On the cross, Jesus teaches us
what true faith means.

Faith doesn’t mean 100% certainty,
but 100% commitment–
even and especially when you’re uncertain,
even and especially when things are falling apart.

Churchill has a famous quote
that sums this up:


On the cross, the Lord was “going through hell,”
but against every temptation to give up,
He kept the faith.

For our sake.

You may have experienced
a similar moment
in your life when everything seems
to have gone wrong or fallen apart.

These are the moments
when you most need to keep the faith:
To remain committed
even when so many voices tell you to give up.

It is easy to keep the faith
when all is well,
when there is music and magic.
But when the music stops playing–
as it often does in life–
or when the magic fades–
as it also eventually does–
we need to hang on
and try our best to continue to trust.

Our consolation is that our Lord Himself
did experience such a moment.

So when we’re undergoing difficulty
keeping the faith,
we can pray to Him to help us.


Take time to listen to the song “No More Music.”

This song may well have been our Lord’s prayer
on the cross as He witnessed his world
gradually fall apart.

It may also be your song
in moments of great difficulty
when you need every grace
to keep the faith
and continue trusting in God.


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