Welcome to Our 2022 Online Holy Week Retreat!


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It’s our 15th online Holy Week Retreat! A special welcome to those who are joining us for the very first time! And a warm welcome back to those who’ve done the Pins of Light retreats before!

Many of you will be familiar with the way this retreat works. It’s a “do-it-yourself” and “proceed-at-your-own-pace” kind of retreat. That’s how we’ve designed all our previous retreats–with the exception of last year’s Zoom retreat.

Regardless of how you plan to go about our retreat, it would be helpful to set aside about 45 minutes to an hour each day from Holy Thursday to Holy Saturday (or Easter Sunday)–a time when you will be free from distractions and when you can focus on your prayers and reflections.

Before you begin today, you may want to think of particular intentions or persons in your life that you would like to offer your efforts for. Remember also your fellow online retreatants in your prayers.

You may post your petitions below. Anything you post is anonymous by default.

Whenever you’re ready, feel free to click on NEXT.


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I pray for the success of my brother in his business.
I pray that my family gets the contract with a company in June this year.
I pray for future endeavors and work abroad.
I pray for the health of my family and friends.
I pray for guidance and wisdom.
I pray for a peaceful and honest election.

I pray for the success of my brother in his business.
I pray that my family gets the contract with a company in June this year.
I pray for future endeavors and work abroad.
I pray for the health of my family and friends.
I pray for guidance and wisdom.
I pray for a peaceful and honest election.

Dearest Lord,

I am praying that I will continue to be aware of the many blessings I have despite moments of hardships so that I will always be moved to serve others in every opportunity that comes.

May my life be a life of service.


Panalangin ko pong malampasan ang bigat ng buhay ko ngayon. Ang mapangibabawan ang bawat pagsubok sa aming pamilya.

Panalangin kong maging ligtas at patas ang Halalan sa susunod na buwan, na maging maayos ito at mapayapa.

Napakarami kong hiling na siguradong batid na ng Diyos kahit hindi ako magsalita. Patuloy akong mananalig at magsisikap.

Praying for family, friends, CLC communities, for peace in Ukraine, for strength and guidance in mission work, studies, and mental health advocacy. Praying for peaceful elections. Thankful to the Lord for His abiding love and presence, always.

I am praying for God’s guidance so that I can be a better and renewed person- physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. May God give me strength so that I can be more disciplined and focused in achieving my goals in my studies and my fitness and health. May God help me overcome my insecurities and irrational thoughts. I pray for God’s grace so that I can see the light during dark times, so that I can muster strength during times of weakness, so that I keep going during times of exhaustion.

I pray for enlightenment and guidance for my confused mind and heart.
I pray for healing for the hurts and pain I am suffering.
I pray for financial stability and be able to start a new life.
I pray for more understanding and acceptance of the things out side of my control.

Pagpapasalamat na muling makiisa sa pananalangin kasama ang ibang mananampalataya dito sa Pins of Light upang pagmunihan ang mga Banal na Araw.

I pray for comfort and healing of my Papa from the pain he experiences on his arms and shoulders; I pray for all sick people to be restored to good health; i pray for my sibling Bob not to be depressed anymore, and be able to find suitable job and business for him to provide for his family; I pray for my husband to discern properly God’s leading for our family’s move overseas…I pray for myself for healing physically, and for me to be strong and ready to support my husband…I pray for God’s help and blessing to my business as well…

I pray for all broken relationships in Parishes amongst the youths, the adults or seniors, and towards their pastors .(priest)

For China and Russia to stop their inhumane, illegal, violent acts against their own people and against others, especially in the South China Sea and Ukraine.

For healing of my friends and family who suffer physical ailments.

For the repose of the souls of my loved ones, and their loved ones as well, who have passed on from this life.

For a peaceful, honest Philippine elections that truly reflects the will of the majority, and is free from violence and intimidation.

As a father, I could have given more. As a husband, I could have shown my love better. As a man, I should have allowed my faith a greater role in defining who I am.

I know that I have a weak track record to overcome. I realize that I am no longer the example of confidence, fearlessness and optimism … others have aged better than I have.

But, there’s no such thing as “it’s too late” and I know that God hasn’t given up on me. Nor has the Lord forsaken my wife, son and daughter. I’d like to ask that we remember, that we dedicate this Holy Week to our families and relatives. That we remember those nearest to us and most important to us. That the most pertinent people in our lives also hold priority in our on conversations with our Lord. I hope that I demonstrate that I still have the strength and will to guide and love my family and where I might be lacking, our Lord inspires me and compels me to to overcome my weaknesses for those I live to live are worth it.

The past month has been hectic for me so I pray for free time for self-care and for volunteer work. Praying in particular for guidance and discernment as I try to discern what’s best for me particularly with respect to my career path. Praying for world peace and for good governance and competent leadership to win in the coming elections.

Praying for my personal intentions, specifically for being open to what God wants for my family, for my career and for my future. Praying as well for the eternal repose of the souls in purgatory.

I pray for providence and breakthrough as my family endeavors to achieveour hopes and dreams. May we gather strength and overcome different circumstances that come along the way.

I pray for the people who are helping us along the way. May the Lord bless them as they generously share themselves and their resources to others.

I also pray for all the intentions of the Catholic church, and those who are faithfully seeking the Lord.

I pray for the sick, dying and those having difficult struggles in life. I pray especially for my friend who has cancer and Tito who has been having serious medical problems week on week, plus his family who are already struggling financially.

Praying for the Philippines and the victims of the latest typhoon. Praying also for anyone undergoing any form of suffering and devastation.

Praying also for our Earth, that we may be guided in restoring and healing it as well as finding a better, more sustainable way of living so that other humans, animals and beings may live well too.


Praying for My intentions w/c are the ff:
1.to welcome my sister Ditas Medina & other departed souls to enter the kingdom of God.
2.good health for all my companions in our condo to fulfill our dutoies expected of us.
3.so grateful that door of our room was opened thou the keys are inside the room.
4.for peace between Ukraine & Russia.
5.praying for my right decision if my teeh will be extracted or not since am 77 already & there are times that my blood pressure is high.The dentist would like that my BP is 130 oveer 80.
6.maintaining a strong faith in God for all of us esp. The Sicangco family who keeps in extending kindness & generosity as much as possible to the needy ones.
7.praying for elected officials of government to be God fearing who knows how to care for poor people.
8.right discernment of my sister to sell or not the new house built
9.Pandemic shd.end as soon as possible
10.our property in Bulacan shd.be miraculously sold.

