What Did You Hear?

This last prayer exercise was an invitation to remain at the foot of the cross and to try to hear the cry of Jesus.

From Flowing Faith

We’ve been through Lent a lot in our lifetime, but it is said that what actually counts is how we let the mysteries of Lent through us. Imagining how the last cry of Jesus might have sounded, letting that experience affect us, and asking ourselves what it might mean for our lives–that can be a powerful way to let Lent through us.

It’s possible that you did not feel anything significant during this particular prayer. That’s OK. The graces that God grants us are not always perceptible. But it doesn’t mean there was no grace given. So what we need to do is to review our prayer experience and unwrap whatever gift has been given to us by God…

Regardless of how you felt praying over the cry of the Crucified Lord, what do you think is God trying to say to you, here and now, given all that’s going on in the world and in your life?

If you end up not with answers but with questions, that’s fine. Some of God’s most valuable gifts come in the form of questions that we take away with us from our prayer.

If you feel moved to do so, share your experience, insight, or questions below.

Also, feel free to read your fellow retreatants’ sharing–and respond to them if you wish. Based on past online experiences, some of the most significant retreat graces were found in the interaction among our online retreatants.

Move on to the next section whenever you feel ready.


294 replies on “What Did You Hear?”

My mom passed away last year, I was not with her when she breathed her last. This was what I thought of as I read the passage on Jesus’ last cry. What was the last thing she saw, heard, felt? Did she look for me? I had just recovered from Covid and didn’t get to visit her at all in the last weeks prior to her death. I had difficulty accepting this fact, and regretted it for a long time.

But Jesus, at the cross, didn’t condemn, didn’t blame, all He thought of was love, forgive, surrender.

I would like to think that Mom also passed with love and forgiveness in her heart. Surrendering her spirit to God who awaited her with open arms.

Napakasuwerte natin na nagkaroon tayo ng pagkakataong mabuhay sa mundo. Anoman ang mga kuwento ng bawat isa, laging mauuwi lahat ng pasasalamat sa mga sandaling puno ng grasya at pagpapala.

Kung ang Diyos ay naging tao, maisalba lamang ang lahat mula sa kasalanan, sino ako para magreklamo sa buhay na mayroon ako?

Napakasuwerte natin dahil naranasan natin kung paano mabuhay, mahalin, at magmahal.

All the days of Jesus’s life, I think (I may be wrong), this is the first time He felt pain and suffering. His friends and family could not be by his side during this time. His way of coping was by praying to His Abba. He had to go through all the torture, pain and suffering on His own so that His mission to save us from eternal death will be completed. Thank you Jesus.

I remembered my brother, who died in the hands of policemen who tortured him some years back. When I contemplated Jesus crying his last, I heard my brother’s wordless cry and shout. Of course I want to pray for justice, but I’m also praying for peace. And I also pray that Jesus was there with him in those last moments.

Jesus is saying “I went through extreme pain and suffering for you once and I will do it again in a heartbeat” ❤️

I did not remember any instance that Jesus complained of getting tired and weary when He carried the cross, all the pain that he went through, during the scourging of pillars and crowning with thorns and much more during the crucifixion with all the people mocking Him and making fun of him – He did not respond, He was just silent and accepted everything.

And that moved me a lot. Our Lord no matter how heavy He felt, did not complain or point fingers or blame others because of their wrong doing. He accepted wholeheartedly everything that He went through and He did
Not even keep a record of all our wrong doings. He accepted us wholly and embraced us no matter how sinful we are.

Our Jesus is our mighty savior and I praise, glorify and honor Him all the days of my life as I owe my life and everything that I am to Him. Thank you, Jesus for everything you have done for us.

I think the last 2 years of the pandemic and was meant to slow us down, remind us and give us a chance. We may be slowly going back to normal but the world is still uncertain, new variants show up and people are forced to pause again. There is a war in another side of the world. Despite seeing how fragile and fleeting life can be, we are back again with our old ways. I for one struggle to be consistent. I have managed to increase my faith and improve my prayer life especially during the 1st year of the pandemic but as things go slowly back to normal, I am backsliding again, deprioritizing my time with the Lord because of the many things I need to deal with. I remain fearful of many things especially now that I go out more. I am anxious about our future. Reading this is making me realize again that only God is certain. I need to wall bybfaith and not by sight. Just like Jesus despite his suffering he commended his spirit to God. May God give me his grace and compassion as I continue to struggle to gain discipline and motivation to live according to His will.

God knows the pain we go through because He Himself went thru these sufferings as a human being. Therefore He remains beside us at all times. We should realize this truth to guide us.

– I think God is telling me that He is with me in all my struggles and darkest nights, that He is with our country struggling for true freedom and democracy.

– I think God is telling me that there is no moment in my life, no matter how dark, empty, despairing, hopeless, depressed, anxious, I feel that He is not with me.

– God has never and will never abandon me because Jesus, the righteous one, the innocent one, the most pure and just, went through the most horrible death just to remind me that whatever I am going through will not be able to separate me from God’s love and grace. In fact, whatever darkness or suffering I am experiencing, He experienced it first and continues to be with me, comforting me with His presence and promise.

Most important new insight I received is this:
– In my suffering, pain, and struggles, I am cleansed, purified, healed of, and freed from what is keeping me from being truly a reflection of God’s image – and united with God.
-Darkness sanctifies me, makes me holy, and shapes my heart to reflect more of God’s heart – IF I allow it to direct my whole being to and surrender to God’s mercy and love (but if I let the darkness overwhelm me and make me bitter and vengeful).

I imagine that Jesus cried, “Where are You/ I’m scared/ I’m alone” after saying He was abandoned.

I think God is telling me to “show up.” Show up for Him, me, the people He gave me in my life, the people who move/touch me (whether rightly or wrongly).

The wordless cry that Jesus conveyed was the worst expression of pain that He could have uttered. While reflecting on this, I realized how my 43 -month old baby daughter cried like she was in the most excruciating pain that after her loudest, shrill cry, she just kept on crying with no more sound coming out from her, only the expression of pain that was thoroughly evident. God took her a day after that.
Yes, it’s the most painful and hurtful event and I couldn’t imagine what Mama Mary and God the Father felt on that day. God had the power to change His mind and save Jesus but because of His love for humanity, He dealt with it even in the most uncomfortable way.

I honestly don’t know… Is it that he’s trying to tell me to not do something like that again? I personally don’t think so, because well I will probably hurt someone like that again and hurt myself like that again albeit in different circumstances. You will always end up hurting somehow the people you love and care about the most.

Is he telling me that this is how he felt in both ends of the spectrum and just wants me to feel it? On how God chose to “hurt” his Son in this way but did so out love but at the same time the Son having to experience being abandoned at so crucial at a time? And this period of my life is my suffering-with Him?

I honestly don’t know.

Or maybe he’s trying to tell me that this is one of the sides of the mysteries of love, that love will always come with pain on both the sides of the beloved and the lover. That what I had experienced is a glimpse of that truth, that somehow in my own way, I touched upon what it means to truly love someone, to love someone to the cross and with the cross.

I guess the question now becomes for me, is how do I then make this pain mean something more than pain? How can I transform this to something more?

Nais ng ibang mga tao na nasa paanan ng krus na makita kung bababa nga ba si Propeta Elias upang tulungan si Hesus, sa halip na pakinggan ang panaghoy na sigaw ng paghihirap ni Hesus.

Idinadalangin ko na ako nawa ay pagkalooban ng pusong nakikinig upang maunawaan ko ang mga tahimik na panaghoy ng aking kapwa tao na hindi kinakailangan ng matibay na ebidensiya ng kanilang paghihirap.

I agree to this po. Especially sa pa panahon ngayon, the exercise reminded me to be empathetic towards other people. Hindi kailangang ma-experience ko mismo ang parehas na paghihirap para unawain sila, ang kanilang pinagdadaanan.

Napakaganda ng iyong panalangin. Akin din itong ipapanalangin para sa aking sarili. Salamat sa iyong pagbabahagi, kapatid.

I have read this passage and heard it be read by other people multiple time. But this is my first time reflecting over the loud wordless cry. Since the last words were pain from abondonment, I felt like this could have been a cry of joy. That after all those suffering and feeling of abandonment, not only by friends and loved ones, but by the Father, The Father finally shows up and greets Him. That just before He died, the Father who seemed so distant became present again. And it made Jesus give a loud cry for joy. That at last His task is done and the Father is there to greet Him.
It was the feeling I usually get when I really have a bad day, or a hard day. Then I get home and seeing familiar faces, eating home-cooked meals and just feeling the bed on my back somehow uplifts me…

I may have heard a loud cry of pain, or no sound at all. However I imagined Jesus’ face as he let out that last cry and breath. Being part of the crowd, I felt ashamed. He died for our sins: our arrogance to not realize that we have put Him to death because we could not accept that we have gone astray and need too change. Rather than realizing this, we have resolved that it was Jesus who was the arrogant one. We have projected ourselves to Him, hence the hatred towards Him and clamored for His death.

God is telling me that pride, arrogance, and vanity will lead me to a separate path, away from Him. The anguish, the fear, the desperation will be ultimate once this happens. I don’t ever want to feel that, and I don’t want to be in that situation – to be away from God and not feel His presence.

A loud wordless cry is far more painful that any other cries. When I cry I just keep it to myself. People will only judge me when I cry in front of them so I only cry when nobody sees me. I just wish someone was there even for at least one person to be there to console me in my pain and suffering but everything is in vain. Nobody is there for me when I was and is still at the peak of my pain.

Cry out your heart to God, He will hear you. I feel you. No one can fully enter our deepest sorrows, but Mama Mary and Jesus do.
Offer all your sacrifices for His greater glory. Ask Mama Mary to go before you and keep you under the Mantle of her Protection.
If you haven’t read and consecrated through the 33 Days to Morning Glory self-retreat, I encourage you to do so!

God bless & keep you, brother/sister in Christ. 🙏🏼💓🤗🌸

I may have heard a loud cry… but it could also be just me imagining a loud cry. The cry could have been wordless as well as soundless – when there is so much pain, sometimes the cry could be soundless. The pain is too much… there isn’t any energy left for a sound.

I am in physical pain now… but this is nothing compared to the pain some friends of mine experience… the pain of being sick, having a stroke. You may not die from the stroke, and one may have some physical movement after sometime; but for several people, living with the stroke is painful especially when one survives but can’t talk coherently, if at all; or at times, no sound comes out of one’s mouth. There is too much pain, and the pain may not just be physical, it may be emotional and mental – not being able to communicate with others is very painful.

in some cases, there are others who can talk, but because of some circumstances, they are silenced, and become voiceless.

What then, is our role in these instances? How long should we remain at the foot of the cross? When do we become more sensitive to what is not being said? when can we become the voice for the voiceless?

I keep wondering about the man who gave him vinegar to drink–was he a “good” man trying to comfort Jesus who was thirsty but only vinegar was available; was he a “bad” man adding to Jesus’ suffering by giving Him vinegar to drink; was he a “good” man who wanted to help Jesus, but who did not want others to know, so, instead of giving Him water/wine, he gave Him vinegar so the “bad” men around him may think he was with them in making Jesus suffer? Jesus’ cry may then be a cry of joy, or of added pain and suffering, or of hope, depending on who was the man who gave Him vinegar to drink. Jesus’ cry may also be a cry of anguish for Mary, His mother, who, unlike His disciples, was there throughout His punishment and crucifixion–that He is sorry for letting her go through this ordeal–always thinking of His loved ones even in the face of death.

I heard a gut wrenching cry of pain, physical and emotional. I felt ashamed that my sins added to Jesus’ physical pain. I did not do anything to help alleviate it. I added to it by not being there for Him, by abandoning Him too, thereby also contributing to His emotional pain. Yet, He endured all these pains to save me, to save us! Thank you Jesus! I am sorry!

I got scared after hearing Jesus’ loud cry. The God who heals the sick and do miracles, felt helpless and forgotten. That image and His cry made me so scared and sad at the same time.

To be honest, I don’t know if I have the courage to be at Calvary and witness that. I may be like the other disciples, hiding from the crowd.

I pray to Mary that she may give me the courage to accompany Jesus to the cross. That I may not be scared to face hardships and carry my own cross for my salvation. That I may be a proud and confident follower and disciple of Christ.

