An Unusual Reflection Exercise

This is the time for “stilling yourself” and for reflecting and praying over the story of the Last Supper.

Did anything new in this familiar story strike you during this reading? Why and how?

Feel free to take some off-screen time, if that helps.

Make an effort to articulate a sentence or two in your thoughts. Or type it in your device, or write it down somewhere.

Are you ready to mull over the following questions?

If you had the chance to, how would you plan your last meal on earth? Like the Lord, think of some of the details (Luke 22:7-14). For this exercise, don’t concern yourself about the budget for this hypothetical going-away party.

Here is a suggested Party Planning Checklist:

  • Who would you invite as you guests?
  • Where would you hold it?
  • What would the menu look like?
  • What playlist would you use for the meal, if any?
  • What would you say and to your guests–or do with them?

There’s no need to answer every single question. If you find the task too difficult or morbid, at least answer the first question.

You may want to play this instrumental piece as you make your plan.

Julian Lloyd Webber