It’s not hard to infer
what the other disciples might have felt
about the Lord washing their feet.

If we had to hazard a guess,
we would just say:
“Exactly like Peter!”

Like Peter, they might have experienced
embarrassment–and reluctance–
to let their Master wash their feet.
Feet-washing, after all, was a chore
reserved for slaves.

So when Peter spoke up so boldly,
he most likely spoke for all of them.

All of them, that is,
but Judas Iscariot.

Remember, Judas was still there
even if he had already made the decision
to betray Jesus.

Can you imagine
what Judas might have thought–
or how he might have felt–
as our Lord held his feet
and washed them with his hands?

Can you imagine
what our Lord might have thought–
or how he might have felt–
as he knelt before his friend
just hours before his betrayal?

It is quite unthinkable
for any Master like Jesus–
and certainly for God–
to stoop so low and wash not only the feet
of his inferiors, but also–and especially–
the feet of the very one who will,
in just a few moments,
betray him.

That is why in the Gospel,
our Lord told the disciples:
“You are not all clean.”

Yet the Lord did not exclude Judas
from the feet-washing.

The feet-washing performed by Jesus
was the exact opposite of Pilate’s hand-washing.
Pilate arrogantly washed his hands
to exclude himself
from the crucifixion of a clearly innocent man
and exempt himself from its consequences.

Our Lord, on the other hand,
washed his disciples’ feet–
including those of Judas–
as an act of humility and inclusivity.

From “The Passion of the Christ” (2004)

Perhaps washing the feet of Judas,
was yet another attempt of Jesus
to reach out to him,
hoping against hope
that this gesture of humility and love
could still touch the heart of his friend
and make him change his mind

Or maybe when he took Judas’ feet in his hands,
our Lord was simply telling him:
“Why don’t you trust me?
Why don’t you have faith in me?”

The Irish poet and theologian, Pádraig Ó Tuama,
has written that the Irish phrase for trust–
mo sheasamh ort lá no choise tinne”–
literally means:
“You are the place where I stand
on the day when my feet are sore.”

By washing the feet of his disciples–
including those of Judas–
our Lord was not only humbling himself,
but he was also reaching out to them
and inviting them to trust him
and to place their faith in him.

What would it mean to you
if the Lord asked to wash
your feet?
What would be the personal message
that he would be trying to relay to you

given what’s been going on in your life?
What would you say to him
in response?

Pray and reflect about this
for the duration of this instrumental piece.

Consider sharing the fruits of your prayer below
before proceeding.


Music: Sa Dapithapon (EP Hontiveros)

158 replies on “WHAT IT MEANS”

He is telling me to trust Him. To trust that He is with me, and that just as we many times feel alone, He has also felt alone. In that sense, He is still with us. He knows, more than anybody else, the humiliation, the questioning, being deeply troubled, pain. He tells me through washing my feet that this is what matters the most, rather than getting everything right or being worthy or not. “This is how I show my neverending love for You.”

Lord, I do not deserve this. Sinner I am, yet you knelt and washed my feet. How humbling this experience is.

He is telling me that if He can do it, I can. I can serve others in humility. I can lead by example. He has shown the way. He has made me in his image and likeness.

Jesus washing my feet would symbolize how much he loves me as a child of God. He would do anything for me even if it puts him down to the level of a slave. And we should try to give the same love to others.

My child, as you desire and plan to simplify your life after this great reset, please do not wash your hands off the social responsibility that I have entrusted to you. I invite you to trust that I know you are worried and get overwhelmed by the tasks and responsibilities — Place your faith in me that I will help you and be with you.

Christ’s washing of the feet of His apostles is foŕ me the ultimate attestation of His love for us. Knowing all that will soon transpire, in his humblest way he performed the most intimate act he could. After dining with them, He washed their feet. It was His way of saying Goodbye, I love you, thank you and preparing them for their tasks that lay ahead. Though he knew he would be betrayed by one of them, and the suffering that lay ahead, this act showed them hoe unconditional His love is for all of us, no exceptions. He truly is a loving God.

WASHING OF THE FEET and conversations with Jesus –
Jesus might be inviting us to keep still today. That is the resounding message for me these days. Keep still, but be on guard. Keep still, but never be too comfortable to the point of forgetting our real mission.

Dig deep and understand what God wants to cleanse away from me. Then make his humility, service and sacrifice be meaningful …by asking myself, how I can make what God did meaningful and worthy? What can I do to express my gratitude to all His sacrifices? How do I return the favor through service to others?

Jesus set a good example. Not only was it about all service and humility. Jesus commanded that we should do the same for one another. This is just one of his effort to make his chosen disciples learn from his meek and humble heart. We honour his Sacred Heart but then again, we too must follow the Way of the Lord. Make our hearts like unto thine.

Wash me Oh God from my inequities and when im clean then i am credible to share this experience to others. Lord use me. Amen.

It would mean to me of my woundedness and brokeness and I will personally ask Him to do so while saying these words,

“You alone are the only one who can wash away my brokeness and woundedness. Please, Lord, wash me and give me strength.”

