III. Jesus falls.

Play this music as you prepare for prayer.

Pause and hold your heart and the whole world in your hands.

Station 03

Jesus falls.
It was bound to happen–all things considered.
After a night in prison, interrupted by several hurried trials,

after all the interrogations and beatings–
don’t forget the excruciating scourging at the pillar
and the Roman soldiers’ mocking
that included that crowning of thorns.

According to Tradition, it’ll be but the first of three falls.

Here we see that our Lord’s body, like ours, can only take so much.
At a certain point, it gives way. It gives up.
Under the weight of that cross, his knees buckle
and his body can’t help but give in to gravity.

It can be pretty exhausting trying to defy gravity.
It’s so much easier to surrender to it.

But that’s the last thing the Lord does.
Even if his body is showing signs of giving up, he doesn’t.
He does not give up; he gets up.
And he gets up and keeps carrying that cross–
even if no one’s there to cheer him on,
even if most of the voices in that mob are actually jeering at him.
That makes getting up harder and more painful.

Our bodies are not immortal, after all; they can only take so much.
We have been made aware of this often-forgotten fact now
more than ever,
when one third of the world is under movement restriction.

More than ever, we feel that our bodies are vulnerable
to an invisible–and seemingly invincible–enemy.

The question on all our minds is:
Will our bodies, like the Lord’s, like the over 400,000
as of today’s global count of confirmed COVID 19 cases,
also take a fall?

We all fear that, but the best thing that we can do
is to pray hard and to take every precaution
by practicing social distancing and personal hygiene.

But here’s another question that should also be on our minds:
Will our hearts also take a fall?

Will we also lose heart, lose hope, lose faith
as we hear disheartening news each day,
as we continue to expose ourselves
to the world’s fear and panic?
Will we also give in to this other force
that pulls down not our bodies, but our spirits?

 We already know the answer to that question.
The Lord has shown us what we can and should do.
Don’t give in. Don’t give up.
Instead, like him, get up.
Fight this spiritual gravity. Defy it.
We owe it to ourselves. We owe it to our loved ones.
We owe it the world.

Spend a few moments 
telling the Lord how you feel–
and what you can try to do today
in response to him.

“Behold the Wood” from St. Louis Jesuits. Image for Station from Fratel Venzo. “Rise Up” (originally by Andra Day)

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17 replies on “III. Jesus falls.”

The pain before that fall has been too much. Yet You did not surrender. You persevered, thinking of the salvation of men. Lord, make me as strong and persevering as You are. Let me love You so much.

Rebuild the relationships lost. Rebuild the lives of Your people.

Dear Lord,

Grant me the grace to muster mental and spiritual strength especially at this time, and more importantly to the repercussions of this pandemic that may affect me and my wife. Grant us the gifts of faith, wisdom and discernment at those times. Amen,

By example, you rose up from your fall and will continue to rise two more times. You will rise up on Easter Sunday for us. We are called to rise – not just by His words but His actions. I am ready to concede but you call on us to be brave and to rise to the occasion. It is my mother, my husband and my children who give me a reason to RISE, STAND BRAVE and HOPE AUDACIOUSLY for a miracle.

Dear Lord, I’m trying to live my life every day. There is so much uncertainty about what will happen tomorrow. We could not depend on the things of this world. Our present situation invites us to trust in you. Everything here on earth is temporary. You get up after the fall because you are fully convinced that there is a loving Father who sustain you. Let us find strength in you.

Yes I agree Salve. Who knows what will happen tomorrow ? How long will this end ? What do I expect ? I am emptied so I can just like a little child , hold His hand and hand Him guide me along the right path. Lord you are my light, my guide , my Father

Thank you a Lord for the gift of faith and hope. Thank you for keeping family and friends safe and well. We specially pray for all frontliners around the world who are selflessly serving – please cover us all with Your most precious blood and Your Mantle of protection.

During this quarantine, We are called to do more .. for those in the frontlines it is to save lives for those of us quarantined, it’s to stay home. It’s a battle and with Hod’s help, this too shall pass. Meantime we are called to help in other ways too.. not to fear but to rise up to the occasion .. how is that if at home and we some funds to share let us help in our own way.. donate any amount. We are called to be one.. to act in concert to save ourselves and to save others. God bless us all. Stay home. Stay Safe.

I admit that I fall more often and stay down more than necessary because standing up is so tiring and frightening. It is easy for me to just lie down – it seems like everyone is doing it anyway. But it makes me ashamed to give up when Christ did not, has not and when He does not give up on me.
I beg for the grace of courage to stand up and to defy the “gravity” that makes me immobile for Christ wants to bring me somewhere and there I must go.

Lord I lift up to you my household. Please continue to envelop them with your love and to always keep them safe. Thank you.

Help us dear Lord to persevere in faith as we struggle through this crisis. Hold us dear Father in the palm of your hand for we know that you are in control.

Lord, I am scared of the unknown, but I know you are here and will be with me and others who need you. You will not abandon us. Please have mercy on us and give us strength and courage to get through this pandemic. I trust in you. Thank you.


When we fall, it is difficult to rise up if we only depend on our own human strength. We rise up because unknowingly someone is helping us.
Thank you Lord for being always there in many occasions I have fallen.

Lord, help us to fight this spiritual gravity and defy it. Be at our side, to cheer us on and not be drowned by the voices of fear, hopelessness and desperation. And as we fall, help us to rise in faith knowing that your glory awaits us in the end. We put our trust in you, Lord.

Lord, I am scared but I know we can pull through this together. Be with us in our weakest moments and help us to rise up for you as you did rise up for us. Keep our faith strong and may we hang on to you always. Amen.

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