In the late 90s, there was a controversial and short-lived TV series in the United States. Called “Nothing Sacred,” it’s about a Catholic priest named Father Ray and his struggles as he tries to help the poor and the troubled in a fictional parish called St. Thomas.


One of its unaired episodes, produced by the Jesuit Bill Cain, deals with a priest who finds himself infected with HIV.

Deeply troubled and scared of dying, Father Jesse turns to his friend Father Ray, who reminds him of one other man who was in a somewhat similar situation.

The video is old and shaky, but if you wish, you may watch the scene here. It is a lovely scene worth watching if only because of the insights it offers into the Last Supper.

Nothing Sacred from Pins Light on Vimeo.

What did you think?

Pause awhile to imagine what was going on in our Lord’s heart that last night in the upper room.

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Video credits: Sarabande Productions, 20th Century Fox