Mstrong faith

Lord, I pray for world peace 🙏🏼 I pray for the well being of those I love always and that they have more than enough. I pray that the Holy Spirit guide me as I go through this retreat and reflect on Jesus and His sacrifice for us. Amen.

Thank you Fr Johnny for this annual retreat. My intentions this year:
– successful surgery of the breast mass of my mother and that she will be fully healed of all her ailments and be able to walk again
– boundless joy, inner peace and good health and protection against illness and danger for the whole family
– for the whole family to be closer to God and have meaningful relationship with Him and be free from emotional baggages
– good health and financial blessings for my siblings
– meaningful career for all my children that they may use their God-given talents to serve God
– strong faith, better health and strength to go thru life’s journey
– for Leni-Kiko-Angat TRoPa to win so love and goodness will reign in our country
– for wars to stop in this world
– for the conversion of all sinners
These I humbly ask in the mighty Name of Jesus. Amen.

continued prayers for strength, guidance, trust in God, and to be able to put anxieties aside and live. also much prayers for our country, and our elections, and for peace in the world.

I pray for my children and my husband, also to the repose of the soul of my parents and relatives and dearly beloved. For our safety, good health and protection.

I pray for our country, especially this coming national elections. May we elect good and God-fearing government leaders who genuinely care for all Filipinos, especially the poor and marginalized. I also pray for the health and safety of my family members and friends. May this pandemic end soon. Thank You, Lord, for always being with us.

Lord, please heal our country that we become one and united. Please do not allow anymore evil to take over this campaign and election season and instead, show us that You see everything, are in control, and will bless us with God-fearing, righteous, competent leaders with a servant’s heart. Amen.

Lord, grant each member of my family your mercy and forgiveness. I ask that You turn things around for us for the better so that we can work with the time, talents, and treasures You have given us and called us to do. Amen.

Lord, please heal my each member of my family from grief, loss, rejection, abandonment, betrayal, and all hurts, pain and trauma. I also ask for financial blessings and restoration of what was unjustly taken from us. Amen

Dear Lord – thank you for another year of life! Thank you for all the blessings! I lift up to you my family – wife, kids, mother, sisters, their families – their well being (spiritual, material), safety, and desires. I pray for the opportunities that are before us right now. Pls help me to make the right decision for the greater good. Pls help our country the Philippines in this pivotal election year. All these I pray in the mighty name of Jesus, our Lord and Redeemer! Amen.

I pray for my sister – for the success of her operation next week and complete healing thereafter. May God’s healing power flow through the doctors and nurses who will be handling her surgery. I pray for strength and patience for her husband, son and the rest of our family.

Lord God, thank you for the many opportunities you allow me to experience so that I will always remain connected and grounded in you. Thank you for opportunities like this one, the do-it-yourself retreat, that respects the time and space of each one, yet remains meaningful and inspiring, because it always points to, leads to you. Thank you for the people behind this online platform, especially Fr. Johnny Go, for the inspiration, encouragement, and motivation to share prayer opportunities with others.

I offer this year’s retreat and prayer experiences for the continuous healing of those who are sick, especially those who are dear to me and those who have no one to pray for them, for the conversion of sinners, for a peaceful, honest, and clean election in May, for all other intentions of those who have asked for my prayers and whom I promised to pray for. Amen.

praying for clarity of mind and heart; for peace in the family; for perseverance and patience to face our family’s daily struggles

I offer my retreat for my brother and sister who has stopped talking to each other a few years ago. May they forgive each other their hurts and choose the path of love and reconciliation. 🙏🏻

I pray for the war in Ukraine to end.

I pray for my friends working in the hospitals: for Janine, Anya, Bianca, Marina, Marge, dr. Zek and so many others.

I pray for my friend who died from COVID. I pray for Elgin. May he be at peace. And may I finally receive the peace I’ve been longing for since his death. Amen.

I pray for my Country 🙏. I pray for a clean and honest election 🙏. I pray that the people will not vote for a Thief and a Liar 🙏. I pray that people will vote for an honest, competent, hard working and dedicated leader like VP Leni and Sen Kiko 🙏

I pray for the elderly esp those who do not have anyone to care for them – that they may be ready spiritually, physically and mentally for whatever the future may bring!

Let us feel your Divine Presence, Lord, as we unite in prayer to relive Jesus Christ’s ultimate sacrifice of love for us. I pray that you lead me to ways that I can get my husband to know you better. Heal my tear duct blockage, Lord, and if I must have surgery, guide my doctor’s hands and give him a caring heart. Help my dear cousins come together again as family, soften their hearts to listen to one another and forgive each other; let them love as family again. Grant my niece and husband’s wish to have a baby this year. Walk with my nephew in his trials, hold his hand that he gain confidence in himself, know that he is loved and that he has God-given potentials he needs to develop. Help my niece discern her way in both her personal and professional life. Take care of my siblings, their spouses as we advance in years. Grant eternal peace to my parents, brother, all family members and friends who have gone ahead; may they now enjoy your everlasting presence. I pray for the forgotten souls; neglected, helpless, lonely people; suffering people in Ukraine and elsewhere. Please please enlighten us humankind to make right decisions for the good of everyone; enlighten us to elect leaders with integrity and compassion; enlighten all world leaders to act in unity and respect for all, that we may truly become co-creators of life and this world you have given us. For all these, I pray.

I pray that I learn to forgive myself and love myself as I heal from a traumatic broken marriage.
I pray for discernment as I look for my peace and happiness from within and heal my broken spirit.
I pray that I may let go of the past and move on to grow as a better person.
I pray for my children that they may someday heal from the damages of this broken family. That they find their Light in the darkness and learn to shine.
Lastly, I pray for my husband to start to believe in God, that without Him true forgiveness cannot be received. May the Lord’s Light someday shine upon Him and fill him with the Holy Spirit.
This I ask through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

Sign of the Times by Harry Styles

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It is the first time in years that I sit down and ask myself, “what is really going on in my life? Lots of things happened last year, loss of loved ones, especially. I clung to the Lord to give me strength to move through life and do the best I can .

