To begin our reflection on
what transpired in Calvary,
we will read not any of the Gospel account,
but from the Book of the Prophet Isaiah
in the Old Testament.

These passages refer to a mysterious figure,
who has come to be called
“The Suffering Servant of Yahweh.”

The Suffering Servant is rejected by his people
and suffers much–
a fate so similar to our Lord’s
that these passages have been considered
as a foreshadowing of Calvary.

Read the passages slowly, mindfully, and prayerfully.
Play this instrumental music to guide your pace.

GF SS.072 GF SS.073 GF SS.074 GF SS.075

GF SS.076 GF SS.077

Spend some time reflecting on what you’ve just read.
Anytime you are ready, you may move on.

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