Holy Week is not only about the choices that God made,
but also about the choices that people have made.


Come to think of it,
isn’t that what life is all about?

Not only the choices God makes,
but also the choices that we ourselves make.
No matter the circumstances in our lives,
we still always have a choice–
God makes sure of that
because He takes our freedom seriously.

Now, if only we took it half as seriously!
If only we were more responsible
in using our freedom!


So here’s a question for you:
“What kind of choices
have you made lately?”

Here are some descriptions you can use
for one or two decisons
you had to make in your life recently?


Recall one such decision,
and evaluate it according to
the process you underwent
(was it easy or tough?),
its impact (major or minor?),
and its consequence (good or bad?).

Take time to think about it.
You may want to play this instrumental piece
as you do so.

If you feel up to it,
feel free to share about this decision

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71 replies on “GOD’S CHOICES AND OURS”

I have been stucked for months now in a crossroad of my life. I so wanted to get into a relationship and get married because i felt lonely, because i am already 33, because of a lot of earthly reasons. But i also do not want to go back to the way i used to be. Which i tend to always go the easy way for i saw how shortlived it is. I have been discerning if marriage is for me or if singlehood is for me. I am caught up in between. But i made a decision that i will no longer go to the easy path but will undergo a hard way. I will endure the feeling of loneliness and earthly callings just to get to know God. For i felt that my unsuccessful relationships was because I was idolizing my partner when i could have centered God in my life. I will go the hard way so that i can make a major shift of my life. I will endure this earthly feeling and put my faith on the Cross of Jesus.

I recently have been in the throes of major decision making, for myself and for my son. It’s a tough one because both sides have pros and cons. In the end, I decided to turn to love and restore my faith in it when once I had feared it.

I’ve made the choice to accept my vocation to be a teacher. The process was so tough, so difficult, I almost gave up many times. As a perfectionist, I was so used to doing things excellently and getting praise for it. I have neither as a new and inexperienced teacher. But the impact on my life has been major, and I’ve grown to give more and more of myself each day, no matter how tiring. It’s made a positive effect on my life, undeniably. I still need many prayers and to stay close to God in order to continue this work that He’s called me to do.

Thank you for this reflection. I, too, am at a crossroads about teaching and same as you, I was used to being a perfectionist. I was critical and hard on myself and others. It was a tough decision and process to transition from being a health professional to becoming a teacher and focusing on my children. But it was a call I had to answer. I am still a novice but I have had a glimpse of the positive effect it will have on me and my children.

Our chioces in life is our own belief and motivation, that is the freedom that God had given to us. But He respect this, He want us to love Him freely, just like He choose to Love us freely. I feel really sorry when i can’t return that Love and Mercy to Him, to neeghbor, and to myself. God consumed me with your Love and Mercy.

I feel entitled to express my anger. I feel the person deserves it and needs to hear what I have to say for the benefit of those he unknowingly hurts. But my anger hurts me more. The anger is transforming me into a person who is frustrated and in despair. Dear Lord, show me the way to hope, and away from despair. Show me how to choose when it is unclear.

The choice between
being silent or speaking in anger when my children are discouraged.
I pray for a better choice: to be able to speak your truth, My Lord, with your grace.

The decision to bring Christ to others might be misunderstood by a friend and might distance him. This is tough. But this is a calling from God and I have to move forward. God will find a way that our friendship will remain.

I had been exposed to the sufferings of women who were either sexually assaulted or violently treated. I have seen that even justice cannot bring back their faith in goodnesss, their happiness or simply live a psychologically normal life most of us have, some choses to wake up everyday only to die over and over.God has been letting me see this disgusting sufferings thru people around me and in several times, happened to people I love. All this years I keep on receiving the message that the Lord wanted me to do something….but the task is huge…up to now I am still running away from that task…which made my life easy but my heart weaker each day. I don’t want to live hiding from him anymore. Yet I don’t know where to start
Help me pray for strength to do it.

One tough decision:
out of anger & marital issues with my wife, i had an affair once.

The impact:
it made a major impact.

The effect:
It destroyed me very bad.. i lose myself.


Please guide me oh Lord to make the right ones.

To forgive, to give.
To tolerate. To say no.
To keep quiet. To speak up.
To stay close. To go away.
To be kind.

I realised and have observed with my decisions it mostly came out this way:
EASY = major/minor = BAD
and this sums up the path we follow our Lord, whatever is so worth it is never easy. The Lord’s way will never be a path with a bed of roses. It is us to find the roses in the rough and arduous path

I can relate to this because I have also made so many easy choices that have major impact on my future that have brought bad effects. And if I am truly honest with myself, I knew – from the time I was making the decision – that these would bring bad more than good. But because it was easy, I took that path. And it makes me so sad and so ashamed to realize that now and to admit that now.