Offering prayers for my family, for conversion , vocation, love & forgiveness for others, peace within our hearts, end of human trafficking and unity in the Church and the world.

Offering prayers for my grandmothers, father’s side grandmom died last February, while mother’s side grandmom has arthritis issues with her left hip. Offering prayers as well in general for the good health of my family and for everyone. Finally, we pray for peace and for wars like the Ukraine war and similar wars to end.

Prayers for deliverance and peace between me and my husband and chdren., two of my children (boys) who have anxiety., moods swings., bi-par and ADHD problems., our hypertention of me and my husband and poor circulation of the blood., my youngest embedded molars to be finally removed and so with her tooth to be extracted and for immediate financial blessings too., peace in our Coubtry and the whole world., understanding and compassion from my friends., relatives and former colleagues too.

Thank you, Pins Of Light Community for this retreat. I looked forward to this after my first (last year, via zoom). I searched and am so grateful, Pins replied.
My intentions:
*for the good health & safety of my kababayans, my immediate & extended family, and mysef. And may the Lord STOP cancer in the family with the generation before us. Amen.
*for those who are yet to get up/are getting up from the ravages of the pandemic and natural & man-made calamities – may they find jobs, enterprise, economic opportunities; justice, focus, meaning, healing, forgiveness, acceptance; may they/we feel the abiding presence of God. Amen.
*for the souls of all departed – in our famiies, the country and in countries with internal/external conflict – may the Lord forgive them their sins and may they all find eternal repose
*May peace reign in our hearts; may we all work for justice, love and peace
*for Edward G., Agnes BM, Tina AM, Erma M, Julia R., Bing R. and all those with dreaded diseases & cancer be healed as the Lord desires it. Amen.
*for the grace of God for Bernadette P. and Danica Pura P.; Claro and Pura P. and all my co-retreatants and Pins of Light Community

I just want to thank God for granting my prayer last year that this online-do-it-your-own silent retreat should come back soon

I didn’t have the chance to do it last year because of the different format they introduced via Zoom which i find difficult because limited participants could only join the session, aside from having poor internet connection at home.

May I be blessed through this grace of joining the community of retreatants once more!

The song of my life these days is Blessings by Laura Story. Despite life’s challenges due to the pandemic I still feel blessed because I have a faithful, loving, forgiving and awesome God. I don’t have enough words to describe how amazing our God is. I thank and praise Him for everything that He is doing in my life cause I can feel His uncinditional love. I would also like to ask for His forgiveness because sometimes I would still feel anxious about the things happening in my life. And most all I am continuously praying for more blessings for our family, relatives and friends. Oh God please always cover us with your most holy spirit and with the most precious blood of your son Jesus Christ so that we will all be holy, healthy and safe at all times. Praying also for peace in the Philippines and the entire world. Thank you God and I love you!

Im praying for the positive outcome of board exam this May, help me God in the difficulties of study and worries of examinations.. Help me in the decisive moments of examinations & protect me from anxiety. Praying for the peace of mind for the remaining days of review, give me strenght and knowledge and healthy body to face this big special events of my life..

I pray for miracle healing from my woundedness in my broken relationship with my husband..

I pray for miracle healing from breast cancer
I pray for my children and grandson for good health and may we be bless to develop a deeper relation with Jesus and Mary
May we as a family learn to entrust our life to God more
I pray that we continually be happily grateful for our gift of life every moment…
I pray with a grateful heart for my MAMA and siblings,for my job,friends and community who always strenghten me by their LOVE..
I also pray for a peaceful election..And healing for our country🙏♥️

I pray for my family’s good health and safety, our country’s future and for world peace. I also pray for my parents and my sister who have gone ahead, may they rest in peace. I also pray for a better school year.

I pray for spiritual renewal for my family.
That my husband and my sons may encounter God and get to know Him in a personal way.

I continue to have bitterness in my heart because I was all alone when a family member was ill and died. I pray that someday I will learn about forgiveness to ease the bitterness.

I pray for the eternal repose of the souls of my husband and mother who both passed away last year.
I also pray for comfort, patience and strength for my father who is ill right now. May he always remember God’s faithfulness most especially during times when he feels pain and undergoes dialysis.

I’m praying for my complete healing from Metastic breast CA. May God continue to give me the strength and financial provisions in my journey.

I pray for healing for my mom who has stage 2 cancer, that she would be strong to take the chemotherapy she’s taking and that she may go on remission after the treatment.

I pray for good health, well- being and
healthy relationship within my family and my marriage.

Positive career progression of my husband and I.

Finished my MA.

I pray for my relationship with my girlfriend, that despite the cultural differences, may our relationship be centered on God’s love and the works of His life-giving Spirit. I also pray for those who are dealing with difficulties especially in mental health. May Your hand sustain them and keep them close to Your presence. May their minds be enlightened with Your light and may their hearts not lose hope and instead see hope in You.

I also pray for the upcoming elections in the Philippines. May the voters be guided in their decision-making, that they may choose leaders who will dutifully and faithfully serve the country and its people, endure the hardship brought about by the pressure of leading a country, and also overcome the temptation brought about by power and influence. May they truly serve the Filipino people especially those who are in the peripheries.

Lastly, I pray for all those who are in need of deep healing in their lives. May they be touched by Your healing hands and comforted by the peace and that You, O Lord, bring.

I pray for our marriage and the challenges of a long-distance relationship. May our love, commitment, and attraction be sustained despite the distance and cultural differences.
I pray as well for our health- physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and our family members as well.
I pray for the coming 2022 elections in the Philippines. May the Filipino people vote for those that sincerely want to serve the country and its least represented, the most qualified, and those with the track record of meaningfully serving the country.

I pray for the good health of my family.

I pray for success in my new company.

I pray that our country will be blessed with an honest and hardworking President this coming elections.

I pray for comfort for family and friends who are grieving for the loss of their loved ones. I pray for the eternal repose of all the souls of the faithful departed. I pray for a peaceful and honest election on May 9, 2022. I entrust to you dear God my needs and desires, and those of my family. Amen.

