Let us now go back to the beginning.

Read the following passage
from the Book of Genesis,
once again watching out
for the silences between its lines.

If you wish, play this instrumental music
to pace your reading.


Did you notice what God does
before sending our First Parents
out of Paradise?
He clothed them.

This tender gesture shows us
that even when we have sinned,
God remains concerned
and continues to cherish us.

God’s tender mercy towards us,
hinted at so often all throughout Scripture,
is best captured by the image
of our Lord hanging on the cross.
There–more than anywhere else–
the Lord reveals to us
that the heart of God is Mercy.


Play this music as you spend some time
gazing on Jesus on the cross,
Him Whose heart is mercy.
Let your heart speak to His
in your prayer.

Feel free to share your prayer,
if you wish, under COMMENTS below.

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just click on NEXT.

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This statement got my attention:
“Faith is not 100 percent certainty but 100 percent commitment.” Does this mean faith should be put into action?

Good question… that led me to James 2:14-26 – Faith w/o works is dead.

as explained in https://www.gotquestions.org/faith-without-works-dead.html

James says, “For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also” (James 2:26). Faith without works is a dead faith because the lack of works reveals an unchanged life or a spiritually dead heart. There are many verses that say that true saving faith will result in a transformed life, that faith is demonstrated by the works we do. How we live reveals what we believe and whether the faith we profess to have is a living faith.

Lord God , I don’t deserve your hanging on the cross for me. But you did out of your awesome love for humanity. I just can’t fathom the depth of your love. Lord, forgive me for being insensitive to your sufferings on the cross. Now I realize some more how much you love me. Help me Lord as I continue loving you no matter what. Strengthen me as I carry my own cross for this will make me know you more . Amen.

Dear Jesus, as you expired on the cross and your heart emptied, your suffering has ended and has opened for us the road to salvation. We remember and honor your crucifixion as a testament of your boundless love for us. Help us to live a more meaningful existence of love and forgiveness. Thank you so much for your mercy. Amen

Been pondering the emptied heart of Jesus.

Tunay nga na kahit ang kamatayan ay hindi napigilan si Jesus na magbigay kung ano ano man ang natitira sa kanya – ang kabanal banalang dugo at tubig sa kanyang puso. Dahil ito sa awa sa akin…


You were so concerned with our sinfulness that You sent Your Only Son to be with us – to be made flesh, to feel pain, to feel abandonment – to pay the ultimate price for our salvation. No love is greater than this, O God!

Dear Jesus,
Thank you for enduring extreme pain, suffering, humiliation and death so that we will have a chance to go to heaven. Thank you. Please help me to not waste this chance that you have sacrificed for. Help me to live my life well, in a way that will honor your sacrifice for us. Thank you Lord, Jesus. Amen.

The Cross is the sign of Jesus’s love. But it is also where He emptied His heart for our sake. Thinking about it has led me to better realize that I also ought to live for Him… emptying my heart so that His love may feel me. May His heart beat within me that I may carry on the struggles to live an authentic life!

In my life, I tend to get tired of loving the people who hurt me the most. It hurt me to help them, even face them. I tried my best to be Jesus to them but still they pull me down.

Dear Father God,

You died for us, all for love. Me myself I am a sinner and I hurt you. I broke your heart. Still you forgive. Brought me into a life that is best. Lord, help me to be like you. To have a heart like you to see others how you see them. Amen

Lord Jesus, thank you for loving me unconditionally, for loving me so much that you even died for me. You didn’t have to do it but you chose to do it. I pray Lord that I may prove to be worthy of your ultimate sacrifice. I know that no sacrifice I will offer you is big or small for as long as it is from my heart. Help me dear God to stay away from sin so that I may not hurt you again. Please forgive me for all the times I have hurt you. May the Holy Spirit dwell in me that I may be a true witness for you. In your mercy and mighty name I pray. Amen.


This is the doxology that I want to offer to YOU taken from Jude 1:24-25:

24 “Now to HIM WHO is able to keep you from stumbling, and to make you stand in the presence of HIS glory blameless with great joy, 25 to the only GOD our SAVIOR, through JESUS CHRIST our LORD, be glory, majesty, dominion and authority, before all time and now and forever. Amen.”

