Thank you for spending time
with us for this online Holy Week retreat.

We hope that your experiences,
insights, and inspirations have led you
closer to the Lord,
helping you to know Him better,
fall in love with Him more deeply,
and want to serve Him more.

Perhaps some questions also surfaced
that disturbed you or unsettled you.
Don’t be afraid of them.
Questions are good for growing the faith.

Before you go,
we invite you once again
to share whatever experiences,
insights, feelings, questions or prayers
you may want to post
under COMMENTS below.


Remember, when we share
the graces we receive,
they multiply.

If you wish, you can simply
complete this sentence:

“I used to… Now I…”

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157 replies on “HOLY SATURDAY SHARING”

Get moving. Get to work. I need to suck it up and be the mother and wife God meant me to be. It reminded me of the days of empty sound when I prayed for and looked forward to having my own family someday, a calling that has been in my heart for decades. But when the time came, nothing could prepare me for what was in store for me. Answering His call is indeed a challenge. Motherhood was the most difficult thing I’ve been through so far. I resisted, complained, and succumbed to post partum depression. Now I vow to be who God meant me to be. I will take on this role and pray that I may be guided all the way.

Pins of Light (on line Holy Week retreat)

I used to be proud … Now i am humbled.

I used to be sick… Now I am healed.

I used to be afraid … Now I am fearless.

I used to be anxious … Now I am at peace.

I used to be lost in my journey not knowing where I am going …

Now I am home and found my inner peace and quiet … embarking on my transformed spiritual journey … a life anchored in my fervent desires to serve, teach and inspire with the HOPE that somehow I could touch someone’s heart and soul and be a blessing to the people I will meet and have met.

Happy Easter!

I thank the Father for your group who continously seek for God’s will and thoughts to inspire and lead others closely to Him.

“Father God, thank You for choosing me to love unconditionally, for giving me opportunities to love you back too.

I pray that I may always be guided by Your Spirit that I may choose what is right, avoid and choose not to be tempted to the lures of this world, and most of all, to always remind myself on WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) given a certain situation be it annoying, challenging, disappointing, frustrating or even hurting. Thank You that in spite of our unfaithfulness, You mark us of Your protection.

Also, Father I ask for Your grace of healing and forgiveness for all my trespasses. Help me to choose patience, humility, understanding love and mercy in all of my thoughts, words and deeds. May I be generous in terms of my giving and loving.

Thank You Mydear Jesus.❤”

MARAMING SALAMAT po Fr. J and the whole team of the “On line RETREAT 2018”.
I discovered and experienced a profound and intimate relationship with the LORD by “silencing myself”, to be able to read and pray between the lines of the Scripture.
Let me share three experiences and reflections to show my gratitude.
 Before I started the Holy Thursday retreat, a problem cropped up which needed an urgent solution by Easter Sunday. Since I had to remove all distractions at the start of the retreat, I put aside the problem. However, to my surprise, before I started the Holy Saturday retreat, the problem was solved. My concern was beautifully handled by the LORD.
 I was asked to handle the Nutrition program of a social center in a depressed area in Buendia. At the start of the program, there were a lot of children who were 3rd degree malnourished but unfortunately we were able to save only some of them. A particular infant i had been following up who was already on the way to recovery had severe diarrhea and vomiting two days before i visited their shanty. To my great dismay, I learned that the boy died that morning. I cried my heart out and asked the BIG WHY. I told JESUS, this is it. I’m done. I can’t continue with this emotionally wrecking job. Going back to the social center, I remembered that we were trying the live the Word of GOD about the rich man, the camel and the eye of the needle (Mt.19:23-30). It struck me, realizing that I was rich with my EGO – my “ability” to save the child. That incident taught me that GOD wants me to LOVE HIM with much HUMILITY. As you said, “We too are called by God to do good – and sometimes that means there are painful consequence …. “Yes” to God’s Will even if it means facing the not-so-good consequences.
 Last December 2017, I was robbed of my cell phone and ATM card while trying to help I friend. Again I doubted the LOVE of GOD and asked the BIG WHY. However as you said last Holy Saturday “ The Lord can never be outdone in generosity, and we are certain that He will reward you for yours.” True enough, the LORD, through my friends, gave me a new and better phone and enough providence to share with my family on Christmas day.

Finally, my resolution is to pray to the LORD for the grace of remorse (Pope Frances In his Easter message) and for the grace of wisdom to understand myself better..

Jesus’ Passion was an example of self-emptying love…unconditional love.
We are asked to lead self-emptying lives..to help others, to be selfless, sharing, generous.
I have to be more generous of resources, time & talents to those who are in need…to those who have less. I must do it fully committed.

I used to have fears as I am growing older but now I will just trust my self to the Lord and continue to commit myself to Him. I’ll continue to be constant in serving Him in the music ministry inspite of the trials for I know that He will give me the grace to handle it. As of now that I’m in the process of decision making whether to continue my fix job or become a full time entrepreneur in whatever the Lord will lead me to chose I’ll continue to walk with Him, commit myself to Him.. Thank you Fr. J and your team for this inspiring online retreat and to my fellow retreatants thank you for sharing your experiences and reflections. Nakatulong sa akin ng malaki.. My prayers for all of you.. Happy easter!

I ask God how do I balance the self-emptying without losing the self respect. Being married, I struggle with keeping the balance of being disrespectful and losing respect for self, when I observe the skills learned to a better marriage and find myself pulling the uneven load by yourself. Thank you for this retreat, I need to seek discernment for the choices I must take, to seek the better angels, so that whatever choice that I make, the heart is emptied for love. One of the choices to make everyday is to speak the truth with love.

I leave this third day of the retreat with one word, “HOPE.” Hope that God will never let go…hope that despite my constant sinful ways that God never leaves me or does continue his constant embrace. Hope that the future will be much better and the guilt inside me will be taken away…..(now, I just need to find time this week to do a good Sacrament of Reconciliation…looking forward….)

Kenosis … the act of self-emptying …
It’s a beautiful concept.
But is it possible to attain given our human frailties?
But if God so desires, as He has placed this need in my heart, then He, too, will make it possible in my life.

My challenge moving forward, is to continue to have clearer eyes to see better, sharper ears that can hear better, a much more open heart and mind, so I can sense God’s presence in my life. To continue choosing love, above all.

Thank you Lord for Your life and Your love.

A blessed Easter to all!

Thank you for this beautiful on line retreat. I love the last song. It allowed me to go on retreat even as I participated in the Parish’s services and be with the community. God give us strength to live what we have gained.