Healing of relationships between me and my mother, me and my brother
Resolution to logistical problems at home and may we find a new house soon
Eternal repose of my father’s soul
Health and happiness of my mother
Health and protection from illness for all our family
May any plans of evildoing from Easter week to during the actual elections on May 9 and thereafter be thwarted
Landslide won for Leni and Kiko

– student visa application to be accepted
– my friend and her baby
– all those who are suffering in silence and are afraid to share their concerns

– A clean and peaceful national elections, and that the servant leaders our country deserves will be elected
– Good health for my family, friends, and me
– Peace in war-afflicted countries
– Healing for the sick
– Continuous improvement of our country’s situation re: COVID
– Healing for all who are grieving

I would like to pray for the following intentions:
– For my friend to be healed from breathlessness that the doctors still have not diagnosed correctly
– For healing of my friend’s boyfriend and sister from cancer
– For my neighbor to be healed of end stage kidney disease, and for her family to have the resources and strength they need to be able to take care of her
– an end to the war in Ukraine and all around the world
– For the Philippines to finally elect leaders who will love and take care of the country
– For healing from my accident
– For me to forgive myself for my shortcomings and weaknesses as a daughter and caregiver to my mom
– For me to have the strength to not drown in my grief, and move forward from losing my mom
– To find a new reason and motivation to live and learn how to live for myself, not my family since they’ve all passed
– To learn to adjust well to living alone in an unfamiliar city
– To be always protected and surrounded by the best people who will not take advantage of me or hurt me
– To have the resources to support my daily needs and that of my pets
– For me to be led to the best job and business opportunities
– For employment within the year
– For good health, for me to stop worrying too much about the future and not worry about being old and sick and alone, with no one to take care of me
– For me to be able to live a life of my own that will make me happy, fulfilled and productive, help others, and bring honor to God and my family
– Restoration and justice over what was taken from me due to office politics (my job, my name)
– For me to get to know God better
– For the intentions of Fr. Johnny, the Pins of Light team, and all participants in this retreat

Thank you, Lord.

1. My Mother’s physical healing.
2. Success in career.
3. Peace for Ukraine.
4. Clean and honest elections for the Philippines

I offer this retreat for the following intentions:
– repose of the souls of our deceased loved ones and all souls in purgatory
– for the sick, dying, aged, homeless, hungry, thirsty, prisoners, struggling, depressed, the poor
– peaceful and safe elections this may 9; no cheating, deceit, fraud, theft, abuse, violence; Leni-Kiko team to win and good leaders to serve the country, local and national
– healing and reconciliation of the family tree
– good health, safety, and strong relationships with loved ones
– victims of tragedies and disasters
– frontliners
– success in career and plans in life

for the love of my life: for his good physical health and emotional well-being, for his financial stability and career success, for his intentions, hopes, dreams, and the desires of his heart, for his peace of mind, happiness, and a strong and close relationship with God

I lift up my husband and my 2 sons – that the Lord will continue to embrace & shower them with His love, protection, wisdom, strength, healing & forgiveness so that they may always choose to do His will & be obedient to His perfect plan for them.

I also lift up our country and our people – that as sons & daughters of God, may we always strive to do what is right & pleasing in His eyes. That we stand our ground & fight against the temptations & machinations of the evil one. That all those seeking public office may embrace truth, justice and true servant leadership. That all those who are casting their votes will discern wisely & prayerfully, and be guided by their values & principles in electing leaders who are God-fearing, competent, prudent, honest, hardworking, disciplined, has political will and a heart for the poor, the lost & the marginalized.

I pray for the following

*that love and peace will prevail in our family and the families of every Filipino
*that God will constantly guide me in my everyday life, that He may be the one to treat and heal every patient that I meet
*that God will heal my diseases
*that God will always protect my family and friends
*that there will be a clean and safe elections
*for the healing of my generalized anxiety disorder
*that ASMPH 2022 will all pass the October 2022 boards, praying for 100%
*that I may see Christ in everyday
*that God may continually guide me in what to read and study so I may be able to give the best service and medical care to His people
*that God will lead me to the path that He has prepared for me and that I will start to love and embrace whatever He has planned for me
*that I may learn how to listen to the prompting of the Holy Spirit

Praying that God’s will be done, especially if these are:

Peace and healing (people and planet) especially from the Ukraine war
Honest and peaceful Philippine elections with the right (wo)man leader
Impotency of the Covid virus
Humans becoming more humane
Healing of the sick
Everyone using their skills, abilities and gifts with ethical profits for people and planet
People going back to God for guidance and strength
Protection and provision for my loved ones (family of origin and family of choice, friends)

For the repose of the soul of my father, Alex Garcia. For families in war torn countries. For my personal intentions.

I offer this retreat for…

1. a clean, honest and credible national and local elections — that Filipinos will be enlightened and empowered to elect leaders who will ensure that our collective aspirations for our Motherland will be fully realized. I offer this retreat for VP Leni Robredo, Senator Kiko Pangilinan and their entire team.

2. the continued good health of my family, especially of my mom

1. For the healing and wellness of my sister, Ruth, and friend, Leah
2. For clean, peaceful, and honest elections in May
3. For my personal struggles

I pray for world peace; for a peaceful and honest election this coming May;
wellness for all, especially for the healing of my sister who’s diagnosed of cancer; my husband who has anxiety disorder.

I pray for the world, that PEACE may prevail especially in the Ukraine.
I pray for our country. May the LORD grant the Filipinos the wisdom to choose the right leaders who will lead us out of the economic quagmire brought about by COVID 19. I pray that this be Leni Robredo and her whole team.
I pray for wisdom and health for my family. That the Lord grant my mother continued health of mind, body and heart, that our eldest son and his wife be blessed with a child, that our other son and his wife be wise and godly parents to their growing children, that our daughter and her fiancee be directed to the right path to attain their best future, that my husband continue to be healthy also in mind, heart and body.

I pray for the one who I hurt so deeply and ask for forgiveness for what I have done. May we both find solace for ourselves in the future.
I pray for my friends who have undergone great hardships and heartbreaks these past few weeks and months. Hearing their stories, sharing them with my own pain reminds me I’m not the only one hurting.
I pray for my family, their health and their safety.
I pray for the world and especially our country, that we may be reminded that our singular pain, should not close us off from the suffering of those who we do not even know, most especially for the poor and the lost. May we be reminded that Christ stood up for them and was with them despite his own troubles.

