A Different Way of the Cross

via crucis jesusWe now invite you to join us
on a different kind of Way of the Cross.

You need not go anywhere;
you need not even say any word.
It will be a “wordless” Way of the Cross.

Just remain in your seat
and in silence contemplate
the one single image
that is presented to you at every station.

But as you do so,
imagine YOUR alabaster jar
cupped between your hands.

If you wish,
you can use an actual mug
for this prayer exercise.

Imagine holding YOUR HEART
in your hands: all your LOVE,
but also all your NEEDS and FEARS.

Mindful of your heart in your hand,
what thoughts and feelings are you experiencing?
Do you recall any event in your life
or any person as you contemplate the image of the station?

Let the station and its image
summon whatever thoughts or feelings
from within you.

At the beginning of each station,
you will be asked to listen to a portion of the song “Behold the Wood.”
Play the excerpt until the end (it is only one minute long)
and use that time for your prayer of contemplation.

The song begins this way:
“Behold, behold the wood of the cross,
on which is hung our salvation…”

As the song is played,
behold YOUR HEART.
Call to mind all that it holds–
your deepest NEEDS and FEARS,
your hopes and aspirations,
the names of the persons you love…

Is it not often the case
that our heart with all its contents
is the cross we bear?

And on it–
how you dispense
the love in our heart–

is hung our salvation. 

Take your time. Feel free to linger at every station.
There may be a grace waiting to be unwrapped.

Images used in the stations: Fratel Venzo