I used to think that having grown tired and painful from loving yet without change from those I love that I would just then pray to God for Him to help me change them. But now i realize, it’s still I who should change them with my love and if I’m indeed tired and spent, then seek replenishment from the infinite source of God’s love and light. I therefore need to pray for God to help me remain committed and thorough in my love to others until the point when I have emptied myself. And it’s ok, to be empty because I can seek it to be full from God anytime always for His love is always with His will for me.

And so…shine on regardless.

Happy Easter!

I realize today that one of my greatest fears is letting go of my fears. Who then would I be if I don’t have my fears? I always felt that my fears are part of what defines me. And while that is true, my fears have stopped me from moving forward. I’m so attend to let go of my fears because that would mean me becoming a different person – and that’s scary. To be a new and changed person, without a single clue what lies ahead. But this retreat taught me that faith is not ?% certainty, but ?% commitment. So now I will take on that journey to be transformed by God’s unconditional love and tender mercy. I may not know what’s to come but I’m ?% sure that God knows. Lead me, O Lord! I arm myself with your truth. Burn in my heart. Enflame my life!

After the retreat, I felt the strong desire to please the Lord in whatever way I can, to follow His example, to be transformed, to empty myself so that other’s may know of this great love of His as well. But i know this will be in vain if His Spirit is absent. And so I pray and hope that He will grant me the grace to surrender my life to Him. The grace of courage, faith, will, and hope. By myself, I cannot make it, but with Him, anything is possible. My prayer is to be able to let go of my fears and let His love free me to live a life of love and service. I pray also for the grace of humility in everything that I do, think, and say. That my life be well and meaningfully lived because He was able to write His story, His will, through my life.

Thank you. I didn’t know that an online retreat could be so powerful, if you just put your heart into it. Every story, every word, every verse, every song has moved me and made me realize how much God loves me. That self-emptying love and Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice made me want to deepen my relationship with Him. May God grant me (us) the grace to keep the fire burning in our hearts in our desire to follow Him and choose Him. God bless us all! Happy Easter!

This is an eye-opening retreat, thank you. I used to be stuck and did not know what to do, now I have realized what got me in the situation. And I have a guide now on what steps to take, so I can get going.
Thank you very much!

This Easter I feel that God has been sending signs. There seems urgency in them. Signs of His love for all. Signs that remind everyone of his worth. Signs that dispell the gloom which this world seems project these days. Signs of hope, love and mercy.
I choose to pay heed to all these.
Glory be to God.

I used to focused everything to me when doing something for His Love. Now i have to emptied everything within, to put His Love and Mercy in life.

I used to… overthink: afraid of what others would think of me and afraid of the uncertainties in life.
Now… through this retreat, I have received God’s Easter blessings such as courage and inspiration: to be open, to remain faithful, and to be more like Jesus Christ.

I used to be legalistic and proud; and still have a strong tendency towards such.
Now I’m trying to be more “relational” ; less judgemental; more grounded and humble, less self-righteous.

I used to think I was strong and independent but now I learned it is okay to be weak and depend in God’s grace. I learn to forgive myself,accept my limitations and go with the flow- being open to hear and do God’s will and be committed to follow the road less traveled.

I am used to being in control — both at home and in the workplace.
This retreat has convicted me. I am not in control, but God is in full control of my life.
My choice is clear: l am humbled to let go, and let God work on what He allows for my life. He knows the desires of my heart; I should trust Him completely and faithfully.
Thank you Fr. Johnny and your team. I would love to attend your talks – retreat and recollection in person. Praising and thanking God for giving angels to us this Holy Week. I pray for the empty chair to be filled with the Holy Spirit in my heart.

“Too loved to be scared” . The greatness of Christ’s love for me has taken away my fears and worries. I am in Christ’s hands and I will be ok.

I used to sit on a chair hoping, waiting, wishing…
Now I will get moving and get to work.


I used to think that I am in control of my life, that my fate is solely in my hands. Now I know that yes, I am in control but I have to yield to the will of God for me, just as our Lord Jesus did. He will keep me in His loving care and if I make the right choices, everything will be alright. My heart swells with love just knowing that.

I used to think that I am in control of my life, that my fate is solely in my hands. Now I know that yes, I am in control but I have to yield to the will of God for me, just as our Lord Jesus did. He will keep me in His loving care and if I make the right choices, everything will ne alright. My heart swells with love just knowing that.

I used to be afraid of the future, now at a crossroads of pursuing another path and now I know the Lord has always been at my side walking with me all the time. Now I know that whatever I do, with His guidance all will be well. Thank you Fr. J for this meaningful retreat and for the other retreatants for all the sharing. My heart is full.

I used to seek happiness it was very elusive
After this retreat I will not look for it but wait for the Lord who will surely give it to me I have strong faith that He will never abandon me. He is my happiness.

The phrase that has left a mark for me on this retreat is the words God said to Adam and Eve when He was searching for them, “Where are you?” Thank you Lord for always letting me know if I am astray and leading me back to You.

I agree that this modern world of “hoarding” and “having” is what prevails in our society today. If we can emulate Jesus in His sharing of His love, time and talent to the people around us, this world will be better! Happy and Blessed Easter everyone!

I used to feel bad when God didn’t answer my prayer, now I learned to embrace His silence and to stay 100% committed to His will.

Thank you for leading me to another meaningful Lent. God bless everyone behind this retreat!

I used to know it all, to need to be right, to always want to be better than everyone…now I realize I need to empty myself so that God can fill me with all the blessings, gifts and favors He’s just waiting to give me.

I thank the Lord for choosing me to find and finish this online retreat. Bet this is a tradition I’d surely find meaningful in the next Holy Weeks to come. Now, I guess I’m looking forward to the next Lent, which would enable me to treat the entire period more seriously and with solemnity.

Lord God, thank You for reminding me that I have always have a choice. That I have the power to dictate where life would bring me, that I can influence the direction in which I point myself to. That I can change whatever is needed to be changed, no matter how difficult they are.

Thank You for Your self-emptying love for me, someone who is clearly undeserving of such attention from You. I don’t know if I could fully commit to my realisations because I just feel weak and easily tempted to stroke my personal ego, but please guide me through.

I started with feeling lonely and alone. I ended this 3 day retreat with overflowing gratitude for the grace to participate on this online retreat. To discover more the great mercy and love of our Lord. To come to a better realization of sacrifice for love. To empty our hearts out for others and most of all to be so blessed to be chosen by God.

My heartfelt thanks to Fr. J and the Pin of Light team for this very inspiring and enlightening retreat. This is my first time to join, and I will surely be a follower from here on. This retreat was God’s special way of reminding me of his undying love, that no matter what happens, He is there for me. I just need to let go of my fears and worries, and let Him work His plan.

