This reflection was made on the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity, based on John 3:16-18.

rublev-trinity-iconSomeone emailed me a couple of articles written by Fr. Peter Knauer, a German Jesuit philosopher and theologian. He writes about the mystery of God–how what we know about God, whether from reason or even from revelation, is much, much less than what we don’t know about Him.

This is a common insight among mystics–those people among us who have been blessed with such an intense prayer life that they have acquired an intimate knowledge of God. From them we would expect a great familiarity with God. But their consensus has been that the closer they get to approach God, they sense, more than ever, their own sinfulness. More than that, the more they get to know God, the more they realize they know so little about Him. The reason is that God is simply that holy and that infinite; His ways are just way beyond us!