Because we already know the story,
we sometimes tend to take for granted
what the Lord had to go through
for our sake.

Indeed the cost of our redemption is high,
and our Lord chose to pay that cost.

But did He have to die on the cross
to save us?

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We often hear people say,
“It’s God’s Will that Jesus die on the cross
for our sake,
for the forgiveness of our sins,
and for our salvation.”

What do we actually mean when we say that?

It’s tricky to say that it was God’s will
that Jesus should die on the cross.
If God is truly All-Good,
how can we say
that He wills the torture and murder of Jesus–
which is clearly evil?

It is more accurate to say
that God allowed the crucifixion of Jesus.

We could say that what God willed
was that Jesus live according to his mission
without conditions,
despite the consequences.

Our Lord could have fought back
or taken flight, given the obstacles
put up by the elders and the priests,
but He stayed true to the mission
even if it meant suffering and dying on the cross.

Like a stream flowing down a mountain,
God’s Will finds a way around any obstacle
and fulfils what it sets out to do.


The crucifixion of Jesus was such an obstacle,
but by God’s love and power
it was transformed
into the very means of our redemption.

It was absolutely unnecessary
for Jesus to die on the cross.


But our Lord embraced the cross freely
for one and only one reason:


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