It was a cry of surrender, of giving out all the anguish, heartbreak and torment in one final breath. It elicited great compassion in me, an onlooker who could only see but a snapshot of His suffering and yet be moved by it. My faith tells me all this was for me, because of me? How do I live my life so that His sufferings wouldn’t all be for naught? Spend each moment, devote each thought and intention matter how trivial to let Him know…this is for You. How do I love Him in return…how to Christify my days..m

I heard a loud cry of pain and helplessness. I was standing at the foot of the cross carrying all my sins with me just looking at Him not being able to do
or say anything.

His cry was from physical and emotional pain… the task that God has given him… to die for our sins was overwhelming… when those sins were not His… he didn’t commit them… we did. I too am sometimes overwhelmed with my problems… when I can’t see a way to solve them, and I can’t seem to see a response or sign from God how to solve them… I feel forsaken too… abandoned and punished… but my problems are mostly products of my own mistakes, my faults, frailties, and sinfulness… but Jesus on the cross, he took on our sins for us to be forgiven, but for that to happen… he had to physically, emotionally and mentally suffer on the cross and feel forsaken.

It was a triumphant cry! A victorious monent, after going through that long, agonizing and tormenting experience. Recalling and quoting these 2 lines in His prayer to His Father, Your Kingdom come, thy Will be done! And most importantly, I imagined Him also saying silently, “ I have saved the world, I have saved mankind.”

It is consoling for me that Jesus shared the human experience of abandonment. For me, emotional anguish from loneliness and /or feeling of abandonment / unloved is at times a thousand times more greater than the physical pain or illnesses that can hit us.
I experienced crying and sobbing in silence out of exhaustion, desperation and of the immense pain in my heart that I felt no one could understand. There were times that I felt the consoling love of Jesus, making me feel loved and understood. And there were also times that I felt all alone in darkness. I just want to thank you Jesus for the experience of being deeply loved by you. I cling to this experience and to your promise of everlasting love as I continue to navigate in this world. Amen.

I just felt it was a cry of desperation and exhaustion across different fronts–physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually. Dying itself isn’t a pleasurable experience per se, and coupling that with the idea of His Father abandoning Him must have made Jesus die a thousand times more. The wailing was just too loud that the skies were also getting angry. If I were there, I would be shrieked out because His cry seems to hit me hard.

During the exercise, I can’t help but remember those difficult moments when God seems to be absent in my life. That I had been wailing and crying for help deep inside me, but I couldn’t seem to get any answer. And that even if I try to reach out to Him, it felt as if God was turning away because of how sinful I have become as a person.

This also reminded me of those times I had to cry at the Gesu and SOM Forest simply out of exasperation and desperation. And I was crying so loud that I could not control myself, that I did not care to think whether or not someone saw or heard me. All I wanted was just to let things out, thinking that God would eventually come to my aid.

I would have wanted to seek comfort, just like Jesus, but even the God who I thought has my back did not seem to respond.

It was far way beyond the human heart can take and handle.. agonizing and sorrowful but full of love and trust. There is a sense of total abandonment and surrender to the Will of the Father.

It was Jesus’s sob of helplessness, of the acceptance of what is. It was Jesus’s cry of a broken heart but still with so much love for mankind and a deep conviction that the Abba still got his back.

In this prayer experience Jesus is inviting me to stay with him when I am crying. He is reminding me that when i do cry of helplessness and broken heart He gets what I’m going through.

I think the most authentic of feelings have no labels, can’t be expressed in words. I imagined Jesus guttural cry an expression of “What else can I say? I did my best and this is it.” It’s an expression of frustration, anger and fear and disbelief and surrender at the same time. There was nothing peaceful or serene in my head as I imagined looking at Him and hearing the cry. I don’t think it was a weak cry either. It was robust, like all that was left of Him left Him when He cried out.

It must have been the most painful sound to hear from a Man who is beyond the physical hurt. I think if I heard it, I would never be able to sleep again. I would feel guilt within my heart for contributing to His pain. I think I need to feel that guilt that I contribute, whether willingly or unwillingly to someone’s pain. There is no satisfaction knowing that His mission was complete. I feel devastated He chose to go all the way for us because I don’t think I deserve it. I don’t think other people deserve it.

It hurts my heart to hear His cry in my head. I’m so sorry.

It seemed out of the comments there were only a few who had the same thought as me, possibly, that this cry of Jesus before dying is sheer pain. I’m trying to put myself in His place, and all I can think of is that at that point there was no God, no friends, no family, no Father, completely alone in his wrecked body and he didn’t know if he was coming back. We take the resurrection for granted because at this particular point the resurrection did not seem guaranteed because Jesus was completely separated from God. Can we imagine if it was any of us up there, truly in pain and dying, completely alone, and honestly answer “what’s the point of all this?”? I am reminded of this episode in Doctor Who (a fictional hero who keeps regenerating) who does what he does because “it’s right, it’s decent and most of all it’s kind”. The Doctor doesn’t do what he does to beat someone or to win, he does all these things “without witness, without hope, without reward”. There is a reason why good fiction writers riff off of Jesus’s story – there he is on the cross in pain, without reward, without hope, doing what is right sacrificing his life because He is kind to all of us first and foremost. And without witness, because God wasn’t there. So He cried out. And the He died, with no guarantee he would come back because God was not there. That to me is what “separate from God” means.

That moment tells me that Jesus felt and continues to feel our, my pain. He humbled himself to undergo all that suffering to show us the he shares and knows of our, my pain. Jesus also showed us the Way – humility, love, faith.

And I pray that I may live a life that shows that I deserve the love and sacrifice Jesus gave us. Its a constant struggle to be and to stay on that path that Jesus showed us.

I tried to imagine what Jesus’ last cry sounded like and there was so much pain, but also a conscious surrender to the will of God. Jesus knew what He had to do, even if that was a mission that was filled with betrayal and anguish.

At first, I felt saddened by His sacrifice. But then I remembered my word of the year, that came to me after prayer, WORTHY. I quickly changed my feeling from sadness to a kind of empowered feeling. That Jesus went through so much pain to save all of us, including me. For many years, I’ve felt unworthy of so many things, even when God so clearly has been telling me that I am worthy. And it’s through this exercise, and this year’s Lent, that I’ve embraced more of that worthiness.

How can I think of myself as unworthy when Jesus Himself gave His life for me? How can I minimize the impact and meaning of His sacrifice by living away from God’s purpose for me in this new life I’ve been given? At the end of the exercise, I re-committed myself to God, to serve His purpose for me and to follow His will, just as Jesus did on the cross.

Jesus is truly the best example of how to live a life that’s close to God.

Christ’s cry of anguish makes him human. It must have been a mixture of pain, sorrow, frustration. The sound he makes is as if he is giving up. It may have sounded like surrender. As a bystander at the foot of the cross, it would sound to me as if He was so tired on the cross and just ready to give it all up. A sound of defeat.

I hear Him cry and i feel guilty for He suffered because of my sins. But the situation urges me to transform either positively or negatively.

We all pray for a peaceful and happy death, and yet Jesus Himself could not have this. He instead chose to suffer, to obey His Father’s will so that we all may be saved. Lord, for all those times I wished for something better, I feel ashamed. Please forgive me. Please remind me to suffer with you and to offer up my hardships and willingly accept them, just as You did.

I heard Jesus’ last cry as a loud moan, wherein he gathered up all the strength left in him to give out a cry of anguish, from a dying person’s last gap of air. A Cry of utter frustration, maybe a failed mission. People still not understanding what his death was all about.
I would be in the crowd if only out of curiosity. I was shocked to see myself indifferent in a stand-offish manner, a spectator.

But the last cry could not be thoroughly ignored, it was a cry of pain, of utter helplessness. And then I was moved with pity for him at what he just went through. The badness inflicted on him by the different levels of the governing heirarchy.

then i would have wanted to play a more significant role, getting to Mary at the foot of the cross to volunteer some help. Maybe to be part of the stampita scene.

I think what God is telling me now or making me realize is that there is residual evil in me. I need to accept and confront that. But I am moved with pity for the victims, especially the ignorant who are taken advantage of.

I realized I still and do have a lot to gift, that I must break away from complacency and indifference. To pray for grace to be more tolerant, more patient, more generous.

It was very painful imagining Christ’s last cry on the cross. It brought back memories of my mom going through her final moments as well – how painful it was. It is a pain I can only imagine, and have not known myself, but even just the memory of having witnessed it, brings me to tears. Christ, in his own anguish, seems to tell me that he understands my pain, my mom’s pain. He went through the same.

In the same way, despite always clinging on to my faith, I’d be lying if I said I never encountered a crisis of faith. How could I not feel abandoned by God when my whole family has spent months praying for a life-giving miracle that would save my mom? In the same way, Christ’s plead to the Father – his feeling of abandonment – resonated with me. Selfish as it may be, I find it comforting that even Jesus Christ himself felt abandoned by God. I guess it tells me that God can take it – our moments of frustrations with Him, our “tampos” to Him, even our anger towards HIm.

“I believe, Lord. Help my unbelief.”

Spending time with Jesus more than ever has helped me recognize HIS voice. In our parish, we have a life size cross with Jesus. Whenever get a chance when no one is around, I go to Him and pray touching His foot as I pray. Such a wonderful feeling to be there with HIM. I would ask for the Holy Spirit to work in me so I can hear His voice and discern His message. As I gaze and look at His face, I see Him at peace letting me know He loves me so much and He forgives me. I am overwhelmed with so much Joy and I am at peace. Before I leave, I would kiss HIS foot.

The cry of Jesus was immense pain that penetrated my heart. Every Holy Week ever since my mom taught me about faith in the Lord, I always feel lonely on Good Fridays. I felt I had to be part of His agony because His pain was because of me and all of us. I cannot imagine the kind of anguish that He had and that everytime we remember His
passion, the pain is always there. No other pain would compare to that of His. I feel a sense of gratitude of why will I be saved by the Son of God in a very humiliating manner at that. And yet everytime I encounter heavy crisis in life, I first turn to Him and ask Him why did it happen to me. But instead of ignoring me, He will find a way for me to understand
no matter how confusing my situation was at that time. I know He does that to all of us, no questions asked. Forgive us Lord for this human who always turns away from You when things fall apart. I am just ashamed myself when I started to read the reflections of my fellow retreatants. It made me reflect more on who Jesus is for me. Thank you everyone for your courage and honesty. God bless you all.

After taking sip of the vinegar given to Him, unpleasant as it is, Jesus may have gotten some final energy to cry out to God, in full trust to Him, endearing His spirit to the Father. His wordless cry is a final act of trust and surrender to the will of God. For me it felt frightening and heartbreaking. I also felt perplexed knowing I can’t do anything at that moment.

Jesus must’ve been hounded by Satan ever since the latter got rebuffed at their initial encounter in the desert. He dogged Jesus from the time He started on His public ministry. Satan figured Jesus was at his most vulnerable during His Passion, from Gethsemane right up to Calvary. I would like to imagine the scene as the climax of the battle – Satan’s final attempt to get Jesus to abandon His mission to do His Father’s will to the very end. Jesus, with all the human strength left in Him, wrenches His way out of Satan’s desperate clutches and lets out a loud, victorious cry!

Where did Jesus (the man, emptied of divine powers ‘abandoned’ by His Abba) get that needed strength to finally overpower Satan as He hung dying? To me, it must have been His total obedience to His Father, and His compassionate, self-sacrificing love for all of us sinners. It may not make much sense to most of us now. Let’s ask for the grace to wait in humble patience and gratitude for this mystery to be revealed to us in God’s time.

Jesus’ cry is a cry of anguish, physical and emotional pain, even abandonment and isolation. All of us felt and experienced this isolation and abandonment during this first two months,and still, more than two years of this pandemic.

This experience of Jesus simply tells us that we are not alone. He Himself felt every human feeling we have and we are experiencing through His Passion and Death.

Thank you Jesus, for being one of us and being with us.

I could hear Jesus’ heavy breathing, tears streaming down his cheeks, the crown of thorns digging through his head. I could her his desperation, how he felt alone and abandoned. He is human after all. I hear his last cry, “AMA!” and finally, his last breath. He suffered and died for our sins. He did this for us and has promised us everlasting life. Thank you Jesus for your sacrifice.

I hear soft breaths of the Lord and see his chest moving slowly as he breathes his last. He has surrendered his life to God and though he is in pain, his heart is at peace because he has fulfilled His mission–that is to show love and save us so we can eternal life.

The Lord invites us to look at Him when we have struggles and difficulties. “I love you”, says the Lord.