I used to be anxious and uncertain but now, the grace of the Lord renewed my faith and trust in Him. Oh Lord, I empty my heart to You. Please help me to have the right priorities in life. Make me and mold me to the kind of person you want me to be. Thank you so much for your love and mercy. I pray I will love more like Jesus everyday. In Jesus Mighty Name, Amen.

Come Holy Spirit. Fill my heart, enkindle in me the fire of Your love, renew my face, transform me. I have faith. I commit 100%. Father, Thy will, not mine, be done. I empty my heart of all my worries and fears. I seek you in silence. I rejoice in your LOVE and MERCY, my Christ, You who died on the cross for me to save me. Amen.

It is about choices. And may the Risen Lord help me make the right choice. I should start emptying myself so I can receive more of Him than myself. I love you Jesus. Thanks again Fr. J.

I used to take our Lord’s love and presence in my life for granted. Now, i hope to continue our conversation and discern His will as i go through my everyday life.

I used to only believe that Jesus sufferred and died in the cross for the atonement of my sins, for the salvation of my soul and for the inheritance of God’s Kingdom … now I realized there’s more to that – Jesus also taught me the “HOW” – through His being an example of humility and obedience to the will of the Father… i must choose the “road less traveled” believing that Jesus will always be at my side and by His grace i will be victorious. All Glory be to the Father, to the Son and the Holy Spirit.

I used to believe that God just guide us in all the choices we made in life wether it be good or bad, Now I understand that God don’t just guide he has prepared us a life to find his glory, ours that is well written on his book we just have to execute the story right by following his words that whenever we got lost we can still find our way back. It’s not his choice to let us suffer but our own choice to suffer by doing the exact opposite of what he wants us to do. I may not be able to decide the right things in life but I’m sure that in this journey we maybe make mistakes along the way but God will never keep us away from him. Thank you for this retreat it has strengthened my faith and provides different perspectives on understanding the testimonials of his deciples.

I was praying to undergo a retreat this season of lent but havn’t done until good friday, not expecting of this on-line retreat. I was then struggling to spiritually prepare myself for a huge mission work. i had this doubts, fear and apprehensions. This retreat anwered my doubts, affirmed my purpose and direction and strengthened my faith to move forward. it’s all because of my intimate encounter with the Lord this past 2 days. I can now hear the Lord more clearly. All praise and glory be to God. Happy Easter to all.

I used to think that my life is seemingly at a standstill. Now I realized this is the time that God wants me to look for Him.

I realised that making important choices and discernment has been helpful in making choices in our lives. Thank you Jesus for choosing me despite of my sinfulness. I know that I need to see that empty chair and move on and go where God would lead me. I pray for my family, work, my wife and your plans for us. I know Jesus you will always be with us in our own “roads to Emmaus” May you guide us to make better choices and to follow your will.

I used to think that God has abandoned me. That He disregards whatever I asked from Him. Now I am holding on to God’s promise that I should just trust Him, that I have to empty myself and just trust Him.

Thank you for this online retreat. I have been doing this for 6 years. I pray for God’s provision of good health and finances to support this good endeavour. God bless my fellow retreatants.

I am thankful to be chosen… I am thankful for choosing… I used to let choices for others take precedence for choices for myself. I choose to take a break.

I used to take Holy Saturday for granted. Now I appreciate the importance of acknowleding the full self-emptying of Jesus, his total humility in his death, huried burial in a borrowed tomb. I imagine the despair of his believers during that time. But with the knowledge of the resurrection, I am aware that even in the lowest of lows, God will prevail.

What I understand now about silences of the scriptures is that the Holy Bible is not all about the Chosen Ones but also the Unchosen Ones. If we will put ourselves into them, we’ll see how God is loving us unconditionally.

My mission in life is to make sure that all the members of my family will be with Jesus in heaven. Therefore alI I just need to do is to be a good father husband and grandfather. With the grace of Jesus and his tender mercy we will find everlasting happiness.

Thank you for this online retreat which I am honoured and humbled to be a part since its very first year. It grounds me to be here now, to allow myself in the process and the plan of God’s connecting the dots and all.

I am clouded with fear and confusion these days. I lost my self when I was detached from my closest friends, making me tired and impatient to my new assignment. …I’ve been very busy yet hollow in purpose… The Chosen Recollection puts me in a position to take a pause and be with HIM so I could collect my oldself.

I used to run away from opportunities where service and leadership are presented before me, especially, when it is a role or a responsibility that is out of my comfort zone. A new challenge of a difficult job; my children growing up and seemingly, becoming strangers in my eyes; my relationships with family and friends changing as life cycles move from one turn of the circle into another; my own body growing older and telling me that I could
no longer run and jump with the younger ones. Now, I look at these changes and challenges as doors to become better at loving and giving.

I used to believe God’s silence meant He didn’t care about me. Now I realize that God’s silence means, wait for His surprises.

I used to believe my life was over, because I was bullied out of my job. Now I believe my life is yet to take off, because God restores and supplies what was lost.

I used to believe evil was winning. Now I realize goodness remains powerful.

I used to believe God only looked out for others. Now I believe He cares about me, too.

I thank Jesus for suffering and giving up His life for me, for suffering with me, for redeeming me. I will try not to see His silence as betrayal anymore, and entrust Him with my whole life.

i used to think that happiness was elusive but now i realized it was chasing me all along. i know now that it comes in the form of Jesus, persistently catching my attention to finally repent and change my old ways. i may not be there yet, but i know i will with His transforming love and forgiveness.

I used to see things as they were. I was hurt, I felt betrayed, I was angry. I felt bad. I felt alone. I quedtioned myself. I questioned my capabilities… Now I know why all that happened just happened… I’ve always prayed for the Lord God to put me where I need to be. I prayed to find my place. I asked to be led towards that direction or path that I must take. And all this time, He was simply doing that.

Thank you Dear Lord for just simply being there for me. I do not deserve your love and mercy for I am a sinner. But I know I am nothing without You, thus I beg for your forgiveness and continuous love not just for me but for all those who mean a lot to me.

I love you Lord. Amen.

I used to focus on myself more than others because of a past that really left me broken. I used to build a wall to protect myself from others and to avoid being hurt again. By doing so, I realized I took for granted the people around me who are loving me unconditionally and always there for me. I felt like I am better off alone. I was scared to open up myself again in fear of making the same mistake again. Now I will start focusing on others and people who are important in my life. I will seek God’s help to transform me and to guide me as I open up myself again to others and to be more selfless like Him.

I used to fear what God would say about me and my sins. Now I can vow to be a better version of myself and seek help from better angels. Thanks, Fr. J. God bless you.

