the party. But I don’t want to make them cry at all. It should be fun and funny. But yes. I’d want to say thank you and sorry to each of them. But also share what I still want to do in my life and for the world and which I hope they could also embrace.

For this part, I planned to invite all of the people who played a significant part in my life. Like my co-retreat, I realized that many people care for me and I am very grateful for all of their help. I had a hard time thinking about the place where I should hold the last meal and I realized that I was able to only visit a few places because my life only consists of a home-school-dorm and I don’t explore and places near my house, school, and dorm. I should visit more places and enjoy the ride.

Moreover, I realized that Jesus might feel sad while He is holding His last meal with his apostles knowing that one of them will betray Him. I felt lonely while planning the last meal. Jesus might have felt worse because this really happened to Him.

It was pleasant, even a bit exciting. Which is contrary to how I would normally feel about gatherings or organizing an activity haha. No part was difficult.
It served as a “self-check” in terms of how I’m living my life so far — who are the people I consider important and how I can serve and love them further.
I appreciate that if God will call me now, I seem to have no regrets. I am really grateful for how my life turned out, especially in terms of my relationship with God. However, I also recognize that I can still do more or that there’s still a lot I can do not just for the people I love but for the people God loves and He wants me to love as well.

Very nice exercise. I would invite not only my love ones but all, especially those who I had misunderstandings and disagreements. It’s a reconciliation party. Lots of hugging and kisses.

It was exciting! I thought it would be a small party but I decided that I would invite everyone I love. And I realized how many I actually love! I’ll have many food stations so everyone will get to eat their favorite food. During the party itself, I’ll listen to all my guests and remember their voices and stories. I think God is reminding me how much I can love and be loved.

I felt a bit scared too, though, and lonely. Death is a scary thing to think about and it is a lonely process.

I will just invite my immediate family. I found the exercise quite somber. I would probably don’t know how to send myself off. It reminded me of the movie- Don’t Look Up. Where the characters were having their last meal- having their last conversation before the end of the world.

I would probably want to prepare myself and my family internally for this going away party.

This pandemic has made me realize that everyday, every moment including every meal is a blessing. I sit with my family during meal time and these are the same people I would like to be with. Our regular food will still be the same… we are blessed with food when many go hungry… no music… they will provoke sentiment and pain when you want joy at that moment because of the impending journey home to paradise ( with fervent hope 😊)

The exercise was admittedly difficult for me…my feeling was ambivalent…sad and happy…its like you reconnect with your loved ones and finally disconnecting since you’re leaving. That’s the mystery of life. But you just hold on to your faith and hold on to God.

I felt weird. At first, I felt scared. I didn’t want to leave my friends and loved ones. It also made me think who I would invite for my last meal – ala “Tuesdays with Morrie” kind of thing when he planned his own funeral.

I invited myself, on top of the mountain surrounded with water with lots of healthy food and sing come Holy Spirit I need, I’m here to listen

I think about knowing when I would die and planning my last meal. Of course I would have my family with me … but I think about my spouse (I was widowed in May 2020) — I want him to be there. I didn’t do a proper goodbye, he left us from his hospital bed while I had gone out for a short while to buy a new blender for his meals — and go called that he had died! More than the meal and the saying thank you and goodbye to all — whoever is invited will be his friends too — I would so love having him there for my last meal — and imagine him standing by knowing that I will be joining him soon. I love you, my beloved husband.

I feel the same way. My dad left us without us saying our goodbyes properly to him. I wish he would be around too in my last party. But I also know I’ll be meeting him soon and we can have a banquet with the Lord and all the saints in heaven.

While initially I felt like inviting just my immediate family and relatives including those who have passed away who will be symbolically represented at the table), I wanted to gather friends and classmates who have become a “second” family to me through the years. I would like it be held in a mountain restaurant owned by the family with a nice view of nature, waterfalls, and mountains where my nephew is a chef. The food will be symbolic of Thanksgiving – hence a Turkey served with gravy, and fish “sinigang”, adobo, Russian salad, and strawberry ice cream for dessert. Since I belong to a musical family (my mother was a classical pianist), my brother plays in a jazz band, and I play guitar and sing with a band, and the rest of the family members either sing or play the piano — the playlist will be a mixture of classical, rock, folk, and jazz music. There will be karaoke singing with the theme songs of Thanksgiving. After meal, each one will join in the singing and playing and give thanks for all the years and memories that bonded the family and friends. Videos of past events (school, and family) may be played to reminisce.

Never thought about this until now. Felt weird at first but the more I thought about it, it made me realize who are the most important people in my life right now because they are the ones I would love to spend my last meal with.