I felt how heartbroken Jesus was while giving out His last cry. When all He has done was love us unconditionally but in the end He was abandoned and made to endure so much suffering. I can feel the heaviness in my heart now knowing it is my sinfulness and ungratefulness that has caused Jesus so much pain.

God wants to tell me that He loves us so much that He gave Jesus to save us from our sins, and Jesus loves me so deeply that He gave His life for us. Jesus is human like us so he knows our pain, grief, and heartbreak. He assures us that He is always with us, not just in the good seasons in our lives but also in the most challenging ones.

I felt a deep sorrow in that final cry of Jesus and it made me somehow guilty that I had a hand in that sorrow. I felt ashamed that because of man’s sinfulness – our sinfulness – Jesus had to take our place in order to save us. Jesus who had done nothing but to show God’s love to all of us, and yet this is what we do to “repay” him.

His last cry let’s me know that I am worth it. He did it for me, He loves me that much to do it for me.

I appreciate this. I saw Jesus crying out Elijah’s name who comes to take Him home. He was never abandoned. That gives me hope that the floodgates to heaven have opened for the Lord.

My 15-30 minutes off-screen experience were spent listening to the song, “If I Could Touch You,” performed by the Bukas Palad Ministry from the Album, “Himig Heswita.”

This line struck me most,

“The sadness (including pain, suffering, etc.) weighing down Your heart, that NO man sees..”

That is the MOST painful experience of abandonment, the sadness, pains and sufferings which no one knew.

That last wordless cry of Jesus struck me. We rely so much on words to articulate how we are feeling, what we are thinking, the hopes we have, etc., but there are times when words fail us, when we can’t talk ourselves out of a situation, when all there’s left to do is to stay in the discomfort of being at a loss for words. Maybe this is a sign from God to trust in Him, because the clarity we tried searching for through words will only come to us in time.

His cry is like a sob of deep sorrow. This cry moves me to tears and repentance. I can feel the weight of my sin on Him. I can feel the weight of the sin of all humanity bearing Him down not so much on the size or depth but on the sorrow it all causes Him. It pains Him to see us separated from God because of our sin.

I hear Jesus cries of crucial pain, frustrations and rejections. Right now i’m experiencing the same and i am trying to recover / pick up the pieces of my life as Jesus passion taught me that whatever happens just cling to the Father for God is hope and savior.

I feel afraid of being abandoned by God. That’s how Jesus must have felt. My life has been a series of daily miracles, graces, and mercy. I would not know what to do if God ever abandoned me or keeps silent for so long. I need God every second, every minute, every hour, and every day of my life. I have been so dependent on him through prayers. God please hear my pleas. God thank you for all that has been. Please stay with me for all that will be.

I can only imagine how pain-filled and agonizing Jesus’ last cry was. It was the mix of the extreme physical pain he was enduring on the cross and the extreme emotional pain he felt, knowing that his own Father, and everyone he loved so much abandoned him as he felt all alone, enduring so much pain hanging in darkness on the cross.

One last battle cry, an emptying of the soul, to give it all you have to power you to reach the end of a tiring, frustrating and a no-win situation. A release that rejuvenates the spirit

It’s a cry of surrender, of relief. Truly, it is finished. Hearing this cry must have shaken me to the core. It is a wake up call to my sleeping and slipping faith. It’s also a cry calling for courage, to stand up for Him, to remind me that I am free from the chains that hold me back. It is a cry of hope signifying that there is a new chance for all of us. We are saved.

I experienced a lamentation….and I stayed with Jesus until his wailing subsided- not saying anything but just accompanying Him through His isolation on the cross……I remember also the times I have been in similar situations (and until now) when all I can do is ask “why” and just cry until my whole body hurts…..and similarly, Jesus has been quietly accompanying me till the pain, crying and shaking subsides…..Thank You Jesus for always being with me in the painful moments on my cross….

I just want to let go inspite of the pain. Like Mary and Mary Magdalene, my heart breaks at the sight of Jesus’ suffering and how I wish I will not go through that kind of experience. However, I also would want to at least lessen Jesus’ pain by sharing in His suffering. The invitation for me is to stay or stand with my neighbors, family, and friends in their time of crises.

I resonate with what you’ve shared. Jesus wail of pain and sorrow, a heart breaking, feeling, with all the suffering peoples of the world in all times and places including mine. He sees me, feels with and for me. Jesus save me.

Much of the sharing are spot on with what I feel, the bad, the messy, the low points, as well as redemption from great losses. Thank you God for making these people around me in this retreat show the endless power of your love and forgiveness.

I thank Papa Jesus for saving me from all the pains . I realized that I can’t complain when someone abandons me as Jesus was also abandoned . Coming from a broken family , I always had that fear of being abandoned. I always long for a mother figure. Someone who can be my role model . The reading reminded me not to be scared .

His cry was an outpouring of love for me..He needed to do it for us because He loves me and sacrificed and knows that in the end He will welcome me Home..I love Him so much..💗💗💗 because He loved me first

A loud cry of pain, anguish, agony!
It’s the same cry of pain and frustration that I let out whenever I do not know what to do with my life and I wish the ground would just eat me up. How I wish I never existed, so that I won’t feel this pain anymore.
When Jesus cried out loud, nobody came to help him … it’s the same with me. A lot of times, I feel alone, desolate … nobody cares … no one even remembers me except when they need something. I wish I never existed!

Thanks for sharing such deep emotion. It reflects what Jesus may have felt that time when He was abandoned by His friends and those whom He helped. May Easter give you a breath of new life. Joy and peace be with you

What if it was a cry of frustration. In a moment of pain and anguish Jesus” human side was more expressed and he feels abandoned by people he helped and is dying for. Maybe the cry was an angry cry?

I had imagined Jesus’ last cry as a wail of agony and utter despair, of feeling abandoned by the Father, and yet, in this cry, still containing a note of surrender to His will. This is strangely comforting to me, because whenever I feel like I have been abandoned even by the Father, I think of what Jesus went through, and I know He understands, so I can go to Him and be assured that no, God never abandons us. Even when evil seems to prevail, His goodness will always come through.

I imagined it was similar to how I cried when I had a miscarriage or when I held my dad’s hand for the last time in the ER. I know his pain was so much deeper but it was the closest that I could imagine. And with this, I am once again reminded that it’s okay to cry out to God with everything that’s going on in the world and with my life.

I am reminded of these words of Jesus during my reflection when Jesus breathed his last : “For those who want to save their life will lose it, and those who lose their life for my sake, and for the sake of the gospel will save it. For what does it profit them to gain the whole world and forfeit their life?”.

When I was going through the passage, it was the loud cry that struck me. The people was saying to wait maybe Elijah will save him then Jesus let out a loud cry. I felt like it was frustrating waiting for the Father. Jesus feeling he was abandoned by the Father is so painfully agonizing and people around him was even mocking him. I felt that Jesus might have been feeling frustrated because the people whom he taught, he journeyed with in his public ministry, the disciples and his followers, they all abandoned him and he was in his last moments. Anyone would want to be with their beloved in their last moments but Jesus here was abandoned.

As I reflect on this, I too for the past few days were feeling frustrated in my service with young people. It was frustrating, tiring and I wanted to give up. I feel frustrated with the people who still struggles with understanding the work of the Lord. I struggle dealing with people who thinks highly of themselves and makes me feel I am in the wrong just because they do not agree with what’s happening. But I know that as a servant, I should trust the Lord that He is in control and He trusts me that I can overcome my fear and feelings of unworthiness. Now, looking at Jesus, imagining his last moments dying on the cross, I remember too that I am frustrating too many times. I met and encountered Jesus in my life and experience his miracles many times but I continue to choose my own path and leave His way. How frustrating it must be to see me, guide me, lead me not only as a daughter of God, but also as His servant leader. But Jesus never gives up on me. His love truly never fails. Because even if many times I abandon Him, He never run away from me. He continues to love me. He even died in the cross to remind me how great His love for me. He assures me that if He can overcome all the pain and sufferings, I too can do it with His grace. And whenever I feel frustrated, I can always come to Him and He welcomes me with open arms and ready to wipe my tears and hear my cries. Thank You Lord. Thank You, Jesus.

Thank you for sharing this, as this resonates with my current struggles too, this pain and frustration I feel in my service to young people as a mentor, particularly people who do not seem to be open to correction. Thank you for the reminder of the love of Jesus for us and His infinite mercy and compassion, and we can overcome our difficulties with His grace.

I imagined His cry to be the sound of last breath … I remember the last breath of my father when he died 10 years ago and the last breath of my husband when he died almost 3 years ago. It was as if all was lost and sadness and pain enveloped my heart. Imagining this with Jesus’ death on the cross, I felt sadness and pain and ashamed as I felt I don’t deserve this form of love from Him. Me a sinner, however, I felt too that all was redeemed with the sacrifices, torture and painful death Jesus went through. He chose to be selfless and die this painful death for our salvation and for that I will be be forever humbled and grateful. All praises and thanksgiving to Him. I praise you and thank you Lord. Pleas look upon me with mercy and compassion. May I be worthy of your love ❤️🙏 Amen.

It was a very soft cry…that only me can hear…but one full of anguish and pain…begging for help amd strenght.

I imagined not one cry, but 3 different sounds coming from Jesus.

First, a cry of pain from his wounds, from the hardship of pulling himself up, straining his arms so the weight of his body wouldn’t pull him down, tearing the flesh and bone from his hands stuck to the cross with huge, possibly rusty, nails.

Next, a moan of resignation to his fate, his death and maybe wishing it would come soon to end his suffering and pain.

Then, finally, a sigh of subtle joy – like Stephen as he died, because he was seeing the face of God and would soon be reunited with Him.

I heard His CRY … a complete surrender in obedience to the Father that entails pains and sufferings that He endured

I heard a soft not loud cry, but in intense pain with the words “thank you”. It left me wondering though why “thank you”?

Hi! when i read your comment, my first reaction is that the “Thank you” that you have heard is meant for you and only you. you may want to pray further on this thank you that you have received from Him. You are indeed blessed!

Hearing Jesus last cry is heartbreaking and also make me feel so ashamed for all the “fluff”, worries, gripes, anxieties I have daily. His last cry and dying of the cross is a sober reminder of what He did for us, for me. And i can’t help but bow down in shame for the pettiness that I spend time on. It also reminds me of heartbreaking experiences I’ve had with losing loved ones. Of witnessing my mom take her last breath. You feel both abandoned and also relieved that she suffers no more. It is such a heart-wrenching experience that I’m not sure anyone gets over but through God’s loving grace, do we learn to live with the loss.

As a HCW, i have been witness to patients breathing their last. For those who especially have suffered from chronic illness, the final breath is the end of suffering, for both the patient and the family. Yet, there is also sadness in having lost a loved one.

It was in 2021 when my mother passed. The family was there around her and we saw her breathe her last. It was the end of her suffering and yet it is difficult living without her as she brought so much love to our family.

When i think of Jesus cry then breathe his last, and remember His passion, I also think that his suffering ended. Thinking about the events just before He died, enduring the pain is beyond what anyone has experienced. When i think of His life, it was really about expressing love. And then i remember my mother and both His and her death make me very sad.

What I heard was Jesus’ complete surrender. Not so much a loud cry but just a whisper of surrender. I felt so much hope and faith in HIS cry.

In the same way, I feel this LENT, Jesus reminds us dont give up. Dont give up on this world. True there is so much evil and unfaithfulness but there is always EASTER. Dont give up

I heard Jesus’ cry of surrender and trust in God. But I appreciate your perspective…your feelings of hope and faith in His cry. It is so unorthodox, to see a cry of anguish and pain as a source of positive feelings. It is a foretelling of the wonder of what is to come for Jesus and for us all on the third day.

Jesus’ cry was one of deep pain, of anguish. It’s a cry that comes from the gut. Ang sakit-sakit pakinggan. And when I imagined some of my most significant others crying in that way, I couldn’t stop myself from breaking down into tears. And I couldn’t help asking the Lord why he had to go through all that. Did He believe we, humans, can really be redeemed? When I look around, I see so much sinfulness. Were we really worth dying for? Somehow, the way Christ lifted His spirit to the Father, tells me, we are – from God’s perspective. And this challenges me to not give up on others as well, especially to those who are in pain and those who are most difficult to love, those whom I struggled to welcome to my last meal yesterday.

I have struggled through difficult times in my 60 years. I know the pain, loneliness, hopelessness, and generally the feeling of being unloved and discarded, of being used and abused. Yet what are my troubles compared to being hung on a cross to die. It was supposed to be a slow agonizing death. The last breath was a god-send.

