2018 Online Holy Week Retreat

Pins of Light is pleased to announce this year’s online Holy Week Retreat: “CHOSEN: Stories, Silences, and Songs from Scripture”

Click HERE to join.


Now on its 11th year, this annual online Holy Week event gathers retreatants from different parts of the world as a faith community, praying together and sharing their reflections with one another.

This do-it-yourself retreat allows you to enter into prayer anywhere and anytime between Holy Thursday until Easter Sunday. Three modules will be made available, one for Holy Thursday, another for Good Friday, and the last one for Holy Saturday/Easter Sunday. All you need is about a 45-minute time slot per day: Just make sure you have that time just for yourself and for the Lord.

As in the past years, there will also be online Jesuit spiritual directors who will be available to respond to your questions and sharing during this year’s online Holy Week retreat.

“CHOSEN: STORIES, SILENCES, & SONGS FROM SCRIPTURE” offers us one door to enter more deeply into the mystery of Holy Week by praying between the lines.

When we read Scripture, we are invited to read not only its words, but also the silences between the lines. When we pray over Scripture, we also need to “pray between the lines.”

Scripture offers us rich and timeless stories, but we can enter into these stories only by putting ourselves in their characters’ shoes. It takes imagination to think and feel what the biblical characters must have thought and felt. Only then can we appreciate their stories and struggles. We may even realize that they’re not so different from us, after all, and that their prayers and questions then sound much like our own today.

Join us starting Holy Thursday at 8 am.


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I attended the Retreat , very grateful to Fr.Johnny and to all the facilitators.The venue was also good.It was an answer to my prayers,the reflections and the approached being used was really great!Everything for the greater Glory of God.
The experienced leads me to love all the more to Pray with the Holy Scripture…Reading between the lines and the SILENCES of it..not only in the Words but looking at my own personal encounters with God,others and self.

Was sent the link of this Online Retreat by a sister. I like what I am reading so far! Thank you Lord for leading me to this Online retreat and Father Go. ?

I attended the Triduum at Sacred Heart Church these past three days. What a blessing to be invited by my friend, Irma. Not only did it open my eyes to the unconditional love of God to mankind which I took for granted but I learned that the things that went wrong in my life are a consequence of my wrong choices. Now I am mindful of asking God to guide me in making the right choices. Thank you, Lord for bringing Father Johnny into our lives.

I have attended the retreat in Sacred Heart Parish, Cebu City. It was a blessing to attend the Triduum Recollection. It’s very timely for me. It’s an answered prayer. I’m at the point of making a hard decision in life. I’ve been praying to God to guide me in making an important decision. The retreat guided and enlightened me. I should make a choice for the greater good that would not hurt my family and eventually lose God and myself in the process. It gave an encouragement to choose what is right despite the consequences. I need to pray more to be brave enough to face the consequence of my decision. I know the consequence would be painful but if it’s for God and family I would be willing to go through it. I’m sure God will protect me and family and even vindicate for me.

Hi. I’m excited to join the Holy week retreat but can’t get to the link. Please let me know how. Thank you.

Thank you for this moments of silence and prayer. With the Blessed Mary and St. Joseph , I Pray for Grace of a fruitful encounter with The Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit.

Thank you for giving us a way to spend time with family and the Lord. This online retreat has been a real blessing.

Thank you Fr. Johnny. I look always look forward to this, ever since I learned about it. It is great that one can go back to the past retreats. God bless you and yours.

I am truly grateful for this online Triduum Retreat. My family has been doing this for already 6 years. It has become our tradition and a source of strength.

Thank you so much for this online retreat. I can’t wait to start on Thursday. It is something that I always look forward every Holy Week. God bless us all???

Thank you very much i am looking forward to this and I have been doing this since you started eleven years ago. God bless.

How do we access it? We are having problems getting into the page. Please help us get to it. Thank you.

Would love to try this! Do we have to start everyday @ 8am? Could we also do this at a time when we are free feom our parish obligations?

i wait with bated breath, Father Go. Always a main activity of my Holy Week for 11 years now. Thank God for you always guiding and enlightening us all these years. More creative power and energy to spread the good news of our Lord!

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