LORD JESUS, thank YOU for taking on flesh, setting aside YOUR “full power”, to dwell among us and tabernacle within us. Thank YOU for showing us the Way, the Truth and the Life. Thank YOU for revealing to us WHO THE FATHER is: Compassionate LOVE beyond our human understanding … the GOD WHO pursues us because HE is “madly in love with us”. Thank YOU for dying on the cross that we may have life to the full. Thank YOU for YOUR WORD that continues to reveal to us YOUR FATHER’s will. Thank YOU for gifting us the HOLY SPIRIT WHO will guide us to our final destiny. Amen.

Looking at Jesus on the cross, is like looking at our loved ones and friends on their death bed or last moments of breath. It is a very painful experience to see them suffer and helpless as they slip away from this life.

As I look at Jesus on the cross… My prayer is to release Jesus from all his suffering because of me. Thank you for your mercy… Thank you for your emptied heart… Please let it be full again… May I be worthy of His love and not just mercy…

Mydear Jesus, thank You for emptying Yourself for me even I don’t deserve it as I am a sinner.

May You never get impatient and may Your mercy abounds endlessly that I may be committed to Your love as well. Please help me to be truly dedicated to Your holy will.

I ask these through the intercession of all holy saints and our Mother Mary. Amen.

Just sharing…

“Rethinking Jesus’ Words From The Hebrew Original

Posted by Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg
Date March 29, 2018

The Jewish morning begins with the “Modeh Ani” (“I thank”) prayer, which expresses the worshiper’s gratitude for another day of life.
מוֹדֶה אֲנִי לְפָנֶיךָ מֶלֶךְ חַי וְקַיָּם, שֶׁהֶחֱזַרְתָּ בִּי נִשְׁמָתִי בְּחֶמְלָה. רַבָּה אֱמוּנָתֶךָ

(Modeh anee lefanecha melech chai vekayam, she-he-chezarta bee nishmatee b’chemla, raba emunatecha).

Translation: “I thank Thee, living and eternal King, for Thou hast mercifully restored my soul within me; Great is Thy faithfulness.”

The presumption here is that the worshiper entrusted the spirit to the Almighty for safe-keeping the previous evening. Many observant Jews use the phrase, “Into your hands I commit my spirit” (Psalm 31:5) at the end of their evening prayers.

It is interesting that this ritual includes the same verse that Jesus cried out while dying on the cross (Luke 23:46). It is highly likely that Jesus, in his agony, was reciting this psalm from memory as he faced the greatest challenge of his incarnate life.

We read these fitting words in Psalm 31:1-5

In you, Lord, I have taken refuge;
let me never be put to shame;
deliver me in your righteousness.
Turn your ear to me,
come quickly to my rescue;
Be my rock of refuge,
a strong fortress to save me.
Since you are my rock and my fortress,
for the sake of your name lead and guide me.
Keep me free from the trap that is set for me,
for you are my refuge.
Into your hands I commit my spirit; (בְּיָדְךָ, אַפְקִיד רוּחִי)
deliver me, Lord, my faithful God.

I would like to focus on the text which was quoted in the Gospels[ie Luke] (vs. 5). How does this beautiful verse sound in Hebrew original? Is it possible that something essential about it has been lost in translation?

The Hebrew word translated, “I commit,” is “אַפְקִיד” (pronounced afkid). This word has a meaning that is much closer to “I deposit” – which necessarily signifies a future “reclaiming” of the thing deposited. A vivid image might be that of checking in a coat at theater or restaurant, or even money into the bank, with the definite intention of getting it back. While the English word “commit” can also be used to describe giving something with the purpose of claiming it back at some point in the future, it might just as well mean the giving of something without stating any clear intentions for the future. In Hebrew, on the other hand, the unequivocal meaning of this verse is the temporary submission of one’s spirit into the hands of God – giving it into “His custody,” with the definite intention of receiving it back.

It makes perfect sense that Jesus would quote this particular psalm while hanging on a Roman cross.