We are told to save love for ourselves to be able to give love in return. But my takeaway in this wonderfully made online retreat is that self emptying love is more important. It is by unselfishly giving away your heart whole heartedly without question that we unconditionally save ourselves and everyone else who received the gift of love. And when you pour yourself all out completely, take time to heed the Lord for He will sustain your needs tenfold so you can repeat the cycle all over again. Through that the world will never run out of love.

Thank you so much for creating this online retreat. I just want to say that all the efforts in creating this had greatly impacted a lot of us who seeks the Lord’s guidance in our lives. God bless!

I used to have pride, I was impatient and all-knowing. When I get to know more of Jesus tbrough the community I joined 4 years ago and take time to go to recollections and retreats, I am enlightened and I continue to learn every time there is a chance and opportunity like this.

This is a beautiful retreat on line.

God humbled me in all things. God is truly amazing. I learned to empty myself every now and then to understand His purpose in my life. I learned to discern before any decision. I started to see visions during masses and ordinations and I accepted my purpose to serve no matter what. I am ready to be used by the Lord. I am always ready to serve.

To God be the glory. God bless Jesuits team.

Happy Easter!

I used to feel “little”comparing myself to my friends who are all accomplished. I would try to cope with them and pretend, and it is when self-pity sets in. After this retreat, now i feel that i have to practice humility and be happy for what i have and who i am.

Thank you for your wonderful team, Father, and looking forward to next year’s retreat with you.

God bless you all ?❤️

Is it possible to want to hoard knowledge and skills? Pursuit of more more more in what I know and can do? Does that not cause unease? Impatience with how “little” I achieve? Equating what I have achieved with what I have collected? Does patience with self mean not needing to hoard every technique known to man for my brain? Maybe this will help reduce the stress I have with what I try to pursue professionally. That what I do is for others more than for myself. Right now it is more for my self, my own intellectual curiosity. But it is when I use it for others that the excitement is different, the stress is different.

Thank you Fr. J, this is my first time to take this online retreat. My heart is so much moved by the words, the music, the readings, reflections and even the sharing of my co-retreatants.

God bless!

Thank you, Fr. Johnny and your Jesuit team for organizing this beautiful, insightful and eye-opening Retreat. I am a first timer to this Retreat and I am just filled with awe and gratitude for the grace that is available to us online. The LORD really provides by raising our spiritual level of understanding through people like you. This is Gospel on the move reaching out to so many people.

May the Risen LORD bless you and your team always! HAPPY EASTER!

I used to be entitled and selfish, now i am resolved to answer to God’s call to follow in His way of loving selflessly.

Thank you Lord for all the inspirations you have sent my way through this retreat. And thank you for all the people who have made this retreat possible! I pray for you all. Happy Easter!

I wish I could say “I used to…” but I’m afraid it’s more appropriate to say “I still…”

God allowed cancer to touch the life of our energetic, active teenaged daughter, as a result of which she lost part of her bone and is now officially a PWD. I cried many tears when I saw how people pushed past her to get into an elevator at the hospital and just looked blankly at us when I begged them for even just one spot for my daughter…or how a healthy woman refused to let my daughter get ahead in line for the PWD stall in the comfort room, and I cry from pain and fear about the future she faces as a PWD in a world that adheres to survival-of-the-fittest (which she definitely is not)…I worry about how she will ride public transport…assuming she survives the five-year period from diagnosis, as she is still fighting cancer today.

I was afraid…and I still am. It felt greatly comforting, though, to be able to retreat from the frantic pace of life and bare my soul to Him…to get to know Him, as I now realize He is inviting me to do through the terrible developments that have happened in our lives. I still don’t understand – but there can be tremendous peace even when one does not understand.

Thank you, Fr. J. Please remember our family in your prayers.

I used to be one among the fickle crowd. Now I am enlightened and determined to stand firm for Jesus and have more faith in Him.

There are times when life becomes so overwhelmingly stressful that it’s hard to really be happy. During times like these, I put on a mask of constant grouchiness. However, realizing that happiness is a choice, I could’ve been happy all this time. I’m glad to have been awakened to this reality. Happy Easter!

I used to think that God didn’t care because after all so many bad things happened one after the other. Now I learned that I have to learn to see the bigger picture. Sometimes God’s will isn’t clear to us and I think that’s where faith comes in. To stay 100% committed to follow God’s will and trust that He has something better planned.

I finish this retreat with the resolve of doing my own self-emptying, particularly of my doubts, fears, worries, judgments, and grudges that are wearing me down. When confronted with silence, I take everything and push myself to exhaustion, while serving my own ego-God. In hindsight, I could have humbled myself and surrendered everything to God. If I just trusted him more or sensed that he was looking for me even though I felt shame, embarrassed and truly incapable.. I would’ve experienced the grace felt by the disciples at Emmaus if I just made an effort to find God in the situation and chose happiness.

I used to indulge in self-pity for being pulled by the many roles I need to play as a mother, a wife, a homemaker, a businesswoman. But now I realize this is a unique opportunity and privilege Jesus is giving me to share in His self-emptying. Lord, let me stay the course. Help me stay committed to You.

Thank you Fr Johnny! For the past 5 years you have enriched my life through these online Lenten retreats. God has blessed you and worked through you to reach us in this unique way. May Jesus Christ continue to bless you and the work you do in bringing Him to us.

I used to think that I knew enough. Now I am more enlightened. I am more mindful of God’s continued yet quiet presence within me and around me, assured that He will never abandon me, no matter what, even in times that I become consumed with the world’s cares. Lord, I am yours, too, for eternity. I choose to stay committed to you. I love you.

Thank you, Fr. Johnny, for this online retreat. What a blessing it has been for me to walk with the Lord in the last 3 days in a special, intimate way.

I used to be a person who is confused and tired from all the negativities that came into my life. Now, I have been made fully aware that I am called to share with the self-emptying love of Jesus. I have made up the choice: to proclaim the Gospel by my very own life as a teacher… trusting that the Father is leading me to where I am really meant to be. I wonder how far would I go with Jesus?

“Discern your higher nature in the uncertain and the dark, it’s a hidden treasure deep there in your heart.”

“I’m called to a life of self- emptying love!!!”

Thank you very much Father J!

Thank you once again for another inspiring retreat. I like the format and the way it’s organized. Thank you for all the efforts put into it to make it such an enriching experience.

Empty sound, emptied heart, embolden, empty chair, choices.

Thank you father Johnny and team. May God bless you. Salamat! Happy easter!

