This homily is based on Luke 24:13-35.

There are times in our lives when we think it’s best to pack up and leave. Things have gotten so bad, there seems no hope of recovery. The tunnel we find ourselves going through so long, the flicker of light at its end so dim, that we’re tempted to turn back.




The disciples in today’s Gospel reading have done just that. After the harrowing trauma of seeing their Master snatched away from them and crucified in the most cruel and humiliating fashion, they’ve decided it’s time to pack up and leave Jerusalem. Continue reading PAST PERFECT



The homily for the Divine Mercy Sunday is based on John 20:19-31.

This, I must say, is one bizarre reunion. 

I suppose you could say they’ve had some kind of falling out. When they were most needed, the disciples deserted their master and left him to the mercy of his enemies. Of course they couldn’t have saved him even if they had wanted to, but you can’t help but ask: Couldn’t they have accompanied him at least, elbowed their way through that mob, and stood there under his cross till his last breath? 


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This homily is based on John 20:1-9.

Two great mysteries bookend our Lord’s lives–and they feel so different from each other. At the beginning, of course, is the birth of our Lord, which we celebrate at Christmas, and in the end, we have his resurrection, which we commemorate today as Easter.

The Christmas narrative seems to happen in slow motion, as if unfolding to a peaceful Christmas carol. All the Easter stories, on the other hand, seem to be always on fast forward. There’s a lot of confusion and a lot of frantic running around.



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This reflection is on John 11:1-45.

I was having brunch with a couple of good friends yesterday, and our conversation strayed into this business of “hitting rock bottom.” There are moments in our lives when, for different reasons, we find ourselves in the pits. Life feels like it’s in ruins; things have somehow fallen apart. Perhaps we’ve just experienced a major failure in our work; or maybe a valued relationship has just–in spite of our best efforts–ended. Or it’s possible we’re going through one of those major personal mid-life–or quarter-life–crises.


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