I’m on the lookout for words or thoughts that I can repeat to myself throughout the day as a reminder and as a prayer.

Lately I’ve been thinking about survival and resilience.

Here’s a quote about resilience from poet Jane Hirschfield in her poem called “Optimism.” We all need that today!

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Imaginative prayer has been my companion lately. I will always have the image of a sinuous tree, “…finding the light newly blocked on one side, it turns in another” when I think about resilience.

Thank you for sharing the poem.

Do you know Pope Francis’ prayer ? As my friend who forwarded to me said..” I ask myself : is it really the Pope’s? But I don’t care, it’s a prayer appropriate for our difficult time !”
Here’s the prayer…pray it as often as you can with REAL FAITH…
” I am vaccinated by the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, no virus can touch me.”

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