SURRENDERING OUR SWORD (Mt 14:13-21): 03 August 2008 (Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time)

Today’s Readings

One of the few TV programs I make sure to follow is “Heroes.”  As its viewers know, it’s about a strange bunch of reluctant superheroes:  young and ordinary people who accidentally discover their extraordinary abilities.

Among them is Hiro Nakamura, a Japanese office worker who has a boring routinary 9-to-5 job.  Like the other heroes, he learns about his special gifts by trial and error.  He discovers that he can stop and manipulate time, travel through time, and even teleport—i.e., to travel from one place to another.  All he has to do is to concentrate really hard!   In one of his more successful attempts, he surprises himself when he manages to teleport himself all the way from a subway in Tokyo across the globe to Times Square, New York!