Jesus’ last breath was barely a whisper, yet it tore the temple’s dividing curtain in two. I remember moments when I have labored for days and sleepless nights on a project. When the last line was done, when it was finished, all I could vocalize is somewhat of a sigh, a quiet shout of victory, a deep groan as all the aches and pains finally manifest themselves. There is a realization that now I can be with the ones I love once again.

As Jesus suffered on the cross, I witnessed Him living every word of the psalm. He knows my feelings of being distressed and abandoned as I go through each struggle. He also shows me that there is always hope, but not always in ways that I expect them to happen. After enduring my many woes and suffering, I always end with my sigh – thinking it is over. My God seems to be more enthusiastic though, encouraging me still. I know it is still not over.

In the end, when I breathe my last, perhaps I will know what he whispered on the cross. For now, I can only guess.

Dear Ki,
What grace to find someone who is not only the same age as I am but who is also nursing feelings of abandonment. This week, I suffered greatly emotionally because of my family and just like you, I felt the pain of being “used and abused”.
The cry of Jesus in my mind was a silent, stifled cry of loneliness – much like the stifled cries I keep in my heart because of this burden I carry. What joy to be accompanying Jesus in Calvary and his suffering – albeit in a miniscule way!
I could not help but reflect on my life and the many events where Jesus has invited me to accompany Him to Calvary. I realized how blessed I am to be living this life that He gave me and the chance to participate in His suffering. It is with much hope and faith that I also look forward to participate in His resurrection when I reach the end of my life.
I am praying for you as I write this that Jesus may also accompany you in your struggles and give you whatever grace you may need most. A blessed Good Friday to you.

When I heard Jesus’ sorrowful, painful, and loud cry, it was Him telling me that He has done his part and that he feels the pain that I and we all feel, too. He loved no matter what, and the cry was Jesus’ way of showing that He’s here also until His last breath and will still follow the Lord even in suffering and death.

Even after that really dark period in my life 2 years ago, He was always watching over me and made sure I was okay (ex. finding good doctors, keeping me safe and healthy amidst COVID scares, allowing me to work, among others). This made me realize that He was there all along….and I’m very sorry that I took it for granted.

Initially heard a loud cry. Gut wrenching cry. But also a sigh you know the type when there is nothing left to give? Even a cry wasnt possible. Everything was spent. And a sigh was all i heard. Then nothing. Stillness.
I am reminded that our Lord gave His all, He gave up His Life, became like us went thru much physical and deep emotional pain. What more can I tell Him but Thank You. Am truly Grateful Lord for all that you have done for me. Your deep Love and Mercy is all thats left . I feel this…after you have passed. and I know you will never forsake me. Will never abandon me and will accompany me until the end of time.

I heard the silent cry within of Jesus, a loud sigh and telling the Father; I have accomplished! And the abundance of that Great Love poured out to all. I felt this!

My insight of the cry in a loud voice before Jesus gave up his spirit came to me in a question.
With what we are experiencing and observing in the world today, was Christ’s last loud cry expressing exasperation at man because knowing that with his sacrifice man had been saved and yet, Christ sees to the future that man will not turn from his evil and sinful ways ( as we very well can see today) ?

I heard Him cry out of anguish and pain, but also heard a wordless sound that expressed a total surrender to his fate, to our Lord’s plan. I pray for that same ability to give of myself and surrender my life to the Father and all that he has planned for me. Despite the uncertainty, the pain, the difficulties life may throw at us, that total surrender is ultimately what defined Jesus Christ’s response to God the father. I pray for the strength to respond the same way, despite my limitations and frailties.

Putting myself in His place, while looking at all the people who “knew not what they were doing” and knowing that this was something I/He had to go through to save man from sin and darkness, I could sense Christ taking in a deep and sighing to signify a TOTAL SURRENDER to God’s Will. “Unto His hands I commend my soul”
There’s no pagsisisi or regret. There is no finger pointing or blaming. It was a LOVING surrender to give up one’s life for the ones He loves…US

In His brokenness, we were given a chance to be whole. He saved us.

Seeing such thing happen, hearing such sigh and knowing or realizing how wrong I am/was, it moves me to respond to His total act of love by following His commandments. I pray that the moving feeling can be carried out even long after this Holy Week… especially amid the hustle and bustle of daily living.

Lord, I ask for the grace of the Holy Spirit. May the Spirit strengthen my resolve and desire “to see You more clearly, love You more dearly and to follow You for nearly…day by day”

I’ve gone through a DWTL retreat but it feels the cry of Christ hit home for the first time. I was struck by the realization/insight here that He was one with the sinners in the sense of being separated from God. To my mind, knowing Jesus was saving the world would have been a comfort to Him (like how one would willingly die to save their family), but I realized the pain He endured alone would have been devastating if accompanied by the feeling of being truly abandoned.

Jesus’s cry felt loud and explosive to me, guttural, something like one last push. Similar to what others mentioned, while there is pain in his cry, I feel there is a sense of his fight/effort to endure, that it is done. And somehow that felt hopeful for us. My song earlier has a line —
“Do you ever get a little bit tired of life
Like you’re not really happy but you don’t wanna die
Like you’re hanging by a thread but you gotta survive”
But going through his passage reminds me that Christ experienced all this to save us. And it a reminder that there is hope in life.

I heard HIS cry but I did not feel anything. Maybe because I am now drowning in negative thoughts about my faith. I am now questioning my faith…at times, I do not want to believe anymore….I am sorry but it is what I feel lately…I am feeling tired….really tired and HIS cry seemed to be my cry, too….FRUSTRATED and DISAPPOINTED….TIRED….REALLY TIRED…

Prayers for you, brother/sister. I do believe that sometimes we may not feel God, and that leads us to question our faith. I pray that God continue to give you strength and comfort you soon. God bless always.

May you get the rest & peace you need to refresh your mind, body & spirit …and in your own time renew your faith. God bless you 🙂

I hear your cry. I resonate with your cry. A voice within whispers: Christ understands. I hope and pray, you can hold on to that cry and let that cry bring you through what you are going through right now.

Whoever you are, please know that God is amidst your frustrations, confusion, disappointments. You may consider seeking out someone who can give you comfort and might help you as well in understanding about the faith more — your local parish priest, active members of a Catholic community, or a spiritual advisor. But it’s important to rest first, so I hope you’re taking care of yourself too. I promise there are many of us praying for you. The fact that you’re here in this retreat just means that God hears your heart. 🙏🏼

This is a blessed time especially for you.
To be in touch with your feelings and be able to express these is already the beginning of getting over this difficult time. Healing begins. Sometimes we need to hit rock bottom to again rise above what’s happening. Holding you in my thoughts and prayers for an enlightened and positive peace-filled perspective.

At first, I had a hard time shutting out the sounds and movements and thoughts disturbing my quiet alone time .
And this is probably how it is in my life nowadays. Multitasking which really translates to no task done well and fully..
Thank you Lord for helping me to refocus. And finally, I heard Your cry of anguish, of pain , loneliness.
I hear the cry of cancer patients with painful bone metastases. Your pain must have been so much more. And I remembered my cry of anguish and heartbreak at the betrayal by the love of my life. How much more heart rending the anguish you felt at the “ betrayal” by your Father, our God almighty, aside from that of your beloved friends. And I hear the cry of my grief and bereavement from the loss of dearly loved family and friends. And the loneliness that came with it.
Yes, all things pass. And the pain, anguish and loneliness become, with time, distant memories.
But today, standing in front of You, my Lord, on the cross, and listening to your cry, I remember it all. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad. I want to cry out, Lord. I feel right now that I didn’t cry enough yet. But isn’t that a sign of little faith in you?
So again , as I have tried to do in moments past, I offer the pain and anguish and heartbreak to you, and put them all in your hands. And accept your cry to be mine as well.

I imagined a cry of anguish, immeasurable pain, burdened by the weight of the world’s sins. I imagined his mother and his friend at the foot of the cross, Mary feeling as if her heart has been pierced with a thousand swords as she watched her son suffer so.

I hear Jesus’s wordless cry as he poured himself out completely to save a sinner like me. His cry saved the world.

Hi Regina, same here.. I knew Jesus was breathing his last, he was trying to speak through the immense pain, his friends were hiding, the soldiers were jeering or complaining, the bystanders were cursing, laughing and spitting, and the only sound I heard at that point was my own uncontrollable sobbing…

Hearing the Lord’s last cry and staying at the foot of the Cross are difficult exercises for me. I recently witnessed my mother’s final hours so that wordless cry is too painful to imagine. Pass muna.

Instead, I concentrated more on the curtain getting ripped in half from top to bottom as my main reflection point.
His Passion on the Cross was an event for all to see, a show. Sa tutoo, hindi ba mas kagila-gilslas yung nahati yung curtain for no apparent reason? It was a special message for all of us on what the Lord Jesus has done for us.

It was a silent cry that bore the pains with a sigh at the end allowing everything to be taken away.
During these times, Jesus is asking me to bear with His sufferings by making sacrifices for others whether small or big acts.

I imagined Christ’s cry would be that of anguish, pain, humiliation that ends with love and hope that comes from pure self-sacrifice.

I started today’s prayer exercise with a very sleepy head and so I felt I did not pick up anything significant. But upon reading other retreatants thought, i was able to put my thoughts together:

1. I heard Jesus, his human self, who let out a tired and anguished cry. He was in pain as he is not in an invinsible form.

2. His cry may sound excruciating but for me it meant, “It is done.” With his heart aiming at the sky, the heavens opened like curtains.

3. That was the true breaking of the bread. Jesus the bread of life. In his most vulnerable and final moment he shared himself to us.

We should not be ashamed of our brokeness, cause through it Jesus dwells. He was once broken too, maybe other still feeling damaged right now. Just let the pieces scatter, let go and let God.

Honestly, I feel guilty. Guilty at how it feels like I was one of the disciples and left Jesus on the cross. In his last moments, I was away, spending time on holiday doing things that are leisurely and indulgent. I feel a disconnect between me and Jesus, a distance of sorts. What I feel sad about is how I don’t feel so much with that distance. Shouldn’t I be sad? Shouldn’t I want to be with God, the one who saved me?

Why does it feel so distant? Maybe this is also what Jesus felt when he was left alone. The silence.

I pray to connect back with God. To imagine myself with Him. To be by his side.

I heard the loud, wordless, yet powerful cry of ‘release’ by someone who has been through excruciating pain. A release from his agony and hurt. A ‘release’ from our sin—releasing us in the process. A ‘release’ from his mortal life. It sounded, too, like the ‘battle-cry’ of those facing imminent death by confronting the enemy head-on —confident that their ‘sacrificial’ death would result ultimately in VICTORY.
By reading the passage of Jesus loud and wordless cry before yielding his spirit, I am comforted that I can cry out loud to the Lord in my own pain and hurt. I can experience a ‘release’ and find freedom in God.

I believe it was a cry of agony; of pain; of compassion and triumph … it was His way of saying “This is for you, Sam … ‘ through my death, your sins are forgiven … through my death, you will live.”

I could not.

I did not want to even imagine that last cry. I could not. I did not.

I started to do so, but I fell apart…fell apart so easily because there is very little holding me together.

For just two weeks short of five years, I have had to take the front-row seat I never wanted: watching my beloved daughter dying a painful passing the doctors predicted she should have completed three years ago, but she is still here though by no means in the clear, before my anguished eyes and heart. I have to hear her screams as countless needles have to be jabbed after every failed blood extraction – the agonized howl as they force the contrast liquid into her battered veins for a PET scan – the moans that puncture the neverending night, every sound seeming to twist the knife that had been lodged into my own heart from the terrible diagnosis…and I knew that the Lord’s last cry would be far more terrible, and I no longer had the strength to do it. I just told Him, “I can’t…I can’t anymore.” The emotional agony is just too much already.

I think of the Lord’s broken body…and I think of the line from the song that opened today’s retreat: “Blessed and broken, shared with all in need…”

We humans tend to think that when something is broken, it becomes useless and should just be thrown away.

I am learning how my own brokenness can be shared with others (not in bitterness or resentment, but shared for their benefit), even if they receive the benefit and are grateful for having received such grace without having to take the dreaded front-row seat, while I am still the pile of broken bits on the floor. God will do what’s best.

And as for sitting in this chair I never wanted…I now realize that the anguish I feel every moment (even in my dreams) is pain I share with Him, for He loves my daughter even more than I do. Knowing that we share, even just a little bit, in the Lord’s excruciating agony that punctuated the end and emerged in that heart-rending cry, we are humbled to have something that we share with Him. In an odd way it unites me to Him, and for this, I am grateful…I know that He is never far away, even when I can’t see Him.

