“WHAT HAVE I STOPPED PRAYING FOR?” (Lk 1:5-25): 19 December 2007 (Wednesday)

“WHAT HAVE I STOPPED PRAYING FOR?” (Lk 1:5-25):  19 December 2007 (Wednesday)


It’s not fair.  The old man was just trying to do his job.  By the gospel’s own account, he was a righteous man.  That fateful day that he was picked to enter the sanctuary, he was just planning to go in there, burn the required incense, say a couple of prayers, and then leave right away.  He expected nothing out of the ordinary– certainly not a vision of angels, and certainly not the news of his elderly wife Elizabeth bearing a son.  And all he did was ask the angel a question, but when he came out of the sanctuary, he could no longer speak.