This homily is based on Mark 1:1-8 for the Second Sunday of Advent.

A friend of mine wasn’t raving about the film “Smaller and Smaller Circles.” “It’s supposed to be a psychological thriller,” he explained, “but I didn’t even recognize the climax, and it was over!”


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This homily , based on Mark 13:33-37, has been written for the First Sunday of Advent, as well as the Feast of St. Francis Xavier (03 December 2017).

Yesterday I found myself wandering through a familiar street in a foreign country. The familiarity was comforting, but it was also wrapped in some sort of nostalgia. You see, I was sauntering through one of the alleys of Taipei’s famous Zhongxiao Dunhua shopping area, and the place felt quite familiar because I had spent two years here, nearly thirty years ago, as a Jesuit scholastic training in media production.

The old Kuangchi Program Service (光啟社) building
The old Kuangchi Program Service (光啟社) building, where I trained in media production.

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