I actually felt excited planning the party. Maybe being an extrovert, it gives me so much joy to be with the people I love. It’s a GRATITUDE party- celebrating and saying thank you to those who have loved me and having that mutual feeling. Even the playlist would be a selection of songs that reminds me of each individual that came into my life.
Thank you and love you💕

I feel thankful to God to have my last meal with my family. To have the kind of food each member likes or craves to eat. And what I liked most is to be able to tell my family especially my children “do not be afraid”. That whatever happens in our life God lives us, ask God to forgive your faults but most of all forgives yourselves for hurting God, yourself and others. If you are in doubt or in pain, just look at the Cross and see how He loves you. How He endured all the pain and suffering just to bring us back to God. He is just waiting for us to return home. Just think that earth is like a playground that God created, and we are His children allowing us to play around. We enjoy, we get hurt, but still we love to play in this playground. Then our loving Father calls us to go home and stop playing for it is time to rest. I would like to run to my Father who calls me to go home and hug Him tightly for I am tired of playing. These are the thoughts I would like to live my children and grandchildren.

I felt good planning my final meal with those I love and care for…and who also love me…my warts and all. It was an opportunity to say goodbye and to thank each one for loving me.

– family and friends
– It would be at the beach
– casual comfort food
– happy mood and music
– i’d tell them i love them, to have faith and not to worry and see you in heaven!

Very pleasant. My friends and I are used to gathering together on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc. I am always generous with my menu for each party because I love feeding people, but more so with my friends.

It is my wish that my death will not bring much sadness to those who have loved me in my lifetime. After my inurnment, I want a big party to be catered by my favorite food service provider in her EVENT’S PLACE to celebrate my life and my entry to eternal life. No tears but plenty of affectionate memories and laughter over my foolish mundane concerns that they knew about . But more than about me, I want a small Recognition Rite for all those who have made life happy and easy /less burdensome for me.

I had a PLEASANT experience. Planning my last meal on earth, I saw how I want to give thanks to God for all that I have been given. Some people in my life have not been grateful. I will not be ungrateful. I will always try to see what I am grateful for. Especially that I am able to give, to help those who are in need. So, on my last year on earth, I will invite those who have nothing to eat … the street dwellers, orphans, taong grasa …I realised that I need to look farther away to help those who truly needs my help. I need to step out of my comfort zone. My family will not be my special guests, but they will be there to help me. This is a legacy that I can leave to them.

So many thoughts went through my heart and my mind. 3 thoughts: First, What a privilege it would be to have a final meal with people I love… for a brief moment to celebrate the life that was and to be able to thank everyone and make amends with some. Second, would i have lived our my whole purpose by then? Would i be in such peace with God, myself and others? Would i be ready to go? Lastly, how blessed i am to be alive and well at this moment of my life… this chance still to make the most of life is a gift!

Im happy to gather the people Im most happt with. With them, I hope they could be the instrument of who and what I am. I could just say to them to be who I am to others and they would know what I mean. I chose them because they know me the most. I have always shown to them of what I am. To be kind, thoughtful and patient. I can just leave this world with a trace of me in them. I will be happy with that when I leave.

It is ideal to know when to die. In reality people we loved would leave us unexpectedly. My brother died unexpectedly. He was full of dreams. I haven’t resolved my inner struggle towards him yet, pero wala n plng time. So, be kind always. Be understanding. Express love at all times because we don’t know. Savor the moment. Forgive.

I was so excited! My guest list will include my family, my extended family, true friends, a priest friend or 2. Maybe say my goodbye in the beginning and then have a blast!
Make guest belueve that I’m excited for the next journey.

I imagined being with husband, adult children and grandchildren. The people I love the most. We’d have Peranakan food but served in swanky Fullerton Hotel. Just the best for my besties. Having fun and rejoicing in the blessings that God has granted me in my life. Time for thanksgiving and loving fellowship.

Spending the last meal with just my family, feeling extreme sadness that I have to go away realising that I’ve not spent enough time with them. Thanking them for the times together and leaving them with messages of love and reminders on how to live life as a better person.

At first, I was sad planning for this event, but as I thought of each person that I wanted to invite to the party, I was also made aware of how grateful I was for their presence in my life. I felt so much love for each one of them and know that I benefited from their love as well. That each person in the party helped me become the person that I am today. That we all shared special memories with each other, and that was really all that mattered. It made me realize that at the end of our life, it will be the memories that we leave behind, and only memories that we bring with us. And perhaps this is what the Lord wants to tell me, that all my worries don’t matter in the grand scheme of things. That what truly matters is that you loved and are loved. That He sends all the right people into our lives to help us navigate life, by their loving presence, He is present in our lives.

I always thought that knowing when you are about to go is a good thing. But now, with this exercise, I realize that planning a party knowing it might be your last chance to say goodbye to your loved ones and to hug them is very sad, very difficult. It might cause me to die sooner.

