DEFINING OURSELVES (Mt 16:13-20): Twenty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time (24 August 2008)

DEFINING OURSELVES (Mt 16:13-20):  Twenty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time (24 August 2008)

Today’s Readings

The other day a friend sent me a link to a site called “Yearbook Yourself!”  The moment I got to the site, an animated yearbook appeared before me and began to flip its pages.  I was instructed to upload a photo, and once I had done that, a series of years appeared below my picture.  It turned out that selecting a year would adapt your picture for that year: You would be furnished the haircut for the era as the appropriate music played in the background.  I went through the years and watched myself change, looking strangely cleancut in the 60’s and sporting a ridiculous afro in the 70’s, among others.  It was fun, for whatever it was worth.