Thank you Fr. JV! Thank you for being a good priest.
I must keep on moving, keep working.
With God’s grace and mercy, i will be healed completely. Please pray for me, to find happiness and joy. That I may not stock on the empty tomb but on the risen God who walked by me at all times. Happy Easter!

I thank God for this online Triduum Retreat. I have been doing this for the past three years and each time I knew I am being healed and called forth to continue following Him.

This retreat has confirmed what God is asking of me in the past days of intensified prayer: to grow in humility and love (loving the unlovable…hu..hu…what a struggle)…it is time to leave things behind: pride, anger, being right…so that the light of Christ and His resurrection may become a reality in me.

Thank you Fr. J for being with me in my journey to faith with 100% commitment and not certainty. God bless you and our ministry.

Thank you to everyone who made this yearly on line retreat possible. The retreat is so meaningful,inspiring and soul uplifting.Will do this again next year. Thank you also for those who shared their insights,personal relections because i learned from them too.Happy Easter everyone!

I used to rely on my own talent and means .. now I will pray more and rely on God’s grace to guide me to do in my work, offer my work to Him … find happiness in work …

I used to feel alone, broken, unloved.
I have rediscovered that Jesus has always been with me, making me whole and loving me unconditionally.

May I too empty my heart out with all the pains, worries, and “things to do” that I may welcome Jesus into my heart, and fill me with His tender mercy and love.

Let me choose and accept happiness. And spread it to all those around me.


Blessed and grateful to have taken this brilliant recollection! Brilliant because it has provided me with the shining light to see through the darkness in my life. Brilliant because it engaged my mind skillfully in the art of finding beauty even in the ugliest and scariest areas of my being. Thank you to all who made this possible — the million pins of light put together created a shining star for all of us confused mortals! God bless us all as we continue with our journey that hopefully will not end with Easter. May your tribe increase ???
being. Tha

I used to think I don’t deserve to be happy.
Now by God’s grace of healing and renewal, I am pursuing my happiness and moving on from my ugly past. I am emptying myself of all the sins and hang ups that have dragged me down for decades. I feel lighter and more hopeful to achieving my goals and dreams. Amen. Praise God.

I used to hide whenever I hear the Lord calling me.
I used wallow in self pity and dwell in the past.
I used to runaway from happiness clinging unto my fears, anger, frustrations.
I used to define myself on my own terms.

Now I ask the grace of the Lord that I may have the courage to come out of hiding.
Now I ask the grace of the Lord that I may accept who I used to be and move forward to the present.
Now I ask the grace of the Lord to fully embrace love and be happy.
Now I ask the grace of the Lord that I may see the goodness He has planted in me.

This I pray and I claim in Jesus name. Amen.

I used to think my actuations are a part of the personality and genes I have from birth and what I learned through the years. Now I am determined to practice self-emptying and humility more than ever. Thank you Lord for this retreat and to all who made it possible.

I used to be so worried when people were telling me not to question God’s will for me especially the difficult ones . Most of the time I really did not have the answers that I want to hear. Now I realized even the Lord had those moments and yet He still did the act of emptying Himself for our sake . Now I know the questions can really be a deepening of my faith . Thanks to this retreat because of my commitment to my faith doors are open for me to have my choices in the line of God’s unconditional love and mercy.

Two years ago I walked away from someone I thought was going to be my forever. I prayed hard to the Lord, to the Holy Spirit on my choice. I just said “I’m not happy anymore”. This retreat made me understand what transpired that time. Happiness was pursuing me. The Lord wanted me to experience happiness. I believe that Jesus was near when I made that decision. God’s will was for my greater good despite the consequences, not 100% certain but 100% commitment that everything will be fine. Up until now, I would say to myself how flimsy my reason was for walking away. This retreat made me realise that it was not flimsy at all.

What is the empty chair: Shed off the ego and find real worth, not by my own doing but by remembering I am His.

Concrete action: declutter –physical and psychological space to find room for Him, every day…not just in the quiet of Holy Week.

Through Him, I am saved.
With Him, I journey and serve those entrusted to me.
In Him, I live humbly, full of peace, contentment and gratitude

I used to think that I must be my husband’s priority always and my daughter’s queen mother she must obey but now I am open to the truth that we three can grow together in loving and serving the Lord in our Domestic Church then together we too can serve our community.

I may have been hoarding the wrong stuff. Not just the material stuff , which I have been started to give away, but more importantly, I have been hoarding my fears. My disappointments, my anger. Trying to hide all these with a false happy face.
Instead. I should let all of these go, and let Jesus enter my heart, and then share, share, share love joy happiness.
Yo be brave and strong and true
And to fill the world with love…

Thank you for this retreat .
I feel so blessed:)

Thank you, Fr. Johnny, for coming to Cebu to conduct this online retreat in person, live! at the Sacred Heart Parish. I feel chosen to have journeyed through the Triduum recollection with you.

My key takeaways: Choice, Faithfulness, Transformation
1) CHOICE is setting aside daily activities (clutter) that distract me from listening to God; and choosing what God wants from me.
2) FAITHFULNESS is the commitment that God expects from me in doing His Holy Will, despite the consequences.
3) TRANSFORMATION is the work of God alone. It is His mercy that allows me to continue the mission that Jesus started when He came to be as one with us.

Looking forward to a renewed Easter!

I am a perfectionist person, want to be in control of my life and demand some kind of perfection to my own family and other people. But life is not perfect, my family is not perfect, the church and the society is not perfect. I myself am far from perfect.

At this time, God is inviting me to be more kind and more compassionate to the imperfections of my family and other people.

Dear God, please give me your grace to be more loving, kind and compassionate even if this would mean “annoying” to my perfectionist self. I am yours. I am all yours. Amen.

I realized that the Passion, Death, and (possible) Resurrection would have more meaning if we realized that Jesus is not God but only human, a human who heeded the ONE God’s call to all of us to be self-aware.

This year’s online retreat is an eye-opener for me. How wonderful it is to understand Jesus’ experience of emptiness is also what He will do (to empty Himself out) because He is 100% committed to do the mission.

Today, I struck with these lines:

“What would you lose if you made the choice today– right here and right now– to leave all that behind and to be happy?

Think about that. And if you can, do something about it.

Decide to let Happiness find you.

Which chair in your life do you think the Lord would vacate? Where do you think would He want you to follow and find Him?
What are you being asked to do this Easter?”

Going to this retreat, I have lots of things of being afraid of – leaving comfort zones, making bold adult choices. I am also discerning something big – to leave a good-paying job in a prestigious institution and to work as a full-time pastoral worker. Its been hounding me for a while – a ‘holy disturbance’ to describe it. My heart knows that I love serving the Lord but I am just sooo afraid to leave my job for fear of leaving my comfort zone and of sustenance – not only for myself but also of my plans in the upcoming months (getting married and being on our own). There are times when my mind (and some people as well) are telling me that maybe I am called to financially support the mission that’s why I’m in this job, that anyway, I give most of my weekday nights and weekends for the mission.