Praying for the following intentions:
1. For the healing of our country, especially with the coming national elections, that goodness and justice will prevail. Please deliver us from those who only seek power for their own selfish intentions.
2. For the healing of the entire world, fraught as we are with war, climate change and destruction of the environment. May world leaders realize that time is running out, and put a stop to all these before it is too late.
3. For protection and healing from the COVID-19 pandemic. May this pandemic finally end soon. Praying also for those lives we lost in the past two years, may God’s perpetual light shine upon them.
4. And lastly, for the realization of my vocation, whether I am called to marriage or not, may God guide me to where He needs to be.

The following are my prayer intentions:
I pray for wisdom, strength, and guidance for the upcoming cpa board exam that I may be able to overcome it
I pray for the protection and good health of my parents and relatives back in the province
I pray for my dear friends who are dealing with their own challenges as of the moment
I pray for the victims of flood especially in Leyte, and the victims of war in Ukraine
I pray for the strays who have no shelter and food to eat

1. For the country’s healing, that we Filipinos really understand what it means that we are the government, and embrace the responsibilities.
2. For people who are in the midst of wars and natural calamities to find hope and grace in the challenging times.
3. My personal intention — that I continue to be strong, healthy and faithful to do the work aligned with the Lord’s will.

For my family, brother,sister and my son- may they re dive the Holy Week blessing they deserve

I pray for:
1. The healing and restoration of relationships – with God, myself, my siblings, between us siblings, with others —especially with a dear one with whom our friendship is strained.
2. The Lord’s mercy and divine intervention in the Philippines to free us from continued evil rule; to have TRUE, GOOD, public servants and servant leaders under a new administration that espouses ‘radical’ love.
3. Freedom my from disordered attachments
4. Peace, aid and justice for Ukraine and its people.
5. God’s perfect choice of new employment/livelihood for me.

For good health for my family and me
For peace of mind, safety and protection
For resolutions of family problems and issues
For all those who are sick
For all those who have passed away

I pray for the healing of my marriage and our family. I pray for the healing of my parents and mother-in-law. I pray for wisdom, guidance and discernment.

*For the healing of mind, body, soul and spirit of Reena and Louis; that they may have the grace to overcome their weaknesses and temptations around them and be transformed to become the person God wants them to be
*For the eternal repose of the souls of Gloria, Nilo, Leon, Tala, Baby of Berna and Mariano. May their souls be one with the heavenly saints in God’s kingdom
*For the graces needed by my family and that may God keep us always under His mantle of protection and shield us against any evil , danger and temptations
*For the prayer intentions of Connie, Quirino, Francis, Rose, Glance and Queenie, that God may shower His generosity upon them and grant them their heart’s desires
*Thanksgiving for the gift of life of Alvi and that may God continuously bless her and keep her safe from any harm
*For peace all over the earth especially in Russia and Ukraine, that the war may ceased already and that peace and unity be restored once again
*For the priests and religious leaders, that they may be filled with the Holy Spirit and have the grace to shepherd the people just as what Jesus did while He was still on earth
*For the smooth and peaceful election in the Philippines

-For the complete healing of my sister and my friend.
-For the conversion of all BBM supporters.
-For a miracle for VP Leni to win
-For Ukraine. For the war to end. For the conversion of Russia and Putin
-For the rights of Afghanistan women and children. For the conversion of the Talibans.
-For the refugees all over the world, especially in Syria.

I pray for my baby girl’s health and my family’s future decisions.
I pray also for truth and peace, esp this coming election.

1. I pray for the intentions, the desires, and the healing of my family, friends, companions, and acquaintances. . . and those who’ve asked me to pray for them.
2. I pray for our country and its citizens, that we may elect the leaders that are most aligned to Your holy will . . . that our country may truly heal, grow, and bear the fruits of the Holy Spirit.
3. I pray for the whole world, especially for countries most suffering from injustice, war, and hatred.
4. I pray for all who are suffering from any kind of disease, that they may be open to and allow themselves to be drawn closer to You.
5. I pray for the soul of my mother Marietta, and all the souls that have passed on. Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let Your perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls rest in peace.


For the healing of the sick members of my family. For the special intentions of the family and friends. For world peace. For the country to have its well-deserved leader.

– I pray for ckean elections and for the people to use their discernment in choosing who to vote for
– I pray for my husband- may he always be guided by the Holy Spirit in his decisions and may he be always be safe, healthy and be given and show grace in his day to day life.
– I pray that my children will continue to be safe, healthy and be full of joy and find wonder in small and big things.
– I pray that I will be guided in my daily life, be graced with good health and a cheerful temperament always.
– I pray that our business endeavors will prosper despite these changing and unpredictable times.

– Praying that the biopsy result of my husband is benign.
– Praying for safety and protection of my family and staff from Covid19 and other illnesses as well as from harm. Good head for the white family.
– Praying for financing abundance for the family.
– Praying that my children will have strengthened faith in the Lord.
– Praying that our next country leaders are those who are honest, worthy and capable of leading the country.

Lord, I pray for all those who are sick, especially of cancer, that You may cover them with Your mantle of healing and love so they may fully recover to fulfill the missions You have given them in this life.
I pray for peace and an end to the war in Ukraine and in other parts of our world. I pray for the innocent civilians caught in the crossfire – please give them the strength to survive and to continue living in Your spirit.
I pray for good and God-fearing leaders for our country who will work for only the good for our country and not for their pockets, families, friends and other selfish reasons.

I pray for the world that the end of the pandemic will soon be here. I also pray the love and peace will reign especially in Ukraine and the Philippines. May we all be enlightened to choose honest and upright leaders who will inspire the whole nation.

I also pray for the healing of our family physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. If it us your will, Lord, please heal me of my CIPN. Prayers also for all those sick with cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

O Holy Father, we pray for peace in the world & the end to this pandemic. We pray for the healing of those who are ill in mind, spirit & body. Please forgive us our sins so that with a cleansed heart & strengthened & renewed faith, we may be worthy of the sacrifice of Your Son in these coming days.