The exercise made me feel pleasant, as I am used to feed my family and friends and we really love eating out and going in parties. The who and where to hold the final meal was easy, but the message I am going to tell them, made me think longer and harder. A lot of “thank yous” and “please forgive me” must have been told to them. Then i started to cry…

I found this exercise very exciting, as “planning it” , without any constraints, such as budget and the long list of logistical requirements needed to prepare for an event.
I did write down the : the guest list,the menu and the conduct of the ” Last Supper”. Less about me but more for the people I will be leaving behind, that they get to know each other, establish meaningful relationships. At the end, how do I want to be remembered? Simply with a smile on their face (s)

The one thing that was “special” in my last supper meditation was to avoid being exclusive. I thought of inviting as many friends, and family members as I could, even those abroad will be invited and they would be present via zoom. There is a time for all of us to gather and see each other (even those not physically present).

This exercise made me uneasy and I really had to “still” myself from thoughts of worry and sadness. Of the thought of leaving behind loved ones and friends… The feeling of deep gratitude emanated from this stillness and later helped me plan my “going away party”. It reminded me once more how blessed I am at this moment.

It was quite pleasant. I thought of the people I loved and the company we kept through the years relived in a simple, intimate meal. The part I found difficult was “what would I say to them?” because everything that need to be said would have been already said. Maybe a heartfelt “Thank You!” would do. The exercise made me grateful for all the blessings I did not deserve and the people that touched my life.

To make peace with those who have hurt me and those I have hurt. Surely,my Heavenly Father would love to see me doing that

The exercise wasnt naman unpleasant, but it really made me sad thinking about it. At 1st i was still “excited”, thinking about inviting all my family & friends to this “special party” i was going to have– parang some sort of “last hurrah”. But then after i remembered na this would be my last meal with them, or with anyone, then i felt sad. I even felt like not inviting anyone anymore, & not having a party anymore bec i was no longer in a partying mood. My only “plan” was to spend my last day on earth just staying in bed sharing a group hug with my kids & my hubby, probably hardly talking to each other bec we would all be crying the whole time. Am crying now just thinking about it. Am not sure what the Lord is telling me thru this exercise. I just realized though that his disciples must have been pretty special to Him kc He chose to have His last meal with them– not with his mother Mary, or his other friends Mary, Martha & Lazarus, etc, but just with these 12 disciples/friends of His

Imagining myself on the eve of my last day in a place I love, with all the people who matter to me made my heart swell and my eyes well up.

Had a lot of realizations while planning my last meal. I just realized na ibang iba pala talaga yung way na naiisip ko sa ginawa ng Diyos. Maikli lang yung buhay and not everyone would have a chance to say goodbye to their loved ones before they die. It’s a painful privilege. If I am with my loved ones before I die, I can see myself bargaining with God till the last hour to not take my life and spend more precious moments with them.

This exercise is a reminder to be fully present in the now.
To love fully as if it is your last.
To choose to be your best version everyday- to all.
Live and Love as He our Lord lived His.

For me, I find it light. No drama. I just want to feed people with the food they want, so we go for Vikings. And share them ice cream, my comfort food. I’d like to leave them with a good memory of me, still loving them through food and giving them all my heart felt thanks for them

If I could be given the chance to plan my last meal for real, it would be such a blessing. I surprisingly didn’t feel any fear or anxiety doing this exercise. My main concern would simply be to make sure my loved ones leave feeling comforted, loved and full of joyful memories.

Lots of laughter, maybe a few tears, but at peace with what is to come- what a wonderful way to go.

The exercise reminded me of the times I was indifferent to my relatives during family gatherings. At that time I preferred to be alone than to spend time talking to my relatives whom I have not seen for a long time.

It is a great opportunity to imagine my last meal with my loved ones. This unusual exercise made me realize that I must always be a grateful and loving person. With these characteristics, I can proudly say that I already live my purpose and mission in life.

I’ve thought about my last moments earth every now and then I suppose because I am at the sunset of my life.

More so because I lost my wife of 33 years to cancer a couple of months before the pandemic, my sister to cancer last year and a number of friends to the pandemic.

I can’t help but think of my own ending and how I should be ready for it.

I first thought of all my close friends who do not judge me but I then chose to be with my family on my last supper. Those friends who already understand me will understand. Family is too precious and this would be a time to tell them that we should all be together where I am going. To tell them to love and care for one another to ensure this. I want to ask their forgiveness for my shortcomings and to pray for me.

Stripping myself bare with no ego, I found this exercise to be very compelling! Having to PAUSE and LISTEN in SILENCE, to make my “going away list” was very Purifying & Freeing.

I felt it a privilege to have one final party for all the people that I love. Death can come suddenly or be the end of long suffering, but having a party to say, “It’s time to say goodbye” is a relief and a joyful celebration. I will be able to tell those dear to me how much I love them and how much their presence meant to me. We will hug, kiss, cry, enjoy a feast, listen to a live band playing my favorite music and dance the night away. Then they can send me off, all of us at peace because there was nothing left unsaid, there was closure and a proper farewell.

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