I am in the crossroad right now and this retreat gave me a very fitting reminder to fully discern with the help of the Holy Spirit; that the will of God will still happen; that faith requires 100% commitment even if things aren’t clear; that self-emptying is also what is required of me and that happiness is a choice and I should let true happiness follow me and for me to grab it whatever I should give up.

Dear Father J, spiritual director/s and fellow retreatants, kindly pray for me. As said in Ecclesiastes, there is a time for everything. Thank you and may God bless us all! Happy Easter!

I had/ve 2 specific prayer requests upon entering this retreat: 1) financial freedom/stability and 2) a child. Emptying my heart and soul and embracing God’s will for me on these 2 specific matters is not easy (Lord, a higher salary please? And a baby soon?) but I am praying for FAITH.

I also know that like the disciples in Emmaus, the Lord has burned my heart and I am being moved to act. Empty yourself so you can receive.

On discernment, one message that flicked through my mind is: in figuring out what God wants me to do, I should also ask, what CAN I do? I have these gifts, and I know am called, just as we all are chosen.

It is no coincidence that I chanced upon my friend’s FB status to be able to participate in this retreat. Thank you to all our guides, and my co-travellers in this journey.

I used to always provide an explanation, “my” explanation of why things happen…really until now am doing that…what I want to do is to embrace like Jesus did the will of the Father, including His silence, and just go leaving the chair empty.

Thanks again to the Jesuits for making this online retreat available for 11years now…almost the same time as I have been where I am. May the Lord bless and use this mightily to make His people joyful Easter people in the end…

Sometimes my desire to reason out and to appear that I am right, and to be in control can be so strong. I want to change that– I want to empty myself of justifications, reasons and certitiude and just allow God’s will and spirit to take charge and to allow myself to be forsaken by my Abba, to commend everything to Him. Because just as I am chosen so are the difficult people in my life are also chosen. I have to start seeing them with eyes of mercy than with eyes of fear and hatred. That this virtue I may master. Amen.

Thank you for making this resource available and accessible. I shared this as well to my local officemates here in Singapore. I’m pretty sure that even after holy week I’m still gonna go back to this resource. Thank you for letting me fall in love all over again with Jesus.

I used to think I was more in control of my life now that I have become independent from my family.

But now I think in becoming more independent, I realize how dependent I am on them and ultimately to God. That this pride has be tempered with humility, the humility to acknowledge that everything depends on Him and not on me.

In so doing, I may truly love, the only gift that you keep by giving it away.

Thanks for the retreat, it was amazing.

I used to hesitate whenever I pray and have to utter “Thy will be done.” Knowing the difference between being sure and being committed spells the difference when it comes to having faith.

I used to seek happiness in the “wrong places and spaces”
I used to be filled with “hopelessness, indifference, & negative” – always looking for what might be wrong in things, in myself, in the world
I used to be so full of “my disillusioned self”
I used to find my comfort in “material things”
I used to be “sleeping while the Lord was praying at Gethsemane”
I used to be “doubtful that the tomb was indeed empty”
I used to be “walking the road to Emmaus to flee Jerusalem”

Now, I will choose the way of the Lord…to empty my “used to” ways in order for the grace of His Resurrection to permeate my whole being and heal my brokenness…that I may be Good News to my brothers and sisters in faith.

Thank you Fr J. I had a “heartwarming” experience during the retreat…the way the disciples had on their way to Emmaus as Christ journeyed with them. May you also abundantly receive the grace of Christ’s Resurrection. God bless you always.

Thank you Paolo,
I’m not sure why, but your words of sharing hit me.

I’m resolved to be a bearer of the Good News through my words and actions as well.

God Bless you and your journey.

God’s generosity abounds.

Jesus’ self emptying because of His mercy, unconditional love for us and faithfulness to His Father was not in vain.
The process was painful but at the end it was all worth it because now we have the Church…..men and women who struggle to be Better Angels all led by the spirit and desire to do God’s will.

If I were in the tomb,I would be sad and shocked because my Master is gone but I would be crying too because of happiness. I would shout out loud that Jesus has risen and my Lord is victorious.

I pray that when I would retreat to “Emmaus” to run from my frustrations and struggles, I would recognize My Faithful Lord in my journey so I can be directed to the place where he pleases me to go ….because there I will be able to to serve Him more.

Thank you to the Pins of Light group for your unwavering effort every year to make people contemplate and follow God more closely. Praise to the Holy Spirit that sustain you in your good work.

I used to have the same questions (and more) covered in this online Holy Week retreat. Now I have clearer answers and greater understanding of what it is to have faith and how is it to love as Christ did. I pray that I may be able to do my part as a true disciple of our Risen Lord Jesus. Thank you very much for this retreat and may God bless you and your ministry even more.

I used to be sad, lonely and turn away from happiness. Now, I am claiming it and embracing it! Welcome happiness!!!

Thank you very much Father, and everyone behind this successful online retreat. A difference in one soul is vibrated to everyone he meets. You made a difference in my outlook and I’ll share this with others.

Thank You God once again for EVERYTHING and refreshening my whole being. God bless you Father, and us all!

I used to be afraid to love and to open myself to others. I often put up my guards because I was afraid to be rejected or hurt. As a result, I hurt the people around me and drive them away. Now, I choose love. I choose to love as Jesus has loved me. I choose to open myself to others and to serve Jesus through serving others.

I used to be fearful and suspicious, letting my self-absorption get in the way of allowing God to love me in his many wonderful, mysterious ways every day. Now I re-commit to doing daily examen, and commit to being more discerning in my daily choices & actions, and opening myself to the truth that He loves me as I am and wants the very best for me always.

In this particular module, I was able to reflect on the fears and doubts of the very people that knew Jesus and loved Him.

But more than their hesitations and moments of weaknesses – I was drawn to their bearing witness to Jesus’ resurrection. It was truly a transformative experience that whatever their reluctance mere hours ago seemed so distant. Such is the power of Easter that not only did it extinguish their own reservations but gave them the unparalleled strength to preach and testify as Jesus told them to.

May we lift out own doubts and fears, and pray for such a transformative experience.

After what Jesus has been through, should I just take His sorrowful passion and death for granted, as history, happening 2000 years ago?
How dense and ungrateful can I be?

My life is Jesus–here and beyond!

