Let’s stop and think for a while.

What our Lord Jesus did that first Holy Thursday was really against his nature and ours.

We need possessions, honor, and control in our lives. The trouble is, these needs very quickly grow into wants. And before we know it, we end up just wanting things.

The problem with needs and especially wants is that they often get us into trouble.

Recall your “favorite sins”–the sins you tend to commit repeatedly despite your best efforts to avoid them. These sins are most likely rooted in a legitimate need–like possessions, honor, and control–or some oversized want–like riches, fame, and power.

Our needs and wants are the recipe for our temptations. Obviously, we will not be tempted by things we don’t need or don’t want. So it’s important to know what your strongest and fiercest needs are.

Take time to think about them.

Examine your life: Which needs and wants tend to shape your decisions, govern your life, or lead you to sin?

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