“IS SEEING REALLY BELIEVING?” (Jn 9:1-41): 02 March 2008 (4th Sunday of Lent)

“IS SEEING REALLY BELIEVING?” (Jn 9:1-41):  02 March 2008 (4th Sunday of Lent)

Today’s Readings

After “The Sixth Sense,” the next best thing from M. Night Shyamalan is “Signs,” his 2002 science fiction thriller about aliens and UFO’s starring Mel Gibson.  But the movie isn’t just about hostile aliens; it’s also about an Episcopalian priest who one day finds himself hostile and alien to his faith.

Graham Hess (Mel Gibson) finds that he no longer believes in God because of the recent tragic death of his wife.  Aside from coping with this loss, he has to deal with his son Morgan’s asthma condition and his daughter Bo’s disturbing habit of leaving half-filled glasses of water around the house.  His brother Merrill (Joaquin Phoenix), a former minor league baseball player, moves in to help him out.