Prayers for the —
1) healing of relationships within our clan;
2) untying of the knots of depression and stress in my sister’s life;
3) perfect health and strong immune system of my husband, myself, our son and his wife;
4) voters to be Spirit-filled and Spirit-led in filling up their ballots;
5) God’s Perfect Will prevail for His Perfect Choice of candidates to emerge as winners, candidates who are God-fearing and after His heart;
6) strengthening of China’s benevolence, her sanctification .and the taming of her belligerence; and
7) peaceful resolution of the war raged by Russia on Ukraine.
Thank you and God bless us all🙏🙏🙏

Praying for the continuous healing of our family physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. May we grow in faith and l
I pray also for my recovery from CIPN and my cancer will not return. I pray for all those with cancer, covid and other life-threatening diseases.
I pray for love and peace to reign in the world especially in Ukraine.

My prayers for this retreat
1. Healing for all the members of my family for whatever illness we may be suffering specially for Damian Andreas.
2. An honest and clean election this coming May.
3. Prayers for the victims of typhoon Agaton, specially the victims of landslides in the Visayas.
4. For peace.

I pray for healing of trauma from past family interactions and healing of all my family relationships. I pray for friends and family who are battling with cancer and kidney failure. I pray for healing of my back problem and freedom from disabling pain. I pray for daily guidance, courage and strength to live life one day at a time. Eternal rest grant unto my friends and family who have gone ahead.

Please pray for my older sister Chew who broke her femur and needs an urgent operation. She is elderly and frail. Thank you.

Praying for the healing of my mother, Virginia, my niece Roni Ann and those who are sick: Carmel and Coring and those inflicted with Cancer: Lucille, Mishelle, Loida, Anya, Reuben, Jojo, Elsie Mary Rose, and Claire🙏 Thank you. May God bless your ministry.

Please help me pray for my healing and good health of my son, family members and loved ones. Thank you. May God bless your ministry🙏

Dear Lord, thank you for this day. I entrust to you my family and dear friends who are undergoing various trials. I also pray for strength and discernment as I go through important decisions in my life. Please send your Holy Spirit with this retreat. Heal those who are sick and my broken past.

Praying for: the healing of my aunt from breast cancer; the healing of my mom’s knees; recovery of my kuya from addiction; good health and peace for my family; financial stability and clearer direction in my career; Leni Robredo’s and Kiko Pangilinan’s victory in the coming elections

Praying for dear friends and loved ones who are ill, who face daunting challenges, who feel lost and alone, and who think they are far from God’s love. I place them all in God’s hands.

For the healing of all broken relationships in our family. For helping me and my family to always put God in the center of our lives. To know and glorify Him more and more each day. For peace and harmony in our family. For world peace specially in Ukraine. For a peaceful, enlightened and orderly election on May 9.

For my spouse, that he may always have integrity in his thoughts, words and actions, that he may have strength of mind, body and spirit, and that he may always be kind and compassionate to everyone he encounters.

I offer this retreat for:
1. Peace in Ukraine and the conversion of Russia
2. Righteous leaders to triumph in the May 2022 elections
3. Conversion of all willful workers of deceit and fraud
4. My mom’s speedy and complete healing
5. Recovery of Typhoon Odette victims

Praying for mine and my spouse’s physical healing from various ailments, including a 2nd round of COVID-19; for the strength of my sister’s marriage and for the financial stability of her spouse; for all my friends who are in need of physical and emotional healing; for the end of the war in Eastern Europe and the end of this pandemic; and for the safety as well as the welfare of all leading into and even beyond the 2022 Philippine elections. Hear our prayers O Lord, and let our crying come unto Thee. Amen.

I pray for conversion of hearts of loved ones and friends; peace in the world especially in Ukraine, Myanmar, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka and for the souls of beloved parents. Finally I pray for the grace of humility, openness, and submission as I enter this retreat. Mother Mary please intercede for all of us.

For our country…that the Lord gives us the best leader this coming election. For the leaders of the World, that the Lord enlighten them towards Peace.

Lord Jesus , I would like to entrust to you the good health of our superior, Sr. Ma. Daniela and for her continuous recovery from her illnesses.
I pray for the eternal repose of our departed sisters in our community especially Sr. Letizia who recently passed away.
I pray for the souls of all the priests especially Fr. Virgil who died last week and for all souls in purgatory.
For the eternal repose of my beloved parents, grandparents, for Uncle Dorning , my brother Larry and sister Norna.
Lord Jesus, during this Retreat I beg of you to please send your Holy spirit to enlighten my mind and heart the reasons of the many events in my life that I sometimes find it difficult to understand but I do believe that everything is according to your Holy will. Lord Jesus , I trust in your providential guidance. Amen

For Lucille that she may respond to our pleas and reply with a concrete plan cuz it has been 10 years. For Gloria’s discernment because I feel her decision is based on distorted truths, fake news which she cannot see. For spiritual awakening of Ricardo.

>For my daughter miracle baby in her womb~that this pregnancy reach full term & may she Safely deliver a Healthy & Normal Baby into our world.🙏
>For good health & safety of my Family & Friends.🙏
>For honest & clean Phil election & good honest leaders to win🙏
>For the war & poverty to end🙏

Praying for healing and protection for my family, relatives and friends. Praying for my healing physically and spiritually.
Praying for a peaceful election and may God’s chosen candidates win.

Praying for continued guidance and protection all our families. Healing prayers for all who are sick and discernment for important decisions that have to be made.

This is for God who always blesses me and saves me, for my angels who are always beside me, and for myself the person that I am now living this human life.

Have a meaningful holy week to all 🌷

I am offering my retreat for these intentions: 1) repose of the soul of Michael B. Bantegui 2) health and well being, in all aspect of my family members and myself 3) complete recovery of Tita Connie 4) the school 5) health and well being of Amy 6) my projects 7) reparation of my sins 8) holy souls in purgatory

Praying for all the young generations that they may be always enlightened by God specially my daughter and her friends.

Praying for the healing of my daughter Rica, Healing for Milagros Sausa, for the personal intention of Faye, and For the increase of priestly vocation, especially for Seminarian Ricardo III.

For my wife and kids and for myself. May God grant us the graces we need – love, healing, a meaningful life.

