“WILL I SEE YOU THROUGH MY TEARS?” (Jn 4:43-54): 03 March 2008 (Monday)

“WILL I SEE YOU THROUGH MY TEARS?” (Jn 4:43-54):  03 March 2008 (Monday)

Today’s Readings

In his epic The Aeneid, Vergil narrates the story of Aeneas, who escapes the sack of Troy with his son Ascanius by his side and his father Anchises on his shoulder.  Tricked by the Greeks to accept the gift of a large wooden horse, the Trojans are caught off-guard by the attack of the Greek soldiers hiding inside the horse.  Aeneas wakes up in the middle of the night to see the slaughter of his people. He tries his best to fight the Greeks, but to no avail.  Venus appears to him ordering him to leave Troy as soon as possible for his own safety and for a greater destiny, which turns out to be the founding of Rome.