Thank you so much. Please believe me when I say, I have learned how prayers are like candles that light our way in the darkness. Our family truly appreciates prayers.

I have been unfeeling for some years now, having lived a life focused on worldly cares and personal gains. But, right now, you caused something in me to stir. Out of all the comments here, i read yours more than once, twice…prompting me to say…God’s love will make all things, all right. With every cry of anguish i pray for Jesus to hold your daughter, you and your family closely to his heart. Hang in there.

Thank you so much for your very kind and comforting comment. I have learned over the years that Jesus will heal her…in His own way, which is perfect (it may or may not be what I want…this was what was difficult to accept, but I have learned to trust Him, realizing that even if outward appearances don’t make our family look particularly “loved”…we are [sad smile.]) Prayers such as yours give us encouragement and strength to keep going…like the exhausted marathon runner staggering toward the distant finish line. Thank you very much.

Lifting you and your daughter up in prayer. May our all-loving and all-merciful Father be with you always🙏🙏🙏💕💕💕

Thank you for sharing such deep heart notes, Maloy. They seem similar to what I went through a decade ago when my wife and son left me without warning and resulted in a painful annulment process… It literally broke my heart and led me to my knees. I thought it was irreparable especially with my son.

My wife and I have separate lives now while my son has reached out to me just prior to the pandemic and we are now in the process of rebuilding lost time. Not something I ever imagined but God has a way of breaking us to make us stronger.

Will keep praying for your steadfast faith sister.

Thank you so much. Allow me to say…I am so, so sorry you had to go through that :'( There are many ways we can lose a loved one (or loved ones), and there is really no less painful way for it to happen: it is always a knife to the heart (from one broken soul to another: a great big salute of respect.)

I couldn’t agree more with what you said: God has a way of breaking the structures we build up mistaking them for human strength, drilling and chipping away the broken bits, so that His grace can come in, flowing to fill all the chips and cracks within us, making us realize that as God’s children, we truly have nothing to fear as long as we continue to make our way toward Him. (It is not as easy as that seemed to sound…)

Thank you so much for your prayers and kind words. Please know that I am cheering for you!

I cannot imagine your pain, but know that your words resonate in my heart. You will be in my prayers.

it was a cry i dont want to hear of.. the pain was too much he had to cry it aloud, spending whatever was left of
his strength.. Jesus’ cry of anguish meant the end of everything for me. i wanted to cover my ears..

As Jesus mustered all his energy to express himself through a cry of anguish, I imagined the weight of our sins bearing down on him, crushing him, and taking away the life out of him. This image makes me think that even up to this day, I add to his burden and pain, because of how I continuously sin. But then, I’m reminded of God’s mercy and love for us. There can’t be any grander gesture than giving his son to us and allowing us to experience His graces and wisdom through the Holy Spirit. Sin can separate us from God but if we respond with humble hearts, God will not withhold his mercy. Truly, there is nothing that can satisfy us except for God. If we examine our hearts, it yearns for Him for God created us out of tremendous, unfathomable love.

He is telling us that no matter what circumstances life may throw at us, He has been through it and knows exactly how we feel.

I heard both a sob and a heave of sigh and Jesus whispering: thank You Father.
Whenever I miss my husband, daughter and son who all have gone home ahead of me, I cry a lot. But after the woes and sad, I say my thanks. Because I know and I humbly claim God is a faithful God and what He does is always good. Whenever I reach that realization, always, calmness, eventually takes over.
Thank You Po God.

I think that at the end, with Jesus completely broken physically so that it was excruciating to even breathe, his last groans were supernatural: that of the Spirit groaning in him, uttering the prayers that he did not know he still had left in him, and that of Satan groaning out his frustration and utter defeat in the face of such self-emptying love. Satan said he would be back after Jesus’ temptation, and he did his very best, but he came up short. Again.
So, for me Jesus’ last breath is a victorious one – tinged with pain, fear, betrayal, rejections, and abandonment for sure, but also a sense of wonder: “so this is how it feels to be truly human…dare i say is some ways it feels a lot tougher than being merely God…” and accepting, reveling it – not rejecting or rebelling – Jesus conquers sin once and for all because he has shown us on that Cross that we, the truly sinful, can conquer sin by following his example on that cross; so powerful a pattern that even Satan had to say, “truly this is the Son of God.”
Thinking of the genuine human Jesus’ last cry like this has made me feel empowered, less fearful, less resigned to being “merely human.”

This is beautifully said. Thank you for translating the groans we face during those difficult times. And showing the light at the end.

There were a lot possibilities and questions that entered my mind when I imagined the painful journey Jesus had to go through and His last cry. After He says “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” I imagine the abandonment, hurt and anger he was feeling. I wondered if he felt angry at God for allowing Him to go through this – to see and feel the worst humanity has to offer. Especially when the soldiers tried to test him in the end, it felt like the final degrading blow. And then he cried. A mixture of anger, despair, heartbreak and surrender, with all the strength and emotion he had left. But a part of me felt and heard that the cry wasn’t just a burst of anger and sadness. Part of it was a fight. Was he fighting off temptations in the end? If I imagine myself in Jesus’s shoes, I would be so hurt by humanity and by the Lord that I would have doubted my love for them, like a devil spouting these thoughts on my shoulder. But I think Jesus fought those thoughts in the end, that cry was as if he was saying “I’m so broken and hurt but I will still fight for them. I still love them. Fine! So be it.” And I think when Jesus passed away and the curtains of the temple were torn in half – for me that shows that even though we may feel abandoned, God is watching. He is probably just beside us, feels for us. Holding our hand and grieving for us in our darkest hours…

I heard the agonising cry/sigh of a child surrendering his desire to his father whom he knows loves him deeply. Mingled with the cry is the knowledge that he is setting free the people whose sins he took upon the cross so that cry is accompanied by hope and triumph that Love has won. It makes me deeply grateful especially when I realise that my sins are what brought him to this painful death.

For me, after hearing the last word of Jesus- A LOUD WORDLESS CRY brought HOPE and LOVE. I can see a PASSAGE. This is not the end. This is the beginning for a new life. It was a cry that is loud enough to pierce our hearts. A cry FULL of love and hope. A cry telling me that I LOVE YOU AND I DIE FOR YOU.

As I ponder on Jesus’ cry, I realize that no sins are too big for God’s mercy and compassion. With contrite heart and penance I can be assured of His welcome. But then why did Jesus exclaim His feelings of being abandoned by God?! Jesus wants me to know that He understands me whenever I am at lowest of low. He shares my fears and travails of life. It is Jesus’ way of telling me that I should not despair. He has given me His mother as my Mother. And that is very reassuring. Jesus thirts for me and he has paid HIs life for me as my ransom.
Dear Lord, please teach me how to pray. To pray unceasingly of your love. Teach me how to do your Father’s will at all times and whenever I fall, help me up. Be with me, be with us all! Mother Mary, please accompany us in our journey towards your Son’s kingdom! Amen!!!

I never thought of that last cry, it being the last thing Jesus said before he died. Concentrating on that made me cry, and made me feel his pain more. What I eventually learned from it, is that any suffering we experience, no matter how difficult, will pass.

Let’s offer our suffering to the crucified Christ. Let’s suffer together with Christ to ease our burden. Lastly, let’s thank the Lord for all our trials and sufferings. With thanksgiving, we can overcome!God bless.

“What I eventually learned from it, is that any suffering we experience, no matter how difficult, will pass.”

I like what you said here because it also made me realize that yes, God may just be watching and feeling our pain. But in end, He will make sure that our suffering will pass.

I imagine it to be a soft whimper. I don’t think He would have the strength or the breath for a loud scream.
My view point is from that of someone watching a loved one go through tremendous pain and suffering. I feel the need to step in and make things better but refrain from doing so because the difficulty they have to endure is something they alone must go through. To interfere would certainly make me feel better, but would be a dis service to the transformation or metamorphosis our loved one must undergo alone. To sit back and trust in the process and let things be is a truly difficult thing to do.

Jesus last breath as a human was a cry of relief now that His suffering is ended. And with this last gasp of breath, He returns to the Father as the Son of God. I imagine that with His mission accomplished, Jesus was ready to be at God’s side watching and caring for us.

It broke my heart to hear Jesus cry out in pain and desperation. It made me sad that I couldn’t do anything to stop his pain. It made me angry that this man, who has done nothing but talk about love, must suffer this way. I felt outrage at the injustice. I wonder whether I would cry out in protest, or just cry silently at the foot of the cross. But I would stay, let Jesus know I was with him, and not leave his side until he breathed his last breath.

Why does it sound like a wordless cry of TRIUMPH to me?
His last breath, he spent on exhaling that cry… It would have taken all his remaining energy being drained from his dying body.
But it was not a cry of desperation… but of “mission accomplished”.
I have done it. I have proven my love to humanity, despite all the hurt and bashing and negativity. And now… I see my Father again, with His kind eyes, gazing at me, waiting me for me to One with Him again. He never really left. He stretches His arms towards me… My cry is “Aha! I am home again.”

Imagining myself at Calvary I was surprised that despite the fact that I consider myself a spiritual person, there was a side of me who was like some of the bystanders, waiting if Elijah will come. My tendency to worry too much demonstrates a lack of faith. In that scene , it might have taken me till the tearing of the curtains to believe He was the Son of a God. I needed some proof before I could really believe. I was also questioning how I would react amongst the crowd. Will I be swayed by the mob disgust for him ? Or will I be brave enough to stay with him and defend him at the foot of the cross. It dawned on me that despite being spiritual, I don’t openly acknowledge my faith., at the risk of sounding too preaching .
The last cry was a wail that can give me goosebumps. One of desolation and completing the mission. It got me to thinking would ai be willing to go down that road to do my mission on earth ? Will I be willing to endure everything for the sake of obedience to his will ? I am also ashamed that every time I worry I minimize this grand gesture of his dying on the cross.

Lord help me in my unbelief. I need the grace to believe that you have plans for me and everything will happen in your time. Stay with me Lord

Thank you for these words…I, too, felt like an onlooker somehow. But then when he cried out, I also felt fear and pain…what have I done! And I realize how much I need the grace and help in my unbelief, distance, paralysis and inaction…yes, please stay with me Lord!

That Jesus cried out in anguish and pain, despaired over his separation from the Father and suffered from the treachery of his friends – these all made me realize that Jesus was truly human! And being human, what a terrible agony it must have been. He remained quiet, like a lamb being led to slaughter. He took it all in obedience to the Father. Yet in one moment of humanity, Jesus cried as he released his spirit.
I try to put myself in His shoes, and imagine being asked to sacrifice myself in a brutal way to save humanity. Would I do it? I would probably say to God, “Lord, bahala na sila sa buhay nila! Men are not worth dying for, because they continue to sin. Look at how they have been through all the centuries.”
So thank you , Jesus for loving MEN, for loving ME unto death. I who am unworthy, I who am flawed, I who am broken.
You did it for ME.

Sometimes, it is hard to express in words the trials that we go through. That was one of my impressions of Jesus’ wordless cry (in fact more so). But two things are clear: One, that He experienced and felt being isolated and abandoned; Two, He did this greatest suffering for me (and for us, sinners, in general). Now, how can we repay Him in return?

Things happen in our lives, some we control and some we have no control over. Accepting it and knowing that Kuya Jess is always with us. I imagine the cry was a quiet cry, accepting but knowing that God has saved all of us.

Jesus last cry was a cry for me and all the others who are hurting emotionally or physically; and no matter how hard we try to stop our minds or emotions we are sometimes helpless against the onslaught of these thoughts and emotions

Every breath poured out to do the will of the Father. It is a beautiful movement of descent, embracing everything human even unto death. Jesus’ cry is that of complete surrender and the deep desire to make known to us the depth and breadth of God’s love for us. It seems Jesus telling… if only you knew this gift…we will live in constant awareness that we are children of God!

I imagine Jesus gave a cry of completion and total surrender, and also maybe joy in doing God’s will and in giving us new life. I remember how it felt to give birth, maybe it was like that too. So much pain, and then surrender and the feeling that you have given your all, for the possibilities of new life.