Rest in me, my dearest Child. Come home to where your heart truly is. I tell you I shall be with you along the way. Just put your faith and trust in me and all things shall be well. Even when you feel abandoned, even when you feel betrayed, I shall never leave you. Even when this storm does not feel like it will pass anytime soon, even if you seem to see no end to your misery, I am with you. I have cleansed the dust that has followed you in your difficult journey as well as wiped the tears you have shed, and I shall keep doing it in the next years ahead.

At first I would be very uncomfortable but then I would relax and relish our closeness and let go of all my insecurities.

Christ’s gesture of washing my feet is an invitation to let go, to relax, and to surrender all my worries to him. At first, it would be uncomfortable to accept his offer, but at the same time, it is so comforting! Imagine someone picking up your burdens for you and doing most of the heavy-lifting! This symbolic gesture is indeed a testament of God’ s care, of his mercy, of his unconditional love that makes us feel humble (not proud) ourselves. We cannot live this life on our own! We need God every moment of the way.

Humility understanding of people in every situations. And inclusivity, no discrimination of human rich, poor and races we are all sons of God!

His washing of my feet showed humility, his love, and embracing of my entirety—even when I’m not clean, even when I doubt, even when fear. But he knows that, I know that—I am unclean. But he still chooses to wash me in spite, despite…

Thank you for your LOVE Jesus.
For embracing us as your own. For treating us with mercy and kindness.

And cry a lot out of shane for not deserving and joy as well for despite my weakness and wrongdoings, He lives me tirelessly.

I have big, unfeminine, wide feet with bunions from wearing high heels when I was young, so I think of my feet as ugly. Like Caveman Feet. I think I would be embarrassed and our conversation would go like this:

Huwag ako, Lord! Pangit ng paa ko.
Akina iyan.
May kalyo pa. Di pa nagugupitan ang kuko.
Wala akong pake. Akina iyan.
Sorry… kadiri ang paa ko.
Tigilan mo nga iyan.
OK ba? Anong pakiramdam?

And in my imagination, the Lord knows that in real life, as ugly as I think my feet look like, I feel very happy when my feet are washed. It’s a luxury I’ve been trying not to deny myself because for the longest time, I felt awkward whenever someone served me. I felt it wasn’t practical, that my money could be put to better use. Only recently have I been trying to convince myself that I matter, that I’m worth certain treats like a foot treatment.

And since it’s the Lord washing my feet, I would be so thankful He never thought of my feet as ugly and that someone like me is worthy of being “served” this way. And I would love Him more and want to return the favor right away.

It definitely feels embarrassing for my feet to be washed by the Lord. I believe that my life so far has been filled with blessings that I personally think I didn’t deserve. However, whenever I consider those thoughts, the Lord has always been gracious enough to wash away all those doubts in me, constantly making me feel that He willed to give these graces to me. And later on, that embarrassment would be filled with gratefulness for the Lord’s compassion and mercy for me.

And as a response to such gesture, I would tell the Lord that I would always try to put my trust and faith in Him, even if it could be a tall order sometimes. Things have been on a limbo these days. I don’t know what career awaits me after this pandemic. I’m unsure how I could use my skills and knowledge not only to enrich myself, but to pay it back to my family and forward to my country who needs me the most. Yet I need to always believe that the Lord’s plans are way superior than mine, and that He would always redirect me where I am supposed to be.

Thank you for always staying by my side, Lord.

I am not worthy of everything Lord. Yet, by your grace, love and mercy, you have made me worthy. I thank you Lord for everything. Amen

This will be a humbling experience for me, and I know that this gesture from the Lord will remind me of the true source of happiness in my life. It’s not from the material things that I tend to wish I have despite the limited resources or the trips I long to embark on. Knowing that I am one with the Lord should be the primary source of my happiness, and I know that it won’t be easy to just throw away those sources that I already got used to, but I am willing and open to take that step to be one with Jesus.

Thank You Lord for being here always despite us not noticing sometimes, and for even offering to wash my feet.

Lord, I am embarassed, and yet you have made me feel at ease. Thank you for taking care of me and making me feel loved.

Come to me; do not be ashamed. Do not let your self-doubt and your sins stop you.
Let me wash away your anxiety, fears, despondency, uncertainties. Let me wash away the dirt beneath your feet to show you who you truly are and what you are capable of. Let me be with you.

I often find it difficult to receive, because I feel that I am not worthy, or sometimes because I fear being indebted to someone and I get anxious about having to pay someone back for the good things they give or do for me. I would probably hesitate as well, if Jesus offered to wash my feet. 🙁 But reflecting on this now I feel Jesus’ assurance that he loves me for who I am, that he finds joy in making me feel loved.

I am like you often too proud externally but broken inside. I would later accept the Lord’s offer to wash my feet and include my brokeness and heal me.

Lord, i know i am not worthy to be served by u. I feel so embarrassed by all d sins i have committed. Teach me to be humble at all times n never to doubt u specially when trials come my way. Thank u so much to make me realize how much u care n love me no matter how unworthy i am of your love!