I now realize that I, too, have to go through my sorrowful mysteries of betrayal, conflict —situations beyond my understanding, which will remain as question marks and yes, mysteries, but secure that Jesus is journeying with me, reassuring me to just take another step of faith and trust each day, every step of the way.

Thank you for this online retreat!

Thank You, Jesus, for the gift of salvation through Your Blood!

i used to be afraId of what lies ahead.i especially for my daughter who is a special child and my loving wife.. I know now to trust Him fully and they will be ok.
I understand too what my mission is here on earth amd will continue to heed His call to help spread the word in my own little way

Literally the accident victim that figured in a colission died on Good Friday! We mimistered to her as she enterded into Coma. A priest Friend came and administered the last Sacraments of the Sick on her Birthday. I always say God has a message for events that happen in our life. After a week she expired. The family could not find a store open, before going to UKAY2 perhaps like Joseph of Arimathea we tried to give her a decent wake. Before entering the retreat went to find an off-white gown from our closet specially made by a Designer Friend working in the middle east. (He just made a debut gown for a beautiful actress in a series. ) Shared it for our departed like Joseph and the Linen Clotes. Holy Week Retreat 2018 God has chosen us for a mission, despite of uncertainties He has shown us the way to Persevere and just love. Thank you Fr. Johnny, Fr. Willy and the Jesuits who are CHOSEN to bring us closer to Jesus,

I used to be anxious and fearful of the future, now I am assured of His love, mercy and grace. Thank you for a beautiful retreat. Happy Easter!

I used to want to take control as much as I can of everything happening in my life… now I realize the beauty of simply surrendering and entrusting everything to God because His will is always good and He always watches over us. True happiness can only be found by doing this… by chasing God and not earthly desires or achievements.

Thank you for this retreat! What a wonderful way to slow down and be with God.

Sometimes I would pause and think … in a certain family why does GOD bless the other one more and let the other go through so much difficulty in life. In terms of material things they have more and go through all the great things in life. Just like Cain and Abel. Why did GOD favor the gift of Abel more than Cain. And I would often ask the same, among siblings it seems that one is favored more. GOD is always omnipresent but why do we experience this not only through GOD but also through actual lives in Families. This has been my question to GOD. I see this experience among the siblings of my spouse. And I think the ending for this retreat is timely but I still do not have answers except maybe we are not rich materialy but we are rich in GOD’s love and mercy but we live in a materialistic world and it is hard to explain this to my children tho they are adults.

I believe there are reasons why some things are like that, knowingly or unknowingly. But like Jesus, the Son of God, maltreated and all, yet He kept quiet and humbly forgiving everyone, coming back to the very disciples who left and denied Him, saying Peace be with you. God clothing Adam/Even despite their sins. While Abel’s offering was acceptable to God, Cain does not have the right to be angry because it is a sin to be angry and jealous. Instead, be happy that God was pleased to his brother’s offering. I too, have siblings, favored more than me. But it’s all in the past, and it’s okay because I would not want to offend God by being jealous or angry. Others will be more intelligent, richer and blessed than I am. But I am better in other aspects. I am not rich, but unlike others, I can see, walk, hear, talk. No one is best at everything. Someone will always be richer, famous, powerful. I believe to feel good inside knowing God loves me is enough, then I bring out this love to everyone and then I felt surrounded by it. No matter what state I am in, whether someone does bad to me, I choose to be happy, love, forgive and do good to the very persons who hurt me (and this actually happened several times). And on these times, I felt rewarded in very extraordinary ways. God does reward His children who have wept, stayed humbled and forgave despite the odds, unjustifiable insults and false criticisms.

I used to rush to closure when praying or contemplating the scriptures. “There, I’ve done it or I get it.” Now, like the Emmaus friends, I will ask Jesus to remain with me a while – no expectations – and I am sure that he will astonish me and leave me with an indelible impression that will never fade.

I used to wonder why the Lord allows unpleasant things to happen. Now I know that our Lord is always around , listening to me – through the empty space and the empty chair. Now I know that my Faith is 100% commitment in times of doubt and uncertainties.

Thank you Fr. for this wonderful journey.

I used to blame the past (rejected, not choosen, heartbroken) and dwell in fear and resentment … Now I leave the past behind me, have the courage to move forward, take action, choose happiness and see my worth because I am choosen by my God who loves me no matter what.

I am thankful that I am always included in God’s embrace. This is something we know as we are taught that God is all loving, but this retreat made it real for me. I also learned to seek the help of the holy spirit to help me discern and teach me how to have a life that is more self emptying and do something about it.

thank you for this retreat. I am truly inspired and grateful.

Today’s retreat made me realize that most of the time we like to chase the superficial happiness which lead us to a more empty or dejected feeling. The Lord sacrificed so much for us, so we should also choose to endure the hardships to attain eternal happiness.
The only part I do not understand about today’s retreat is the empty chair. What does it symbolize?
Thank you, Father J for this wonderful retreat. I hope those who attended this retreat will be able to have much insight and continue to strengthen their faith throughout the year.

My prayer is simple: I want God to be more real in my life. And I hope that God will be more real to all of us.

I used to think that:
God was hiding from me & I could never find Him bec I was Un- worthy ; UN -Chosen ….
Now I realize that it was I who stopped looking for HIM ~ in the many “hiding places” that He made Himself obviously Visible – it was I who just Gave -up!!
Now- after the take aways from this Retreat ., I SHOULD GET MOVING- GET TO SERIOUS WORK – TO KNOW HIM;TO FOLLOW HIM & MOST OF ALL TO LOVE HIM in Concrete ways – these ways” He will show me as I continue to look deeper & open my eyes into the “hiding places” where IAM SURE TO FIND HIM !
I Love you Lord!❤️

I thank the Lord for this recollection. I was able to reflect on my own pains and humiliations and made more aware that I have always been given the power to choose by God. I feel the need for greater self-awareness and spiritual discernment, that I may be able to make better choices starting this Easter.

I used to be controlling of my circumstances especially when there is “silence”, when there’s no one I could trust who might seem to help, when I feel afraid. I would spend time gathering up my courage, strategize, and handle things myself… Now, I learned that while it is sometimes necessary to be self-reliant, I must first discern, be patient and faithful, and to humble myself to seek my “better angels” instead of thinking only I can do a better job at the tasks on-hand. I am not the “prime mover” but the “moved”.

Very enlightening retreat. Many thanks to a dear friend for sharing this.

Reflecting on the scriptures and stories is a beautiful experience to remind me of His tender love and great mercy. With the love is the freedom – to make a choice. Today, I will bring with me with greater confidence the love and freedom to choose happiness. And for the times I falter, I am assured that He will be watching over me as what He has done for me in the past and throughout history of mankind. I will keep on going – keeping my faith despite the challenges and pray to God for strength and courage to fulfill my life’s mission. God bless us all!