Could it be that Jesus had some moment of doubt (temptation). Feeling quite lonely and betrayed and, human as he was, the thought that he wasn’t sure if what is happening is really part of his mission…Yet, shortly after, he “knew” God is there with him.
Then he cries out to the Father like a lost child running towards his father he sees…

I feel Jesus’ pain, both the physical and emotional. I especially remember my mom’s pains when she was still alive. I have been crying about it these past days, because I too am experiencing the same kind of physical pain she went through. And at that time, I felt I didnt give her much attention and care she needed. I weep more for my mom’s memory now, than from my pain. But I realize the pains we suffer was nothing compared to what Jesus suffered. For Him to cry out loud means He was in extreme pain. I feel blessed inspite of my pains now because I know I am sharing a bit of Christ’s sufferings for our salvation.

Anguished, pained cry due to the physical torture and dehydration, abandonment and disorientation how and why he had to suffer… a cry that represent all the hurts in the world due to illness, human and natural disasters… mostly echoing the cry of the poor to this day…

Anguish. Pain. Humiliation. These are what accompanied that final cry which I would even want to avoid hearing because it is too painful.
I reflect on How little he asks of me and yet, I often fail.
I reflect on How Jesus must feel … the world went thru a pandemic for two years. One would think we would arise better beings but once the pandemic had been contained, here we are with the war in Ukraine. Here we are with the threat of a former dictator’s son having the gall to run for president and the frustration is overwhelming.
Forgive us, forgive me Lord. It seems we do not learn. Have mercy on us.

The questions I have is if it is really God who forsaken us or if it was us who had forsaken God. And the scream I hear is between that conflict of wanting to bring two together again.

Jesus’ cry is one of despair, pain and suffering. It is one of frustration and abandonment. I ask, is it worth it Lord? Are we worth it? We continue to hurt you again and again with our selfishness, our pride and our focus on things of this world. His only answer is LOVE. His challenge to us is to love despite the hurt, pain, injustice and unfairness in this world. Life in this world is fleeting and temporary. How do we show and live His love? It is difficult. Help us Lord. Thank you Lord for your sacrifice and LOVE.

Jesus’ final cry is simply indescribable for me. Whatever feelings of isolation, rejection, and abandonment I have experienced in the past are nothing compared to His. Love is always stronger than any of these negative emotions. Jesus endured the worst out of His love for us. May this give us strength and courage to continue to love and do what is good amidst rejection and persecution.

Jesus’s cry for me was not a loud powerful one~ i felt that it was more of a cry that has given up all its power because of all the bruises, wounds ,pain it has endured (not to mention the insults) …But the loudest cry that reverberated in my brain was …I DID THIS FOR YOU‼️ And what can i give Him in return⁉️
Lord, make us feel worthy of your last cry by not hurting you further with our sins🙏

Thank you Del. This is a very consoling thought. At the very last moment of Jesus’ life, He thought of ME. He wanted his cry to reach me, to reassure me that I am loved and that He wants nothing more desperately than for me to return to Him and to the Father. How can a not hear that cry? He emptied Himself totally so I can return to the Father.

That cry was jagged, broken, animalistic. It overflowed with the raw physical pain of flayed flesh, and the emotional anguish brought on by abandonment, frustration, and despair.

There was no “It is finished” or “Into your hands I commend my spirit” to lend a sense of accomplishment or a sliver of hope.

And yet Jesus’ life ending with this awful, wordless sound was so powerful that it tore the temple veil. It brought God into the depths of godlessness, into my basest pain, into my gravest sin.

The cry of Jesus is a cry of unfathomable sorrow — that we for whom He died, we whom He infinitely loves, will betray Him and reject and mock Him repeatedly. It is difficult enough to suffer and die for a worthy cause, or a person we respect or like (not even love). But He died for His very torturers! I am mindblown.
The cry of Jesus is one of desolation. He and the Father are One, and they are bound by Infinite Love. And here He is experiencing abandonment. The deeper one loves, the deeper one hurts. Can we even imagine the pain borne out of Infinite Love?
Lastly, the cry of Jesus is the cry of the victims of war in Ukraine and areas of conflict, of trafficked human slaves, of tortured political prisoners, of those whose families have been wiped out by Covid, of those who have lost all they have worked for due to natural calamities, of those who are helpless and hopeless. Whenever our brothers and sisters cry, Jesus cries over and over again from the Cross.

When i immersed myself in the passage, I felt terrified. It was as if I heard a tortured person scream in so much pain and anguish. I was shaken and still a bit shaking as i type.

I felt myself tearing up when I heard Jesus’ last cry. I felt my sins adding up on his agony, his last breathe. Im so sorry Jesus, please forgive me. Please forgive me.

I heard Jesus’ last breath, a quiet cry, of pain, of heartbreak seeing his mother in deep sorrow, a cry of forgiveness, of total surrender to the will of the Father. At the foot of the cross, I cry with Jesus, realizing that he took my place, of the depth of his love for me, his mercy. I wonder, do I love deeply enough to feel the pain of others, to be in their place, to take their place, to be as forgiving as Jesus, and to totally surrender to the will of the Father?

Jesus knew he had to go through this. His humanity made Him truly emphatize with us and our pain. The last groaning sound I hear is the deepest expression of love God has for us.

It is Jesus’ death on the cross that made love perfect.

The Lord’s cry meant a lot to me. It signified pain and anguish among others but more striking to me is that it demonstrated his unconditional love for me. He chose to be in our place as sinners and that is truly a huge sacrifice for the Lord. What this meant to me is that the Lord truly loved me unconditionally. If this is the case, then why can’t I love myself? This has always been my struggle – genuine and unconditional self-love. I don’t love myself enough. My life has been one of pleasing others and God. The choices I’ve made aren’t really for myself. They actually don’t make me happy and instead sometimes cause me more inner struggles. I felt the Lord telling me to learn to love myself this time especially during the past years of the pandemic. It’s time to do self-care. There is a need to be whole before being able to sincerely love others and the Lord. His cry on the cross was one of great love for me and if He can love me greatly, then why can’t I do the same for myself?

Do not be afraid to love yourself. It is not a selfish desire. We can not share to others what we do not have. If you want to give love and happiness then you must first be filled with it.

It was silent but a cry full of pain and anguish. No drama but truly a heart breaking cry. Going through the physical and emotional agony for us sinners, a very selfless act one that is full of love.

Thank you Jesus for going through all the pain for us. I am sorry Lord for all the sins I have done and I pray that I be living a life with you always.

I heard frustration, deep despair, pain of not finishing his work. Unbeknownst to him, after his death, his disciples would carry on his work and He would have new life.

When we feel all is lost, people and things can still rally for us.

I heard the cry of Jesus, a cry of anguish, pain, sorrow, and bleakness, due to carrying our sins – my sins – and for all the physical, spiritual, emotional and mental torments he went through for me, and for mankind. Lord Jesus, I am sorry. Lord Jesus, thank you for your salvific sacrifice.

No matter what pains I may feel and have felt in this life, they are nothing compared to yours. But I unite them to yours, to have meaning and value.

Sitting at the foot of the cross, I heard Jesus cried out his last, wordlessly, a most human cry, filled with all human pains imaginable, felt myself crying too. I saw and felt in me all friends and acquaintances who cried also before passing away. And I prayed for them.

And I felt Jesus’ cry in a divine way. Which meant, ” Diyos ko, salamat sa misyon kong ito, sa turo mo kung paano magmahal, magmalasakit, magtiis, ramdam ko ang tunay na pagmamahal mo sa akin at dito nag ugat kung paano mabuhay ng walang hanggan”.

i heard a whimper of deep, excruciating pain. similar to a pain of feeling abandoned & rejected by people we love. Jesus, because of his physical weakness, could not have cried loud. but we were silenced by our guilt, our shame, our indifference. and our hearts heard his heart-wrenching cry. but unexpectedly, it was a cry of an unrequited & radical love. a love that we can only strive for..
yesterday, i heard that i should invite those who have hurt me. today, i hear that i should not only invite but also love those who have hurt me. mahirap magmahal nang totoo – “wait and see”. God will make everything possible.

I hear Jesus’ cry expressing His deep and infinite love and mercy to me…He said…I love you anak…I have redeemed you from your shame, failures, weaknesses, brokenness and sins. I am with you always.

I cried in silence embracing God’s love goodness.

How did He ever deem us worthy of such sacrifice? Looking inside me and around me, at the hostility, disregard for the earth, greediness, cruelty—how is humanity ever worthy to be loved and saved that way?

Yet He did deem us worthy. He loves us so much that He died for us, in the most agonizing, humiliating, and loneliest way possible.

Thank you Lord Jesus, for never giving up on us. Thank you for Your love and sacrifice.

What did I hear? The cry of Jesus our God, who came down as man, so He can be with us and experience what human beings feel and think. I heard the cry of obedience. He obeyed the Will of our Almighty Father and paid for the price of sin (which He didn’t commit) with His life. It was a cry of love so great that Jesus saved us in order for us someday to have eternal life with Him our Father. Am I worthy of His love? No, but by God’s grace and infinite mercy, I can do my daily routines and pray with all humility, to glorify God in all my works. I pray that what I do, may always be pleasing to our Lord and in accordance to His Will.

Coming from yesterday’s reflection and today’s Scripture, the message is very clear to me: I remember Him. I will call His name, because He is my Lord and Savior. What we say in Mass becomes more meaningful: “Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world, happy are those who are called to His supper. Lord, I am not worthy to receive you, but only say the Word, and my soul shall be healed.”

I heard the dying words of of my terminally ill mother. She said that she is offering her pain and suffering from her terminal illness for the sake of us all- her children….sinners that we all are.

The cry of Jesus felt like a cry of pain – not only physical, but spiritual. A scream emanating from a feeling of isolation, loneliness and abandonment.

It is the same separation we create when we sin. And Christ allowed Himself to experience it to say He feels our pain. And that He bears it for us!

It is an awakening image that reminds me just how painful it is to be separated from the Father. But one that also teaches how to respond to it – with trust and hope that beyond the loneliness of the cross and of sin, there is a promise of mercy and new life.

I heard him cry out wordlessly expressing his human fragility thereby uniting with my own weak, angry, heartbroken experiences. My own cries of frustration, exhaustion, anger, bitterness, abandonment and despair. It feels good to know that despite not needing to because He is the Son of God, He chose to go down my depths to save me. Dearest Lord, thank you for suffering with me and for me. Thank you for your ultimate love and sacrifice for me.

I felt Jesus’ abandonment and despair. Then my mind switched to
dear friends and family I lost to Covid . How did they feel during their last moments? They were really alone because relatives were not allowed to visit.
I prayed that when my last moment comes, I will remember that God is always there for us, even if it doesn’t feel like it

I heard a long loud agonizing cry cut through the heavens from the One who did nothing but good for not only the good but mostly for the sinners. It was one of frustration for not being recognized as the Son of God , hurt & lonely for being abandoned and even betrayed by His disciples ( his closest friends) – the people who saw all He had done , the countless miracles he
performed, pain of body and more so His spirit for being accused and insulted by the very people he was suffering for and eventually would die for, overwhelmed that a this sorry state of mankind he would have to follow his father’s will to leave this world when he still had much to do and the worst is the feeling of fright and despair of being abandoned by His father at the most painful and nerve wracking point in His life. All that mixed into one long loud agonizing cry that the Lord hoped would be loud enough for His father to hear.
Hearing that cry, I too joined Him in crying out to the Father for at this point in my life I feel so abandoned and lonely deserted by the people I have exerted much time and effort to help. Hurt & frustrated that they prefer to listen to the lies of others than to stand with me for the truth. The truth always hurts and to defend it can leave one standing alone. I find strength in Jesus raised up on the cross suffering and eventually dying , abandoned by many and yet had the capacity to love especially those who hurt him. I pray that He gives me the grace to forgive as he forgave and to love even those who hurt me.

I realized the pain Jesus has gone through, since He was not able to utter any words, just a loud cry… I felt guilty for complaining about the little things, and not being thankful enough for all the blessings I receive.

I heard a cry of loving surrender….. more life giving to those who heard it—- life giving for me whom he died for…. Surrender to the Father’s will….. may I too surrender to His will

His crying out to the Father in that last breath, with whatever strength or rather, spirit he had left, was total surrender. How does one manage to do that in this world and especially in this time and age when we have been conditioned to try and control our lives, to set the course and its pace, to maneuver in everything and every way we can? There are dead end moments when no matter how hard we think of ways to do or even undo things, we just can’t- times when the only thing we can do is kneel down, bow our heads in humility and say “please do not abandon me Lord.” and when He remains quiet, we can shout all we want only to find that all we can do is take things by the day, in quiet surrender. In Filipino, that word “LUTANG” captures what you feel in the aftermath when you can’t be in control of what happens, and can’t do anything…but WAIT, and TRUST.