Your ways are not my ways Lord…. Teach me to love just as you have loved without expecting anything in return.Teach me to serve others wholeheartedly without any cost. Teach me to be humble and realize that everything I have and hold dear belongs to you. TEACH ME YOUR WAYS LORD.

Lord, here I am again asking for your forgiveness, for all the times that I have forsaken you, for the times that I did not believe in your love, for the times that I doubted you. Here I am Lord, in front of you, humbly asking to please allow me to kiss your feet, to show my deepest and my most heartfelt thanks and gratitude to you, for all the times that even when I attack, repel, reject and ignore you, THE ONLY RESPONSE THAT YOU KNOW IS TO LOVE me even more. Please forgive me father and welcome me back into your loving arms.
I have fallen much deeply in love with you Father, Thank you for loving me unconditionally.

That I am worthy… that I am worth all His pain… that I deserve to be forgiven… that I am not astray… that my mistakes have all ready been erased…
Lord, this gesture of yours (washing my feet) relays a message that I should not give up on You. My sins may have been countless but by this gesture, You are telling me to repent, and do better. You are telling me that You accept me for who I am and what I have become. You are embracing the very sinful nature of me, and You are once again, going through all the pain just to save me from these sins. You love me.

In the silence he said,
Be brave I am here always.
Learn to trust and you’ll learn yo forgive.
Learn to serve with humility and generosity.

When the Lord washed my feet, I felt like he was telling me “I know you have your faults, but I forgive you.” Much like Judas, and the other disciples, I am not perfect but it moves me to know that Jesus will always humble himself and extend his love, no matter what.

This scenario would be very meaningful to me. Sinful as i am, yet the Lord asked to wash my feet? I would feel so thankful coz that would mean the Lord will cleanse me from my sinful acts. He humbled himself, so I must also. My response would be, I am not worthy Lord, but please do so, wash my feet, for I am a sinner.

“My son, I know your heart’s deepest desires. I know you want to know Me more, to study your Catholic faith more, to serve Me more as a missionary, and to devote more of your time, talent and treasure with Me. But I know you are afraid; afraid that you may not provide fully for your wife and your future family, afraid that you may not be able to fulfill your family’s dreams, especially materially, afraid that you’ll dry up financially. Don’t worry, My son, have faith and courage in Me. I am patient with You. I know you have drawn a plan. That’s good, but be open to My plans for you, be open to my will. I will guide you on that, I will send helpers for you to see it, but I want you, My child, to be open on my plans for you. I will not forsake you, I will not abandon you. I will provide for you, for your wife, for your future family. Be patient also with yourself, do what you have to do at the present, but never lose sight of the future. I will send the Holy Spirit for you to see My plan for you. I love you, My child.”

“I will not let you go. I will take care of you. Have faith in me, as I in you. Accept my love and be love.”

On bended knees, I weep and cry on his feet. I cannot fathom such love. I do not deserve such love; never in my existence can I feel worthy of such love. Yet, I came from him; he offers this love, this life to me. A personal, intimate, vulnerable love.

I accept. Yet I know that in my acceptance, he still is the one who will help me receive.

Who are you, that you love me, you love us, this way?

Thank you Jesus for choosing to wash my feet. Would I refuse this cleansing? I’m sure, yes. It’s an embarassement. If I were to know the significance, I would never refuse.
At times I’m also like pilate, exclude myself and self seeking. I fail to take personal responsibility and risk myself in order to voice out against the injustice I witness in my life. I need your grace Lord, to stand for truth and voice out against all discriminations, come what may. You are beside me, I fear nothing.
There are times, I play the role of Judas. Always seeking comforts, power, position, name and fame. I fail to put my trust in you Lord. I realized that you are the heighest treasure that my heart seeks. I surrender all my vulnerabilities, my doubts and the uncertainties of life. Take complete control of me. Wash me and cleanse me with your holy spirit and use me as an effective instrument of love and service. May I be an inclusive person in all my dealings. Love you Jesus for sanctifying me with your precious blood.

If Jesus were to wash my feet, it means that no matter how sinful I am, He loves me and will readily forgive me if I repent.
Judas represents people around us who may have sinned but are no less deserving to be loved and forgiven.

“You are made clean by My Passion. You are healed. You are loved.”

Thank You so much, Lord :(( I know very well that I am a sinner, I feel like I don’t deserve to be forgiven anymore yet Your mercy is freely given. I love You, Lord.

If our Lord would personally wash my feet I will be truly honored! It will be an assurance that He is always there with me as I walk on this earth towards Him. Sometimes I get distracted and lose this faith and I need that assurance that He is there walking with me and I would welcome Him washing my tired feet sometimes!

Lord, I am so sorry for neglecting Your gifts. Lord I place my trust in You. Forgive my confusion, my cowardice. My doubts and fears. Yes, Lord, please wash them away. I am leaving my old self, welcoming my new self with Your washing. Thank You Lord for cleaning me. I can feel the graces coming to me now. From my feet rising up to my head. I am now poured with so much blessing, again. Thank You Lord. I welcome the new life. I am now open to love, new beginning, new life, a blessed life. One to inspire others, and Glorify You.