Choosing to be with my family. Choosing comfort over pain for someone who is very dear to me. Sometimes I can’t help but think whether this decision is right or not.

I had to make a tough decision last month of letting go/ non-regularize an employee who has a heart problem. It’s a very tough choice especially I’m a very merciful person but I had to do it since he wasn’t given any clearance by his doctor to work in the type of job that we have. It’s both major and minor; minor in a sense that I’m letting go of someone who is performing well and major because I have to save the company from any legal implications that may arise should I decide to regularize him. I say it was a good decision for I did not act on myself alone but had to hear the sides of different people and weighed the pros and cons of keeping him.

Last year, I made the decision to finally call out my ex-boss on her treatment and management of staff. As a result, she bullied me at work and tried to destroy me so I would leave. To think I tried to forgive her and reach out to her after last year’s retreat. She succeeded, in a way. I was getting ill from the stress and I decided to leave my job, isolated from my peers in the department, my reputation in question even as she took credit for the work. Now, I have no idea where my life is headed. I am close to broke but with a family to take care of. Just recently, I made the decision to ask others for help in having a relative brought to hospital. It is only God’s grace that has been keeping me and my family afloat. In a way, it is humiliating to have been reduced to this. But there is also liberation in asking for help. I realize now I don’t have to suffer alone. But I still feel lost. Once we get out of the hospital, I don’t know how we’ll be able to cope because I have to find a new job and take care of my sick relative at the same time. Bills have to be paid, debt is piling up. I also don’t know who I am beyond this role of taking care of my family. Like there is nothing left of me, that I am dead. Or at least in limbo. I feel stuck inside a cocoon, waiting for what I’ll be transformed into.

Miss_Spinsterrific, hang in there. Things may look bleak but don’t ever give up. I was once there and sometimes feel I haven’t really recovered fully. But having a family that depends on me is a blessing in itself. Things are looking up and it could have been worse really but with the grace of God, life is getting better and is better. Keeping you in prayers.:)

Thank you for making me feel I’m not alone and there is hope I will recover from this in time 🙂

I do not know you, and don’t know how I can help you.

What you did at work was brave and admirable. I hope you remember that. It is just sad that your ex-boss did not take the feedback for what it was intended.

I pray that you will find a good job soon, and work with people who will inspire you to bring out your very best at work.

I pray that our relative will get well soon.

I pray that you realize who you are, outside of work and outside of providing for your family. You sound like a wonderful human being.

God bless!

Thank you for your kind thoughts. There were days when I thought it was stupid, but I had to act with integrity. It cost me so much, but I hope God restores what was lost.

Loving my siblings is a struggle for me at this time. I ask God for the grace to be compassionate and forgiving to them and in His goodness, He indeed gave me the grace to love, gave me the opportunity to do good and choose good instead of dwelling on the negativies and division. Thank you, God. Amen.

Very recently, I decided to will myself to move on after my husband left me and my child for another woman and to “find the happiness” he said he could no longer find with us. In God’s grace I told him I forgive him for all the hurt he continues to cause. My moment of indecision was to holding on to the hope that he will change,realize his mistakes and come home. Yet as days unfolded it seems that as more is revealed to me,there are more reasons to just move on and look to my own and my child’s. I do not know yet if this is what God wishes me to do. I don’t know if this is part of his plans or it is just my own self-saving tendency to turn away from the pain and move on with my life.

I chose to forgive someone who hurt me so bad, it was a tough process, that process involves changing my life even if I don’t want to, embracing pain as it has been part of who I am now. Counting days of feeling empty and waiting for it to end. Being lost and having no reason to live. It was the hardest days of my life. That person never fail to reach out and to check on me, Harder than I thought being friends is the hardest part of my new life. Time heals everything and forgiveness takes place thats the time that the decision I made is the right choice I did, we became friends. That someone changed me for better, I have no reason to hate. God teaches me to be strong and learn forgiveness the hard but better way.

A few things came to mind. One was taking up a masters degree. That was a tough decision, with a major impact, and yet the effect is … well I’m not sure if it’s good or bad yet. Technical skills are being learned but my health and time. Argh. I am honestly in the middle. Laban lang though. Another is my eating a lot of food. Easy choice. Major impact. Bad effect. Another is exercising finally, and when I do, the decision is tough, but the impact is good. So more of that sana. And taking this online recollection of course. In the middle ang toughness of decision, the impact may either be big or small I don’t know yet, but either way, good naman ata. 😛

I choose to be forgiving and to be kind. Ģive everyone a 2nd chance just like the way the Lord gave me 2nd chance to live. Life is tough and unforgiving,but we should carry our cross and follow the road less traveled. Accepting the good the bad the ugly and the beautiful.