This shows that if we take the time to compare the original verse Jesus was reciting from Hebrew, a simple, but significant insight into the words of Jesus on the cross will emerge. The words Jesus uttered were nothing less than a declaration of his great Israelite faith. He was confident that as he deposited his soul into the hands of his Heavenly Father, he will surely get it back at his resurrection. What happened three days later proved that Jesus did not hope in vain.”

Merciful Father, You have shown us the meaning of unconditional love. Let your love for us guide us as I go through this hardship in life. Amen

I feel unworthy of your mercy, o Lord. You have died for me in the cross to save me, to give me eternal life. Yet what I do are things that even burden me, things that make my cross even heavier – when You yourself have unloaded us with the burden of sin.

My prayer:
Thank you Lord for Your love and Mercy. Thank you for deeming me worthy to be saved, through Your son. I ask for the grace to have a heart like Yours, a heart of Mercy… most especially when I struggle to be kind, to be compassionate and loving towards others. May I constantly be reminded that I have the capacity to have a heart like Yours; I just need to keep my faith and be brave, even when things get difficult… Especially when things get difficult. I am never alone, because I will always have You.
Thank you.
I love you.

Am I really worthy to be given the love and mercy by Jesus? In spite of my sinfulness, the LORD our GOD has been faithful to me. Even if I feel that HE abandoned me; it is just a feeling but HE never did. HE loves me because HE once again called me by me name.

We do not deserve His love, yet He loves us and holds us close to His heart.

We do not deserve His mercy, but He shows us Mercy because He is love itself.

I choose to make space for me. I choose not to hate, even when I am angry. I pray to not be mean, when I am angry. Grant me the grace to accept gifts of forgiveness, and the capacity to forgive.

Thank you Jesus for your mercy, may I be reminded always that in the time I sinned you still think of me after sinning. Thank you for the Cross, that continue to remind us of God’s great love for us.

Dear God, Teach me to empty my cluttered heart and to trust Your Will for me. Help me to accept the circumstances that goes along with Your Will. Arrange the clutters in my heart and embrace me tightly with your love and mercy.

Dear Jesus, I know how it is to empties oneself for another. But I didnt persevere on it when discomforts creep in. Please give me the grace to be faithful and loving to you at all times. Amen.

Teach us, Lord, to empty ourselves as you have, on the cross. For when we are empty, you fill us with your love.

Lord free us from the bondage of sin and from our addiction to smartphones. Incite in us an unquenchable thirst for that sacred silence, for Your loving presence. Help us search Your face despite ourselves, inspite of the empty spaces. Amen.

I am not worthy, and yet you love me.
I am not worthy, and yet you died for me.
I am not worthy, and yet you emptied your heart out to me.
I am not worthy, and yet you saved me.

Thank you Jesus for your great love, for your merciful heart.
Please forgive me. am sorry for my weakness and wickedness.
Guide me back to you.

Dear Lord,
Your crucifixion is a reminder to me of man’s capacity for violence and cruelty, and that it exists alongside your love and mercy. It reminds me that if we choose You, life on this earth can be filled with joy and peace, amidst our sinfulness. It also reminds me that eternal life after death is our destiny.
Please grant us the grace to live our life on earth with joy and peace even though cruelty, violence and sin exist. Please grant us the grace to choose You every day and every moment so that we will be ready to receive your love and mercy when we breath our last.

Everything has been given out by the Lord of himself… Nothing more except the unconditional, boundless, without borders love he bears for his Father (who has been offended by us human beings) and for his Father’s beloved creatures. Lord, have mercy on me, on the whole of humanity for I and we are sinners. Lift us up to your Father’s forgiveness. Amen,

Why do I feel joy contemplating on your mercy? I am joyful because your mercy set my heart free. Praise and honour and thanksgiving O God, my One God.

Dearest Lord, for so long I had been so afraid of being alone, of the emptiness that comes with having to live my life alone for all these years. So I fill it with activities, projects, friends who give me no time to dwell on my loneliness, and yet all these things never could fill the void in my heart. I longed for someone to love me, and all this time afraid that maybe the reason why nobody did was because I was unloveable, undesirable.