My Child, It is ok. It is me, Jesus. Do not be afraid. Trust me, I will never give up on you. I love you.

Lord, I am not worthy to be washed by You but You will do so nonetheless because You love me. Thank You very much!

You wash my sins away in confession. I pray that I may go to Confession regularly, transcending fear, shame and pride so as to be cleansed and reunited to You.

Help me to forgive others as You forgive me.

I was part of the washing of the feet last year and prior to my turn, I felt embarrassed, unworthy, dirty. I thought to myself how unprepared I was to be in front of my Lord. And I realize now, that it didn’t matter. That no matter what form I present myself to Him, He will always take my feet and wash it — to clean me, to make me whole because I am worthy of His love and His mercy and grace because I am His. Amen.

Oh dear Jesus, I am unworthy but just the same, You choose to love me first. Please teach me how to be meek and humble servant of Yours. Thank you for loving me as I am. May I be blessed with the grace to live my life worthy for You.

This is an way for him to show me just how much he’d do to show his love and inclusivity for everyone he loves. He wants me to do the same for others that, as he had “washed my feet”, so I should do so. Not in its literal form necessarily but for me to do acts of kindness and compassion to others, even those who wrong me and those who intend to do wrong to me.

Jesus’ love knows no bounds or limitations in that he chooses to love everyone and does different actions, even if they seem degrading to a person’s status, to show just how much we mean to him. And what he asks from us is that we humble ourselves to be servants to others as he has done for us himself.

wash not just my feet Lord but my whole being……..please continue to give me the grace to Trust everything, all your plans for me always.

“Who am i Lord… that you care for me.. that you keep me in mind…”

Jesus washing my feet is his invitation for me to forgive myself… and to believe that i can be the person He wanted me to be… i matter to Him…

Lord Jesus, you know how unworthy I am and yet you let me experience your love, mercy and forgiveness everyday. Thank you Lord for not giving up on me despite of my sinfulness. Thank you for always accepting me, flaws and all.
Please help me and teach me to be like you with profound humility to reach out to those who are in need, to love my neighbors and to be of service to them. Above all, let me look at myself the way you look at me and let me love myself the way you love me.

Jesus you would probably be telling me as you washes my feet that you loves and accepts me for all that I am, dirt and all. Your love knows no bounds. You don’t judge, you forgive and forget. Your mercy is endless. Lord, thank you for loving me in the way only you can… for waiting for me and accepting me each time I distance myself from you. I don’t deserve any of this but still you persist.. you never give up.

Thank you Lord for being always there us. There are slot of uncertainties in the days ahead but I know You’re always there to guide us. I place my trust in You that You will guide me to right path.

That means Jesus loves me and wants to show his love by serving and taking care of me.

My reply then would be to weep (out of being touched), and to say
“Jesus, THANK YOU!”

I am reminded to follow Jesus’ example…to serve others for the glory of God. To be a servant leader to our people….To believe and have full trust in Jesus Christ our Lord…God is in control always…We are in good hands?????

I know I am not worthy of His gestures towards me, but I will be forever grateful that He still does because of His unconditional love for me/us.

Your spirit Lord is always around to help, protect and guide us through all these challenges, we should always be reminded that your presence in deeply upon us.

Please help me to be humbled when things get rough and hang on my faith in You.

It would be like Jesus encouraging me to walk on, to go on, to continue on leading people, taking care of the responsibilities “seeing God in everything” and He is, by washing my feet, blessing me to walk on. I love you, Jesus!

“Lord, I’m too dirty for You to wash me,” I said.
He replied, “No one is too dirty that I cannot wash them clean.”

Lord Jesus, wash away my sins. I’m sorry that I kept my distance from you for a long time. But I am here now. I want to stay, keep me awake and faithful.

If Jesus washed my feet now, he would probably be telling me, “See, I do love you. Do you believe me now?” Because time and again, even though I try my best to keep my faith, whenever bad things happen, or I feel that my prayers are unheeded, even though I try very hard not to, I get that sliver of doubt that God never really loved me at all. That he’s there, watching, yes, but He doesn’t care, never did. But I get these little reminders of His love, and I know that He patiently waits for my grief to ebb, and I trust him fully again.

And when I do, that is when I finally hear what He also wants me to know, “Now that you know you are loved, go and love the world, too.”

Jesus is saying, Be still and know that I am.

We are tempted to think God is sometimes faraway, but his Spirit dwells in us and Jesus leads the way.

Jesus washing our feet is a symbol of God’s love that finds us where we are.

I am not worthy of such gesture. I would be humbled… Id have no more excuses to forsake Him. I’d adore him more

If Jesus were to wash my feet now, I would be so ashamed. The feet is one of the dirtiest part of the body and it would feel like he is hold in his hands the dirtiest part of my soul, scrubbing away at my sins. He would do it so lovingly that I would desire to be clean for him. For his love did not exclude even the dirtiest part of me.

For me the washing of the feet (the dirtiest part of the body yet the one which enables us to walk and spread the Gospel of Jesus’ love). I would willingly take a daily bath so it would be easier for me to roam around and share with credibility (as i am cleansed already) His gospel.