For Jelly V, Daisy B, Gigi M & their intentions. 🙏🙏🙏
For the souls of Dolores S, Thelma Z, Ester, Hilario & all the poor souls in purgatory. 🙏🙏🙏
For the health & healing of Lisa, Sandy, Clem, Powen, all those who are sick.🙏🙏🙏
For Ukraine, Russia & World Peace. 🙏🙏🙏
For the elections in May – the electorate, candidates, church & civil leaders. 🙏🙏🙏
For the needs of my relatives & friends, and my intentions. 🙏🙏🙏

Praying for complete physical healing of myself and all retreatants suffering from illnesses. For our children, that they may all be free from dark thoughts and always feel God’s guidance and presence. For our deceased loved ones, that they may Rest In Peace. For peace in our families and in our world.

For all the participants of this retreat.
The Soul of Susan Bautista who passed away last Dec and all the souls.
Intentions of family and friends.

Prayers for the health battle of Ella and Rosanne. May they have successful procedures/treatment and healthy future.

For all the members of the Pins of Light Community. I am grateful that you prepare these retreats that help us accompany Jesus in this Triduum. 🙏🙏🙏
For all the participants of this retreat. 🙏🙏🙏
For Fr. Johnny Go & all the Jesuit priests on the renewal of their priestly vows.🙏🙏🙏
For all Filipino priests here & around the world.🙏🙏🙏
For Pope Francis, Bishops & Priests all over the world.🙏🙏🙏
For all the religious women & men, and all the committed lay women & men.🙏🙏🙏

Healing prayers for all of us. Such prayers are encompasses all our hearts’ desires in accordance with our Lord.

praying for family and friends who have lost much the past two years especially whether in material wealth or their loved ones… praying too for our upcoming elections and for those who dared to give our people hope regardless of the odds

I offer my prayers and this retreat to my father, the rest of my family, my husband and our families, that we would all live our lives in remembrance of the sacrifice that was made for us all. I pray for blessings and healing, and that we would finally have comfort and peace and joy in our remaining days.

I pray for the healing of my physical ailments. I offer my sufferings to the Lord. I trust He will guide me as to the right treatments to undergo. He will be my doctor. I entrust to God the conversion of my loved ones, their attitudes, temperament, repentance, leading to a new life for themselves.
I pray for close friends and relatives who are sick and undergoing their respective medical treatments and procedures.
I pray especially for a friend who are in her last moments and will be meeting God soon.

Offering this retreat for healing of mind, body and spirit of my husband as he has gone away far from the sacraments. Healing of his MDS cancer, diabetes and loss of sight of one eye as a result of covid vax astra-zeneca booster shot. Offering this retreat also for my daughter and her husband that they may receive grace to grow closer to our Lord in the sacraments. Offering this retreat also for my son and his family especially for the fulfillment of their desire to migrate to another country.

I offer this year’s retreat to family and friends especially those who helped me beyond their means during my surgery and healing process. I offer my prayers, too, to Fr. J and the Pins of Light family, as well as, fellow retreatants.

I pray for the strong recovery of my dad who had just been discharged from the hospital recently.

For the healing of my sister’s family, as they recovery the wounds from domestic abuse.

I pray for my health physically, emotionally and mentally. To find God in the center of my soul and remember that He is always on my side. That everything is according to His plan.
And that He use me as His instrument to show His love to the world.

Lastly, I offer my prayer to those who find themselves struggling, lost and hopeless. That they may find rest as we surrender our suffering to the Lord.


I lift up to you Lord my friends Itos, Bings, Mooning, Mem , Bobby, Hermie, Jimmy . Send your healing love upon them. I trust and pray that that if You will it Lord they will be healed.

I pray for the gift of openness and the grace to have a fruitful and meaningful retreat for all who are joining this retreat and for all those who are having their retreats these days. I also pray for peace in the world and for all the victims of natural calamities , violence and injustices. May we truly encounter God in these days of prayer and reflection.
Thank you pins of light for providing us this do-It-yourself retreat.

For the healing of our sister and our friends who are suffering from cancer and for the amicable resolution of the situation among siblings.

I pray for the healing of Jonathan Yap and for coyrage and strength for him and his family as they go through these trying times. I also pray for each of my children and their partners who are in the process of building their lives together; I pray for health and happiness for my mom and for our entire family. I pray for peace in Ukraine and courage and strength for all of them and their families in the face of the war; I pray for good, honest and capable leadership for our country; I thank God for the blessing of better family relationships and all other blessings he has bestowed upon us; i ask for His loving mercy and forgiveness for our hurting Him many times.

My prayer intention is for people suffering from trauma who are struggling to find their way through their difficulties.

I offer my prayers for the complete healing of my mother. May the Lord God give her spiritual, physical and emotional strength as she goes through her condition. I also pray for God’s protection and guidance to my whole family especially to my immediate family members, my brothers and sisters in Christ especially those I deeply love and care for and to my fellow online retreatants. 💖🙏

I pray for healing in mind, body, and spirit for my family, friends, and all who are struggling with seemingly insurmountable challenges. I pray for wisdom and discernment for all of us as we prepare to choose those who will lead our country. I pray that I may be able to open my heart and listen to the promptings of the Lord not just on these three days, but every day. Amen.

I offer this retreat especially for my uncle, my children, our nation, and our nation’s present and future leaders.

Praying for my family, friends, and loved ones. Praying for this pandemic to come to an end. Praying that goodness may continuously triumph over evil, especially in our politics. Praying that our fellow countrymen will have a good conscience in casting their votes. Praying for VP Leni, her family, her team. Praying that there may be peace in Russia and Ukraine. Praying for all the unborn child. Praying for those who don’t know God and those who turned away from Him. Praying that I may see clearly where the Lord is leading me when it comes to vocation and career. Praying that I may found a good community where there is genuine bond within its members. Praying for my co-retreatants here, Fr. Johnny, Fr. Johnny’s team.

Lord please for grant the grace & blessings of healing, physical, psychological, spiritual.
Come into my life, Holy Spirit, esp during this 3-day retreat.

May the Holy Spirit guide me in this retreat. May the Spirit show me what best serves God’s will. May I be guided to choose what is faithful to His plans and purposes.

I pray for grace and healing for the servant-leaders in my previous community. And continuous healing for me– spiritual, emotional, physical, and for healthy finances so I can continue my vocation. Thank you!

Thank You for the chance to do attend a Do- it- yourself Online retreat.
May the Lord reveal Himself in ways I may fully understand.

