The theme for this year’s retreat is: CHOSEN.

The reason is that when you think about it,
Holy Week is about God’s choices:
the persons He has chosen
and the way He has chosen to deal with these people.

Holy Week is, of course, about us
because each one of us has also been chosen by God.

But for what purpose?
That is what we hope to find a little bit about
during this Holy Week retreat.

Think of these next few days
as a homecoming to the One Who, from all eternity,
made up His mind that He was going to choose you.

One big idea about the mysteries of Holy Week
is that in choosing to die for us,
our Lord Jesus has chosen to cast His lot among us.
He cannot and will not take that back.
God is already committed to us.

You may wish to take time out
to think about that,
and compare God’s commitment to us
with our commitment to Him.

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