One of the toughest decision that I have to make is to leave my former job in a company I worked for almost 10 years. It’s not easy, there’s this uncertainty…The process was not easy
I feel hopeful and doubtful at the same time.
I am not sure if I made the right decision but I know that the Lord will always lead me to the right path.
But I always believe in God’s will, and I will always trust in God’s providence. ?

Everyday we make choices, we choose to love or not to love, we choose to eat or not to eat, we choose to obey or disobey. Life is truly about choices. In my life i make a lot of choices and some choices have certain consequences. But I believe that on those choices that I made, Jesus was there like giving me that morsel to make the choice. The choices we make is God’s will for us.

I have chosen to love. And, I don’t think I am doing well. I ask God constantly for His help and guidance; for Him to show me how; to endure; to go on loving despite the pain and suffering.

Making a decision to stay committed to my partner despite the odds we face in our every day lives is difficult. Most especially if I don’t see his hard work which is clouded with my achievements and sacrifices. It is difficult, yet I just want to keep on keeping on.

Leaving my career in a company I worked for half of my life…not easy. Facing uncertainty….Alternating from being hopeful to doubtful…

I am not sure if I made the right decision but I know that the Lord will always lead me to the right path if made the wrong decision.

I start everyday with a prayer of thanksgiving and a promise to try not to sin during the day but I always commit sins that I am not proud of. I struggle every single day to please the Lord and be as sinless as possible but truly, I find it very difficult. But I don’t cease to pray for forgiveness and I am always hoping that He will always choose me regardless of my sins and all I need to do is constantly try my bestvto be worthy od His love.

I decided to be happy whatever state I am in, and hope that God’s will (s) are those that I take. The process was not easy – trusting God’s providence itself is not easy to believe. But with God’s grace I think it’s possible. Things happen for a reason, and though the journey was bumpy, I am so thankful because of the divine consolation.

I am a creature of habit. I became so because I don’t like choosing. I almost always eat the same stuff, have the same schedule, and now trying to wear the same kind of clothes every single day.
I avoid life-changing decisions because I lack the self-confidence to make it. But once in a while, I am faced with one. And when I do I try not to make it a “solo” decision. I try to think of the reasons why I’m doing it and who I’m doing it for. Somehow a decision is easier for me when I know it will lead to something greater than myself.

While praying and gazing at the cross mounted on the wall, I saw a tiny spider crawling across the wall. It was going up and then down, turning to one side one moment and then turning to the other side the next. Its travel across the wall would be punctuated from time to time by sudden stops and starts. And while the spider was doing this, it was really making a general upward direction. But, as I thought to myself, maybe it was not that apparent to the spider. Maybe it “thought” that it was going nowhere. I am pretty much like that spider. My life has been punctuated by so many choices that I had to make — one in particular was very major — and a lot of times, I just had to keep pray that I was making the right choice, that I was doing God’s will. But now, this is one thing I realized. All my choices, even if done in good faith, might not have been the best. These might not have been expressive of God’s will for me. But in one sense, it did not matter because God continued to be there, looking for me and waiting for me. Though I might have taken another turn at the forked road that I thought brought me far away from God, I see to my surprise that He is even there along the way. It is reminiscent of that popular liturgical song, “Yahweh, I know You are near, standing always by my side…”

Choosing to take care of a sick parent was easy but the impact on my personal life was major. The effect was good to my parent and siblings, I believe, but not to my career and other relationships because I felt my world become small.

Hi Kaye,

I know exactly how you feel because I’m going through the same thing. I have to sacrifice a lot to take care of my aging parents. Hang in there and God bless you.

Thank you for the encouragement. It gets draining sometimes, but yes, I will hang on. 🙂 Hang in there and God bless you too.

Currently I’m in this stage of discerning, of making a life-changing choice: Will I leave my current job in a prestigious institution and be a full-time pastoral worker or will I stay at my current job? It is a tough decision what will have a major impact in life but I know this will have a good effect since I will be working for the Lord, more so, in a full-time capacity.

Looking now at my idleness and how I seem to waste my time away, I have been refusing to make choices on how to use my life and have been hiding behind contingencies and forces, as if all my life is simply about being controlled by these forces. In the process I waste this gift from God — the ability to choose.

It’s all about establishing a career in the twilihht of my years … I wrestled with my decision for quote sometime … I guess I also wanted a way out … some sort of a plan B or some kind of a parachute in case I made the wrong choice … eventually it had a major impact … and a truly good outcome …

Its hard to make decisions especially if it involves your family, it’s a tough decision for me to chose what they want for me than what I want in my life. I’m just hoping that this decision is also what God wills for me.

i am the same as the others who have a “very” tough time making decisions… it is really very hard for me, until now.

Every day there are choices which I have to make. Some choices that are made are not necessarily what I think are going to make things easier. But every day ,it is a struggle to do the choice which is right and good, not necessarily just for me.