I used to think that God’s love was something I never deserved, and that I am not worth saving. Now, I still think the same, but what’s different is I choose to go further than that thought. Instead of staying stuck to that mentality, I move on to being grateful to have a God who loves me that much, and I let it move me to serve others so they can experience God through me.

I used to be comfortable inside my tomb and darkness. Now I have been given new life and courage to move on with the RISEN CHRIST. Maraming-maraming salamat po, Fr. J!

Choices, emptying, humility, and unconditional love bring this retreat to a close. And a new Beginning.

We give thanks to the Risen Lord, experience the joy and a knowing that whatever we choose, He is always with us especially when we choose unwisely and in those silent moments.

Let us not forget that in God’s perpetual embrace, we embrace him back.

God has His reasons. I am not a Bible scholar, not even religious, but these are just some of my insights.
The Bible mentioned that Cain brought some of his harvest and gave it as an offering to God while Abel brought the first lamb born with the best parts as an offering. later part during Cain’s offering, he was furious and God said If you had done the right thing, you would be smiling but because you have done evil, sin is crouching at your door.
From the description of the offering, God has seen effort from Abel. I believe offering first born and the best parts meant taking the best belonging and giving back to God who deserves all goodness is an act of love and reverence to God.
And it seemed like Cain has done something not even pleasing to himself, and God also knew he had done something evil.
From these readings, I think that God refused His offering because His heart was not on the offering – it was done just to put an object to the plate for God, and even maybe during the time when he has done evil. I remember that God preached that one’s offering will not be pleasing to God unless the man goes back to the person he had an issue with: Matthew 5:24
Therefore if you are offering your gift at the altar and there remember that your brother has something against you leave your offering there before the altar and go; first be reconciled to your brother, and then come and present your offering
– implies that offerings should come from a heart who has corrected / repented his sins.

This retreat allowed me to spend the ladt three days of the holy week more solemnly. It helped me focus more on Christ’s passion compated to previous Lenten seasons. I am looking forward to doing this again next year.

I just realized that I can be full of myself. That makes me a fool, doesn’t it? In the busyness of life, I forget to empty myself and allow God to fill me. The choices I make as a result come from that mentality of “hoarding,” of fear that I may lose the very little I have. God reminds me in this Holy Week that the more I seek myself, I lose myself more. It is in that emptying, that act of humility, of offering in totality, that there is no empty tomb, nor an empty a chair, but a presence that goes beyond sight. I pray that the Lord will grant me the grace of Easter in my heart till I am called to my final resting place.

This retreat has moved me deeper to embracing the empty sound… Realizing and feeling God’s unconditional love and mercy!
With His grace and guidace from the Holy Spirit, I choose to live out the consequences of His Will… as it unfolds in my life…
I choose happiness!

Thank you Fr J and everyone who made this awesome online retreat ❣ You are in my prayers.

There have been a lot of realizations throughout this Holy Week. I had attended a three-day recollection from Holy Monday to Wednesday and took this 3-day online retreat. The messages from these days if recollecting are in harmony—the need for conversion—to see things with “new” eyes, to declutter my cluttered heart, to recognize God’active presence in my life, even through His “silence and hidden-ness”, to move from the fullness of my wordly concerns to an emptying of self to make space for Jesus—and through these, determine and act on my mission: to empty my chair, get moving and get to work. Where and how to reach for my better angels? The recollecting goes on…

Dear Holy Spirit, help me find my better self through the inspiration and lifemap of Jesus.

Thank you for these days of emptying…

I used to be scared of the choices that I have to make. Now, I will always pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit before making a choice. With the Lord’s guidance, I know that He will lead me to the right path. I will not fear reign in my heart but to trust the Lord in everything.

Knowledge that we ate chosen is something that gives me joy. Having to knownthat happiness is finding yet i hide from it is a realisation that inam loved. It is difficiltbto be alone but i asked for faith to endure this as I prepare to come home to him.
I believe that He is always there for me. I know he will restore my family and He is always with me.
Maybi have the courage to have faith always! thank you Jesus. Amen.

I normally associate “CHOSEN” with an elite group. Now, I realize that all of us can belong to the CHOSEN group if we allow ourselves to respond to God’s call to be a member of his CHOSEN flock. And we will be able to respond to God’s call if we go through discernment on a daily basis, amidst the confusion surrounding us.

I used to be shallow in my dealings in my practice of faith in God. But now, I’m enriched and I can feel God’s immense love that is enough for me to be motivated to do good…better in all my dealings especially in my service to the Lord.

Now I find more meaning in what comes and for what lies ahead of me…that I can overcome obtacles in life by being determined with my faith. I now find a deeper meaning in serving my family to the best and in doing so, will serve you more Lord.

One of my takeaways from this retreat are the concepts of cluttered heart and emptying. As we go on with our lives, our hearts become cluttered with all sorts of things, good and bad. It is important for us to regularly empty our hearts (be disconnected from mobile devices, be free from social media and concerns about work, and be silent) so that we can fix our hearts and put back the Lord in the center and all other things in their proper place.

Thank you very much, Fr. J. I’m inspired to do more work and at the same time be grateful for the opportunities (not begrudging my busy-ness).

I used to be blind but now beginning to see rightly through this.

Thank you Fr. J for this online retreat. I will pray that the Lord continue to guide you in your journey.

I used to be confused about the difference between God’s choices and my choices thinking I have to be 100% sure about it. Now I am inspired to try my best to be 100% committed to choose humility and happiness in each opportunity that come my way.

beautiful retreat… makes me cry about God’s immense love yet ignored not felt by me..at times. I am chosen and will fulfill his call/mission slowly, gently and with commitment. Help me Jesus.

I started this retreat in the tomb. I had totally surrendered everything to our Lord and I was in the tomb waiting. What next? This retreat has rolled the stone and opened the tomb for me. I have to make the choice whether to stay in it or leave it and join Jesus in his resurrection. To choose the light and joy of being out of the tomb. To choose to be happy and joyful despite circumstances and learn to recognize that Jesus is always walking beside me and finding Him in the Eucharist when I fail to recognize His presence.

I used to think “chosen” in a different light. Now I understand its deeper meaning and what is expected of me when things go wrong in my life.

I used to be confused with the word “chosen”. Now I understand its deeper meaning and what is expected of me when things go wrong in my life.

The retreat left me with the right questions that I need to continue to ponder. I come out of it with a sense of hope despite not gaining the kind of clarity I had wanted. I feel I’m in a good place. Thank you.

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