What struck me in this reading is that Jesus knew already who his betrayer was, and still gave him his trust, still humbled himself and washed his feet.

What about us? We don’t know what the future holds, and yet we judge people and act according to what we think they will do for us / against us.

Lord Jesus, in this world where ambition, survival, self preservation has been touted to be important, please teach me to choose humility, and kindness.

Whatever the future may hold, I know it is safe in your hands.

I would feel embarrassed, shocked and humbled. But I realize that I would be so closed to Jesus – I’d be able to touch his face, his hands; see his loving gaze and feel his mercy and compassion.

If anybody” wanted to wash my feet- i would be uncomfortable…as we know that it is the dirty” part of out body as it touches the ground.. that was just anybody”, What more if it were our Lord Jesus > I would not only feel uncomfortable but hesitate ..& because Jesus knows & feels my hesitation> unlike the “anybody ” Jesus would continue.. just like He did with Judas’ feet> That is how our Jesus is -HE WILL ALWAYS PERSIST TO WASH US CLEAN despite our Sins
It is US who hesitate …, He will always give us Chances , up to our last breath HE WILL SHOW HIS LOVE FOR US!❤️

By washing my feet, our Lord is telling me that we are all the same in His eyes no matter ones social or economic standing. We are all servants to our fellow man. We who are more fortunate must share those gifts. For those gifts are not ours to keep but to share as they come from God.

Lord, I am not worthy for I am a sinner, I am broken, and I am selfish. Thank you for constantly reminding me that indeed, there is no greater love than that of Yours. May I always choose to follow your example and to trust that You got this.

I am not worthy, Lord, but I am truly humbled and grateful. You have reminded us not be ashamed, not to worry, not to hesitate and just let You cleanse us.

I am sorry Lord, I am keeping my distance….I am sorry for not trusting you with my life. As you can see, I am beginning to be so much independent, beginning to trust science more to the extent of not “ feeling” your presence anymore…I am beginning to keep my distance, the worst, I am beginning to question my belief….I am sorry, please forgive me ????

It would be His way of saying, Trust Me, have Faith in Me, because I’ve got this. I’ve got you. Learn to rely on Me. Learn to trust that I am always with you.

If Jesus were to wash my feet, I would feel, first and foremost, extremely reluctant. I know that I am not worthy of such service from Him, being a sinner like any human. I know that I have done my own share of Pontius-like hand-washing, and Jesus’ washing of my feet would make me feel guilty and self-conscious. Then, when Jesus explains that this is an example I must follow, I would feel pressured. I admit that it is difficult to be humble this way – to serve others, especially people who don’t necessarily deserve it (like Judas), just because and without expecting anything in return. However, I will begin to understand that this is what love and service really mean – inclusivity. I will be honored that Jesus is washing my feet even if I don’t deserve it, and would also do my best to extend this act to others. Lastly, I would feel comforted and secure because this washing of my feet would mean that God, through Jesus, would always be there with me. No matter what circumstances I find myself in, I am part of Him and He is part of me.

Lord, You are inviting me to give my heart back to You. You are asking me to trust that You have good and wonderful plans for my life. You are asking me to let go of fear in my heart so that my heart can be free to receive goodness, love, truth, and faith, to receive whatever it is that You want to give me and fill my heart with. You are asking me to entrust to You my broken and wounded family. You are asking me to let go of trying to figure everything out and fix my family by myself. You are asking me to let go of my pride and accept that I am not You, that I can’t save my family or even myself. That if I want to be saved, if I want my family to be healed and be saved, it would not be me who will do the saving and healing, but You Lord Jesus Christ. You are asking me to let You take the reins of control and trust that You have a plan for my family and that plan is always salvific, never destructive. You are asking me to entrust my life to You who knows my heart more fully than I do, and how You can bring me to fullness of life and wholeness in You.

It would mean cleansing from all the dirt and mess that I did to myself and forgiveness from Him. Also, accepting Him as my savior and put my faith in Him.

The Lord will probably tell me ” Walk with me with a clean heart and pure intentions.” “Walk with me as I go through the sufferings of all mankind today.” ” Be one with me.”

Be still for I am with you. In the quietness of my heart, the Lord is letting me know that I do not need to be recognized for my efforts by others, for He knows. He tells me that I do not need to be justified for what I believe in, for He knows. He knows. In humility, anonymity and persecution, He is one with us. In His time, all shall be revealed and justified.

Jesus washing my feet, i feel honored and priviledged. Jesus personally taking care of me who is a sinner. Him giving me a chance to be clean again and experience His great love. It return i also responded to Jesus in helping others finding their chance to experience His love too.

Imagining Jesus washing my feet is the most humbling yet intimate occassion I can think of. How I wish this can be so…

Apart from humility and so many things I cannot express in words, what comes to mind is respect. I am nothing compared to Our Lord and yet He washes my feet, as He washes everyone else’s. As we follow His teachings and His lead, so must we treat others with respect. Status of any sort is nothing in His eyes. This feels even more valuable a lesson as our frontliners are not only prestigious doctors. There are so many unsung heroes, ones we’ve, all too often, thought to be of lower status. Reality bites, as the saying goes, and reality is that those people we’ve belittled literally make it possible for us to survive and even live comfortably. Any act of charity towards them must be one of selfless love…never should we feel higher because we helped them as, in truth, they’ve helped us even more. That is something we need to learn to acknowledge and be grateful for.