The Lord’s last cry was actually a triumphant cry of accomplishment as the tasks given to Him by the Father to save humankind was finished and completed according to His Father’s will. The message to us is also to do the will of God in our lives in all our tasks and for ourselves to say at the end that our tasks are ‘finished’.

I felt heartbroken when I read this, because they made him drink vinegar, when he cried out in pain. I felt that Jesus is telling me that I should make a sacrifice too… because He sacrificed a lot for us…
-A.M.M.D, 9 years old

What I heard in Christ’s final cry was the sound of total and complete surrender; almost a battle cry even. You know that moment of one last final push, when you put all that is left of you in the last thing you do? That’s the sound I imagined Jesus’ cry to be. In all his pain, Jesus left the last parts of himself to the Father despite not experiencing Him in his final moments. At the same time, the sound was so loving, so faithful to me who was faithless. It was the loudest “I love you.” I had ever heard. Amidst all the goosebumps and heart-wrenching feelings I was feeling, the gratefulness I feel for what Jesus has done for me has truly put meaning into this life not being my own, but one I have borrowed from God to live on earth a life full of love and grace to receive and to share. Thank you for loving me God. Allow Your cross to continue to teach me how to love You and how to love like You on this earth ’til the day Your kingdom comes.

Have you seen a child who tripped and fell? Even in pain, they don’t automatically always end up crying— not until they see their parents/ guardians (this is not always the case, especially if the fall is really hard). But when the child turns into adolescence, hiding tears from parents usually is the norm. Adolescents and adults keep tears to themselves or to their closest circle.

Jesus cried at the cross after asking His father a question and before He yielded His spirit. He cried. Going through the way of the cross, Jesus strived to be strong. He felt alone, but still, He powered through it.

What does this tell me? That we strip off our guards and get vulnerable in front of the people we trust. Jesus brave through the journey to the cross, so on His way home, seeing His father means it is already “you can now be honest and vulnerable phase”. Isn’t it the same with us who have braved through a tough day without shedding a tear only to seal the day by throwing a best friend or whoever it is that we trust the most a big hug and a loud cry? All that it takes for us to feel comfort ed are lines such as, “It must have been a tough day. You did well braving through it.”

Our Father invites us to do the same with Him everyday. 🙂

This is a really good analogy. I guess a lot of times, we force ourselves to adult and think “kaya ko pa”. But going to God doesn’t mean we’re weak. Going to God actually makes us stronger. I hope people are reminded that it’s ok to be honest to God. Prayers don’t always have to be flowery words, it’s an honest conversation we can have with God so we can allow the Spirit to speak to us– whether it’s getting the answer we want, or simply being at peace even if our will isn’t aligned with God’s.

Jesus cried out his last in excruciating pain and surrender. He did this because I am precious and he loves me dearly. There is guilt and brokenness in me. He says, “I am not doing this just to save you. I ask you to live a renewed Life. Follow me. You may encounter your own crosses but I assure you, these will not be as heavy as mine. Come to me and I will lift you up and I will carry them WITH you. As I do this for you, be willing to do it for others too. I will never leave you.”

feeling alone, betrayed and abandoned by a loved one..and he was dying. such a heavy feeling.
Lord, I’m so sorry for leaving and abandoning you.

When I imagined God’s last cry, I imagined the last breath of people summarily tried as criminals despite their actual or potential innocence. It’s a letting go of human life before going back to the divine.

I heard the cry of pain and defeat. I shivered inside because I felt so helpless. I cannot do anything to help him out of it. And I’m thinking maybe I could have done something beforehand to prevent it. But it’s now too late.

Standing at the foot of the cross, I see His agony, His pain, the suffering and humiliation He endured for me. I am deeply humbled. And through trying times, I stand with Him knowing I am never alone. I surrender and trust, as Jesus did to the will of the Father. I am one with Him.

I felt and heard severe cry of agony which we also undergo as human beings at some point in our lives.
I also felt and heard surrender, a mystery coming from one who is God the son and one who is also human like us.

I was imagining His cry and it was so loud and agonizing, but also a last act before He let go of this world to go back to the Father. Then I thought of all the people, from Adam and Eve to this day, the sins of each one of those people (including me) and how He took on the punishment of all those sins to save us. I reviewed the sins I could remember and began asking Him “Was my sin the one that whipped you? Was it one of the thorns on your head? Was it part of your heavy Cross? Was it part of the pain on your hands and feet?” That was when I felt so grateful to Him because I knew He willingly took them on for me. He loved me that much! He loved us all that much! And I asked Him for the grace to try and sin no more and to give me the grace to always be aware that my deeds from now on, good or bad, will either give Him relief or pain. I love you, dear Jesus. Thank you. Forgive me. Help me live a life worthy of Your love.

I know and feel that the Lord will never abandon me. but why am I in this situation that I am in now? Jesus was crucified to redeem mankind from sin. He knew what His mission was. What about me Lord, what do you plan for me to accomplish? I know that every situation and event in my life happens because You are molding me to be the person that You want me to be. Let my hardships mold me into the person that You want me to be and to be able to do Your will and accomplish my mission here on earth and ultimately to be able to be with You in heaven.

JESUS’ last word was a cry of LOVE for me, calling me to intimacy with Him. And I was filled with crazy longing to be intimate back! To eat his flesh and drink his blood.

Receiving the Holy Eucharist will never be the same to me again. Thank you, my Beloved. I love you too.

The last breath of Jesus was one with so much pain of being betrayed. Of having given all. Of feeling helpless. And finally of deep surrender. I entered every moment of the depth of this last breath. And Jesus led me to my own sighs however small they are compared to his. Of feeling betrayed. Of having given all. Of feeling helpless. Surrendering however, felt difficult for me to internalize. I realized where my frustration and tiredness, my anger and impatience, my restless fears are coming from. Have I given all? I should learn too to surrender…and it is also in deep love and trust that I can do so. Jesus you teach me to do this. Help me.help me. Help me.

I felt that God is reminding me that He is always watching over me and that He always has my back. Most especially during the times that I don’t seem to feel His presence, andyan lang sya and never nawawala.

Heard the frightening, deeply lonely, agonized and wordless last breath of Jesus. Strangely I also heard God breathed into my nostrils (ala scene sa Gen 2:7). Balikwas ako at nadama ang daloy ng buhay! God then said, binigyan Kita ng buhay. Magbuhay ka ng buhay sa iba.

How many times have I felt Jesus accompanying me and stating beside me at my most difficult moments? How many times have I doubted Him and questioned what is going on? This exercise reminds me to listen more and question less. To trust more and believe. To remember how small my trials are compared to what Jesus willingly went through for me. To be grateful.

Any problem i go through i lift it up to the LORD… i surrender everything to him.. in silence.. “bahala ka na , Lord”… it is my cry… probably the Lord surrendered everything to God our Father… all the humiliation and the pain.. and in the end the LORD wil be glorified thru the resurrection. such is life!

Heard the frightening, deeply lonely, agonized and wordless last breath of Jesus. Strangely I also heard God breathed into my nostrils (ala scene sa Gen 2:7). Balikwas ako at nadama ang daloy ng buhay! God then said, binigyan Kita ng buhay. Magbuhay ka ng buhay sa iba.

I imagined my own, wordless cries– ones that spilled out of me because I couldn’t contain my anguish– and imagined HOW MUCH WORSE JESUS MUST’VE FELT. His cries were intense in the MAGNITUDE of His pain.

And to know He was doing it for us and by obedience to the Father’s plan… doesn’t minimize the terrible agony and anguish He was feeling. I cannot even fathom or imagine.

His cry was my cry that He carried.
His pain was my pain that He endured.
My continuous cries is His continuous cries. I won’t be abandoned. He will always be with me.

I sensed that Jesus’ last cry is one of frustration. The clock ticked too fast; suddenly his end. As he is caught up with his destiny while assuming the limitation of a human, he must have realized that he is living behind so many (including me) who has not fully perceived the whole message of his unconditional love that it will take longer time for us to understand and all those time will continue to go to a vicious cycle of sinning, suffering, asking for forgiveness, feel joy and peace just to sin again, and so on.

The “wordless” cry that I heard from Jesus is: “This is how much I love my Father and YOU!” It sounds so personal to my ears and how consoling it is to hear Him, assuring me of his indomitable love.

His last words were a cry to surrender to the will of the Father, no matter the physical pain of being nailed to the cross as well as the emotional pain of being alone and abandoned, except for His mother, John, and a few women who followed him. I believe, God is again telling me that I should accompany Him into Calvary, carrying my cross without complaining and much later, when I can’t bear anymore, to just surrender to His will. He knows what I am going through, my insecurities, my need for being able to walk once again normally and not be confined to my bed, and yet sometimes I don’t see my present moment as His grace or blessing. I need to surrender to His will each moment of my day! Thank you Lord for the blessing of this retreat!

Recently, I also experienced humiliation. Humiliation and pain. It changed my perspective. Like, I turned my back to God becuase I felt like I was not worthy of God’s love anymore. Jesus is telling me now that no matter what happened, we may feel like God is abandoning us but no, God is with us. God with us even at our worst, even at the lowest point of our lives. All we have to do is to offer everything to God and cry it all out.

I heard in his voice exhaustion, surrender, no more fear, no anger or disappointment

Dryness (a) urgent craving;
(b) intense craving

Dryness (i) Love of God
(Ii) Joy in the presence of God
(iii) Acceptance that He is the son of God
(iv) Forgiveness for the sins of all
(v) Peace on earth

(i) the task is conpleted
(ii) no longer effective

(i) I entrust myself
(iii) I give you myself

At the foot of the cross, I heard Jesus anguish and loud cry, and I could not look at him until I heard his whisper “I am doing this for you”. That’s the grace I receive today, comforting words from Jesus. He reassures me that “the cross, burdens, pains you are carrying now, I am carrying them with you”.

According to John Gospel there was a community nearby Jesus’ Cross. I imagine Mary, the mother; Mary Magdalene and Mary of Clopas and the beloved disciple there. How did they reacted to that strong and terrible cry?
It is a cry full of love, compassion, surrendering, and mercy.
Thank you Lord Jesus!

After experiencing the pain, the humiliation, the abandonment, he lets out a loud cry to die. It was not a pleasant experience for Jesus, but he did it nonetheless in obedience to the Father, for the love he has for each one of us, to redeem us. He willed himself to die (He yielded up His spirit) to complete the work that was entrusted to Him by our Father.

Jesus cry was strong and shrill. He was torn from up to down, and everything was divided unto two from that moment on. I am for or against Jesus project. I am for or against God’s kingdom. there is no half measure.
Jesus’s cry was a radical YES to the will of the Father.

In this exercise of witnessing the death and last breath of Jesus on the Cross, God tells me:
“Suffer with My Son. Despair with the disciples. Grieve with Mary.”
So many emotions come out from the scene of the Cross. God tells me to feel all of it and let all these emotions in.

Puwede sana siyang magmilagro. Puwede siyang magpasya na “Ayoko na!” Kay niyang buhayin si Lazaro pero siya mamamatay? Ang last temptation of Christ yata ay hindi na umurong sa sakit, kundi na magmadali o mabahala. At yun ang narinig ko sa sigaw Niya: sigaw ng isang nagpigil na gawin ang gusto ng katawan at isip at puso niya sa panahong halos wala na siyang lakas, para mahayaan ang plano ng Ama. “Ginawa ko na lahat ng sabi mo, Lord. Bahala ka na!”

God’s love is unconditional. Thank you, Lord for loving us wholeheartedly despite being unworthy of your love.

I hear the cry of completion – reaching the culmination of a mission. The process had its share of frustration, laughter, joy and ended in pain. Immeasurable pain that all one can do is to surrender to God’s will.

I echo the words of my brothers and sisters. The wordless loud cry was Christ utter expression of love for sinful humans. Lord, I’m sorry for how I have taken your sacrifice for granted as I bemoan my little inconveniences. I pray that I continue to learn at your feet and bring you all the glory and thanksgiving.
Thank you for a spiritual reminder of Christ suffering and death on the cross for our salvation. Praying for your full recovery.

“A loud, wordless cry”… it was a cry of love for the Father, for me, and for all of us. Jesus and I have shared many wordless cries…and there is presence in seeming absence…I choose to stay with Jesus even if I do not understand…even if I have nothing to offer but my sins and just my presence. He accompanies me as I accompany him. We talk with our presence. It can be more loving than words.