But this is not the case, I realize now. I am not unloveable, because I am already loved, by You who loved me so much that You even died on the cross for me. You loved all of us — INCLUDING ME. And I was never truly alone, because You had always been there, loving me, watching over me, every step of the way.

In times like these when I feel like the Father is silent, I take comfort that You too felt this emptiness, and know that You are with me, always. Thank you for your great love.

‘Blood and water flowed out of the heart of Jesus as a fountain of mercy for us….’ now I understand. He emptied his heart completely that not only blood flowed out but water too. Wala ng na tira. Piga. That is God’s mercy.

Lord, help me up space in my mind and heart. I have been so preoccupied these past years, trying to put every aspect of my life together. I have been so focused in ensuring everyone around me is taken cared of that I never left adequate space in my life for You. I pray to always feel your presence, to always keep you in my heart and to have you lead me in the path that You want me to take. I thank You Lord for your love. I pray to continue to trust you wholeheartedly, I pray to always have faith in you especially when it seems that everything is in chaos. Lord, keep me in the comfort of Your arms. Let me always put You in the center of everything I do. Amen.

Lord, grant me the heart to appreciate the goodness of people around me. Grant me the courage to show the love to them. Grant me the wisdom to choose what is important, what matters in life. Show me the way, Lord.

Lead me out of confusion. Lead me to YOU.

It seems to me that estrangement or experiencing the absence, being isolated from one’s beloved is necessary to be experienced at some point to be able to appreciate the relationship better. As I feel this with God, I sense He allows it as time of rest so I better understand my need for Him. His grace is always sufficient though as He provides for us even when we feel we don’t have Him for the time being.

Thank you Jesuits for another year of online lenten retreat. This has been my chance over the past years of being an OFW to reflect during lenten season even when the season is not observed where I am.

Forgive me Lord for my iniquities,for showing mercy to us your ungrateful children. Many times in the past we have sinned. You showed to trust with all our heart and soul in order for us to be saved.

Thank You Jesus for saving us and for suffering for our sins. We are truly sorry for continuing to offend you and others with our words and actions. We also pray for your guidance so may be strong in the face of temptation. We love you Lord with all our hearts and with all our soul. May my life be for your greater glory. Amen.

Thank You Jesus for saving us and for suffering for our sins. We are truly sorry for continuing to offend you and others with our words and actions. We also pray for your guidance so may be strong in the face of temptation. We love you Lord with all our hearts and with all our soul. May my life be for your greater glory. Amen.

In the depths of my sin, You clothed me and cradled me with Your precious body and blood. I am sorry, dear Jesus, for my sins which crucified You and pierced Your Heart. I thank you, Lord Jesus, for Your self-emptying love, which has torn the stained cloak of sin and wrapped me in Your garment of eternal Light.

I ask, why would you love me? I’ve done so much wrong. I’m too vain, proud. I rejoice over being envied. I love to laugh at others’ imperfections. Yet you love me. I can’t understand. Perhaps my mind is too noisy. Perhaps it’s not meant to be understood. Because of this love, I feel that I will see who I really am (was), before all this pride and vainglory. Maybe this is what you want me to do from now on. To finally see in my self what you see in me.

Thank you for your merciful heart, dear Father, that though we have sinned and failed You many times, You still reach for us and love us to tenderly. From my grateful heart, thank you my Father. I love you!

When everything seems to be going wrong…feeling like the world is crumbling all around us… we must keep the FAITH. Know that God’s LOVE & MERCY is there for us…we simply need to allow His plan for us to work… we must remain steadfast in our Faith.

What does it mean to be a recipient of a love that empties itself for me? I would have said: “No, keep something back for yourself.” because I would feel so guilty and unworthy about being loved so if I cannot love back in the same way. I know how difficult – almost impossible – it is to love with nothing held back. Maybe it’s my way of saying “Give me permission to hold something back that’s just my own – to do with as I please – not to give you everything or to even promise it because I know that I am bound to break it.” Faced with the one who says, “No, you have all of me” I want to say “Please have all of imperfect me and maybe as I grow in your love I can get to the stage where I can truly say – I held nothing back. I gave you all of me.” Please, God of possibility!

