“ARE YOU REALLY A SUCKER FOR UNDERDOGS?” (Lk 1:46-56): 22 December 2007 (Saturday)

“ARE YOU REALLY A SUCKER FOR UNDERDOGS?” (Lk 1:46-56):  22 December 2007 (Saturday)


Sometime ago I found this interesting and inspiring video on YouTube.  The video is from Simon Cowell’s newest star search competition in the UK called “Britain’s Got Talent.”  The clip shows the audition of a certain Paul Potts, a portly, ordinary-looking man in his late thirties, who makes a living selling cell phones.  Bullied by classmates all his life, Paul grew up insecure, with very little confidence in himself.  For years he dreamed of becoming a singer, but with little success, so when he heard of the new talent show, against his usual inclination, he picked up his little grain of faith in himself and joined the talent competition.