I am not worthy, Lord, that you should wash my feet. Thank you for the love that makes me worthy in Your eyes. Lord, wash not only my feet, but also my head, hands and heart.

For me,it seems that God is telling me to humble myself to others or simply never to give up on people no matter how much they have done me wrong.Just like Jesus washing the feet of Judas ,even if He knew that he was to betray him,We are taught not to judge others but still hope that at one point they will turn their lives around to Jesus and live a better life making God the center of it all.

I guess Jesus’ message to me is something like this . . . Be patient, be meek and be humble . . . All will be well in due time . . .

I will feel so distraught, simply because I know how lowly he has stooped to do that & that I am immediately being called to do the same to others. Reminds me of Pipe Francis kissing the feet of the Moors from South Sudan to go home & make peace.

I feel most unworthy to let Jesus wash my feet. I feel ashamed that I continue to sin despite the lengths He has gone through to save me. I would request that I could also wash His feet to serve Him.
While thinking of Jesus washing the feet of Judas, thoughts of people who used to serve me who had parted not in good terms came to my mind. I’m reviewing how they left and what they did to me. I am apologizing for the wrongs I did to them and leave them to God for what they also did to me. Most of them left because they did not do what I asked them to do. Jesus asks me to do things which I don’t and yet He forgives me again and again. I ought to do the same. Some of them left after stealing from me. I leave them to God.

Jesus washing Judas’ feet is such a revelation to me. For I find it hard to be compassionate to someone who has betrayed our trust and hurt our family. But here is Jesus, still serving his betrayer!

Jesus washing my feet is a sign of His love for me. He knows my sacrifices and lets me know that He appreciates my efforts even if they fall short.

If the LORD JESUS asked to wash my feet, this would be the single most humbling event in my life – because of my being clearly unworthy, sinful and imperfect, in the presence of the MOST PERFECT, ALMIGHTY SON OF GOD & REDEEMER OF HUMANITY. What I certainly would take away from this is CHRIST’S INFINITE LOVE & MERCY for an “insignificant nothing” like me! It would make me “1000X” more sorrowful about all my sins, and even of the times when I allowed myself to be in occasions of temptation.
As HE washes my feet, I would just repeat the prayer with ALL my heart – “LORD, I am not worthy that you should under under my worth, but only say the WORD and I shall be healed.”

In a way, I have denied Jesus in my life as I have not been as prayerful and faithful. But Jesus washing my feet, much like Him washing all the apostles’ feet including Judas’, is Him telling me that none of that matters to Him. He is showing me that he loves me despite my lack of faith. That He has forgiven me even if I have betrayed Him. Lord Jesus, thank You for reminding me that Your love is unconditional. I will strive to keep my feet clean for You have washed it.

The feet, the most rugged part of the body, most used, dirtiest. Of all the parts you chose Lord, this had to be the one.
But You know it is the part when lifted and washed, brings the most comfort, after a weary day.
Thank you for staying with us, No matter how sinful, shameful, “dirty” we are, thank you for offering us comfort that you are always here.

I paraphrase the words of CSLewis – It is frightening to surrender all to Christ in complete trust but not to do so is absolutely terrifying because we then remain to depend on ourselves, who is but a fallen creature.

My Lord and my God, come to me.

I still not understand why should You humble Yourself; You, my Lord and Teacher, wash the dust off the worn and cracked feet of your stubborn student, who still fails to see through the truth. Yet I know You strive for me to learn that humble service to others is not a shame to be borne, but a great lesson You have always wished to impart. True service is done in great humility. You chose me, even I know I am not worthy; You washed my feet so I may start anew and be free of guilt and sin. In turn, I place my whole trust and faith in You, so I may follow Your way and walk the Way with You.

I asked myself this question, “Who in my life would I expect to wash my feet?” And from the top of my head I would think of my mother and my spouse. So if Jesus were to wash my feet, I would think about how much he cares for me and loves me. And how close I would feel towards him and how much I would love him and wish to be always with him.

Lord, you know the condition of my heart right now. You know all the fears and worries and aches this pandemic causes me. The uncertainty is overwhelming, but I trust You and I put my faith in You that all these will end in your perfect time. May your Holy Spirit wash away all the doubts and negativity in me and replace them with hope and peace. In Jesus name, amen.

It means I am unconditionally loved and accepted by the Lord despite my unworthiness, my sins, my flaws.

His personal message to me is: Every day can the Day 1. He is always there, I just need to allow Him into my life. I just need to allow Him to purify my heart and cleanse me.

Thank you, Lord, for being a constant presence in my life. Truly grateful. I love you, Lord. And I hope to glorify you in all remaining days of my life. ♥️??

