It’s one of the most important prayers–and one of spiritual writer Anne Lamott’s all-time favorites:


It’s an easy prayer to say, and yet how often have I, like the nine lepers in the gospel, failed to say it? I have four excuses–all of them unexcusable. Which ones are yours as well?

First, I get too busy, too preoccupied with life the way we so often get, and by the time I get away from the rush of things and finally find the time and space to do so, I’m too exhausted or too sleepy. Perhaps I manage to mutter a generic thanks for the day, but can barely mean it.

Second, I forget. I receive a blessing–something good happens, a surprise even–but other events transpire and that blessing I’m grateful for ends up buried, forgotten underneath a pile of other concerns. I suffer from “presentism”–the tendency to regard the recent as most important, neglecting and forgetting what is less recent even if these are, in fact, more important.

Third, I’m not paying enough attention. I don’t notice God’s gifts. He gives them, and I get them, but I don’t recognize them–until much later, if at all, in some quiet retreat. I don’t keep my eyes wide open enough, and I go through my day walking past burning bushes one after another, but blissfully unaware that I’m just passing them by.

Finally, things are going too well, and I take it for granted that I’m entitled to all the good things I’m experiencing. I forget that every single good gift is just that–a gift totally undeserved, freely given. It’s funny how it’s when I am most in want that I seem to be most capable of gratitude. Those difficult days when the only thing keeping me together is some band aid and duct tape, I don’t take anything for granted: I am grateful for every single grace I receive that helps me make it through the day.

So what are some of the lessons I can learn from all this? What’s the Gospel message for me? I think two things:

I will lower my threshold for astonishment. I will keep my eyes wide open for every single gift, every minor blessing, and each time I will allow myself to be astonished by such a gift, such a blessing.

I will not wait for my evening prayers to be grateful. I will stop in my tracks each and every single time and cry out, “Thankyouthankyouthankyou!” Right here and right now.

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As we love to say, our God cannot be outdone in generosity.
I just try my darn best to be grateful for all his grace & blessings, but i know deep within i will not be able to keep up with His goodness. Somehow, there will always be blessings that i will miss & overlook owing to his abundant generosity.
And i tell him this

I keep a gratitude journal. I’ve been doing it since 2015 and when I re-read, I realise that it’s somehow changed my brain. I am more aware about things I am grateful for.

Now that I am in the pre-departure stage, I cannot thank the Lord enough for all His blessings. When I wake up in the morning, I am amazed that He has given me another day. The things I took for granted before means so much more now. God is so good.

Our lips and our hearts are conduits of thanksgiving to the Almighty. The moment we open our eyes when we wake up in the morning and close them at night, we praise God for the abundant blessings and Miracles HE gives US each day. God never complains. HE is only waiting for our thanksgiving

We all know how to give thanks to the Lord. We can SAY it. We can PRAY it. We can also DO it. The first is like being on auto-pilot. Almost like a reflex, unthought-out. Will it reach Heaven? The second needs space, like being in a chapel, or being parked before the Blessed Sacrament or being alone somewhere. It also needs time away from all distractions. Will this reach Heaven? The third is planned, acted upon, like a trip to the orphanage of the Missionaries of Charity. Except that oftentimes, we go through events like these without seeing, feeling, thinking with gratitude to our Lord. Does this reach Heaven?

A parking space in the mall when I am in a hurry. A sudden brake to avoid collision when I am distracted by my phone. A new project at work. Everyday safety for me and my family. Household help who do the grunt work so I have precious time to vegetate in front of my computer and watch endless series. If I continue there will not be enough space. So thankyouthankyouthankyou. Everyday ❤

I am just like you….
I ask forgiveness for not saying my thanks ….yes, I take God ‘s goodness & His blessings for granted..
Very nice short prayer – thank you thank you thank you..I will always share this with others….
Thank you for sharing….enjoy your day !?

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