We begin our retreat at the beginning–
with our First Parents.


We know the story.
Adam and Eve lived in Paradise,
and could partake of anything found there–
except for one forbidden fruit.

And call it human nature,
of course they ended up disobeying God.
In this scene, they go into hiding,
afraid of being found out by God.

Read the following short passage
as prayerfully as you can–
as though you were reading it for the first time.
What is Scripture not saying?
What is it silent about?

If you wish, play this instrumental piece
in order to get into the mood
and to pace yourself.
There are only three slides,
so take your time.

Holy Thu online.003

Holy Thu online.004

Holy Thu online.005

While the music plays
imagine the scene as it unfolds,
supplying details where they are unavailable.

When the music stops,
click NEXT below.

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