You captured it all. It’s hard to fathom bottomless and unconditional love, and yet it’s there for the taking. I too am afraid I wouldn’t be worthy.

All that ishappening to me is Jesus emptying me and preparing me for greater things. I pray for thr grace of fortitude to accept your challenges and to keep walking.

Grant me the grace, O Lord, to receive your overflowing love and mercy despite feelings of unworthiness. In the same way, please open my heart so I can give myself the same kind of mercy and forgiveness especially for times that I chose to separate myself from you and let mostly my ego lead the way.

It is difficult to see the logic in praying to the suffering Christ for help when I am suffering – not for lack of faith, but He is suffering so much that one would think He is the last person to ask for any help.

But…I do seek comfort in the shadows of the Fallen Lord. Apart from shielding me from the scorching rays of the sun, it’s as though He is telling me, “Come here…seek shelter in the shade I provide. You are not alone. We are in this together.”

Christ crucified on the cross shows us MERCY:

Moved with compassion
Encouraged by faith
Ransomed in love
Called to serve
You are God’s faithful One

Son of God has bowed His head to me, a person who is nothing. I bow my head and vow to You, Lord, to be submissive to Your will. Sorry for the doubts and fears. I Thank You, Love You for the continuous remembrance and the joy You give me although I have sins and shortcomings. I love You Lord.

My Lord, the blood and water from your heart flows to my heart, I felt the strength, love and mercy in me… And I feel that I’m overflowing… My blood and water flows slowly to You, my Lord.

For all those times that I have not stayed with you when you asked me to, forgive me Lord. For all those times that I have been too afraid to enter and embrace my own darkness, forgive me Lord. For all those times that I have abandoned you and gave up “us”, forgive me Lord. Just stay with me and embrace me in your mercy. Thank you for claiming me again…and again…I am all Yours, my Jesus.

Thank you Lord for being 100% committed even when 0% certain. You are teaching me what mercy and courage truly mean ❤️

Thank You Lord Jesus for emptying youself for me, up to the last drop of Your blood. I appreciate all You have done to redeem mankind although sometimes I seem to forget your sacrifices for me. Keep me close to your heart and always keep me in your loving embrace.

Keeping the faith is the only thing that’s enabling me to go on with life. Thank you Jesus for setting an example to humanity that we are here to embrace our cross until we are ready to return to paradise.

Dear Lord,
I should be on that cross today. You were spotless and sinless throughout Your earthly ministry thousands of years ago. I have committed far greater and more hurtful sins compared to you, a divine man who spent his whole life without any stain of wrongdoings. I truly beg for your forgiveness for paying the price for my sins, not Yours. At that same token, I also thank you for doing this very act. I for one would truly not be able to handle not just the physical beating, but the psycho-spiritual pain of isolation from the world, but more importantly, your Daddy. By doing this “inconvenient” yet painful task of fulfilling Your Father’s Will, You truly bailed us out and saved us from the devil’s hands which creeps upon us every single day. Iba ka talaga, Lord. Amen.

Your example was the greatest act of selflessness and complete trust in the Father. May I also be blessed with that same grace when those trying moments in life, I may offer mine for the greater good. Amen ??

Dear Lord Jesus, thank you for opening up your heart to me and emptying it all for my sake. I am so unworthy. Help me to remember that every sin that I commit delivers one more wound to you. Help me to remember that everytime so that I will avoid it at all costs. You are my savior and my God. Please always stay by my side, guiding me and helping me to be worthy.

How EXACTLY does the Crucifixion save humanity?

Isn’t such pronouncement a way of exacting “utang na loob” from Catholics, psychologically enslaving them into submission to a Church that wields a lot of power?

It still is a choice. When someone offers you his/her love, you can choose to take it or reject it. Some individuals have even listed an account of what they have done for you. And yet, we choose not to accept. Many have rejected the Lord’s offer of love. Many don’t understand it fully. I can’t fully grasp the breadth and extent of such a sacrifice. And as I reflect on it, you are right, in a sense, there is that feeling of “I owe you.” I guess it is the intensity by which it is expressed that I can’t put a handle on. Although I have emptied myself for people, I have not emptied myself to the point of completely dying (“letting go of whoever I am”) for others. What makes it different also, unlike any other offer of human love, it is an offer to life. Thank you for your question, it helped me crystallize more my own understanding of His love.