I pray for Divine Intercession that each and every Filipino hearts be touched by the power of love, mercy, compassion and forgiveness. Let this prayer serve as plea for everyone to think and fight for what is right, just and fair.

I offer my retreat for all of those esp within my family who are presently and are continually struggling with some physical illnesses including emotional and mental, my sister and nephew in particular. Also for my continual conversion , my husband’s and children.; for the Holy Spirit to grant wisdom and guidance to the leaders of our country for the greater good of all filipinos .

Lord thank you for all the blessings I have received. I am forever grateful.
Lord I lift up to you my beloved wife, Fe that we continously learn to love each other as we grow old and face new challenges together.
Lord, I earnestly request for your assistance in my career as a business broker of LINK Philippines; that I be a blessing to business owners and help preserve the business they established; and help other entrepreneurs invest in the right business and save jobs of its staff, respectively.
All these I ask in Your name through the intercesion of Holy Mary, our holy seat of wisdom. Amen.

For direction with regards to my work, and the several personal projects we have in mind. For direction as well with the business that we recently started.

For the safety of Naty Castro and her family. For the dismissal of all other cases that were filed against her. For her healing and the healing of her family.

I offer this day to my brother’s family. As we reflect on the mandate of Jesus to do as he did at the Last Supper, may they also be open to resolve their conflict in the best way possible. Let the Spirit guide them!

For my family, specially my children, for God to draw their hearts closer to him and bless them with His peace; for blessings and graces for all my friends in silent retreat this week; for me to hear God’s call and the courage to respond for this next chapter in my life

I offer my prayers for my youngest daughter that she will open her mind and her heart to You Lord ,that she will find you and call upon you in her life.

I offer my prayer for all the victims of war in Ukraine and for the safety and salvation of all people in the world.

I pray for our whole family, Lord. May you heal us physically, emotionally, psychologically, mentally and specially spiritually. May we recognize your presence in our lives, get to know you and love you more, adore you and obey you. May we always remember to be grateful for all the blessings you bestow upon us and also for the challenges that strengthen our character.

I also pray for all those who need prayers. May you hear all their prayers too.

I pray for a peaceful, clean and successful election on May 9. May you speak in the hearts of every filipino. Help us to Discern of who to vote for. A leader who abide, follow and live your word. A humble servant leader. Please Lord i pray for Leni’s and Kiko’s protection and success. Jesus, I trust in you.

Lord, please help me restore my health. Please guide me as I go on to this retreat. Please continue to bless my husband, family and friends. I also pray for my father’s health that he may be restored soon.

Prayers for a meaningful and holy week. Offering this time of prayer for peaceful and honest elections, for those who are sick, and feeling torn and broken in these difficult times. May the Grace of Christ’s Passion heal us all.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for protecting and guiding my family since the day You took my 36 year old son home, leaving 2 young girls. Father, continue to guide us in our earthly journey till we meet you face to face.
Please touch my daughter, take away her earthly desires and Grace her with the desire to reconcile with You
Father Simon Pereira is going for a surgery for colon cancer this morning at 9am. Loving Lord, grant him a successful surgery and a good recovery
Thank you and Praise, our Lord and Saviour

Praying for wisdom and discernment; for peace and harmony in our family and communities, in our country, and the whole world, especially in Russia and Ukraine; for an end to this pandemic; for eternal rest for all the souls in purgatory, especially for those who have no one praying for them. Jesus, Son of the Living God, have mercy on me a sinner. And May the blessing of the Almighty Father, Son, and Holy Spirit descend upon us and remain with us. Amen.

Pls pray that I may have peace in my heart. And that I may have confession soon. Also, for the conversion of my family especially my father. For my education and college org, may I have a sense of direction.

I pray for healing and full recovery of my ex-husband, as well as for my children who are taking care of him in all aspects. I also pray that I will be able to walk normally and unassisted.

I offer this Holy Week retreat to all the people that I may have hurt and offended, and also to all the victims of typhoon Agaton. Also offering this for my financial breakthrough, and the health of our entire family. May we learn to live a healthy lifestyle.

May I be sensitive to the voice of God today and in the coming days.

Prayers for our country this coming elections. May God’s ultimate good will be done. May God’s way prevail over man’s evil plans. Prayers for peace in Ukraine and change of mind of Putin, that this rape and devastation may end soon! Personal prayers for family and friends especially those who are sick. Prayers for those in most need of prayers and peace.

Thank you, Lord, for this opportunity to attend a retreat even online. I pray for my heart to be open to what God will reveal to me in this retreat and may I be obedient and at peace to follow where God will lead me next. Come, Holy Spirit, come!

For my daughter’s, Kuya Jonie, my brothers and their families, for healing for myself, for victory for Leni-Kiko and the Filipino people

Lord please bless my family: my husband my son my granddaughter and me. Give us healing. I lift up to you healing of relationships among us sisters and brother. Heal the wounds we have inflicted to each other. Heal my mother of her body pains and let her leave us in a peaceful spirit and give her healing of mind also. Bless esp my son and his broken marriage. Let him find a good companion in life. Make him a good father to histeenage daughter and give him the grace to cope in his role as a single parent. Restore me and my husband to good health and heal his COPD. THANK YOU LORD FOR YOUR BLESSINGS AND HEALING OUR BROKEN LIVES. AMEN

Thank you Lord for this day! Please continue to bless our family, loved ones & friends with a healthy mind and body, and a kind heart to help others. Specifically, please heal our friends and loved ones who are currently sick. Lastly, continue to keep our family bonded to each other loving and praising You, and making happy memories.

Father God, I pray that the Holy Sprit be upon me as I go through with this retreat. Help me be still and be in the moment, not worrying about the work backlogs. These I pray in the Mighty Name of Your Son Jesus Christ. Amen.
Mother Mary, please pray for me and embrace with your mantle of love. Amen.

Panginoon, patnubayan ninyo po ako sa aking gawain; patuloy na biyayaan mo ako ng lakas-loob upang harapin ang mga hamon sa iba’t ibang larangan ng buhay.

Lord, please guide me and give me strength as I go each day. Be with me on May 7 for my operation. Guide the doctor and the nurses and may the operation be a success. Let your will be done, Lord.

I pray for all suffering from depression specially Blessie, Chato, Dan and all who are suffering specially those affected by war! Most of all for a good leader to win this coming election.

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