Thank you, Lord, for Your unconditional love. I am truly undeserving of it, yet You love me and accept me as I am. I love you too, Lord, but my love is imperfect, for I constantly fall and betray You. I try but I am weak and selfish. I console myself in the love that You have shown me that You will always be there to catch me each time I fall. My fervent prayer is to finally be a faithful servant to You, my God.

Jesus, I know I am most unworthy of your trust but THANK YOU for loving and caring for me even if I may not be deserving of your trust and love. Please cleanse me from all my pride and uncaring ways and grant me always the grace to be humble and accepting of others even to those who have hurt me most. I LOVE YOU, LORD JESUS?

My Lord Jesus, I would surely feel embarrassed to have my feet washed because I am a sinner and so unworthy of this.. pls forgive me.. that what I would say, help me to be the kind of person you would want me to be .. and I would say thank you Lord for loving me. And I would also say I am sorry for having little faith for the fear I always feel inside of me .. help me my Lord. I trust in you Lord help me. Amen

It would mean I am accepted. In our society, we put a lot of effort to do well in our work and our community to reach our goals and be accepted. And when we fail or make mistakes, we feel we do not belong. I am so grateful that Lord accepts me as I am. Thank you very much, Lord.

I’m trying to read between the lines, looking for where Jesus’ anger was. Surely there must have been anger towards Judas? While I can maybe imagine myself washing the feet of my friends and my staff, I doubt I can stand being in the same room as my traitor for a meal, much less humbly wash that person’s feet.

In my experience of betrayal, and yes with the person I trusted also feigning innocence in front of me because I hadn’t made my awareness known yet — the only thought, emotion and intentions I had were of anger (rage, really), pain and hopelessness — all in the two minutes I could stand to be in that same room. To me, what Jesus did for Judas is unfathomable. I can feel his pain, but can’t see his anger.

That said, if Jesus washed my feet, I would feel shame because I know my sins (pride and anger at the forefront) then again so does he — so what I should feel is love; an embrace of complete forgiveness and acceptance. I should learn to shed those parts of me regularly, and receive wholeheartedly the clean slate Jesus offers, where he is teaching me to be a servant leader by his example. I just need to pray to him for the strength, the patience, the humility and even the desire to begin with, because it is often so much easier said than done.

Jesus, thank you for reaching out to me. I trust you and put all my worries and anxieties over health, finances, and family to you! I trust in your divine wisdom which knows what is best for me. Amen?

Lord, thank you for not giving up on me. When repeatedly, I have been selfish and ungrateful and proud, You have always been ready to forgive me and given me several chances. You remain kind, generous and loving. I pray that You would continue to teach me to be humble and grounded to be able to reach out to others freely and without fear.

Jesus is reminding me to remain humble and keep following his examples even if there are challenges along the way. I will consider it as cleansing of negativities (thoughts,fears, worries etc) and purification of my heart’s intentions. I will savor that moment with Him with gratefulness and asking for forgiveness.

Lord, I am not worthy.but I know YOU love me. Washing my feet is like being there for me all through this years, serving me and loving me even when I do not deserve it, even when I am unclean..even when I often times am like.Pilate, distancing myself from situations that are difficult and unpleasant. I am sorry Lord. Make me worthy to feel YOUR grace. And just as you have shown, help me to be a servant leader.

Lord, I feel humbled by all your graces despite of my shortcomings. But thank you for showing me how to live of service to others.

As Jesus washes my feet, he tells me ‘I trusted them and had faith in them – even Judas himself. I trust you too, and I have faith that you can choose to remain near me.”

Thank you dear Jesus, cleanse me of my doubts and my fears, wash me clean of my anxieties and my attachments. Stay with me and please never leave. Help me overcome temptation and purge me of my sins. I love you Lord. Take care of me and my family. Have mercy on me ???

Jesus washing my feet symbolises his acceptance of me into His circle even if I am not worthy. It is an act to tell me that do the same to those who have hurt, offended, betrayed, ostracised me. It is calling me to go the extra mile – which is to love and serve even those who I believe are not deserving.

As Jesus is washing my feet, I ask him to continue teaching me how to lead with much love, without prejudice, without fear.

The act of Jesus washing my feet would make me fall to the ground and weep. Weep—-for joy in my heart because this is such an assuring gesture of His love, mercy and compassion. I imagine Jesus kneeling down and washing my feet with His hands which I dont even do for myself. I mean i wash them water, pour water on them. Yet Jesus would do so in a heartbeat. There’s no greater love than this.

I would be speechless because I know I am totally not deserving of
being washed by Our Lord and Master.

Knowing now that allowing my feet to be washed means that I am a part of Jesus Christ, my shame and shyness turned to boldness and excitement! That my Lord and my God, Jesus Christ, brings me much closer to Him. That He will never permit me to be separated from Him. I have to choose to remain with Him through faith, hope and love of Him.

I come face to face with you Jesus who asks me – Why don’t you trust me? Why don’t you have faith in me?
I am ashamed. I do not know what to say but I pray – pls teach me to trust in You Lord when it is hardest , darkest .