I did make a decision recently , major and tough.
It impacts on my time and how and with whom I will spend it for the next few years.
And, of course, I don’t know how much time really I have .
So, I don’t know if I made a good decision or not.

To be honest…it’s not easy for me to make a right decision, like one experience of mine when I think of trying to separate myself for a while with my parents, to have my own freedom like to do what I want to do. Yet there is inside of me that has fear like what would happen to my parents if I live by my own or what would happen to me? It’s so tough to decide. But then for a while I decided to stay with my parents and somehow I don’t have regrets it’s like it was also God’s decision for me to stay..

A life-changing one. It’s the kind of decision I just made. It could make or break things for me, for my family. It could determine how the rest of the days I have in this world will be like. But I know God is with me in this and I trust and believe that everything will be alright.

I had to expose things that my family did. It was a very difficult decision to make and do. But I felt it was the right decision. I don’t know, if in the big picture, this will change anything.

Making decisions has been a tough ordeal for me to do every single day of my life. Various factors, such as peer pressure, disappointment and anxiety come my way when it comes to making both major and minor choices, whether it be studying for tests or resting, asking a girl out or giving her much needed space, and even giving alms to the poor or keeping the money for my own personal expenses. All these require true discernment from within the self as well as prayer and guidance to and from the Father. No matter how easy or hard these choices may be, at the end of day, I still feel a sense of fulfillment and joy that I was able to make the decisions. Whether they may be right or wrong from the eyes of others, my main hope at the end of each decision is that I was able to do God’s will through my words, thoughts and actions. AMEN 🙂

I have made a very tough, major choice in my life ~ that to others may be seen a “bad” & not Hischoice. But now , I see that this choice has made me into a person of peace & made me more prayerful ~ Perhaps it was not God’s plan BUT HE allowed me to pursue my choice to feel Pain & rise out of it> A BETTER PERSON ~ thank you for giving us free-will & when we choose otherwise, YOU PICK US UP & EMBRACE US AGAIN IN YOUR LOVING ARMS!!

Discern is easier said than done but it is really just that; despite God’s silence at times we really need to use all the given instruments before us: laws, persons concerned, the greater good, the consequential damage, the review of motivation and constant consciousness examen

I’m confronted with a tough one. There times that I feel like giving up and return home, and there are times that I want to see it to the end, to prove God’s victory in us, but I cannot decide firmly. Instead, I’m going with the flow waiting for God’s sign. I pray that God will unfold His plan for me in His time.

Tough choices usually have a greater impact in the long term and is usually for the greater good.

Though I have leaned that “when given the choice to be right and be kind, choose kind.”

Recently, the choices I made were not major but I find it a tough process to undergo since it would cost me ‘my will’. I just realized how I’m glad I made that choice because it led to good effects anyway.

At times I keep postponing concerns that would require decision-making. I resort to buying time but I ended up making unwise decisions. In this retreat, I ask God for the grace to make timely and wise choices in life.

I recently had to discern whether to hold on to something or to let it go. It was quite difficult to let go because I knew that there is still much that I can do, and I knew that others will have to carry the burden–but I still did it so I could hold on to other things that matter. I feel that I have made the right decision.

I made some decisions that I am not really sure of . How I came out of that after 5 years of being under the deepest place must be God’s choice.

I find myself in a quandary in the face of a hidden God and I am confronted with choices. I ask for his help, guidance and blessing every time a life changing choice is to be made, yet when He keeps silent and I eventually discover I made the wrong choice, it just keeps adding to my frustrations. How long can I tell myself, “not my will but Your will”?

A major decision I made, I was sad to do it, but I knew it was the right thing to do. It had a major impact but good came out of it. I realized sometimes you just have to trust yourself that it was the right thing to do.

A tough decision that I haven’t truly made because it goes against Catholic teaching is choosing the right to die or death with dignity if I am faced with a termimal illness.

Making choices is not an easy thing to do. It seems that whatever decisions we make will affect a lot of people, events, feelings etc. It could be good or right for you and bad for them or the other way around.

The decision to confess a sin that has long bothered me but was afraid to mention because of shame and fear was a tough one. But when I did and after I received absolution from the priest, it was the best gift I have received from God and have given myself. It freed me from guilt, fear, and confusion. It brought joy and peace in my heart.

Honestly, my “choosing” is based on almost my benefits. On the other hand, I think I make other(selfless) choices only in relation to people that I love very much so I can forget about myself.

Thank you for shating this and I resonate. Often, I think only about what my choices do to myself and not its effects on others.

Every day, no, almost every moment presents us with choices. Having reflected on the matter of “choosing”, the safest way is to make a decision that is one done out of Love. One can not make a mistake if one does it out of Love.

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