Welcome to our annual three-day online recollection starting Holy Thursday. The modules will be available by 8:00 am each day.

This year’s retreat is called “FINDING GOD IN TORN AND BROKEN PLACES.” Note that this will NOT be a Zoom retreat, but a “do-it-yourself” retreat (though when you think about it, there’s no such thing because it is always God who leads us in our retreats).

“FINDING GOD IN TORN AND BROKEN PLACES” is the 15th annual Holy Week retreat for the Pins of Light Community.

Each module will be available by 8 am. Just click on the day, and when the module is already available, the link will take you to the right page.




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There were several moments in my life when I felt that I was abandoned and felt like I was in despair. The worst was when I suffered from clinical depression. I can still remember the feeling of hopelessness and complete disregard of my own self worth. I remember waking up asking Him why I was still here as I no longer have the will to live. I felt like I was no longer needed in this world and I was worthless. Then it dawned on me that I needed to seek help and help was given. It was a long road to recovery and it made me realize that it He was there all the time to carry my cross. What was clear was even in those moments of weaknesses and despair, He was there waiting for me to come to my senses. It was ultimately love and faith that brought me back to who I was but a more grounded, compassionate and humble person. I believe in redemption and it is Him through my love ones and families that made me bounce back, and to that I am truly grateful. The memories of the past still lingers on, the challenges of the present as well as the future still exist but I am grateful that I am now more ready and sure about myself and in touch with my faith and humanity. I have always remained firm with the 3 tenets that I follow steadfastly, that is to be able to serve, teach and inspire. Living a simple life devoid of too many material possessions not allowing myself to succumb to the temptations of material success and vanity, is truly liberating. I have lost a lot in terms of material possessions and so called friends but I am more secure with what I currently have with the people around me who truly matters. And whenever I feel there is a major roadblock facing before me, I am now more mindful that this too shall pass and there is a reason for this. I am more confident that I need not be the superwoman others are expecting me to be, I just have to be myself, non-conformist at times but more compassionate and humble with the resolve of being able to serve, teach and inspire in every relationship, career or business endeavor. I can’t thank Him enough for blessing me with beautiful memories of a person who provided me unconditional love (Mama Dude), for giving me two beautiful daughters, for sending me friends who have been angels in my life, and for giving me the intelligence and wit to realize that I am in a better place now.

Maraming salamat Fr. Johnny and team. This retreat helped me and inspired me how to stay focus. I pray for His grace that i may sustain this wonderful feeling of emptiness and assurance of His presence evermore. Looking forward to visiting this site now and then as beautiful reminder as to sustain His grace and share with others.

I just finished the Good Friday retreat and as usual so moving Fr J. Anyway, I tried to post my comment on what my song was Fr but it did not take… hope I could share it this time… my song is one I first hear last year and it’s called Lost by Maroon5

Can One ever be READY ?
How to be One with the Lord . I have experienced GRACE before

But i learn that Grace is also Something that we should OPENLY and humbly welcome.

This is my offering for everyone here

How do we Live in Grace
May the Spirit be with us all the days of our lives

Praying for our country that we may have a peaceful and honest elections and that we may elect leaders who would have the best and genuine interest for our country most especially for the poor, oppressed and marginalized….praying for my family and friends most especially those in need of healing physically and emotionally.

I am offering this retreat for the protection of my siblings from all diseases of body and soul, for TN’s intentions, and healing of my friend Khryss….

Spiritual, emotional, financial and physical healing for my family. A closer relationship
Healing for my brother Michael
A loving partner for me

Movie by John Michael Howell

Oh what a journey this story is
So full of mysteries and plot twists
But I got a feelin′ it will turn out in the end
Cause’ some things are better when they’re out of our hands

Who would have known the plot could get so high and low
One moment it′s warm and in the next scene it′s so cold
But now that I’m older I can stand on the shoulders
Of my victories and mistakes and see the lovely movie that they make

Inspiring and self reflective
Will revisit later in the day. Praying for more openness to take away gems from our Lord. Praise God 🙏

Thank you for doing this! Looking forward to another fulfilling retreat to do with my family this Holy Week.

Thank you for the opportunity to attend the retreat online. To focus and reflect more on the passion and death of our Lord Jesus Christ

Looking forward to attending this annual retreat which has been a part of my annual Holy Week ritual.

Fr Johney Go is a wonderful speaker, clear, and to the point…no beating around the bush!

Prayerful accompaniment for all those joining. Let us pray for families we belong to and friends too!!

We all need to take a respite from our busy work schedule, may the Lord grant us the grace to seek His holy Face and meditate on his passion and death.

Yey, online reco…. Thankful for this Father! Gusto ko ang pagka adaptive nature ng reco; its asynch!

Would like to join the “pins of light” online Holy Week Retreat
2022. It would be “food” for my soul.

I will attend. I have done so the past two years. Now, at the tail end of the pandemic and in the middle of a brutal election campaign season silence and contemplation with God will be useful.

Looking forward to our Holy Week retreat from the hustle and bustle of our crazy world. Thank you,!

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