Jesus washing my feet shows love and forgiveness. He wants me to feel His presence all the time, in good and in bad.
I ask for forgiveness and I thank Him for always being with me, reminding me to continuously trust Him because He will always be with me.

Jesus washing my feet shows love and forgiveness. He wants me to feel His presence all the time, in good and in bad.
I ask for forgiveness and I thank Him for always being with me, reminding me to continuously trust Him because He will always be with me.

Imagining Jesus at my feet, washing them. It was as if He was also washing away my worries, my anxieties.

You love us Lord despite of our sinfulness, let your love renew our life and let us be humble enough that all things come from you .

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for loving me. Thank you for looking at me with adoration while washing my feet. I am not worthy for this kind of act yet here You are reaching out and providing comfort. Thank you for having faith in my goodness and for not giving up on me.


I try to imagine this in my present situation. What if my boss at work, or an elder in our community, asked to wash my feet? I would be very hesitant and embarrased because I feel unworthy. And without knowing this biblical reference, I probably will not understand.

Jesus coming to wash my feet..means Jesus wants to enter into my heart, He wants to assure me that everything is going to be alright in my life esp in our financial situation. He is showing me not to worry, to trust in Him; He will carry our burdens, in due time, all will be well, just TRUST in Him.
Father God, please give me the grace to increase my faith & trust in Jesus. Thank you. Amen.

I feel blessed and humbled to have my feet washed by JESUS. It is truly undeserved. Honestly I cannot imagine doing this t to others especially the poor. But can it be done in a different way, like helping in other ways? Praying for them. Feeding them, helping during this pandemic? Am I in a way washing the feet of the poor?

Lord, thank you for accepting me for who I am, for keeping me in your heart despite the times that I tend to forget you. Please cleanse me, cleanse my heart and mind that I will be able to love you more and follow you wholeheartedly.

Lord, wash my feet. Teach me how to be humble, to be a good example, to be a servant, despite all difficulty, challenges and obstacles. To all people regardless of age, status, and opinion.

Lord Jesus Christ, I am honored that you have welcomed me
very much even though I am not worthy , repeatedly doing my favorite sin against you. Lord, increase my faith so that I may become a truly disciples of your. Amen.

Wash my sinfulness, O Lord, for the many times that i have dragged my feet and not taken action, for the many times i’ve distanced myself from You and from others. Teach me to trust that You are always with me and give me the courage to go where You lead me.

Lord, just like Peter and the Discples please wash my feet. Though my feet are not sore, You are where i want to stand. Please help me remember to trust you and that nothing ill has ever come upon me and my family whenever we have. I put my faith in You the same way i extend my feet for You to wash. Thank you for loving me completely.

You know I want to follow you but I am very insecure and very scared to leave my comfort zone. Give me the wisdom to discern Your will for me and the courage to pursue Your wishes.
Without You Lord, I cannot move on ….

Always love you.

If Jesus asks to wash my feet, my response would be exactly like Peter’s.
Lord, You are the Master, I am your servant.
Yet, how many times in my life that I make my will master over God’s will. Ever so often I make my Lord my servant. I do not listen to Him. I reject Him. I hurt Him.
Lord, not just my feet but wash my whole self as well.

Lord bless my “feet”
My feet that are sore and dry from all the “useless steps” I took
My feet that bring far away from You
My feet that at times ache and numb from frequent the stumbles and falls

Bless my feet Lord so that they bring me close to you. Amen.

Grateful.. that He loves me so much so that He patiently washes away the weariness and the filth in me. Remind me Lord of your example to keep a humble heart in serving my family and others that you have placed in my life. Help me to take courage to give of myself even in times of doubt and discouragement.

If washing my feet and others would cleanse our hearts and mind then do so. If only you will be able to do that, then go ahead Lord. And thank you. I am humbled.

As he holds my feet, Jesus reminds me to “Take heart, I am with you always.” In awe, I can only say, “Thank you, Lord.” He knows my innermost thoughts.

In the context of the time of Jesus, the feet is the dirtiest part of the body as it is exposed as one walks. Jesus’ washing the feet, invites me to allow God to cleanse the “dirtiest” part of my life. But often times like Peter and the apostles, I do not wish to surrender them to God. Maybe out of shame, guilt and deep inside, fear of rejection of the Other. But Jesus assures us that He will not to judge but embrace and restore life. And He proves it further by dying on the cross and rising again.

Lord, grant me the grace of surrender and make me believe again that Your love is faithful and true. Amen.

At first, I was like Peter when I reflected and prayed just now. I did not want Jesus to wash my feet because I was ashamed. My pride got in the way because it is so shameful. But then I told the Lord the words of the centaurion: “I am not worthy…but only say the word and I shall be healed

Know that I know the pain that you have been through and is going through. I have walked through the same pain of unreturned and rejected love. I did it for you. I know that you are now tired, your feet are hurting but trust that I am with you as you walk through the pains and hurts in your life. I will not leave you because I love you till the end.

Lord i have been a sinner and have always hurt you with my life’s decision because of the fear inside my heart. Lord i trust you but my faith is weak. Please help me entrust to you everything all the days of my life.

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