In my humble opinion, it was the the Holy Journey that manifested values (humility, perseverance, endurance, love, mercy, compassion, silence, courage, peace, forgiveness, etc.) to help us go through the ordinary life – daily living. The Crucifixion itself is a symbol of redemption and saving humanity. The journey – Christ has defeated death and all temptation including pride – like a sheep, He did not utter words to the very people whom He has chosen, elevated, loved, healed and even fought back. Today, I have witnessed the Holy Cross symbol of God’s undeniable Power, Love and Mercy as people has transformed, converted, healed and even redeemed of the evil spirits – an example of redemption and saving humanity in the sense that one is saved from pains here on earth and after physical death (the subject is profound and broad). I believe, – all these because Jesus has not succumbed to temptation (ex. pride, anger) but countered them with humility, forgiveness, love during the Holy Journey. Of course, people and everyone will always have a different perspective and opinion. These are just mine…

You didn’t have to suffer that physical and psychological pain and die on the cross for me, Lord Jesus, yet You chose to stay committed to bring me salvation. Thank You Jesus for emptying your heart for me, for being merciful, and for loving me unconditionally. Turn my heart to a committed, loving and merciful heart like Yours, Lord Jesus, that I may love like you do. Remind me to continue serving and praying even when my world is falling apart…..amen.

Thank you, my Lord Jesus, for dying for me, undeserving as I am! I know that you will continue to be by my side all the way!
I cannot thank you enough for your unconditional love!

Lord I have failed you countless times, I’ve caused you so much pain because of my sins. And there you are reminding me in the cross, with arms wide open to come back. Thank you Lord for your boundless mercy for me. Please help me Lord that I may be humble enough to truly receive this grace and be renewed. Amen.

Lord, Jesus Christ, How can you trust me and give me your the most sacred heart? I am a sinful person, very weak and selfish. Nevertheless, you talk to me in silence… I emptied my heart and your heart becomes my heart….

Thank you, Lord for allowing me to spend time with you in prayer despite my cluttered days. Your mercy and compassion is always felt even in the midst of sinfulness. I pray for continued guidance .

Father in Heaven, please always give me the grace of shame that I may always be reminded that I am a sinner and that if I keep on sinning,I will be separated from your love.I dread to be alone and separated from you.Help me to correct the wrongs that I have done and allow me most of all to reciprocate your love for me, so that I will no longer be alone but be forever at your side.Grant me this, through
your Son ,Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior, Amen.

Thank you Lord God for choosing me, for loving me so much and emptying Your heart for me. Thank you for Your mercy to save me. Please give me the grace to commit my life to You. To make You my choice all the days of my life.

Jesus, thank You for Your mercy and grace. You embraced silence and empty spaces yourself all the way to the cross. Teach us to declutter our hearts and minds in this busy world of ours. Guide us to prioritize things and let the Father’s will always be done in our life.

Thank you Lord for your undying mercy for me. Thank you for never giving up on me. Thank you for choosing me. Thank you for loving me. Today i beg for the grace… “I beg to fall in love with my Lord”.

Forgive me Lord for being so afraid of silence and empty spaces when you yourself embraced all this on the way to the cross. I have hidden myself from you but you never cease in comforting and pursuing me inspite of. Thank you for being so merciful and for enduring all the pain and humiliation for my sake

To prioritize you in this mad busy world is impossible but I live on your grace daily; I thank thee for emptying yourself for totally abandoning your divinity just so you can bring me closer to how it is to truly love.

Lord please help me to make my priorities be always you and make courageous enough to do your Holy will.

Lord please help me to make my priorities be always you and empty my clattered heart so that you will the one to be on it for me to do your Holy will in me.

Thank you Lord for your endless love and mercy. Your outstretched arms in pain deserves a big hug. I wish to embrace you tightly, even without words and just let the moment speak for itself.

Lord please help me empty my cluttered heart so I can put You back at the center and arrange everything else in its proper place around You.

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