Just Say “YES”

As our Closing Prayer this Good Friday, I found a song that may well have been our Lord’s mantra to himself as he endured all the pain and humiliation he experienced in Calvary: “Just Say ‘Yes'” by Snow Patrol

Again, it is not an explicitly religious song, but the refrain of the song sounds like how the Lord might have been reminding himself to stay strong and to be faithful to his mission until the end. It goes like this:

Just say yes, just say there’s nothing holding you back
It’s not a test, nor a trick of the mind
Only love.

It may also be our Lord’s message for us to keep saying “Yes” to God’s Will as he himself did. Perhaps there are challenges in our lives, and we need this reminder to keep us faithful to God, too.

We’ve certainly experienced many moments in our lives when we’re tempted to give up. “Nice guys finish last” and “The wicked prosper”–these are sayings that unfortunately have some truth in them. But our faith tells us that they do not have the last word. We are challenged to keep believing in Easter even if it is often nowhere yet in sight. That’s what our Lord went through, and that’s what he chose to do.

Listen to the song and let it be not only your way of connecting to our Lord in Calvary, but also your way of connecting to your own life and what it is asking of you here and now.

Image from Gospel Media
Edited by Galvin Radley Ngo