The story of Emmaus ends quite abruptly.

The two disciples suddenly found themselves
alone again at the dining table–
with one empty chair.

CHOSEN Holy Week Triduum 2018.183

The Lord vanished from sight
the moment their eyes were opened
in the breaking of the bread
and the moment they realized that
the stranger was, in fact, the Risen Lord.

The empty chair sent them a message loud and clear,
a message that the Emmaus story sends to each of us today:

CHOSEN Holy Week Triduum 2018.184

The two immediately left the dining table
and headed back to Jerusalem,
where the other disciples were huddled.

Which chair in your life
do you think the Lord would vacate?
Where do you think would He want you
to follow and find Him?
What are you being asked to do
this Easter?

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