I experienced Jesus cry, a wail, a howl, that came from the severe pain of separation from God, physical pain on the cross, emotional pain from betrayal/denial. Why did He choose to suffer and die this way? Maybe to spoke the truth in love obedient to the Father. It is hard to accept that Jesus way on the cross is the only way, the way of love. It is part and parcel of our life. I pray for this Grace to accept and live it out.

Thank you Lord for this manner of Holy Week Retreat. This truly brings me in deep communion with you.

Bless me and strengthen me always so I can sustain serving you in BCBP

Thank you Lord for this manner of Holy Week Retreat. This truly brings me in deep communion with you.

At the foot of the crucified Lord Jesus, He looks at me one last time.

And with a deep final sigh he shows me the way – resignation to the Will of His Father.

All our worldly pains from rejection, abandonement, isolation, disappointments can be offered in genuine and complete resignation to Our Father in Heaven … as the Lord Jesus himself demonstrated on the Cross.

But, at the same time, I feel the absolute unquestioning love of our Lord Jesus. Hanging on the cross, He has taken all my pains and troubles, so that I may be unburdened and relieved. He has died so that I may be freed. No greater love than this, to lay down one’s life for a friend. I am undeserving, but feel blessed, humbled, and grateful. Thank You Lord!

I heard your cry of pain, Lord, of your anguish and frustration over me. I am sorry for my disobedience. Please forgive me, Lord.

I had this feeling that in some point of my life, God has abandoned me but then I realized, I focused so much on my own misery that I forgot someone is crying out loud -louder than my own grief. Oo nga pala! Si Hesus din pala ay umiiyak, nasaktan, iniwanan, at nag isa lamang. If I will be given a chance to be with Jesus in Mt. Calvary, ang ibig ko ay mayakap ko siya ng mahigpit at pangkuin ko siya sa akin kandungan.
YES! Mayroon pang higit sa akin who felt miserable. May I let go of my biases, misery and grief so I can be of help with those in tears and in pain. May I focus of my mission. Amen

Has it been worth it? All the pain? The sacrifice of my life? He seemed to ask, seeing right there and then into the future how humankind would bungle, how the world would easily forget what he became one of us for and why he had to die such a horrible death. Thus the cry of pain, anger, frustration, disappointment. Such a lonely, agonizing death — for what? For unworthy mankind.

A loud cry of too much pain (physical, emotional, mental), anger and desperation as if wanting to break free from but too weak to do so… that eventually became a cry of sadness and surrender…

With everything that’s happening in the world and in our country, it’s as if we are crucifying Jesus all over again. Will you still come and save us, Lord, knowing what you have done and the pain you had to go through for us and yet we are still sinners?

What a wonderful time to reflect on Christ’s immense love for us; I am encouraged to always unite whatever sufferings/ ill feelings I will encounter in the future with Christ as He cries out to His loving Father. I choose to be strong and brave and walk with Christ towards my eventual death ….. whenever that time is❤️ Thank you Father for this Lenten retreat and may God grant you full recovery.

I hear Your loud cry Lord, your frustration over me saying, “How many times must I die for you?” Complaining over my little sufferings makes me feel shame seeing You nailed to the cross to complete Your mission in saving me. Help me to complete my mission without complaining and I offer to you my sins… Forgive me and I am greatful for You saving me…

The past months, weeks leading to Lent this year I never realized how I felt abandoned by God when my own Father died very suddenly last year. So I shut down and in a way moved distant from God until despite the grief I saw grace. Most especially from family and friends who have reached out in thoughtful ways helping my mother and me.

Sometimes it is in moments of despair when the Gospel truly becomes alive in my life. One of the most poignant verses in the Gospel was when Jesus said “My God, my God why have you abandoned me?” This moment in the Gospel encapsulated how I felt when my own Father died. Yun bang ramdam mo ang sakit, ang pighati at ang pagiwan sayo ng Diyos at pinipilit mong intindihin ang kanyang mga dahilan at paraan.

I imagine Jesus whispering, ” Father, I hope these events that all led to my crucifixion would not be in vain. Grant courage to my apostles so they can continue our mission.”

Jesus, seeing us now, I pray you will not find that You died in vain. I know it is not easy to follow Your teachings but please be patient with me. I am a work in progress, I hope.

When I heard Jesus’ cry I felt confused – why did it have to get to this point? I felt angry at the unjust and inhumane way that Jesus was being treated. And then I felt guilty, knowing that this was for and because of sinners like me.

I also wondered where Mary was and what her cry would sound like if she saw and heard Jesus at this moment. This made it even more painful.

Imagining myself at the foot of the cross was a most heartbreaking and humbling experience.

In times when i felt abandoned – I recall to mind the very last word that Jesus utter: “Into your hands i commend my spirit” . And I say, Lord, thy will be done. Very difficult to surrender but with His grace I am able to go thru

Hearing our Lord’s cry made me feel so humbled and even ashamed knowing how sinful and broken I am. Yet, the love of Jesus is so great that he chose to suffer for each and everyone of us no matter what.
I am forever thankful.

I can hear a loud groaning of pain..mapapasigaw sa sakit..his cry was a form of prayer, lifting to God this pain.

In life, sometimes i want also to cry aloud because i am in pain, but chose to keep it myself. Jesus was so vulnerable. I am still afraid to be vulnerable.

God is telling me that where i am now i am in my vulnerable point, even to temptation, but cry it out loud. Because God is listening.

Thank you for this reflection. I can very much relate to this as my pain is grieving for the death of a dear one. So I am still in my most vulnerable and I see how Jesus also went through the heart aches. Aside from God listening, He also felt this kind of pain.

I couldn’t process this in the beginning, so I “backed out” and distracted myself with the household chores I needed to do.

While washing the dishes, I then imagined Jesus’ cry on the cross. I couldn’t even look up to see His face. I just had an image of his bloody feet nailed on the cross. The cry I heard in my heart is probably what I would imagine women go through when they’re giving birth. It’s that last cry of agony, that’s shortly followed by a loud cry of effort.

I imagined Jesus drowning in suffering and crying out in agony, but then drawing out one last cry of effort in obedience to His Father.

It’s only now that my emotions are being stirred up by the image. It’s a cry that tells me to not give up no matter how tired, defeated and abandoned I feel, and trust that God loves me, and that I have a mission to fulfill.

At first I remembered one of his 7 last words–“It is finished”. But reflecting deeper on the last sound from Jesus–it wasn’t in words–but in the breath–a sigh of “accomplishment”– “ahhhhh….” This was the accompanying sound from word “It is finished.” The “it” is the mission–His calling from God the Father. It is the unifying principle in all of the actions Jesus took in his life. Taking it down to “Christify” all our actions in life–I remember one of the 7 habits of highly effective people–“Begin with the end in mind.” The steps Jesus took which we should also take to bring us to this final moment of the “ahhhhh…” are reflected in the 3 Liturgies (last Holy Thursday): 1. The Liturgy of the Word 2. The Liturgy of the Eucharist and 3. The Liturgy of the Towel/Washing of the Feet.
1. The Liturgy of Word — “In the beginning was the Word”
2. Liturgy of the Eucharist — the Word was made flesh in Bread and Wine (first blessed, then broken) to given to the community.
3. Liturgy of the Towel/Washing of the Feet — servant leadership — service to the community — and this community — is inclusive — for everyone in the world (rich, poor, marginalized, abandoned, enemies). And the community is from the “Cosmic Christ” (Teilhard de Chardin) view–all of God’s creation — including the earth and planets and universe.

Being human, Jesus must have cried in pain. But he rises beyond the pain and cries in submission to God’s will and life everlasting. This is how I hope I will feel as I reach the end of my life on earth.

Thank you Father for this wonderful retreat. Praying for your continued recovery.

I hear our Lord’s painful cry, physically, mentally and emotionally, just like what human beings experience. I recall being hurt by people closest to me, those whom I always help but in return, they just shrugged whatever kindness I give, moreso take credit for what I’ve done. Yes, it is painful but I believe that God sees and He will recognize and bless me at the right time.

I felt bad because Jesus needs to die to cleanse my sins and as a human being, I tend to sin over again. From this, I realized that I should work harder to avoid temptations. I pray that Jesus will help me to overcome my weaknesses and I am grateful that He consistently forgives my sins.

I imagined myself to be at the foot of the cross, waiting for God’s move. And upon hearing the last cry of Jesus, I felt disappointment. Ok, another bogus messiah. Fake news.

Geez, with all that’s happening around me, I have become skeptical of anything, including God’s presence in my life.

I wish I could trust and wonder like a child all over again.

I had a couple of experiences these past 2yrs of the pandemic which made me “cry out” to God to ask Him why “He abandoned me/my family.” I lost my mom unexpectedly 2 yrs ago. And then the year after, i lost my youngest brother. Last year also our family suffered the losses of my aunt & my cousin. We prayed for their good health & protection & yet it seemed all our prayers merely fell on deaf ears. But in my reflection, I hear Jesus telling me, that He knows what I am feeling bec He has gone through that “feeling of abandonment” as well. He is telling me that He is with me through all my experiences, so I am never alone–I am will never be abandoned. He is telling me to pray for the graces of a stronger faith, a deeper trust in God, so I too like Him can successfully finish or accomplish the mission that God has tasked me to do. Thank you Jesus for saving us and for always being with us & for never abandoning us

Yes, He is no stranger to physical pain or mental anguish, no matter how extreme, because He made the ultimate sacrifice as a human being. He knows our every pain indeed.

I heard Jesus’ loud, guttural cry. It wasn’t a cry of self-pity, but a cry of self-emptying. And His cry cut me deeply, knowing that He went through it for me and because of me.

I hear Jesus cry and I want to help. But how can I help when I can’t even help myself? There”s just so many problems that sometimes it can be draining and I feel I have nothing more to give. Help me Lord so that I can extend that help to others as well

I feel the anguish and pain HE carries on the cross burdened by the weight of all our sins. I weep because this Man has to carry all our sins…all my sins…and die just to save us. Why?

I am a sinner Lord but through your Son I am saved.

It is Your love manifested through the death of the Son that gives me hope and redemption.


I remembered the moments in my life when I would be so frustrated and stressed and overwhelmed. I would also just shout. Sure there is a desire to maybe destroy something — but that of course never makes sense. So I shout instead.

And maybe that is it. It is all so much and too much. He, too, had to do something. And so he shouted. And let go.

I imagined a sigh signifying completion and surrender into His Father’s loving embrace after hanging on the cross in my stead. No greater love was His.

Cry of anguish more emotional than physical. Sadly, the sound of our Lord’s cry doesn’t reach the depths of my core. I don’t know why:(

I could hear the cries of people on the verge of their death in the floods of Leyte…in the bombings in Ukraine…people dying from hunger… LET ME BE YOUR HEART TODAY, LORD.

It would be a silent cry of deep pain -becaus he was abandoned and at the same time accepting of God’s will and being the sacrifice to save mankind.

What is He saying to me? I am worth it. Come and ask for forgiveness. Live in God’s grace.

I’m so sorry Lord for all my sins. Pls forgive me 😭

His last cry was a final gasp for air and finally letting go. Jesus’ total letting go was anchored on believing in His Father’s Will.

what do you think is God trying to say to you, here and now, given all that’s going on in the world and in your life? More service to others!

Christ’s cry of anguish shows that as a true man He has experienced our pain but in a more extreme level. He has gone through physical pain and mental anguish and can understand how we feel.

It took me about an hour before I was able to think about Jesus’ cry. In my mind, it’s a cross between a cry of agony for being abandoned, and a cry similar to a mother’s last push to bring her baby into the world. It’s like being overwhelmed by suffering, yet giving one last cry to push all the love out of Him.

I couldn’t feel as much, I think I was scared of how I’d feel.

It would be the human sound of one gasping his last breath, a sound of “letting go,” a courageous sound to mean completion of one’s life. Fourteen years ago I suffered a stroke, difficulty in breathing and restlessness, as if something like an outburst was going to happen in my chest. The human experience of dying is what I feel in the words of Jesus. His was with courage, mine in fear and panic.

Psalm 22: 1-2
Imagining being at the foot of the cross, I would say to Jesus, if there were times in my left when I uttered the same words to God, I realized and felt so small: what Jesus is experiencing as He is about to breathe his last, my pains and sufferings are (were) nothing compared to Jesus’ experience. Forgive me , Jesus!

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