“WILL I SINK LIKE A STONE?” (Jn 5:1-16): 04 March 2008 (Tuesday)

“WILL I SINK LIKE A STONE?” (Jn 5:1-16):  04 March 2008 (Tuesday)

Today’s Readings

The band Grace has a poetic and provocative music video for their song “Sink Like A Stone.”  It shows a man lying on a raft floating in the middle of nowhere.  We’re not sure, but he looks like he has just survived a shipwreck.

A number of things happen to him while at sea:  He accidentally drops his ring into the ocean.  He examines his locket.  He sets a toy boat on fire and sends it sailing away (to call for help?).  All the while he is singing a sad, haunting mantra:   “Oh no, oh no, I’m not alone (even if) I may sink like a stone.  Sink like a stone…”